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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo Stock Market Integration Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Internationally Known Indigenous Leader Charged With Rape Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Report On Teenage Abortions Erika Harding
02 Brazil: Foreign Reserves, March 1992 Barbara Khol
04 Chile: Forestry Product Exports, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Brazilian Companies Share Of Goods & Services Supplied To I.d.b. Projects Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Paraguayan President Swears To Uphold Constitution Erika Harding
30 Argentine Government Promotes Immigration From Eastern Europe & Former Soviet Union Erika Harding
04 1992 Bilateral Trade Projection For Chile & Mexico Barbara Khol
30 Uruguay: Military "reluctant" To Participate In Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding
04 Brazil: 1991 Gold Production Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Allegations Of Link Between Mapuche Organization & Rebel Group Erika Harding
02 Venezuela: Government Approves US$150 Million In Financing For Small- & Medium-scale Tourism Projects Barbara Khol
10 Chile: Number Of Women Candidates In Municipal Elections Erika Harding
02 Ecuador: I.d.b. Approves Funding For Project Preparation Barbara Khol
04 Chile: La Escondida Mining Division Production, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Colombian Government Protests Recommendation By U.S. Department Of Transportation Erika Harding
30 Chile: First Municipal Elections In 21 Years Erika Harding
04 Argentina: 1991 Foreign Trade Figures Barbara Khol
02 Chile: Foreign Investment Fund Preferences Barbara Khol
04 Chile: More On Foreign Investment In 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Population Census Results Erika Harding
02 Bolivia: Budget Crunch Obligates Officers To Purchase Uniforms Barbara Khol
10 Uruguayan President Acquiesces To Referendum On Privatization Legislation Erika Harding
11 I.m.f. Chief Supportive Of Brazilian Government's Economic Policy Course Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: Statue Bombed In Protest Of Royal Visit Erika Harding
02 Fine Copper Output At Codelco's Four Mine Divisions, January-april 1991 & 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
04 Suriname: Economic Restructuring Program Required For European Community Approval Of US$33 Million Loan Barbara Khol
10 Ecuador: Final Official Results Of May 17 Elections Postponed Due To Fraud Charges Erika Harding
09 U.N. Conference On Environment & Development (earth Summit): Synopsis Of Issues Barbara Khol
02 Uruguay: US$18 Million Loan From Spain For Upgrade & Expansion Of Telephone System Barbara Khol
02 Chile: State-run Mining Company Creates New Division Barbara Khol
02 State-run Mining Company Profits, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Special Equipment Imports Financed Via I.d.b. & World Bank Credit Lines, July 1991 - April 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Domestic Manufacturing Investment Projected For 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Torricelli Bill: Tightening The Chokehold On Cuba Erika Harding
30 Chile: Electoral & Legislature Composition Reforms Submitted To Congress Erika Harding
02 Ecuadoran Government Cuts Banana Export Reference Price Barbara Khol
10 Chile: Summary Of Recent Political Violence Erika Harding
11 Peru: Government Sells 59% Stake In Banco De Comercio Barbara Khol
10 Haitian Political Crisis: Summary Of Developments, May 26 - June 7 Erika Harding
10 Chile: Former Police Officers Charged In Murder Of Communist Party Members Erika Harding
02 Guyana: Authorization To Private Company For Construction Of Gold Refinery By Year-end Barbara Khol
09 Earth Summit: Summary Of Developments & Statements, May 13 - June 8 Barbara Khol
10 Peruvian Political Crisis: Summary Of Recent Developments, May 26 - June 7 Erika Harding
10 Venezuela: New Military Unit For Surveillance & Crime Prevention At Colombian Border Erika Harding
02 Jamaican Government To Dismiss 8,000 Public Sector Employees Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: 1992 Projected Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Fruit Exports, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Summary Of I.l.o. Report On Economic Restructuring & Poverty In Latin America Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: New Foreign Minister Appointed Erika Harding
30 Chile: Pinochet Proposed As Presidential Candidate Erika Harding
04 Legislators From 19 Nations Call On World Bank To Increase Proportion Of Lending Dedicated To Poverty Reduction Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Foreign Reserves, May 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Mapuches Arrested In Land Occupations Erika Harding
11 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Investigator Of Indigenous Massacre Murdered Erika Harding
30 Bolivia Strengthens Security Along Peruvian Border Erika Harding
04 Colombia: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: U.S. Company Considers Selling Stake In Subsidiary Co-owned With Pdvsa Barbara Khol
10 Chile Recognizes Bosnia-herzegovina Erika Harding
11 Ecuador: US$1 Million Debt-for-nature Swap Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: World Bank Approves US$50 Million Loan For Industrial Pollution Control Program Barbara Khol
10 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Radical Civic Union Party Office Bombed Erika Harding
02 Peru: Consumer Price Index Up 3.4% In May Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: On Privatization Of Buenos Aires Race Track Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: President Faces Charges Of Corruption Erika Harding
