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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
28 Projected 1992 Trade, Brazil & Argentina Barbara Khol
26 German Government Development Aid To Chile Barbara Khol
28 U.S.a.i.d. Report On Latin American Economic Trends Barbara Khol
21 St. Lucia Business Executives Reiterate Opposition To Imposition Of Common External Tariff (cet) By Caricom Barbara Khol
13 Paraguay: Military Intervention In Ciudad Del Este Attributed To Crime Wave Erika Harding
13 Chile: Women Underrepresented In National Political Posts Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Gerdau Steel Consortium To Acquire Chilean Plant Barbara Khol
13 Cuban Dissidents Call For Russia To Condition Aid On Democratic Reforms Erika Harding
05 Chile: Chamber Of Deputies Approves President's Amendments To Legislation Permitting Codelco Joint Ventures Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: Former Political Police Officers Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: Report On Constitutional Convention Erika Harding
21 Andean Pact Ministerial-level Meeting Rescheduled For Early June Barbara Khol
12 Bolivia: 30-year Contract With Phillips Petroleum To Be Finalized In Late May Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Poll Results On Aylwin Government Popularity, Presidential Candidate Preferences Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Summary Of Inflation Indicators Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: On Destruction Of Wetlands In Mato Grosso State Erika Harding
07 Devaluation Of Jamaican Dollar Halted Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: No Sugar Exports To Russia In Second Half Of 1992 Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Brazilian State-run Oil Company Negotiates Exploration Contract Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Pdvsa President Addresses Joint Ventures With Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
27 Bolivia: Armed Forces High Command Requests Additional Salary Increase Erika Harding
27 Ecuador: May 17 General Election Results Erika Harding
27 Uruguay: A.i.d.s. Statistics Erika Harding
21 Venezuelan Oil Exports To Puerto Rico Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: "carapintadas" Claim International Alliance Erika Harding
27 Cuba-u.s. Relations: Summary Of Recent Developments Erika Harding
05 Unemployment In Uruguay Barbara Khol
05 Guyana: Electricity Services Open For Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
27 Guyana: Delays In Preparation Of Voter Registration List Erika Harding
12 Venezuela-chile Trade Barbara Khol
27 Population Growth In Caribbean Region Erika Harding
26 Chile: Selected Macroeconomic Performance Statistics Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Senate Approves Joint Ventures For Codelco Barbara Khol
05 Cuba: Latest U.S. Move To Strengthen Embargo Ineffective Barbara Khol
12 Chilean-north American Chamber Of Commerce Formally Established Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Supermarket Chain Performance, 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Foreign Reserves Down Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: World Bank Mission Reviews Poverty Alleviation Programs Barbara Khol
19 Latin American Reserves Fund (flar) Approves US$50 Million Credit Line For Peruvian Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
19 Jamaica: Nurses Return To Work Barbara Khol
26 Cuban Government Seeks Foreign Partner To Help Finish Nickel Plant Construction Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Banking Legislation Revised To Permit Establishment Of Latin American Bank Branches Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: US$30 Million In Debt Renegotiated With Japan Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: 10 Foreign Oil Companies Interested In Exploitation Of Orinoco Strip Barbara Khol
28 Chile: Direct Foreign Investment Plans Approved In January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Government Expected To Reschedule Foreign Debt Principal Payments In 1992 & 1993 Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Forestry Product Exports, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
07 Chile: 1991/92 Season Fruit Exports Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: 60% Tariff On Dairy Product & Citrus Imports Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Summary Of Strikes, May 12 - 18 Barbara Khol
05 Brazilian Investment In Portugal Barbara Khol
12 12 Latin American & Caribbean Governments' I.m.f. Adjustment Program Agreements, 1st Quarter 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
27 First International Seminar On Environment & Indigenous Peoples Erika Harding
05 Venezuela Buys 1,500 Tons Of Subsidized Cottonseed Oil From U.S. Barbara Khol
05 Peru: April Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: Privatization Of Tourist Information Centers Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Shell & Outokumpu Interested In Joint Ventures With Codelco Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Buenos Aires Province A Potential "ecological Disaster" Erika Harding
