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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
21 Paraguay: Used Clothing Imports From U.S. & Europe Banned Barbara Khol
07 Chile: On Foreign Investment In 1991 Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: US$200 Million Bond Issue By State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Chronology Of Recent Violence: November 26 - January 5 Erika Harding
09 Canadian Oil Company To Commence New Exploration Operations In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
14 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$340 Million Loan For Bolivia Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Work Stoppage To Protest Fishing Rights Granted Korean & Japanese Fleets Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: President Collor De Mello's Popularity At All-time Low Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Minimum Wage Increase Barbara Khol
28 Cuba: Projected Oil Shipments From Russia In 1992 Barbara Khol
07 Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil: Construction Industry To Import Cement From Romania Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: Government Proposes Police Force Reorganization Erika Harding
09 Argentina: Tandanor Shipyard Transferred To Private Consortium Barbara Khol
07 I.m.f. Report On Latin American & Caribbean Nations' Foreign Currency & Gold Reserves (s/s) Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: More Energy Cutbacks Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Summary Of Recent Price Hikes Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: National Congress Rejects President's Proposals To Increase Revenue For Payment Of Retirement Benefit Hike Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Flight Capital Repatriation In 1991 Barbara Khol
22 Barbados: Reforestation Campaign Erika Harding
22 Cholera Update By Country & Region Erika Harding
22 Cuban Diplomat In U.S. Requests Political Asylum Erika Harding
08 Cubans Flee To U.S. In Tourism Helicopter Erika Harding
16 U.N. Economic & Social Council: Global Gdp & Income Decline In 1991 Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: French Glassmaker To Invest US$50 Million In 1992 Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Canadian Mining Company Begins Feasibility Studies At Bajo La Alumbrera Site Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: Victims Of Illegal Detention To Receive Indemnization Erika Harding
08 The Haitian Coup: Ominous Harbinger For New Latin American Left? Bill Robinson
23 Argentina: Update On Request For US$3 Billion I.m.f. Extended Facility, Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
22 Uruguay: Government Investigates Shooting Deaths Of Seals Erika Harding
30 Trinidad & Tobago: Shell To Invest Over US$9 Million In Lubricant Processing Plant Barbara Khol
09 Cuba: More Cutbacks To Save Electricity Barbara Khol
28 Bolivia: Paris Club Debt Restructuring Agreement Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Oil Output In 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Foreign Debt Totals For Latin America & Caribbean Region, Selected Countries, 1986, 1988, 1990, & 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
22 Commentary: On Escalating Tensions Between U.S. & Cuba Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Judge Rules American Airlines Liable For Outstanding Debts Of Bankrupt Pan Am Barbara Khol
14 Chilean Exports To Argentina, January-november 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: US$240 Million Installment Of I.m.f. Stand-by Loan Disbursed After Lengthy Negotiations Barbara Khol
08 On Poppy Cultivation In Colombia Erika Harding
08 Cuba: Religious Organizations Call For End Of U.S. Economic Blockade Erika Harding
07 Uruguay: 81.45% Consumer Price Inflation In 1991 Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Note On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
23 Venezuelan Treasury Minister Says 1992 Budget Deficit Estimated At Nearly US$3 Billion Barbara Khol
21 Regional Steel Output & Consumption, 1991 Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Population Growth Rate Declines In 1980s Erika Harding
16 Uruguay: Future Currency Reform Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Tariff On Auto Imports Reduced Barbara Khol
28 Colombia & Venezuela: Tariff Rates For Selected Imports From Trade Partners External To Andean Pact Barbara Khol
16 Cuba: 1992 Tourism Projection Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
08 Mercosur Member-nations To Integrate Education Programs Erika Harding
21 Uruguay: Trade Unions Protest Privatization, Wage Deregulation Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Government Announces Intent To Privatize State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
22 Rio De Janeiro State Legislature Approves Brazil's First Law Against Sexual Harassment Erika Harding
22 Celebrities & Politicians Request Free Elections In Cuba Erika Harding
16 Andean Development Corporation (caf) Approves US$1 Billion In Loans For Colombia Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Three Major Airlines Lose Millions In 1991 Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: On Foreign Debt Restructuring & Related Events Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Year-end Foreign Currency Reserves Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Two Largest State-run Utilities Companies To Be Privatized By Year-end Barbara Khol
