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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Colombian Army Chief Rejects U.S. Conditionality Placed On Military Aid Erika Harding
25 Latin American Parliament Installs Human Rights Commission Erika Harding
25 Jamaican Prime Minister Announces Resignation Erika Harding
10 Dutch Government Pardons Peruvian Debt Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Economic Recession & Large Employer Coping Mechanisms Barbara Khol
05 I.m.f. Report On 26 Latin American & Caribbean Nations' Foreign Currency & Gold Reserves (s/s) Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: Japan's Eximbank Approves US$224 Million Credit Line Barbara Khol
19 Update On Negotiations For Brazilian Acquisition Of Bolivian Natural Gas Barbara Khol
17 Bolivian Government Closes Selected Consulates & Embassies Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Coffee Sector Statistics Barbara Khol
24 Peru: US$200 Million Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Loan For Financial Sector Restructuring Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: Report On Cusiana Oil Fields Barbara Khol
24 On Impact Of U.S. Recession Barbara Khol
10 Jamaica: Sugar Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
11 Peru: U.S. Attorney Arrested, 11 Magistrates Fired Result Of Child Trafficking Activities Erika Harding
24 Colombia: On Inadequacy Of Electricity Generation Infrastructure Barbara Khol
19 Uruguay: Transport Workers Organize 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Soldiers & Police Officers Demand Pay Hike Erika Harding
12 Argentina: Report On Foreign Commercial Bank Debt Restructuring Barbara Khol
10 Five More Foreign Companies Authorized For Operations In Cuba Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Congress Approves Joint Ventures Between State-run Copper Company & Private Companies Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Lumber Exports, January 1992 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Government Supplies US$1.45 Billion In Agricultural Production Credit Barbara Khol
24 Social Welfare Indicators: Costa Rica, Cuba, Paraguay Barbara Khol
12 Cuba: On Agricultural Work Force Mobilization Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Rio De Janeiro Residents Protest Crime Wave Erika Harding
25 Colombia: On Murder Of 468 Trash Recyclers Erika Harding
26 Venezuela: Overview Of Budget Problems Barbara Khol
31 Colombia: US$266 Million World Bank Loan Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: More On Economic Policy Revisions Barbara Khol
19 World Bank Approves US$29 Million Loan For Paraguay Barbara Khol
11 Update On Haitian Crisis, February 24 - March 9 Erika Harding
10 Guyana: I.i.c. Approves Loan & Investment In Furniture Company Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: Oil Exploration Investment Set At Nearly US$2 Billion For 1992-1997 Barbara Khol
25 Spanish Municipalities Provide Aid To Cuba Erika Harding
11 Colombia: Puerto Colombia Residents Riot To Protest Lack Of Public Services Erika Harding
19 Argentine Government Sells 30% Stake In Telecom On Domestic & Foreign Stock Markets Barbara Khol
11 On Colombian Heroin Traffic Erika Harding
25 Argentina: Car Bomb Destroys Israeli Embassy, Kills 26 Erika Harding
10 Argentina: February Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
10 Colombia: Natural Gas Distribution Shutdown Caused By Rebel Sabotage Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: President Fires Environment Secretary Barbara Khol
17 Mercosur Nations Draft Agreement On Steel Products Trade Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: New Map Of Amazon Region Erika Harding
17 Ecuador: Foreign Commercial Bank Debt Restructuring Not Expected Before End Of President Borja's Term Barbara Khol
31 Venezuela: Petroleum & Natural Gas Reserves Barbara Khol
11 Argentina-u.s. Military Hardware Agreement Erika Harding
25 Cuba: Seven Major Causes Of Mortality Erika Harding
19 Chile: Inter-american Development Bank Loan To Support Small Business Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Constitution Translated Into 12 Indigenous Languages Erika Harding
17 Inter-american Investment Corporation Annual Report Barbara Khol
12 Colombia: Electricity Rationing Increased Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: US$167 Million World Bank Loan For Environmental Conservation Program In Rondonia State Barbara Khol
24 Venezuelan President Blames Ruling Party For Failure Of Economic Adjustment Program Barbara Khol
03 Paraguay: US$30 Million Loan Installment From Japan Barbara Khol
17 F.a.o. Report On Malnutrition & Poor Sanitation Standards In Latin America Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Constitutional Reform Debate Begins In April Erika Harding
