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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 Chile: A.i.d.s. Count Erika Harding
13 Review Of U.S. Tuna Embargo Barbara Khol
11 Report On German Carmakers' Performance In Latin America Barbara Khol
25 Cuba-u.n.d.p. Accords On Financing Biotechnology Projects Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
11 Argentine Government Suspends Condor Ii Missile Production Barbara Khol
18 Cuba: 70,000 Government Administrative Posts Eliminated Barbara Khol
18 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Calls For Focus On Income Equality, Living Conditions Barbara Khol
25 Cuban Government Promotes Joint Ventures With Foreign Companies In Informatics Industry Barbara Khol
25 Venezuela: On Direct Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
20 Highlights Of U.N. Economic & Social Council Report On Global Economic Performance In 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: "economic Crime" Escalates Barbara Khol
20 Dutch Government Writes Off US$14.3 Million Debt Owed By Jamaica Barbara Khol
11 Caribbean Nations Slow To Adopt Economic Integration Barbara Khol
20 Colombia-venezuela Finalize Automobile Rules Of Origin Under Free Trade Arrangement Barbara Khol
18 Update On Chilean Fruit Exporters' Suit Against U.S. Government Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Politicians & Trade Unions Demand Changes In Government Economic Policy Barbara Khol
12 U.S. Legislators Introduce Bill To Strengthen Economic Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
06 Argentina: On Decline Of Labor Union Influence Barbara Khol
03 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$3.75 Million Loan For Venezuelan Company Barbara Khol
03 Cuba To Obtain Revenue From Activation Of Telephone Cable Linking Island To U.S. Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Government Acts To Reduce Inflationary Impact Of "narco-dollar" Influx Barbara Khol
13 Contributors To I.d.b.-administered Multilateral Investment Fund (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Southern Separatists To Claim Independence Erika Harding
11 Uruguayan Economy & Finance Minister Replaced Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Impact Of Spiralling Inflation On Middle Class Barbara Khol
18 Uruguay: January Export Performance Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Sterilization Common Method Of Birth Control Erika Harding
25 Brazil: Proven Oil Reserves At 3.03 Billion Barrels Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Privatization Of State-run Shipping Line Barbara Khol
18 South American Nations: Projected Contractual Obligations On Outstanding Long-term Debt, 1991 & 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: 1991 Manufacturing Sector Employment Down 10.2% Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Government Debt Reduction In 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Argentina-costa Rica Anti-drug Pact Erika Harding
26 Results Of Study On Characteristics Of Chilean Family Erika Harding
20 Guyana: Strikers Accuse Dutch Company Of Union Busting Barbara Khol
06 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$69.3 Million Loan Package For Ecuador Barbara Khol
26 Peru: 1,300 National Police Officers Cashiered In 1991 Erika Harding
25 Ecuador-colombia Power Grid Linkage Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: Japan Promises Loan After Debt Restructuring Barbara Khol
12 Reactions To Execution Of Diaz Betancourt Ordered By Cuban Government Erika Harding
26 Summary Of Developments Related To Brazil's Nuclear Weapon Manufacture Potential Erika Harding
13 Eight Latin American Nations Establish Amazon Environmental Protection Pact Barbara Khol
25 Cuba Receives US$25,000 In Disaster Relief From U.N. Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: On Impact Of Grain Harvest Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Approves Average 62% Wage Hike Barbara Khol
26 Belize, Saint Vincent & Grenadines New Signatories To Tlatelolco Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Erika Harding
26 Uruguay: A.i.d.s. Count Erika Harding
26 Colombia: Poppy Eradication Efforts Erika Harding
26 Dominican Republic: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
20 Questions On Impact Of Market-led & Export-oriented Development Models Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay: On Privatization Of State-run Banco La Caja Obrera (bco) Barbara Khol
20 Bolivia: World Bank Affiliate Suspends Disbursement Of US$35 Million Loan For Mining Sector Development Barbara Khol
25 Ecuador: US$20 Million Loan From Andean Development Corporation Barbara Khol
20 Bolivia: Strikers In Major Cities Demand Budget Hikes For Department Governments Barbara Khol
03 Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1991 Unemployment In Construction Industry Barbara Khol
25 Colombia: Pay Hike For Public Employees Barbara Khol
