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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
08 Rio Group Meets In Argentina Erika Harding
16 Trinidad & Tobago: 1991 Fiscal Results Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: March Trade Surplus At US$1.55 Billion Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Highlights Of Macroeconomic Indicators, Legislation Affecting Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: Unemployment, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Peru Requests Two-year Suspension Of Free Trade In Agricultural Products From Andean Pact Partners Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Government Acts To Curb Influx Of Dollars Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
09 Private Investment In Latin America, 1991 Barbara Khol
16 Deforestation In Rio De Janeiro State, Brazil Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: 1991 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
14 Ecuador: Cellular Telephone Services Offered To Domestic & Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
02 Chile: 0.7% Inflation In March Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Government Approves Tariff Reductions Barbara Khol
28 Gap Between Rich & Poor Nations Continues To Increase Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Steel Output, 1st Quarter 1991 & 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 On Japan's Strategic & Economic Interest In Highway Linking Amazon With Pacific Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Report On H.i.v. Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Update On Bombing Of Israeli Embassy & Related Developments Erika Harding
16 Argentina: US$20 Million World Bank Loan Earmarked For Upgrade Of Tax Administration Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Government Plans To Increase Hard Currency Earnings Via Expanding Health Care For Foreigners Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Senate Approves Privatization Legislation Barbara Khol
08 British Humanitarian Organization Condemns Murder Of Street Children In Latin America Erika Harding
28 Argentine Fruit Exporters Accuse Chile Of Protectionism Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Economy Minister Resigns Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Report On Wood Pulp Industry Barbara Khol
14 I.m.f. Approves Access To Esaf For Dominican Republic, Nicaragua & Honduras Barbara Khol
28 International Finance Corporation (ifc) Approves Loans & Investment In Argentine Railway Company Barbara Khol
08 Colombian Foreign Minister Responds To Statement On U.S. Government "right" To Kidnap Crime Suspects Erika Harding
07 Brazil: Cacao Producers Propose Global Quota System Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: Oil Pipeline Leaks In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Postpones Finalizing US$200 Million Loan Contract Barbara Khol
08 Uruguay: On Decline In Infant Mortality Erika Harding
16 Bolivia: Airline Employees Launch 24-hour Strike To Protest Privatization Plan Barbara Khol
02 I.m.f. Approves Extended Facility Loan For Argentine Government Barbara Khol
08 Ecuador: Head Of Joint Chiefs Replaced Erika Harding
14 Chile: Foreign Investment Committee Approves Canadian Company's Exploitation Of Copper Mine Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: March Inflation Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Privatization Revenue & Purchase Of Discounted Foreign Debt Paper Since July 1989 Barbara Khol
23 Update On I.d.b.-administered Multilateral Investment Fund Barbara Khol
08 Paraguay: Catholic Bishops Deny Church Involvement In Land Occupations Erika Harding
14 Unemployment In Trinidad & Tobago Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Government Proposes Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
21 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Coordinates "support Group" For Suriname Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: President Attempts To Include Opposition Parties In Cabinet Erika Harding
14 Chile: Conversion Of Native Forest Land To Commercial Production Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Cabinet Reshuffle Concluded Erika Harding
14 Venezuela: Four Branches Of State-run Bank To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Steel Industry Output, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Smog Reduction Measures In Santiago Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: On Attracting Foreign Capital Barbara Khol
28 International Labor Organization (ilo) Report On State Of Social Welfare Services In Latin America Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Note On Worker Relocation Caused By Economic Crisis Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Senate Approves Debt Restructuring Agreement With Paris Club Barbara Khol
23 Paraguay: Government Rejects I.m.f. "shock Therapy" Recommendations Barbara Khol
16 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Biannual Ministerial-level Meeting: Summary Barbara Khol
16 Cuba: Report On Sugar Harvest, 1992 Sales Contracts Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Escondida Mine Output, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Jamaica: Government Introduces Austerity Plan In Response To Continued Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Report On Telecom Profits Barbara Khol