10 Chile: Transportation Ministry Studies Purchase Of Russian-made Trucks & Buses Barbara Khol
10 Venezuelan President Announces Economic Policy Changes In Response To Political Crisis Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: 3.45% Consumer Price Inflation In February Barbara Khol
11 Chile To Receive Military Aircraft From U.S. Erika Harding
19 Belize Profile: Basic Data, Macroeconomic Statistics & Indicators, Foreign Investment Regulations & Incentives Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: On Murder Of Street Children Erika Harding
24 Long-term Economic Stability In Latin America Depends On Alleviation Of Poverty, Reduction Of Inequalities Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: On Shift In Government Agricultural Policy Barbara Khol
11 Dominican Republic: High Incidence Of Tuberculosis Erika Harding
11 Report On New Priorities For Cuban Army Erika Harding
24 Argentina: Telecom Shares Sell For Nearly 200% Of Minimum Price Barbara Khol
11 Bermuda: Report On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
05 Colombia: 6.96% Consumer Price Inflation, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: 2.7% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Paris Club Rescheduling Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Minimum Wage Barbara Khol
25 Bolivia: Malnutrition & Maternal Death Rate Erika Harding
10 Chile: 1991 National Savings Rate Barbara Khol
12 Chile: 1991 Economic & Social Welfare Indicators Barbara Khol
25 Colombia: Chronology Of Political Violence & Related Events, February 23 - March 23 Erika Harding
24 Brazil: February Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
25 Colombian Support For Reintegration Of Panama In Rio Group Erika Harding
05 U.S. Lifts Embargo Against Ecuadoran Tuna Imports Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Revenue From New Business Tax Channeled To Social Welfare Programs For Greater Buenos Aires Residents Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Fertilizer Plant & Steelworks To Be Privatized In June & July 1992 Barbara Khol
12 Guyana: Political Opposition Party Promises Review Of Privatization Deals With Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Copper Company Profits Down In 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Peru: I.d.b. Loans In 1992 Total US$870 Million Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: New Initiative To Reduce Public Sector Work Force Barbara Khol
10 13 Latin American & Caribbean Governments' I.m.f. Adjustment Program Agreements (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: Human Rights Organizations Request Access To Government Secret Files Compiled During "dirty War" Erika Harding
19 Peru: Government Loses US$2.5 Billion Per Year By Delaying Privatization Process Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Summary Of Recent Political Violence & Related Events Erika Harding
05 Perspectives On Latin American Governments' Economic Restructuring Policies Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: On Privatization Of Buenos Aires Public Utilities Company & Thermal Power Plant Barbara Khol
03 Peru: 4.7% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
11 Cuba-u.s. Relations: Summary Of Events, Commentary Erika Harding
19 Colombia: Bogota Telephone Company To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Constitutional Tribunal Rejects New Law On Government Funding For Election Campaigns Erika Harding
10 Commentary On Impact Of World Bank Loans & U.S.a.i.d. Programs In Colombia (s/s) Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Foreign Debt, Third Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
17 President Says Peruvian Economic Conditions Resemble Post-war Reconstruction Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: US$100 Million World Bank To Restructure Industrial Development Institute (ifi) Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Trading In State-run Aircraft Company (embraer) Stock Resumed Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: On Effects Of Shortages, Economic Crime Wave Erika Harding
24 Japanese Aid For Peru Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Update On A.i.d.s. Numbers Erika Harding
31 Uruguayan Government Proposes More Economic Austerity Aimed At Resumption Of I.m.f. Loan Disbursement Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Independent Estimate Of February Inflation Barbara Khol
25 Communist Party Leader Says Support For Government Essential Erika Harding
17 F.a.o. Global Sugar Output & Consumption Projections For 1991/92 Cycle Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Japanese Government Donates US$27 Million For Port Construction Barbara Khol
05 Peru: February Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