18 Construction Of US$1 Billion Port Facility On Gulf Of Venezuela To Commence In November Barbara Khol
12 Update On Resolution Of Peru-ecuador Border Conflict Erika Harding
20 64% Tax Evasion In Venezuela Barbara Khol
18 Eighth U.N. Conference On Trade & Development (unctad): Summary Of Statements & Developments Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Malaria & German Measles Decimating Amazon Tribes Erika Harding
25 Cuba-china Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: US$300 Million Loan For Agricultural Sector Development Barbara Khol
03 U.S. Tuna Import Embargo Against Seven Latin American Nations Barbara Khol
11 Cuban Government Considers Price Hikes On Basic Foodstuffs For First Time In 30 Years Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Honda Motorcycle Plant To Be Installed In Rosario Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Britain To Finance Tropical Forest Protection Plan Erika Harding
20 Uruguay: 1991 Fiscal Deficit Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
26 Norway To Denounce Murder Of Peruvian Journalists Erika Harding
25 Chile: Copper Miners Threaten Strike Barbara Khol
06 Colombia-venezuela Formalize Bilateral & Third-party Customs Arrangements Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Privatization Of 38 State-run Companies Barbara Khol
27 Anti-drug Summit In San Antonio, Texas Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Multinationals Join Coca Eradication Campaign Erika Harding
13 Chile: 49% Stake In State-run Railway Cargo Transport To Be Transferred To Private Sector In 1993 Barbara Khol
18 Cuban Government Raises Prices On 25 Vegetables Barbara Khol
26 Peru: On Congressional Pension System Erika Harding
11 Chile: Telephone Company Profits In 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Environment Secretary Blasts World Bank Economist For Proposing Third World As Preferred Site For Polluters Barbara Khol
25 Uruguayan Government Negotiating Loan With German Development Bank Barbara Khol
26 Cuba-u.s. Relations: Developments, Opinion & Reaction Erika Harding
06 Colombia: 3.49% Inflation In January Barbara Khol
26 Peru: World Health Organization Contributes To Research On Medicinal Properties Of Coca Erika Harding
26 Brazil: On A.i.d.s. Count & Related Developments Erika Harding
25 Brazil: Debt Restructuring Proposal To Paris Club Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Privatization Of State-run Zapla Steelworks Complex Barbara Khol
25 Latin American Economic System (sela) Sets New Priorities Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
26 Bolivia: Coca Nursery Destroyed Erika Harding
18 Brazil: Mercedes-benz Subsidiary 1992 Export Target Barbara Khol
20 Chile: Copper Exports In 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Chilean Trade With Latin American Integration Association (aladi) Member-nations Barbara Khol
26 Peru: D.e.a. Accused Of Using "spike" Herbicide Erika Harding
12 Cholera Update By Country Erika Harding
12 From Port-au-price To Caracas Erika Harding
18 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Metal Industry Workers End Strike Barbara Khol
26 Eight-nation Summit On Amazon: Summary Of Developments Erika Harding
25 Cuba: Basque Consortium Investment & Export Contract Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: 3,200 Kg. Of Cocaine Seized Erika Harding
06 Ecuadoran Government Objects To U.S. Tuna Embargo Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: January Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Senate Approves Government Financing Of Municipal Election Campaigns Erika Harding
20 Brazil: Update On Privatization Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: New Incentives For Exporters & Importers Barbara Khol
03 Barbados: 1992 Economic Forecasts Barbara Khol
26 Aftermath Of Failed Coup In Venezuela: Summary Of Events, February 11 - 24 Erika Harding
26 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: On Cocaine Consumption Erika Harding
26 Venezuela: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
26 Deforestation In Paraguay Erika Harding
26 Andean Commission Of Jurists Condemns Forced Disappearances In Colombia & Peru Erika Harding
11 Brazil: Automaker Price Hikes Barbara Khol
03 Chilean Share Of Global Copper Market By 2000 Barbara Khol
25 European Community, African & Caribbean Pacific States (acp) Politicians Meet In Santo Domingo Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: 1991 Performance Of French Subsidiary Rhodia Barbara Khol
03 Unicef Brief On Spending For Military, Debt Service, Health & Education Spending In Third World Nations Barbara Khol
25 Peru: U.S.-based Advantage Resources Internacional Finalizes Contract For Oil Exploration In Amazon Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: January 1992 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Potassium Processing Company Liquidated Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia: U.S. Company Fmc-lithco To Formalize 40-year Contract For Exploitation Of World's Largest Lithium Deposit Barbara Khol