08 Cuba Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Members Of Commonwealth Of Independent States Erika Harding
23 Venezuela: Foreign Investment, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Update On Peace Negotiations, March 24 - April 20 Erika Harding
07 Brazil: Carmakers Agree To Price Reduction Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Energy Conservation Program Barbara Khol
09 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) General Assembly Meetings: Summary Of Statements & Events Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Foreign Currency Reserves, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Fiat Subsidiary Performance In 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Cuban Military Develops Food Self-sufficiency Erika Harding
16 Venezuela: Italian Commercial Banks Finance Construction Of Methanol Plant Barbara Khol
08 Cholera Update By Country Erika Harding
30 Brazil: On February 1992 Industrial Output & Employment Barbara Khol
16 Caribbean Community: Focus On Services Sector Development Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: Government Creates National Indigenous Policy Council Erika Harding
16 Transbrasil Airline Issues Stock For Purchase By Employees Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: Central Bank President Replaced Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Update On Electricity Shortages, Rationing Barbara Khol
02 Cuba: Canadian & Swedish Companies Finalize Oil Exploration Contracts Barbara Khol
16 Cuban-designed Sugar Mill To Begin Operations In Vietnam Barbara Khol
08 On Murder Of Indigenous People In Amazon Region Erika Harding
07 Brazil: Embraer Aircraft Company Attempts Sale Of 40 Tucano Trainer Planes To South Africa Barbara Khol
16 Ecuador: On Crude Oil Reserves Barbara Khol
08 Bolivia: 335 Suspected Rebels Arrested Erika Harding
21 Venezuela: Highlights Of Macroeconomic Indicators, Legislation Affecting Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
02 Brief On Nuclear Reactors In Latin American Countries Barbara Khol
22 Peruvian Political Crisis: Summary Of Events, April 8 - 20 Erika Harding
21 Mexican Solidarity Group Donates 80 Metric Tons Of Lubricants To Cuba Barbara Khol
23 Andean Pact Commission Chief Worried About Implementation Of Economic Integration Plans Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: Inter-american Development Bank Finalizes US$176.07 Million In Loans Barbara Khol
07 Eclac Report: 1991 Regional Gdp & Inflation Barbara Khol
30 More On I.m.f.-world Bank Joint Meetings: Summary Of Developments Related To Latin America Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation, March 1992 Barbara Khol
08 Peru: President Dissolves Congress & Suspends Constitution: Summary Of Events & Statements, April 5 - 7 Erika Harding
30 Andean Pact Common Market Initiative In Danger Of Dissolution Barbara Khol
08 Update On Cuba-u.s. Relations Erika Harding
28 Chile: Trade Balance, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
08 Brazilian Priest Denounces Violence In Countryside Erika Harding
07 Brazil: US$126 Million World Bank Loan For Upgrade & Reorganization Of Subway Systems Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Tax Revenue Down US$1 Billion In First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
08 Sao Paulo State, Brazil: A.i.d.s. Primary Cause Of Death In Prisons Erika Harding
21 Cuba: U.S. President On Plans To Toughen Economic Embargo Barbara Khol
21 Chile: Increase In International Air Traffic Barbara Khol
14 Inter-american Development Bank President Supports Military Spending Cuts In Latin America Barbara Khol
02 Colombian Government Seeks US$700 Million In Loans For Rural Poverty Alleviation Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Cooperation Agreements With Colombian Private Sector Firms Barbara Khol
07 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) General Assembly Meetings: Summary Of Statements & Events Barbara Khol
14 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Waste Recycling Plant Begins Operations Barbara Khol
16 Venezuela: Price Hikes On Oil Product Exports Barbara Khol
14 Jamaica: US$36 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan Earmarked For Upgrade Of Public Services Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: Report On Economic Performance Barbara Khol
08 Venezuelan Political Crisis: Summary Of Events & Statements, March 24 - April 5 Erika Harding
07 Paraguay: Swiss Bank Corporation Branch In New York Lifts Freeze On Central Bank Assets Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Update On Situation Of Political Prisoners Erika Harding
08 Cuba: Successful Treatment Of A.i.d.s. Victims With Interferon Drug Erika Harding
07 Uruguay: Government Responds To 51-day Postal Worker Strike Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: Consumer Price Inflation In March Barbara Khol
07 Uruguay: March Inflation Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Viasa Airline Investment Plans For 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: US$300 Million In Credit Lines From Japanese Eximbank Barbara Khol
23 Paris Club Government Creditors Expected To Approve 10% Debt Write-off Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Electricity Rationing Barbara Khol
08 Chilean Government Criticizes Creation Of Indigenous Court Erika Harding
08 Argentine Government To Pay Damages In Disappearance Of Swedish Woman Erika Harding