31 Latin American Banana Exporter Nations Request Elimination Of Non-tariff Barriers On E.c. Imports In 1993 Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Fuel Price Hike; Inflation Figures Barbara Khol
10 E.e.c. To Include Bananas On Product List Subject To Tariffs In 1993 Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Public Sector Employees Protest Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
25 Paraguay: Update On Constituent Assembly Deliberations Erika Harding
25 Peru: International Journalists Federation Opens Human Rights Defense Office Erika Harding
11 21 Latin American & Caribbean Nations: 1990 Population, Life Expectancy, 1980-1990 Average Annual Birth Rate (s/s) Erika Harding
17 Brazil: 1991 Gdp Growth Rate Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Advanced Industrialized Nation Funding To Protect Amazon Reduced Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: US$250 Million World Bank Loan Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Congress To Debate Constitutional Amendments Erika Harding
12 Jamaica: Sugar Workers' Strike Ends Barbara Khol
19 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves Investment & Loan For Bolivian Company Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Government To Reduce Spending By 15%; Privatization Plans Expanded Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Unesco Contribution To Secondary Education Erika Harding
11 Summary Of Events & Debate Over Cuba's Human Rights Record Erika Harding
03 Colombia: Electricity Rationing Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Policy On Government Debtors Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Report On Inefficiency In Public & Private Sectors Barbara Khol
11 Regional Drug Summit In San Antonio, Texas: Summary Of Developments Erika Harding
31 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves Total US$454.7 Million In Loans For Member-nations Barbara Khol
11 Cholera Update By Region & Country Erika Harding
19 Chile's Largest Cellulose Producer To Increase Exports Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Corporate Profits Up 2.2% In 1991 Barbara Khol
25 Bolivia: Government Denies Connections Between "save The Children" & Guerrilla Organization Erika Harding
11 Peru: Chronology Of Political Violence, February 11 - March 8 Erika Harding
05 Ecuador: US$15 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Reforestation In Three Departments Barbara Khol
31 Venezuela: 1991 Foreign Currency Reserves, Oil Product Export Revenue Barbara Khol
12 Chile: US$1.5 Billion Investment In Hydroelectric & Aluminum Processing Plants Barbara Khol
25 Paraguay: President Supports Death Penalty In Cases Of Child Sexual Abuse & Murder Erika Harding
31 Uruguay: Private Business Executives Oppose Tariff Reduction Policy Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Bid Winner For Santa Cruz Ii Oil Exploration & Production Concession Barbara Khol
25 Colombia: Municipal Election Results Erika Harding
24 Chile: Statistics On Poverty Barbara Khol
31 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Budget To Be Reduced By US$1.077 Billion Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Spanish Iberia Airline Submits Bid For Acquisition Of Controlling Stock In State-run Air Carrier Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Exports To Middle East Up 14% In January Barbara Khol
19 Brazilian Government Makes US$255.8 Million Interest Payment To Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: February Inflation Barbara Khol
31 Latin American Integration Association (aladi) Reports On Private Investment In 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Government Plans To Extend Amazonian Highway Despite Negative Environmental Impact Barbara Khol
24 Russian Technicians Leave Cuba Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: US$8 Billion In Interest Arrears Payments To Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors In 1992 Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Demonstrators In Santiago Protest Continued Poverty & Police Impunity Erika Harding
17 Chile: Report On 1991/92 Cycle Fruit Exports Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: 1991 Drug Money Laundering Estimate Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Dispute On Rights To Casanare Oil Fields Barbara Khol
17 Bolivia: Update On Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
25 Guyana Reestablishes Diplomatic Relations With Israel Erika Harding
25 Bolivia: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
26 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Industrial Sector Employment Cutbacks Barbara Khol
05 Chile: Government Settles Land Dispute Involving Pehuenches Tribe With US$6.15 Million Payment Barbara Khol
