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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
14 Uruguay: High Incidence Of Alcohol Consumption Among Adolescents Erika Harding
30 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Retail Sales Down 30.7% In First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
16 Half Of Ecuadoran Banana Plantations Affected By "black Sigatoka" Pest Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Dramatic Increase In Coca Cultivation Erika Harding
30 Ecuador: Banana Producers Satisfied With Government Response To Sigatoka Negra Fungus Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Mininum Price Set For 74% Stake In Acesita Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Wave Of Rebel Violence Shakes Lima Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Consumer Price Inflation, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
30 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Report On Malnutrition Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Update On Government Plans For Institutional Restructuring Erika Harding
21 Bolivian Government To Prohibit Army Participation In Anti-drug Activities Erika Harding
09 Brazil-u.s. Agreement To Install Solar Power Barbara Khol
30 Federal Budget Cuts Mean "collapse Of Scientific Research" In Brazil Barbara Khol
23 U.S. Objects To Special Treatment Of Mercosur By Gatt Barbara Khol
23 Shopping Centers In Argentina Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Journalists Victimized By Government Repression Erika Harding
30 Ibero-american Summit: Spain Pledges US$100 Million To Cooperative Programs Barbara Khol
30 Jamaica: Government Promotes Fish Farms Barbara Khol
21 Bolivia: D.e.a. Agent Involved In Shooting Erika Harding
02 Brazil To Obtain US$4 Billion In Foreign Financing For Environmental Programs Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: Consumer Price Inflation, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Chile: Tax Revenue In 1992 Higher Than Expected Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Government Provides Free Health Care For A.i.d.s. Victims Erika Harding
02 Argentina: Inflation, First Half Of June Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Temporary Suspension Of Coffee Exports Barbara Khol
16 Guyana: Tax Information Exchange Agreement With U.S. To Facilitate 936 Fund Beneficiary Status Barbara Khol
09 Mercosur Presidents Reach Agreement On Deadlines For Setting Up Free Trade, Customs Union & Common Market Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Results Of 1991 Tax Reforms Disappointing Barbara Khol
16 Ecuador: Government Places Bus Transportation Under Military Control Barbara Khol
21 Bolivian Opposition To U.S. Military Presence Erika Harding
09 Brazil: US$245 Million World Bank Loan For Water Treatment & Anti-pollution Measures Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Foreign Reserves Up In June Barbara Khol
16 Cuba: Estimate Cost Of U.S. Economic Embargo Barbara Khol
30 Venezuelan President Opts For Global "ecological" Tax Based On Contribution To Atmospheric Pollution Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: Conflicting Interpretation Of "voter Consultation" On Privatization Barbara Khol
02 Japanese Eximbank Approves Credit Line For Andean Development Corporation (caf) Barbara Khol
09 Caricom Summit: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
23 Only 2% Of Patents World-wide Registered By Latin Americans Barbara Khol
09 Brazil Concludes Agreement With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Government Repossesses Stock In Privatized Airline Barbara Khol
28 Bolivian Congress Approves Extradition Request To U.S. For D.e.a. Agent Erika Harding
28 Colombia: Report On Rebel Revenue Sources Erika Harding
23 Argentina: US$270 Million World Bank Loan To Repair Flood Damage Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company's 1992 Tax Contribution Barbara Khol
30 G.a.o. Report On 1991 Weapons Sales To Third World Nations Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Indigenous Communities Request Legalization Of Landholdings Erika Harding
23 Haiti: U.S. Companies To Reopen 18 Factories Barbara Khol
09 Chile: Modification Of Currency Exchange Policy Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: 48-hour Nationwide Strike To Protest Privatization Plans & Presence Of U.S. Troops Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Industrial Output Growth Rate, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Venezuelan President Reaffirms Loyalty To O.p.e.c. Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Update On Political Violence Erika Harding
16 Argentina: Privatization Of Buenos Aires Power Distribution Companies Begins Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Footwear Exports, 1st Half 1992; Projections For Argentine Market Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: International Monetary Fund (imf) Mission Meets With Future Cabinet Barbara Khol
16 Brazilian & Bolivian Presidents To Finalize Natural Gas Pipeline Agreement In August Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: I.m.f. Approves US$72 Million Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
16 Cuba: Severe Electricity Shortage Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: Population Growth Rate Down Barbara Khol
16 Chilean Trade With Belgium Barbara Khol
16 Cuba To Repay US$10 Million Debt Owed Venezuela Via Pharmaceuticals Exports Barbara Khol
16 Report On Trends During Month Of June In Six Major Latin American Stock Markets Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Army Ministry Criticizes Portrayal Of Military Regime In Soap Opera Erika Harding