30 Cuba: Parliament To Consider Constitutional Reform Erika Harding
30 Chile: Report On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
30 Peru: Incidence Of A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
10 Cuba Formally Recognizes Croatia & Slovenia Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Senate Committee Rejects U.N. Anti-narcotics Convention Erika Harding
04 Chilean Government Expects World Bank Approval Of US$5 Million Native Forest Survey Program Barbara Khol
10 Historic Context & Prospects For A Revitalized Left In Latin America Erika Harding
02 Absenteeism Rates In Five South American Nations Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Navy Minister Reiterates Refusal To Participate In Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding
10 Chile: New Political Party Erika Harding
04 Brazil: I.d.b. Loan Disbursements In 1991 Barbara Khol
02 U.N. Conference On Environment & Development: Principles For Environmentally Responsible Economic Development Barbara Khol
04 Jamaica: Tax Law Revisions Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Peruvian Ambassador Accused Of Espionage Erika Harding
11 Venezuela: Crude Export Prices Up Barbara Khol
30 Guyana: Voter Registration List Posted Erika Harding
02 Update On Latin American Banana Producer Nations' Response To Potential E.e.c. Quotas & Tariffs Barbara Khol
04 Cuban Government Welcomes Investment From Exiles Barbara Khol
10 St. Vincent & The Grenadines Resume Diplomatic Relations With Cuba Erika Harding
11 Bolivia: Privatization Of Cooking Oil Plant Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Sibundoy Community To Establish Native Botanical Garden Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Indigenous Leaders In Cauca Department Agree To Eradicate Poppies Erika Harding
02 Chile: Government Plans To Spend US$180 Million On Environmental Clean-up & Protection In 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Tropical Forest Conservation Program Barbara Khol
10 International Support For Prosecution Of Ousted Paraguayan Dictator Erika Harding
11 Argentina: Update On Privatization Of Ferrocarril Roca Barbara Khol
10 Paraguay: Constitutional Convention Modifies Executive Office Election Rules, Establishes Civilian Control Over Military Erika Harding
02 Guyana: Plans To Privatize Sugar Industry Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: President Fires Top Energy Officials Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Update On Venezuelan Political Crisis, May 11 - June 7 Erika Harding
11 Colombia: Growers To Reduce Coffee Output Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Official Results Of May 17 Presidential Election Erika Harding
02 Ecuador: New Tariff System In Place Barbara Khol
11 Guyana: Gold Production, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Report On Rodent Problem In Buenos Aires, Argentina Erika Harding
10 Colombia: 10 Police Officers Convicted In Massacre Case Erika Harding
02 Brazil: Federal Judge Issues Injunction Affecting Privatization Of Copesul Petrochemical Company Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: On Privatization Of Railways Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Rebels Step Up Attacks On Oil Pipelines Barbara Khol
30 Reaction To U.S. Supreme Court Decision Endorsing Right To Kidnap Foreigners For Prosecution In U.S. Erika Harding
04 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
04 Bolivia: Coca Market Opens In La Paz Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: Political Dissidents Sentenced To Prison Erika Harding
04 Brazil: Industrial Output Growth, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
10 On U.N. Development Programme (undp) Political Institution Building Activities Erika Harding
04 Brazil: Financial Losses Recorded By Top 500 Firms, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Unemployment Rate, February-april 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Update On Political Violence Erika Harding
11 Colombia: Report On Industrial Output & Foreign Trade Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: US$2.8 Million Debt-for-nature Swap Barbara Khol
30 New Prime Minister Installed In Haiti: Summary Of Developments, June 10 - 27 Erika Harding
10 Brazil: Statistics On Abortion Erika Harding
11 Japanese Direct Investment In Latin America, April 1991-march 1992 Barbara Khol
30 30,000 Chilean Exiles In Sweden Erika Harding
04 Chile: Domestic Pharmaceuticals Market, 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Japanese Eximbank Approves US$300 Million In Loans Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Drug Trafficking Ring Dismantled Erika Harding
10 Guyana: General Elections To Be Scheduled No Later Than October Erika Harding
11 Brazil: Japan Considers US$750 Million Loan For Environmental Projects Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Reports On Human Rights Situation Erika Harding
11 Bolivia: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Update On Peace Negotiations & Related Developments, May 24 - June 25 Erika Harding
02 Bolivian State-run Oil Company Finalizes Three Oil Exploration & Production Concesssions Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia-chile: Resumption Of Diplomatic Relations Remains Unlikely Erika Harding
02 Argentina: Preliminary Inflation Estimate, May 1992 Barbara Khol
04 Chilean Wine Exports To Britain Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Report Analyzes Socio-economic Impact Of Agrarian Reform Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Drugs Confiscated In 1991 Erika Harding
10 Bolivia: Political Party Leaders Discuss Constitutional & Electoral Reforms Erika Harding
04 Uruguay: Average Real Wage Up 2.94% In April Barbara Khol