20 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Industrial Work Force Cut By 1.58% In January Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Sampling Of 1990 Census Results; Population Growth Rate Declines To 1.89% In 1980s Erika Harding
25 Inflation, 14 Latin American Nations, 1990, 1991, January 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Cuba: On 1992 Sugar Harvest Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Military Protests "insufficient" Budget Erika Harding
12 Latin America & Caribbean: Percentage Of Population 60 Years Of Age & Older Erika Harding
26 Jamaica: Breastfeeding Incidence Declines Erika Harding
11 Update On Chilean Fruit Exporters' Suit Against U.S. Government Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Impact Of Recession On Manaus Free Port Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Agreements To Prevent Double Taxation Of Foreign Investors Barbara Khol
26 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Malnutrition Principal Cause Of Infant Mortality Erika Harding
03 Brazil: More Political Than Practical Benefits From Mercosur Barbara Khol
26 Guyana: Aerial Crop Spraying Hazardous Erika Harding
11 Paraguay: Debt Restructuring Talks Scheduled Following Government Privatization Pledge Barbara Khol
13 Chile: New Oil Find In Tierra Del Fuego Barbara Khol
26 Update On Cholera Epidemic By Country Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Nestle Reports Blackmail Attempt Barbara Khol
12 Haiti: Chronology Of Events & Statements, January 19 - February 11 Erika Harding
25 Cuba: Trains Substitute Buses Barbara Khol
26 Trafficking Of Bolivian "slaves" Discovered In Argentina Erika Harding
06 Andean Pact Member-nations Reach Agreement On Common External Tariff System Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Justice Ministry Approves Privatization Of Prison System Services Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Cooperation Agreement With Russian Medical Research Institute Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Dissolution Of People's Party Erika Harding
11 Paraguay: Economic & Trade Cooperation Agreement With E.e.c. Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Update On Weapons Shipment To Croatia Erika Harding
03 Venezuela: January Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Fungus Destroying Coca Crops Erika Harding
25 Peru: Drought Caused By "el Nino" Leads To Water & Electricity Shortages, Crop Losses Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: Preparations For General Elections In May Erika Harding
20 Spanish Government Approves Loans For Argentina & Chile Barbara Khol
13 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Metal Industry Workers Strike For Employment Stability Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Cost Of Fiscal Incentives Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Government To Sell 30% Stake In Telecom Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: US$139 Million In U.S. Aid For Anti-drug Effort Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Chiriguano-guarani Tribe Begins Native-language Literacy Campaign Erika Harding
06 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Retail Sales Down 13.57% In December Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Discovery Of Natural Gas Deposit In Upper Magdalena Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Construction Of Angra Ii Reactor To Be Resumed Barbara Khol
26 Andean-u.s. Conference On Drugs Erika Harding
06 Brazil: More On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
12 Exile Cuban Christian Democrat Party Announces Plan To Hold Congress In Cuba Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Government Announces Plans To Reduce National Coffee Fund Deficit Barbara Khol
26 Peruvian President Says Incidence Of Human Rights Abuses Down In 1991 Erika Harding
03 Dutch Government Pardons US$86.68 Million In Debt Owed By Latin American Governments Barbara Khol
11 Chile: January Inflation, 4th Quarter 1991 Unemployment Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Summary Of Attempted Coup & Related Events Erika Harding
03 Guyana: Rice Production Trends Barbara Khol
13 Latin American & Caribbean Oil Companies Plan US$77.5 Billion Investment In 1992-1996 Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: On Spread Of Disease In Hospitals Erika Harding
27 On Political Risk Of Market-oriented Economic Reforms Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Border With Guyana & Venezuela Major Drug Transit Route Erika Harding
11 Chile: Copper Output Projections Barbara Khol
18 Declining Living Conditions Accompany Implementation Of Requirements To Qualify For Brady Debt Reduction Plan Barbara Khol
06 Peru: US$300 Million World Bank Loan Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Chronology Of Peace Talks & Related Developments, January 20 - February 21 Erika Harding