25 Cuba: Report On Incarcerated Political Dissidents Erika Harding
26 Argentina: Update On Debt Refinancing & Reduction Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
19 Colombian Coffee Producers Establish Export Ceiling Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Manufacturing Output In January Barbara Khol
19 Argentine Government & Iberia Airlines Settle Differences Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia: Workers, Students & Teachers Protest Wage Levels, 1992 Budget Appropriations Barbara Khol
11 Argentine President Accused Of Accepting Campaign Contributions From Qaddafi & Noriega Erika Harding
03 Argentina-britain Talks On Joint Oil Exploration & Production In Malvinas (falklands) Islands Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Bid Winner In Privatization Of Buenos Aires Power Plants Barbara Khol
05 Bolivia: 1.06% Currency Devaluation, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Purchasing Power Of Jamaican Dollar At 23-year Low Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: US$800 Million In Damages To Oil Facilities Caused By Rebel Sabotage Since 1986 Barbara Khol
24 Feasibility Studies For Three Aluminum Production Ventures In Southern Chile Barbara Khol
25 Update: Venezuela-colombia Dispute Over Gulf Of Venezuela Territorial Claims Erika Harding
25 Chile: Mobilizations To Demand Release Of Remaining Political Prisoners Erika Harding
17 Argentina: New Tax On Video Sales & Rentals Barbara Khol
03 Caribbean Cocoa Producers Plan Cooperative Effort Barbara Khol
25 Haiti: Update On Political Crisis, March 9 - 23 Erika Harding
05 Chile: Two-thirds Of Top 100 Private Corporations Record Higher Profits In 1991 Barbara Khol
05 On "mixed Enterprises" In Cuba Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Expansion Of Forestation & Reforestation Barbara Khol
03 Companies In Argentina & Peru Accused Of Pollution By International Water Tribunal Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: On 1992 Budget Deficit Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Japan To Offer US$100 Million In Aid Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Copper Production, 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Bolivian Government Requests US$60 Million Concessionary Loan From I.d.b. For Low-income Housing Program Barbara Khol
05 Greenpeace Criticizes U.S. Attitudes Regarding Latin American Government Funding Proposals On Environment & Development Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Altos Hornos Zapla Steelworks Privatized Barbara Khol
05 Banana Prices Down In U.S., Europe Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: President Opts To Continue Monthly Gasoline Price Hikes Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Projected Balance Of Payments Surplus, 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Tax Package Announced In Late February Modified Barbara Khol
03 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Bankruptcies At 32-year Record Level Barbara Khol
25 Update On Cuba-u.s. Relations Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Sao Paulo State Government To Purchase Imported Vehicles Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Industrial Sector Wages Down 2% In February Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay: 25% Of Young Urban Residents Want To Emigrate Erika Harding
05 Peruvian Government's New Tax Policy Measures: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Privatization Of 15 State-run Enterprises Scheduled To Begin Within 60 Days Barbara Khol
12 Latin America & Caribbean Exports & Imports, First Three Quarters Of 1990 & 1991 Compared Barbara Khol
05 Chile: Consumer Price Index Down 0.6% In February Barbara Khol
25 Peru: More On U.S. National Accused Of Child Trafficking Erika Harding
10 Paraguay: On February Inflation Barbara Khol
31 1991 Profitability Of Region's Major Stock Exchanges Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: US$191 Million Dues Arrears Owed Multilateral Organizations Barbara Khol
17 Bolivia: US$2.5 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Financial System Coordination Barbara Khol
17 Caribbean & Central American Banana Exporter Meeting In San Jose Barbara Khol
10 From U.N. Economic Commission On Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Preliminary Annual Report On 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Cabinet Reshuffles After Coup Attempt Erika Harding
11 Criticism Of U.S.-sponsored "war On Drugs" Erika Harding
11 Southern Cone Governments Prepare Joint Strategy For Global Conference On Environment & Development Erika Harding
19 Jamaica: 1991 Inflation Barbara Khol
03 Cuban Government Requests 100% Increase In Milk & Wheat Imports From France Barbara Khol