30 Argentina: Single Bidder For General Urquiza Railway Concession Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Government Plans State Of "economic Emergency" To Cope With Electricity Shortages Barbara Khol
07 Paraguay-taiwan Investment Guarantee Agreement Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Summary Of Quinquen Land Conflict Erika Harding
21 Venezuela: Direct Foreign Investment, March 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Dominican Republic: Government Authorizes Dollar Accounts Barbara Khol
21 Chile: State-run Copper Company Output, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: On Torricelli Bill To Toughen U.S. Economic Embargo Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Nv Obtains Landing Rights Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Unemployment Caused By Trade Opening Barbara Khol
08 Bolivia: Rumors Of Conspiracy & Discontent In Military & Police Ranks Erika Harding
16 Ecuador: 1st Quarter 1992 Oil Export Revenue Loss Barbara Khol
30 Chilean Finance Minister Says Enterprise For Americas Initiative May Collapse Unless U.S. Government Acts Barbara Khol
02 Colombia Negotiating Oil Supply Agreement With Cuba Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: Progress Report On Attempts To Stem Influx Of Dollars Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Donations From Galicia Barbara Khol
16 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) To Support Economic Adjustment Programs In Argentina & Brazil Barbara Khol
30 New Oil Discovery In Ecuadoran Amazon Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Foreign Investment, First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Privatization Of Gas Del Estado Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Congress Debates Luxury Goods & Services Tax Barbara Khol
07 Bolivia: US$2.5 Million I.d.b. Loan For Financial System Restructuring Barbara Khol
14 Statistics On Privatization In Latin America, 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Coffee Prices At 17-year Low Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Mexican Company Participates In Joint Venture To Install Cellular Telephone Network Barbara Khol
30 Chase Manhattan Profits In Brazil, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Jamaica: Trade With Caricom Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Rate Of Deforestation Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Southern Peru Copper Corp. To Invest US$300 Million Over Five-year Period Barbara Khol
14 I.f.c. Approves US$40 Million Credit Line For Argentine Bank Barbara Khol
14 Uruguay: Congress Approves Basic Framework For Port System Reform Barbara Khol
09 Bolivian Teachers' Strike: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
08 Israel Accused Of Illegal Sale Of U.S. Military Items To Venezuela & Chile Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
09 Argentina Concludes Refinancing Agreement With Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
23 Jamaican Leaders Call On Exporters To Repatriate Earnings Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: President Fires Three State-run Oil Company Directors Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Minimum Wage At US$50 Per Month Barbara Khol
14 International Coffee Organization Member-nations To Begin Negotiations On New Export Quota Agreement Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: State-run Mining Company Forms Partnership With French Usinor Sacilor For Manganese Alloy Production Barbara Khol
02 Brazilian Government Announces Support For International Coffee Export Quota System Barbara Khol
08 Colombia Establishes Diplomatic Relations With Brunei Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Two Women Arrested For Showing "disrespect" To President Menem Erika Harding
28 Colombia: State-run Bank Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: On Japanese Loans For Environmental Conservation Projects Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Automotive Exports, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: 21.39% Inflation In March Barbara Khol
30 U.S. Treasury Department Amends Cuban Asset Control Rules Barbara Khol
28 Phone Company Employee Strike Leaves Colombia Incommunicado Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: Average Oil Export Price Expected In 2nd Half 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Cuba-u.s. Relations: Summary Of Recent Developments Erika Harding
23 Brazil: President Requests 80% Salary Increase For Military Personnel & Civil Servants Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: Banana Exports, First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Statistics On Malnutrition Erika Harding
14 Bush Administration Opposed To Toughening Trade Embargo Against Cuba Barbara Khol
08 Venezuelan Embassy Destroyed In Libya Erika Harding
16 Cuba: Offshore Oil Exploration Concessions To Canadian & Swedish Companies Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: Economic Impact Of Power Rationing Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Congress Rejects President's Request For Minimum Wage Increase Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Chronology Of Political Violence & Related Events, March 24 - April 20 Erika Harding
08 Argentine Homosexual Organization Granted Legal Status Erika Harding