13 U.S. Offers Sale Of Combat Aircraft To Argentina & Chile Erika Harding
14 Cuba: Notes On Economic Performance Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Sao Paulo & Rio De Janeiro Stock Market Trading Down In Response To Report On President's Corruption Barbara Khol
13 Cuba: Opposition Forces Request Political Opening Erika Harding
05 Unicef & Ngo Establish Special Credit Program For Women In Rural Bolivia Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Government To Purchase U.S. Treasury Zero-coupon Bonds Barbara Khol
07 U.N. Development Programme (undp) Report Emphasizes Growth Of Poverty In Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Congress Files Charges Against President For "damaging Statements" Erika Harding
05 Uruguay: Currency Devaluation In April Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia: Recent Political Violence & Related Events Erika Harding
27 Chile: Report On Cocaine Seizures Erika Harding
13 Bolivia: 1 Million Ha. Land Grant For Indigenous Communities Erika Harding
05 Cuba To Cut Back On Foreign Student Support Barbara Khol
27 Evaluation Of U.S. War Against Drugs In Bolivia & Peru Erika Harding
27 Argentina: Anti-narcotics Database To Be Linked With U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Erika Harding
26 Cuba: Small Farmers Criticized For Black Market Sales Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Escondida Mine Performance, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Chile: State-run Mining Company "privatizes" Entire Village Barbara Khol
07 Sao Paulo State, Brazil: 69% Of Companies Post Losses In 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Ecuadoran Government Requests U.S. Recognition Of Conservationist Practice Applied In Shrimp Industry Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Unemployment Rate, Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Declining Average Height Linked To Poverty Erika Harding
19 Colombia: Bogota Residents Challenge Electricity Bills Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Government Raises Minimum Wage, Public Sector Employee Wages Barbara Khol
27 Haitian Political Crisis: Summary Of Events, May 11 - May 25 Erika Harding
14 Guyana: Australian Company Takes Over Management Of State-run Bauxite Company Barbara Khol
13 Peruvian Military Aircraft Attack U.S. Plane Erika Harding
21 Chilean Government Opts For Slowdown In Loan Disbursements From I.d.b. & World Bank To Reduce Dollar Inflow Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Government Launches A.i.d.s. Prevention Campaign Erika Harding
27 Barbados: Incidence Of A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
12 Argentina: On Bidding For Controlling Stake In Segba's Largest Power Plant Barbara Khol
27 U.S. Installs Anti-drug Radar System In Venezuela Erika Harding
05 Colombia: Report On 1991 Exports Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Over US$7 Billion Investment In Petrochemicals Expected In 1992-1997 Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Automotives Industry Output & Sales, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: Supreme Court Decision Estalishes Restrictions On Adoptions By Foreign Nationals Erika Harding
28 Peru: Report On Privatization Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Summary Of Strikes, May 2 - 11 Barbara Khol
28 Peru: State-run Iron Mining Company Contracts With Japanese & Mexican Firms Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Transbrasil & Vasp Airlines Finalize Agreement To Share Market Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: British Petroleum Accused Of Negligence Causing Pollution Of Waterways Barbara Khol
13 U.S. Appoints New Ambassador To Argentina Erika Harding
12 Jamaica: Registered Nurses Launch Strike Barbara Khol
07 Integration Of Chilean & Argentine Stock Markets Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Plans For Investment In Oil Exploration Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: April Inflation Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: U.S. Military Specialists Training Army Parachutists Brigade Erika Harding
05 U.S.-based Maxus Oil Company Committed To Continuing Exploration & Production In Ecuadoran Amazon Barbara Khol
27 Chile: On Payment Of Legal Expenses For Government Employee Defendants Erika Harding
05 Note On Foreign Investment In Latin America Barbara Khol
07 Guyana: International Development Association (ida) Approves US$10.3 Million Loan For Poverty Alleviation Program Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Non-oil Exports, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Report On Economic Prospects Barbara Khol
28 Latin America: Projections On Poverty For 2000 Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Report On Corporacion Ceramica Carabobo Activities Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia: New Evangelical Political Party Erika Harding
27 Chile: Estimated Cost Of Industrial Conversion To Cut Ozone Layer Damage Erika Harding
13 Formosa Province, Argentina: Discovery Of Retro-virus Htlv Among Indigenous Community Erika Harding