26 Argentina: Government Creates Domestic Security Council Erika Harding
27 Venezuela: Crude Oil Exchange Via Cuba Terminated In November Barbara Khol
11 On Multilateral Investment Fund Linked To Hemispheric Free Trade Initiative Barbara Khol
06 Andean Pact Intra-regional Trade, 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: More On Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
20 Peru: Comment On Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: 1991 Steel Output Barbara Khol
27 Update: Eighth U.N. Conference On Trade & Development (unctad) Barbara Khol
13 On Japanese Trade With Latin America Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Police Responsible For 1990 Massacre Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: Korean Shipbuilder Bid Winner For Construction Of Eight Oil Tankers Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Summary Of Political Violence, January 21 - February 22 Erika Harding
18 US$470 Million In U.S. Anti-drug Aid To Andean Nations Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: On Impact Of O.p.e.c. Decision To Reduce Oil Supply Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Economy Minister Addresses Poverty Alleviation Program, Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Bradesco Financial Conglomerate 1991 Profits Barbara Khol
25 Argentine Debt Owed Italian Government Restructured Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay: Import Spending Declines In January Barbara Khol
06 Petroperu Finalizes Oil Exploration Contract With U.S. Consortium Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Impact Of Electricity Shortage Barbara Khol
13 Chilean Fish Product Exports To U.S. Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: Colombia: Oil Field Discovery Barbara Khol
03 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$3.4 Million Loan For Uruguayan Company Barbara Khol
11 Paraguay: Merchant Marine & Shipbuilding Industry School Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: US$66.91 Million In Development Aid From Spain Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Preparation For General Elections In May Erika Harding
06 Argentina: Debt Reduction Talks With Commercial Bank Creditors Begin Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Central Bank Report On Foreign Debt, Foreign Reserves & January Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
26 Cuban Beneficiary Status Under Lome Convention Rejected Erika Harding
26 Ecuadoran Military Rejects Peruvian Weapons Reduction Proposal Erika Harding
26 Chile: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
26 Bolivia: Universities Demand Budget Increase Erika Harding
18 Venezuela: Notes On 1992 Direct Foreign Investment Projection, Public Services Investment Program, Per Capita Income Decline Barbara Khol
12 Argentina Suspends Negotiations With Iran On Export Of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Erika Harding
20 International Monetary Fund Approves US$64.95 Million In Stand-by Loan And Contingency Financing For Barbados Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Petrobras Performance In 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: Air Force Chief Forced Into Retirement Erika Harding
26 Cuba: More On Government Crackdown On Dissidents, Use Of Death Penalty Erika Harding
26 On Venezuelan Prison Population Erika Harding
26 Chile: Newspaper Publishes Photographs Of Former Secret Police Agents Erika Harding
26 Colombia: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
25 Latin America's Only Heavy Water Plant Under Construction In Argentina Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: U.N. Program To Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rate Erika Harding
26 Peru: President's Anti-drug Adviser Resigns Erika Harding
11 Colombia-canada Agreement To Provide Oil Industry Equipment Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: 1991 Tin Production Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: New Record At Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Rate Of Deforestation Decreasing Erika Harding
25 Uruguay: US$18.31 Million Loan From Spanish Government Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia: State-run Oil Company To Invest US$170 Million In 1992 Barbara Khol
12 U.S. State Department Reports Cuban Police Open Fire Against Cubans Attempting To Escape Via Guantanamo Base Erika Harding
27 Chile: January Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: 1991 Coffee Exports Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: U.S. Officials Inspect Condor Ii Missile Factory Erika Harding
12 Brazil: Communist Party Name Change, Split Erika Harding
26 Chile: 1991 Housing Construction At Record Level Erika Harding
18 I.m.f. Agreements With Latin American Governments, January - November 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Paraguay: 3.1% Inflation In January Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Sampling Of Reactions To Attempted Coup Erika Harding