02 Bolivia: Response To U.S. Government Decision To Sell 7,000 Tons Of Stockpiled Tin Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Oil Workers' Strike In Zulia Department Fails Barbara Khol
08 Unicef: Child Mortality In Argentina Erika Harding
08 Ecuador: Domestic Violence Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Sao Francisco Development Corporation To Invest US$28 Million In Expanding Irrigation System Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Government Approves Insurance For Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: Report On Oil Exploration, Production Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: New Regulations For Automakers Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Orinoco Oil Fields Open To Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Swedish Government Donation Earmarked For World Bank Loan Repayment Barbara Khol
08 Regional Newspaper Consortium Erika Harding
14 Colombia: Report On Rebel Sabotage Of Oil Infrastructure, State-run Oil Company Performance Barbara Khol
14 Profile Of Chilean Agro-exports Barbara Khol
28 I.m.f.-world Bank Joint Meetings: Summary Of Developments Related To Latin America Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: Fiscal Surplus, First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
02 Argentine State-run Oil Company To Be Privatized In 1995 Barbara Khol
09 Chile: Partial Presidential Veto On Legislation Authorizing State-run Copper Company & Private Sector Joint Ventures Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation In March Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Oil Spill Near Salvador, Bahia State Barbara Khol
30 Banco Do Brasil Authorized To Operate In European Economic Community (eec) Nations Barbara Khol
30 Peru: President Refuses To Accept Economy Minister's Resignation Barbara Khol
22 Haitian Political Crisis: Summary Of Recent Events, April 7 - 17 Erika Harding
14 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Industrial Sector Layoffs, March 1992 Barbara Khol
28 Guyana: Government Plans To Hire Australian Firm To Manage Bauxite Industry Barbara Khol
23 Bolivian Senate To Approve Single Value Added Tax Rate For Domestic & Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Notes On Controversy Surrounding Remarks By Military Chief Pinochet Erika Harding
08 Chile: Civilian Police & Military Accused Of Illegal Surveillance Activities Erika Harding
14 Bolivia: Government Decree Prohibits Nuclear Waste Imports Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Congress Approves 80% Wage Hike For Military Personnel & Federal Civilian Employees Barbara Khol
08 Colombia-venezuela: Update On Gulf Of Venezuela Territorial Rights Conflict Erika Harding
08 Haiti: Summary Of Recent Developments, March 24 - April 6 Erika Harding
30 Brazil: International Finance Corporation (ifc) Approves US$75 Million Loan For Camacari Petrochemical Company Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Russian Government To Provide Assistance In Completion Of Nuclear Power Plant Barbara Khol
21 Sao Paulo State, Brazil: Employment In Construction Industry Up In March Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: 70,000 Public Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
21 Chile: Extent Of Desertification Barbara Khol
21 Suggestions For Financing Environmental Conservation Programs In Latin America Barbara Khol
14 Chile: State-run Copper Company, 1991 Performance Barbara Khol
14 European Commission Recommends Community-wide Banana Import Quota System For January 1993 Barbara Khol
09 Colombian Textile Import Quota To U.S. Increased Barbara Khol
23 Bolivian Natural Gas Sales To Brazil Delayed Until 1997 Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Telephone Company Strike Ends Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Prices Of Foreign Debt Paper In Secondary Markets Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Itau Bank Ltd. To Open Operations In Cayman Islands Barbara Khol
02 Chile: Open Unemployment Rate In March Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Government Considers Reduction Of Public Sector Work Force By 260,000 In 1992-1993 Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Export Performance, First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Chile: Anti-trust Commission Ruling Requires Spanish Firm Telefonica To Sell Off Stake In One Of Two Companies Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Inter-american Development Bank Finalizes US$520 Million In Loans Barbara Khol
28 Peru: New Aid Programs From E.e.c. Shut Down Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: New Legislation On Sanctions For Violations Causing Environmental Damage Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Deforestation Of Amazon Declines In 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Cuba: Government Claims Capacity To Mobilize 6 Million Combatants Erika Harding
16 Ecuador: Japanese Government Provides Disaster Relief Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Perspective On Macroeconomic Performance Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela-colombia Automotives Rules Of Origin Agreement Barbara Khol
07 Peru: U.S. Donates Aircraft For Anti-drug Operations Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Nestle To Invest US$110 Million In 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Projected Investment In Lumber Industry At US$100 Million Investment Over Next Six Years Barbara Khol