07 Argentina: April Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Jamaica: Report On Fiscal 1992 Budget Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Minimum Wage Increase Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Congress To Debate Tax On Business Assets Barbara Khol
21 Chilean Fresh Fruit Exports, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Chile: 1992 Economic Projections Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Haitian Political Crisis: Summary Of Events, April 22 - May 11 Erika Harding
12 Uruguay: Consumer Price Inflation In April Barbara Khol
26 Note On Annual Conference Of Latin American Oil Company Executives Barbara Khol
05 Third World Reiterates Demand For Advanced Industrialized Nations To Absorb Environmental Conservation Costs Barbara Khol
26 Trinidad & Tobago: Privatization Revenue To Be Earmarked For Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Exports To Latin America, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
19 Bolivian President Criticizes China For Undercutting Minerals Prices In World Market Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: State-run Aircraft Manufacturer To Dismiss 2,500 Employees Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: Oil Export Revenue, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Electricity Rationing Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Astinave Shipyard Performance Projections Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Constitutional Amendments To Enhance Civilian Control Of Military Erika Harding
26 Venezuela: Federal Government Plans To Borrow US$3.4 Billion To Cover Budget Deficit Barbara Khol
12 Jamaica: Plans For Banana Production Expansion Barbara Khol
05 Americas Watch On Failure Of Anti-drug Campaign In Colombia Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Saudi Consortium To Invest US$265 Million In Fruit Production & Processing Barbara Khol
07 Most Recent Statistics On Foreign Reserves As Of March 1992, 27 Caribbean & Latin American Countries (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia-chile: Progress Toward Resolving Border Conflict Erika Harding
14 Ministerial Level Meeting Rescheduled To Salvage Andean Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
07 Brazilian Government Promotes Broad-based Agreements With Top Latin American Trade Partners Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Chronology Of Political Violence & Related Events, April 7 - May 10 Erika Harding
13 Argentina: New Rebel Group Erika Harding
12 Colombia: First Quarter 1992 Industrial Output Barbara Khol
26 Barbados: Sugar Plantation Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: Beef Exports Up 12.92% Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: State-run Oil Company President Supports Privatization Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Bus Company Employees On Strike In Sao Paulo Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: Communist Party In Crisis Erika Harding
27 Venezuelan Government To Cut Cabinet Posts From 27 To 9 Erika Harding
05 10 Latin American Nations On U.S. "observation" List For Unfair Trade Practices Barbara Khol
28 On Spanish Economic Interests In Chile Barbara Khol
14 Mercosur Member-nation Airlines Announce Fare Discounts To Promote Tourism Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Retired Military Officers Oppose Creation Of Yanomami Reserve Erika Harding
13 Peruvian Political Crisis: Summary Of Developments, April 21 - May 11 Erika Harding
07 Argentina: Estimates Of Flight Capital Repatriation Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Plans To Modify Domestic Energy Consumption Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Indigenous March To Quito To Demand Recognition Of Land Rights Erika Harding
13 Colombia: New Communications Minister Appointed Erika Harding
13 U.S. Appoints New Ambassador To Brazil Erika Harding
21 Argentina: 1991-92 Grain Harvest Barbara Khol
19 Guyana: Gold Miners On Strike Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Military Officers Continue To Demand Pay Hikes Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Report On Rebel Violence Erika Harding
07 Chile: Used Clothing Imports, 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Paraguay Establishes Diplomatic Relations With Poland Erika Harding
21 Inernational Labor Organization (ilo) Latin America Division Report On Employment & Wages Barbara Khol
19 Latin American Banana Producer Nations Respond To Potential E.e.c. Quotas & Tariffs Barbara Khol
05 Cuba: First Time Sugar Sale To South Korea Barbara Khol
28 Trinidad & Tobago: US$260 Million Methanol Plant Barbara Khol
28 Japanese Foreign Aid To Latin American Nations In 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Chilean Government Eliminates Visa Requirements For Citizens Of Three Caribbean Nations Erika Harding
13 Political Violence In Uruguay Erika Harding
13 Jamaica: Women's Organizations Develop Policy Agenda For Legislators Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: Deforestation Erika Harding
05 Colombia: Plans To Expand Power Generation Capacity; Time Change Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: On World Bank Loans & Recommendations Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Canadian Mining Company Establishes Joint Venture With State-run Codelco Barbara Khol