17 Colombia: Defense Ministry Budget Increase Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Steel Output, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Aftermath Of Attempted Coup, February 25 - March 10 Erika Harding
24 Update On Argentina-bolivia Natural Gas Purchase Agreement Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: U.S. Department Of Agriculture Approves Purchase Of 400,000 Tons Of Subsdized Wheat Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Foreign Investment, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Update On Foreign Debt Restructuring Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Castro Announces End Of Foreign Military Involvement Erika Harding
03 Latin American Auto Sales, 1991 Barbara Khol
10 US$247 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Peru Barbara Khol
31 Chile: Forestry Product Exports, January-february 1992 Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Crawling Peg System Barbara Khol
05 Chile: Swiss Company To Invest US$130 Million In New Cellulose Processing Plant Barbara Khol
26 Peru: 1991 Clothing Exports Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: 1990 & 1991 Foreign Debt Service Barbara Khol
03 Paraguay: 1.8% Consumer Price Inflation In February Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Government Suspends Privatization Of Shipping Company Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Murder Of Street Children Erika Harding
12 Colombia: National Congress To Debate Higher Taxes Barbara Khol
05 Andean Pact Council Investigates Trade War Between Peruvian & Colombian Plastics Manufacturers Barbara Khol
12 Belize To Join Latin American Economic System (sela) Barbara Khol
03 Gross Fixed Investment-gdp Ratio For Latin America, 1980 & 1989 Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Conflict Over Wages & Salaries Continues Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Desertification In Northeastern Region Erika Harding
10 Brazil: On Agricultural Product Share Of Exports Barbara Khol
24 Ecuador: US$80 Million Credit Line For Import Of U.S. Agricultural Products Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, 1st Week In March Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: 1991-1992 Cereal Grain Output Estimate Barbara Khol
24 23 Latin American & Caribbean Nations: 1989 & 1990 Gdp, Per Capita Gdp (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Selected 1991 Macroeconomic Indicators Barbara Khol
25 Barbados: Number Of H.i.v. Carriers Erika Harding
12 Venezuela: Government To Save US$1 Billion In 1992 Through Privatization Of State-run Companies Barbara Khol
24 Trinidad & Tobago: State-run Oil Company Management Evaluates Oil Trade With Cuba Barbara Khol
10 Peru: On Banks To Be Liquidated Barbara Khol
31 Statistics On Poverty In Venezuela Barbara Khol
26 Chile-u.s. Accord Creates Special Environmental Conservation Fund Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Foreign Aid & Concessionary Loans, 1990-1991 Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Government Closes Two Financial Institutions Barbara Khol
25 Venezuela: Update On Coup Aftermath & Political Crisis, March 11 - 23 Erika Harding
11 Cuba: Soviet Troop Withdrawal Erika Harding
11 U.S.-venezuela Anti-narcotics Agreement Erika Harding
24 Chile: US$12 Million I.d.b. Loan For Small Business Development Barbara Khol
17 Latin America Expected To Continue As Net Capital Exporter In 1990s Barbara Khol
24 Cuba: Cigarettes Return To Government Store Shelves Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Railway Company To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
19 U.S. & Japanese Governments Approve US$96 Million In Credit Guarantees For Refurbishing Chilean Steel Plant Barbara Khol
19 Bolivia: Labor Confederation Announces Plans To Resume Mass Demonstrations Barbara Khol
26 Peru: On Financing Of Forestation Program Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: Trade With Mercosur Partners, January-february 1991 & 1992 Barbara Khol
25 Cholera: Summary Of Developments By Country Erika Harding
17 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$8 Million Loan For Colombian Financial Intermediary Barbara Khol
25 Colombian Peace Negotiations: Chronology Of Events & Statements, February 25 - March 23 Erika Harding
31 Peru: US$300 Million World Bank Loan For Structural Adjustment Program Barbara Khol
03 Chile: 1992 Construction Industry Projection Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Beef Exports, January & February 1992 Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: No Change In Crude Output Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Trade With Japan & U.S. Barbara Khol
25 Peruvian Government Recognizes Croatia & Slovenia Erika Harding