23 Colombia: Record Oil Spill Caused By Rebel Bombing Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$8 Million Loan For Agricultural Development Project In Parana Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Trade Union Confederations Organize 24-hour Nationwide Strike Barbara Khol
30 Venezuelan Plans For Supplying Electricity To Colombia Underway Barbara Khol
23 Colombian Government Slashes "red Tape" Benefiting Exporters & Importers Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Consumer Price Inflation, June 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: Housing Program For Military Personnel Barbara Khol
14 Recent Chilean Supreme Court Rulings On Extradition To U.S. Erika Harding
21 Paraguayan Government Accused Of Manipulating Voter Registration Erika Harding
16 Synopsis Of "agenda 21," Blueprint Of Action Programs Aimed At Sustainable Development By 2000 Barbara Khol
23 Sino-brazilian Satellite Construction & Launch Program Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Projected Automobile Exports For 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: Non-traditional Exports Up In 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Gdp Growth Rate, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Copper Exports, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Price Inflation, June 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Oruro & Potosi Departments Declared Disaster Areas Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela To Cooperate With Italy In Fight Against Mafia Erika Harding
02 Argentina: U.S. Donation For Flood Victims Barbara Khol
21 Trinidad & Tobago: Rebels Released From Prison Erika Harding
14 The End Of The Honeymoon: The Chilean Labor Scene In 1991 Erika Harding
30 G.a.o. Report: Latin America's Eight Secondary Oil Producers Do Not Constitute Alternative Source For U.S. Barbara Khol
16 U.S. Subsidized Wheat Sale To Venezuela Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Debt Restructuring Agreement With Commercial Banks Expected To Open Up Privatization Deals To Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
28 Paraguay: U.S. Ambassador Denies Interference In Elections Erika Harding
09 Brazil: 1992 Gdp Growth Projection Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Foreign Reserves, May 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: US$12.6 Million Fuel Distribution Center Planned For Sao Jose Dos Campos, Sao Paulo State Barbara Khol
09 Haiti: US$30 Million Program For Infrastructure Upgrade Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: 22% Inflation Rate Predicted For July Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: On Privatization Of Enterprises Run By Defense Ministry Barbara Khol
23 Lm Ericsson Sells Stake In Plastics Manufacturer To Brazilian Company Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Tax Revenue Projection For June Barbara Khol
14 Colombian President Acts To Obstruct Release From Prison Of Drug Trafficking Suspects Erika Harding
30 Chilean Satellite Program Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Report On Tourism Industry Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Privatization Of Petrochemical Plant, Alcalis Barbara Khol
07 Bolivian Government Approves Extradition Of Drug Trafficking Suspect To U.S. Erika Harding
02 Consortium Headed By Iberia Begins Payments For Aerolineas Argentinas Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Air Force Participates In N.a.t.o. Maneuvers Erika Harding
16 Cuban Sugar Exports, November 1991-march 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Japanese Eximbank To Participate In Privatization Of Defense Ministry Enterprises Barbara Khol
16 Chilean Exports To Japan, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Report On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
14 Argentines Protest Education Policy Erika Harding
02 Colombia: Implementation Of New Taxes Barbara Khol
02 World Bank Approves US$400 Million Loan For Peru Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: On Oil Production Near Antarctic Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, June 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Uruguay Complains To Brasilia Of Delays In Implementing Expanded Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
21 Update On Corruption Scandal Threatening Brazilian Presidency Erika Harding
09 Argentina: Note On Stock Market Barbara Khol
23 Update On Brazil-bolivia Natural Gas Pipeline Barbara Khol
30 Jamaica: Government Plans For Privatization Of Power Company Barbara Khol
30 Overseas Development Council (odc) On Challenges Of Hemispheric Free Trade Barbara Khol
09 Sao Paulo, Brazil: 453,000 Jobs Lost Since March 1990 Barbara Khol
30 U.S.-based White Martins Acquires Argentine Company Fracchia Hermanos S.a. Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Direct Foreign Investment, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: Update On Political Crisis Erika Harding
16 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Opts For Private Investment To Finance Multi-billion Dollar Projects Barbara Khol
02 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation, June 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Retail Sales, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Privatization Of Gas Company Set For September Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Stock Market Instability Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Teacher-population Ratio Erika Harding