21 Venezuelan & Colombian Companies Join Spanish Counterpart In Mediterranean-caribbean Shipping Line Barbara Khol
05 Uruguay: Tourism In 1991-92 Season Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Chilean Consortium Withdraws Bid For Acquisition Of Power Plant Barbara Khol
07 Chile: Report On Port Facilities Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: A.i.d.s. Statistics Erika Harding
12 Argentina-brazil Trade, 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Easter Island Community Establishes Conditions For Restoration Of Ancient Statuary Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Indigenous Leaders Propose Legislation Redefining Relationship With Government Erika Harding
14 Guyana: Sugar Workers Strike Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Update On Peace Negotiations & Related Developments, April 21 - May 23 Erika Harding
27 Chile: 55 Cases Of Torture Reported During Aylwin Administration Erika Harding
07 Jamaica: U.k. Pardons 9.5 Million Pounds Of Debt Barbara Khol
19 Suriname Restructures Debt Owed Brazil Barbara Khol
27 The Sao Paulo Forum & New Leftist Thinking Erika Harding
28 Uruguay: Chamber Of Deputies Rejects Proposed Social Security System Reform Barbara Khol
05 Report On Cuban Nickel Industry Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Army Officers Accused Of Kidnapping & Murder Of Indigenous People Erika Harding
27 Venezuela: On Violence In Prisons Erika Harding
13 Chilean Ambassador To Russia Resigns Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Export Ceiling On Mahogany Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Novel Idea To Cut Smog In Santiago Erika Harding
27 Brazil: Measles Vaccination Campaign Erika Harding
13 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Wave Of Riots & Looting Erika Harding
28 Venezuela: Report On Price Deregulation Barbara Khol
28 Chile-argentina Bilateral Trade Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: On 1991/92 Harvest Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Total World Bank Loans, 1992 & 1993 Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Open Unemployment Rate, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Pepsi Cola To Move Latin American Division Headquarters From Rio De Janeiro To Boca Raton, Florida Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Defendants Acquitted In 1988 Massacre Case Erika Harding
28 Argentina: Notes On Economic Performance Barbara Khol
27 Bolivia: Poverty Statistics Erika Harding
05 Brazil: Chamber Of Deputies Approves 140% Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
27 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Military Police Evict Squatters Erika Harding
12 Bolivia: Mining Sector Performance, 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Prepared For Foreign Competition Barbara Khol
19 Colombia: Congress Debates Prison Terms For Individuals Convicted Of Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: Crude Oil Export Prices Improve Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Summary Of Recent Police Strikes Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Recent Political Violence & Related Events Erika Harding
05 French Oil Company As Yet Undecided On Whether To Continue Exploration In Cuba Barbara Khol
13 World Council Of Churces Calls For Respect Of Indigenous Rights Erika Harding
13 Argentina: Update On Israeli Embassy Attack, Anti-semitic Violence Erika Harding
13 Paraguay: Rumors Of A Coup Attempt Erika Harding
14 Venezuela: Price Hike On Oil Product Exports Barbara Khol
28 Report On Adult Illiteracy In Latin America Barbara Khol
05 Chile: First Kiwi Fruit Shipments Arrive In Japan Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Trade Union Confederations Negotiate With Federal Government To Forestall "social Chaos" Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: Security Measures Expanded At Government & Military Installations Erika Harding
14 Argentina: Automotives Output For April Barbara Khol
27 Bolivia: Human Rights Monitor Denounces Use Of Torture Erika Harding
26 Brazil: National Congress To Debate Tax Reforms In August Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Deregulation Of Port Services Barbara Khol
27 Bahamas-el Salvador Establish Diplomatic Relations Erika Harding
12 Chile: Foreign Debt As Of March 31, 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Venezuelan Amnesty International Chapter Defends Indigenous Rights Erika Harding
05 Latin American Integration Association (aladi) To Cut Personnel By Half Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Six-month Electricity Rationing Program Barbara Khol
21 Notes On Venezuelan Pharmaceuticals Industry Barbara Khol
14 Uruguay: 36-hour General Strike To Protest Government Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: 1991 Performance Of Largest Steelworks Company Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Brazilian Oil Company To Finalize Exploration Contract Barbara Khol