03 Argentina: On Privatization Of Nation's Largest Water Utilities Company Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: 1991 Shrimp Exports Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: A.i.d.s. Count Erika Harding
27 Consumer Price Inflation, 16 Latin American Nations, 1991, 1990, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: U.S. State Department Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
26 Colombia-venezuela: On Dispute Over Claims To Gulf Of Venezuela Erika Harding
26 Uruguay-u.k. Anti-drug Accord Erika Harding
06 Argentina: 3% Inflation In January Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: On Targets Specified In US$2.1 Billion Stand-by Loan Agreement With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: Change In Agricultural Land Tenure & Credit Policies Barbara Khol
26 On Child Trafficking In Peru Erika Harding
18 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Statistics On Latin American Cereal Grain Production Barbara Khol
12 Venezuelan Democracy Crumbling Even Before Coup Attempt Erika Harding
25 Update On Venezuelan Government's Challenge Of U.S. Tuna Embargo Barbara Khol
25 Bolivia: Natural Gas Sales To Argentina Down US$147 Million Per Year Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Update On Conflict Between President & Congress Erika Harding
26 Haiti: Chronology Of Events & Statements, February 10 - 24 Erika Harding
25 Peruvian Court Bans Colombian Plastics Imports Barbara Khol
11 Argentine Economy Minister On Oil Production, Privatization Of State-run Company Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: New Political Party Erika Harding
03 Brazil: January Wholesale Price Inflation Barbara Khol
11 Havana Rejects Proposal By At&t To Improve Telecommunications Between U.S. & Cuba Barbara Khol
26 Peru: U.S. Reporter Murdered In 1989 Discovered Drug Lab Erika Harding
26 Cuba: Update On Murder Of Three Soldiers Erika Harding
03 Report On Unemployment In Sao Paulo, Brazil Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Minors Forced Into Prostitution Erika Harding
11 Peru: Limits On Anchovy & Sardine Fishing Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Government Begins Demarcation Of Yanomami Reserve Erika Harding
11 Pro-cuba Organization Announces First Shipment Of Mexican Oil Products Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Update On Student Protest Movement Erika Harding
18 Cuba: New Sugar-oil Deal With Russia Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: Despite Coup Attempt, President Committed To Economic Liberalization Barbara Khol
25 Venezuela-caricom Trade & Investment Agreement Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Economy Minister On Debt Restructuring Talks With Paris Club & Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
06 Nature Conservancy To Spend Over US$60 Million On Environmental Protection In Peru Barbara Khol
20 Three Caribbean Nations: Projected Contractual Obligations On Outstanding Long-term Debt, 1991 & 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Reparations For Human Rights Abuse Victims Erika Harding
26 Colombia: 15 Million To Participate In March Elections Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Report On Gdp Growth, January-october 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Automotive Industry Performance, January 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Uruguay: Government Selects More Enterprises For Privatization Barbara Khol
26 Brazilian Government Accused Of Tolerating Violence To Maintain Debt Peonage System Erika Harding
03 Peru: January Inflation Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia: Labor Federation & Government Reach Agreement On Privatization Plans, Wages Barbara Khol
13 U.S. & Canadian Joint Venture To Market Cellular Phone Systems In Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
12 Bilateral Agreement Provides Bolivian Access To Sea Outlet Via Peru Erika Harding
26 Nearly 10,000 Colombians Arrested Abroad On Drug-related Charges In 1991 Erika Harding
11 Colombia: New Policies On Foreign Exchange Transactions To Reduce Currency Inflow Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Social Security Fraud Erika Harding
11 Colombia: US$2 Billion Investment In Cusiana Oil Fields Projected By Ecopetrol & Three Foreign Companies, 1992-1994 Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia Rejects Request To Route Gas Pipeline To Brazil Through Paraguayan Territory Barbara Khol
03 Chile: Strikes In 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Prison System Placed Under Military Control Erika Harding
26 Colombia: On Controversy Surrounding Presence Of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Erika Harding
03 Colombia: 1992 Economic Targets Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Chronology Of Recent Political Violence, January 8 - February 11 Erika Harding
26 Colombian Drug Traffickers Active In Venezuela Erika Harding