16 Venezuela: Incentives For Agro-exports Barbara Khol
02 Argentine Promotion Program For U.S. Investment In Tourism Barbara Khol
16 Guyana: International Airport To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Additional Measures To Reduce Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: Political Upheaval Continues Erika Harding
09 Report On Colombian Stock Market Performance Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Purchase Of Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Barbara Khol
07 Conditions Related To Cuba Attached To U.S. Aid For Moscow Erika Harding
14 Cholera Update In Argentina & Brazil Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Impact Of 1992 Fiscal Deficit Barbara Khol
16 Sao Paulo State, Brazil: Industrial Job Loss Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: Report On Child Mortality, Malnutrition Erika Harding
30 Ecuador: U.S. Department Of Agriculture Cuts Short-term Financing For Commodity Imports Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Macroeconomic Performance Indicators Barbara Khol
30 Chilean Electricity Consortium Interested In Privatization Of Peruvian Power Companies Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Senate Approves 40-year Production Contract For U.S.-based Fmc-lithium Barbara Khol
23 Report On Real Wages In Latin America Barbara Khol
14 Brazilian Government Reports 82% Literacy Rate Erika Harding
30 Venezuela: Development Of Heavy Crude Refining Technology Delayed Result Of Budget Cuts Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Canadian National Arrested For Carrying Anti-government Propaganda From U.S. Exile Organization Erika Harding
14 Measles Epidemic In Peru Erika Harding
28 Ecuador: New U.S. Ambassador Erika Harding
21 Chile: Mapuche Indigenous Organization's Struggle To Obtain Legalization Of Ancestral Lands Erika Harding
14 Uruguay: Report On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
23 Latin American & Caribbean Demographic Growth Compared Barbara Khol
16 Spain's Iberia Airlines Interested In Privatization Of Aeroperu Barbara Khol
09 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Assistance To "micro-enterprises" Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Results Of June 28 Municipal Elections Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Military Police Officers On Corruption Within Their Ranks Erika Harding
30 Venezuela: Current Foreign Reserves & Import Projections Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Forestry Product Exports, May 1992 Barbara Khol
16 Record U.S. Exports To Latin America & Caribbean Expected In 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Jamaica: World Bank Approves US$60 Million Loan Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Note On Stock Market Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Trade Surplus, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Brazil-argentina Trade Figures Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: US$114 Million Required To Complete Restructuring Of State-run Enterprises Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: 2,013 Gold Mines On Record Barbara Khol
02 U.N. Conference On Environment & Development (earth Summit): Summary Of Results Barbara Khol
02 Venezuelan Officials Optimistic About World Market Aluminum Prices Barbara Khol
14 Abortion, The Contraceptive Of Choice In Cuba Erika Harding
23 Peru May Seek Membership In Mercosur Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Canadian Placer Dome Inc. Withdraws From Andacollo Copper Mine Joint Venture Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Report On Increased Poverty Barbara Khol
30 Peru: On Decline In Investment Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Congress Debates Sweeping Tax Reform Bill Barbara Khol
23 Argentine Government Concludes Debt Restructuring Agreement With Paris Club Barbara Khol
07 Haiti: Update On Haitian Political Crisis Erika Harding
23 Uruguay: Update On Privatization Of Phone Company Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Consumer Price Inflation, June 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: US$9 Billion On Expansion Of Electricity Grid Over Next Four Years Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: 1991 Gdp Growth Barbara Khol
30 Chile: State-run Copper Company Production, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Report On Non-performing Loans Held By Two Major Japanese Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Trade Unions & Business Organizations Demand Changes In Government Economic Policies Barbara Khol
02 U.N. Projections For Regional Economic Performance In 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Drug Seizures By Venezuelan National Guard Erika Harding
23 Argentina: I.f.c. Approves US$50 Million Loan For Petroleum & Gas Company Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: US$22.9 Million Disbursement From International Monetary Fund (imf) Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay Joins U.N. Peacekeeping Mission In Sahara Erika Harding
23 Brazil: Privatization Of Tubarao Steelworks Barbara Khol
09 Japanese Official Foreign Aid To Latin America & Caribbean, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: 1992 Agrarian Reform Plans Delayed Result Of Senate Failure To Approve Enabling Legislation Barbara Khol
14 Bolivian Police Carry Out Major Sting Operation With U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Assistance Erika Harding
02 German Research Vessel Discovers Oil Off Peruvian Coast Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Iansa Plans Construction Of New Apple Juice Concentrate Facility Barbara Khol