05 Cuba & Venezuela Establish Joint Commission To Coordinate Anti-drug Efforts Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Acquisition Of Two U.S. Refineries Postponed To 1993 Barbara Khol
12 Japanese Companies Shut Down Operations In Cuba Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador: Update On Pastaza Land Grant & Related Events Erika Harding
13 Bolivian President Threatens To Dissolve Congress Erika Harding
13 U.S. Air Force Radar Station Under Construction In Cayman Islands Erika Harding
19 Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Battery Manufacturer Enters Venezuelan Market Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Exporters Seek Pacific Gateway Port To Asia Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Guajajara Indians Release Federal Police Agents Erika Harding
12 Average Price Of Venezuelan Crude At US$14.81 Per Barrel Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Domestic Auto Sales Up 147% In April Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Andean Development Corporation (caf) Approves Loan For Banco Weise Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: France To Provide Medical Training & Equipment Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Petrochemical Company Copesul Privatized Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Soldiers Accused Of Murdering Indigenous Persons Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: April Inflation Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Failure To Meet I.m.f. Targets In First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Suspends Bond Issues On Foreign Markets Barbara Khol
26 Peru: US$83 Million Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Loan Earmarked For Hospital Upgrade Barbara Khol
07 Chile: 1991 Foreign Debt Totals Barbara Khol
13 Cholera Update By Country Erika Harding
27 Colombia: Poppy Eradication Erika Harding
19 Spanish Railway Services Company Establishes Subsidiary In Argentina Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Rising Incidence Of A.i.d.s. Cases Among Military Personnel Erika Harding
28 Chile: Trade Surplus, January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Guyanese Government To Investigate Wildlife Trade Erika Harding
27 Chile: Deaths Caused By Tuberculosis Erika Harding
13 Cuba-u.s. Relations: Summary Of Recent Developments Erika Harding
27 Cuba: Release Of Political Prisoners Erika Harding
14 Bolivia: Consumer Price Inflation, March 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Colombian Rebels Hijack Plane Erika Harding
07 Argentine Economy Minister Announces Plans To Privatize Nuclear Power Plants Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Debt-environment Swap Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Labor Confederation Merger Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: French Company Finalizes Agreement With Government For Providing Services To Foreign Oil Companies Barbara Khol
13 Argentina To Grant Amnesty To 300,000 Illegal Immigrants Erika Harding
26 Alcoa Bottle Cap Manufacturing In South America Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Delays In Disbursement Of Spanish Development Aid Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Malaria Epidemic Erika Harding
26 Chile: New Home Sales, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
19 Colombia: "unprecedented Crisis" In Coffee Industry Barbara Khol
05 Guyana: US$5.6 Million Loan From European Community Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Inter-american Journalists Federation Investigates Murder Of Reporter Erika Harding
21 Goodyear De Venezuela Export Projection For 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Budget Cut Barbara Khol
07 Chile: 1st Quarter Domestic Market Auto Sales Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Costs Of Electricity Rationing Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Only One Private Investor Interested In Privatization Of Roca Railway Cargo Service Barbara Khol
07 Chile: April Inflation Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Foreign & Domestic Debt Instruments Accepted As Partial Payment In Privatizations Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Tax On Crude Exports To Be Reduced Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Foreign Reserves, Mid-may 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Two Mayors Killed In One Week Erika Harding
07 Brazil: New President Of State-run Oil Company Appointed Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Electricity Rationing Projected Until December Barbara Khol
27 Peruvian Political Crisis: Summary Of Developments, May 11 - May 24 Erika Harding
26 Banco Do Brasil Bond Offerings In Foreign Markets Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Budget Cuts, 1992 & 1993 Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Indefinite General Strike By Public Sector Employees Called Off Barbara Khol
26 Plan For Upgrade Of Venezuelan Phone System Barbara Khol
13 St. Lucia: Election Results Erika Harding
27 A.i.d.s. Fatalities, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Erika Harding
19 U.S. President Bush Promises To Negotiate Free Trade Agreement With Chile After Concluding Accord With Mexico Barbara Khol