28 Latin American Parliament To Request Review Of Foreign Debt Contracts By World Court Barbara Khol
21 Venezuelan Business Leader On Free Trade With Colombia, Common Market Arrangements Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Big Business Creates Environmental Protection Fund Erika Harding
08 Paraguay: Prison Sentences For Stroessner Administration Officials Charged With Misuse Of Public Funds Erika Harding
08 Guyana: State Of Emergency Extended Erika Harding
23 Argentina: Government Announces Closing Of Iron Mine In Rio Negro Province Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Non-governmental Data Bank On Indigenous Populations Erika Harding
21 Chile: Foreign Aid Since March 1990 Barbara Khol
08 Notes On Violence Against Women In Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina Erika Harding
22 Guyana: Pan-american Health Organization Funds A.i.d.s.-prevention Program Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Central Bank Resolution To Enhance Foreign Investor Interest In Acquiring Stock In Privatized Companies Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: Projected Inflation For January Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Reaction To Plans For Privatizing Petrobras Barbara Khol
08 Contraband Chilean Weapons Shipment Destined For Croatian Combatants In Yugoslavia: Summary Of Developments Erika Harding
08 Cause Of Huge Fish Kill In Uruguay River Unknown Erika Harding
21 Argentina: 1991 Fiscal Surplus Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Report On Human Rights Abuses Erika Harding
08 Colombia: Department Governors Take Office Erika Harding
22 Guyana: New Political Party Erika Harding
21 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$1.7 Million Loan To Support Privatization Of Bolivian State-run Companies Barbara Khol
14 Chile: US$25 Million In Revenue From Privatization Deals In 1991 Barbara Khol
30 Colombian & Brazilian Positions Expected At International Coffee Organization Meeting In Early February Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Presidential Decree Suspends Retirement Benefit Increase Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Severe Drought In Northeastern Region Erika Harding
23 Japan's 1991 Trade Surplus With Latin America Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Congress Rejects Minimum Wage Decree Barbara Khol
14 Brazil's Top Beverage Company Plans To Expand Exports To Mercosur Member-nations Barbara Khol
22 Peru: 1,200 Police Fired For Misconduct In 1991 Erika Harding
21 Bolivia: Miners Strike Continues Barbara Khol
14 Cuba: Government Purchases Spanish Consortium's Stake In Hotel Discotheque Barbara Khol
30 Chilean Fruit Exporters & Growers File US$200 Million Suit Against U.S. Government Barbara Khol
09 Brazilian Government Announces Agrarian Reform Plan Barbara Khol
21 Bogota, Colombia: Public Transport Fare Hike Barbara Khol
22 Paraguay: Stroessner Supporters To Establish Political Party Erika Harding
28 Cuba: Trade Agreement With North Korea Barbara Khol
08 Jamaica: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
22 Dominican Republic: A.i.d.s. Statistics Erika Harding
14 Chile: 1992 Wood Product Export Income Projected At US$1 Billion Barbara Khol
28 Cuban Exile Group Negotiates Sugar & Nickel Sales To Russia, Aimed At Undercutting Havana Barbara Khol
08 Colombian Customs Employees Convicted Of Money Laundering Erika Harding
23 Venezuela To Receive US$1.2 Billion In Trade Credit From Spain Barbara Khol
28 United Airlines To Service Former Pan Am Routes In Latin America Barbara Khol
16 Spanish Policy On Debt Write-off For Latin American Governments Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Residents Of Border Town Appropriate State-run Airline Plane To Protest Bank Closure Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Government Reinstates Student Transport Subsidy Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: Buenos Aires Among 15 Most Expensive Cities World-wide Barbara Khol
22 Jamaica: New Political Party Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: 1991 Agricultural Gdp Growth Rate Estimate Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: Pesticide Spill Contaminates Guadalupe River Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: 1991 Caracas Stock Exchange Closing Barbara Khol
07 Peruvian President: More Austerity In 1992 Barbara Khol
08 Conflict Between Peruvian Legislature & Executive: Summary Of Events, December 3 - January 4 Erika Harding
08 Bolivian Defense Minister: No "massive" Military Involvement In Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding
09 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$16 Million In Loans In Peruvian & Argentine Companies Barbara Khol
07 Uruguay: Textile Industry Performance, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: New Administrator Takes Over In Privatization Of Somisa Steelworks Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela & Colombia Establish Joint Tariff System For Trade Partners Outside Andean Pact Barbara Khol
07 Peru: On 1991 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
23 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$122.5 Million In Loans For Chile Barbara Khol