16 Cuban Crude Oil Output, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Note On Agrarian Reform Activities Erika Harding
02 Uruguay: Beef Exports, January 1 - June 7 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Automobile Exports, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Update On Peace Process & Related Developments Erika Harding
16 Chile: Fruit Exports Subjected To Rigorous Quality Controls In 1992/93 Season Barbara Khol
30 Chile: US$265 Million Investment In Pollution Reduction At Chuquicamata Copper Mine Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: Sixto Duran Elected President In Runoff Erika Harding
28 Colombia Reiterates Sovereignty Over San Andres & Providencia Islands Erika Harding
30 Brazil: Plans For Regular Shipping Line Service To Iran Barbara Khol
30 Brazil-argentina Trade Barbara Khol
23 E.e.c. To Impose Import Quota On Brazilian Soybeans Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Trade With Japan, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Public Transport Workers Launch Strike Barbara Khol
28 Colombian Drug Cartel Kingpin Escapes From Prison: Summary Of Events Erika Harding
02 F.a.o. Global Sugar Output Projections Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Auto Industry Price Reduction Agreement Extended Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Bid Winner In Privatization Of Buenos Aires Power Company Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: U.S. Government Requests Extradition Of Argentine National Erika Harding
23 Brazil: "s.o.s." Campaign To Alert Government To Coffee Sector Crisis Barbara Khol
21 Ecuador: Joint Military Exercise With British Troops Erika Harding
16 Chile: US$6.3 Million Grant From E.e.c. Barbara Khol
02 I.d.b. Approves US$150 Million Loan For Restructuring & Expansion Of Colombian Electricity Grid Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: US$190 Million I.m.f. Extended Facility Disbursement Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Foreign Trade, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Observations On Stock Market Activity: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico & Venezuela Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Scandal Surrounding President Escalates; Resignation Or Impeachment Possible Erika Harding
14 On Abductions Of Colombian & Venezuelan Nationals By U.S. Authorities Erika Harding
21 11% Of All Cubans Entitled To Retirement Or Pension Benefits Erika Harding
30 Barbados: Opposition To Dedicating Agricultural Land To Large-scale Tourism Project Barbara Khol
14 Argentine President Says Recovery Of Malvinas A "top Priority" Erika Harding
30 Chile: Automobile Sales, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Summary Of Amendments To Cuban Constitution Erika Harding
16 Chile: Unemployment Rate, March-may 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Brief On Data Entry Service Industry In Caribbean Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
30 Venezuelan Exports To Brazil Hindered By High Tariffs Barbara Khol
02 Profile Of Caribbean Community (caricom) Member-nations Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: International Organizations Concerned About Human Rights Situation Erika Harding
07 Peru: Report On Impact Of Government Strategy To Reduce Political Violence Since "auto-golpe" Erika Harding
02 Peru: Privatization Of Gasoline Stations Underway Barbara Khol
16 Brazilian Coffee Exports, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: 1992 Projected Oil Export Revenue Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: Domestic Automobile Sales, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Sao Paulo State Government Announces US$1.5 Billion Economic Recovery Program Barbara Khol
02 Peru Considers Breaking With Andean Pact Barbara Khol
16 Average Price Of US$25 Per Barrel On Venezuelan Crude Expected By Year-end Barbara Khol
14 Bolivian Extradited To U.S. On Drug Charges Erika Harding
23 Peru Concludes Anti-drug Pact With Washington Barbara Khol
16 Consumer Price Inflation, 1991 & First Half 1992, Five Latin American Countries (s/s) Barbara Khol
28 Sampling Of Support & Criticism Of Cuba, July 18 - 25 Erika Harding
02 World Bank Approves US$80 Million Concessionary Loan For Bolivia Barbara Khol
02 Unemployment In Barbados Barbara Khol
09 Peru: Government Turns Down Bid For Asphalt Plant Barbara Khol
21 Update On Peruvian Political Crisis Erika Harding
30 Chile: Air Force Acquisitions From U.S. Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Official Statistics Agency Personnel On Strike Since Early June Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Planning Minister Says Tax Reforms Crucial Barbara Khol
30 Chilean Businesspeople Want Access To Mercosur In 1994 Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: President-elect Announces Top Appointments Erika Harding
21 Haiti: Update On Political Crisis, July 6 - 15 Erika Harding
09 Chile: Industrial Output Figures Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Demographic Indicators Erika Harding
30 Guyana: Declining Birth Rate & High Emigration Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Net Foreign Reserves, June 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Argentine President Warns Demonstrators Of Repeating History Of "dirty War" Erika Harding
23 Brazil: Foreign Investment, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Stock Market Decline Barbara Khol
14 "cuban Social-democratic Current" Recommends Policy Changes To Washington & Havana To End 30-year Controversy Erika Harding