21 Jamaica: Exporters Say High Domestic Interest Rates Limit Growth Potential Barbara Khol
07 Bolivian State-run Mining Corporation Finalizes Joint Venture Contract With U.S. Company Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Anti-crime Proposals Erika Harding
07 Peru: Year-end 1991 Foreign Debt Totals Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$80 Million Loan Package For Agricultural Research & Development Barbara Khol
22 Haiti: Chronology Of Recent Events, January 7 - 20 Erika Harding
14 Brazil: State-run Aeronautics Company To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
16 Dominican Republic: Government Proposal For Restructuring Commercial Bank Foreign Debt & Debt Buy-back Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: Government Creates Environment Ministry Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: On Teenage Pregnancy Erika Harding
22 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Report On Domestic Violence Erika Harding
22 Chile: Congress To Debate Government Campaign Financing For Parties Based On Votes Obtained In Municipal Elections Erika Harding
22 Latin American Human Rights Association (aldhu) Requests Amnesty For Bolivian Political Prisoners Erika Harding
07 Peruvian Government To Make US$185 Million Payment To U.S. Firm Belco In Compensation For Expropriated Assets Barbara Khol
07 Electrification In Uruguay Barbara Khol
22 Chile: New Emission Controls For Santiago Metropolitan Area Erika Harding
22 Jamaica & Guyana Recognize Commonwealth Of Independent States Erika Harding
28 Uruguay: 1991 Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: US$800 Million Loan From Andean Development Corporation Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Report On School Completion, Illiteracy Erika Harding
08 Ecuador: Public Transport Workers Request Military Participation In Anti-crime Efforts Erika Harding
14 Guyana: US$52 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Flood Control & Road Construction Barbara Khol
08 Uruguayan Military Says Implementation Of Mercosur To Bring "loss Of Traditional Role" Erika Harding
22 Persecution Of Cuban Dissidents: Summary Of Recent Incidents Erika Harding
23 Ecuador: Debt Owed Paris Club Creditor Goverments Restructured Barbara Khol
22 Argentina & Chile Recognize Croatia & Slovenia Erika Harding
23 Argentine Economy Minister Reports On Menem Administration Accomplishments Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
21 US$1.35 Billion Investment Fund Managed By Inter-american Development Bank To Be Introduced In February Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Nationwide Electricity Shortage Caused By Drought Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: 1991 Automotives Sector Performance Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
22 Catholic Church Report On Slavery In Rural Brazil Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Inter-american Development Bank Approves Loans & Donations For Technical Assistance Programs Barbara Khol
23 Argentine Government Opens Bidding On 60% Stake In Power Companies Barbara Khol
30 Peru: Business Community Calls For Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
22 Cuban Exile U.S. Residents Arrested & Sentenced In Cuba: Summary Of Events Erika Harding
09 Peru: U.S. Firm Southern Copper Begins US$300 Million Five-year Investment Program Barbara Khol
16 Peru: Asparagus Export Growth Expected Barbara Khol
07 Report On 1991 Inter-american Development Bank Loans & Donations Barbara Khol
07 Chile: Projected Fruit Crop Losses Due To Heavy Rains In 1991/1992 Season Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: Note On Recent Drug Busts & Seizures Erika Harding
23 Uruguay: Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$60 Million Loan Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: On Privatization Of Greater Buenos Aires Potable Water & Sewer Services Company Barbara Khol
16 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Dividends From Citgo Barbara Khol
14 Chile: On Agricultural Sector Performance Barbara Khol
07 U.S. Federal Indictment Against Philadelphia-based Oil Company For Shipment To Cuba Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Congressional Committee To Investigate Disappearance Of 129 Political Prisoners Erika Harding
30 Venezuela: Public School Teachers Launch Nationwide Strike Barbara Khol
07 World Bank Approves US$98 Million In Loans For Chile Barbara Khol
14 On Contraband Of Venezuelan Motor Oil & Lubricants In Colombia Barbara Khol
08 Argentina & Brazil Sign Nuclear Control Agreement Erika Harding
07 Cuba: National Assembly Reiterates Disinterest In Market Economy Barbara Khol
08 Cuba: Legislature Approves Direct Congressional Elections Erika Harding
22 Brazil: Notes On Crime In Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro State Erika Harding
28 Argentine Government Requests Assistance From European Community To Attract East European Immigrants Barbara Khol
22 Guyana: On Population Decline Erika Harding
16 Barbados: Government Proposes Two-year Wage Freeze For Public & Private Sector Employees Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: On 1991 Economic Performance; Social Welfare Statistics Barbara Khol
08 7,000 Bolivians Economically Dependent On Drug Trade Erika Harding
22 Commentary: The Tragic History Of The Haitian Republic Erika Harding
07 Uruguay: Tariff On Automobile Imports Lifted Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: State-run Oil Company's 35% Stake In Fertilizer Plant Purchased By Domestic Firm I.a.p. Barbara Khol
08 Venezuelan National Guard Reports On 1991 Illegal Drug Seizures & Drug-related Arrests (s/s) Erika Harding
08 Argentine President Proposes International Mediation Of Malvinas Dispute With U.k. Erika Harding
16 Uruguay: Domestic Auto Sales Up In 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Congress To Debate Foreign Investment Incentives Barbara Khol
07 On Unicef Annual Report Barbara Khol
22 Buenos Aires, Argentina: On Human Rights Abuses By Police Officers Erika Harding
14 Inter-american Development Bank Loans To Peru Total US$1.1 Billion In 1992 Barbara Khol
16 Paraguay: On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
08 Chile: New Leftist Coalition Established Erika Harding
08 Haiti: Chronology Of Events, December 9 - January 7 Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Notes On Labor Conflict Barbara Khol
22 Unemployment Statistics For Bogota, Colombia Erika Harding
22 Brazil: 70 Million Victims Of Malnutrition Erika Harding
21 Ecuador: China Donates Sewing Machines Barbara Khol
14 Chile: 1991 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
14 Venezuelan Government Cuts Oil Production By 50,000 Bpd Barbara Khol
08 Violence Against Women In Colombia Erika Harding
14 Uruguay: Summary Of Recent Changes In Fiscal Policy Barbara Khol
09 State-run Airline Aeropostal To Be Privatized In April Barbara Khol
30 Barbados: Gdp Down 4% In 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: World Bank Suspends Disbursement Of Housing Construction Loan Barbara Khol
30 I.d.b. President Says Demands For Environmental Conservation & Legislation Cannot Be Ignored Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Gas Price Hike For Residential Customers Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Note On Infrastructure Investment Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
07 Ecuadoran Cacao Producers Plan Export Expansion Barbara Khol
23 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Layoffs During First Half Of January Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Oil & Natural Gas Reserves Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Auto Sales Down 7.87% In 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Views On Prospects For New International Coffee Quota Agreement Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: I.m.f. Approves US$2.1 Billion Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
28 Trinidad & Tobago: 5% Business Tax Increase Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Divorce Statistics Erika Harding
07 Peru: Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves Loan & Investment For Air Freight Customs Terminal Barbara Khol
14 Chile: 1991 Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
14 Brazilian Economy Minister Committed To Higher Personal Income Taxes Paid By Wealthy Barbara Khol
08 Bolivia: Report On Police Anti-narcotics Activities Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: 1991 Oil Industry Performance, Projections For 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: 1991 Trade With Mercosur Member-nations Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Tractor Sales Down In 1991 Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Bond Offering Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Legislator Denounces Use Of Spike For Coca Eradication Erika Harding
07 Chile: US$58 Million Trade Deficit In November Barbara Khol
28 U.S. Economic Recession & Slow Growth In Industrialized Nations Obstruct Third World Recovery In 1992 Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Parallel Market Cruzeiro-dollar Quotation Below Official Exchange Rate Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Update On Alan Garcia Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
08 Brazilian Power Plant Cause Of Acid Rain Affecting 20% Of Uruguayan National Territory Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: Year-end 1991 Foreign Debt Total Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: Controversy Surrounding Nuclear Waste Dump Site Erika Harding
30 Argentina: International Monetary Fund Approves Government's Economic Program Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Government Bans Use Of Swastika Erika Harding
22 Colombia: 1,068 Police Officers Fired For Misconduct In 1991 Erika Harding
07 Chile: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation, Gdp Growth Rate, Export Revenue Barbara Khol
28 Guyana: Up To US$150 Million From World Bank For Infrastructure Repair Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Summary Of Recent Political Violence & Related Incidents Erika Harding
30 Argentina: More Deregulation Barbara Khol
16 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves Loans For Chilean Wood Product Company & Brazilian Bank Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Summary Of Protests Against Government Economic Policy Erika Harding
08 Colombia: Overview Of 1991 Anti-drug Activities Erika Harding
08 Brazil: Gold Miners Invade Macuxi Territory In Roraima State Erika Harding
22 Brazil: Report On A.i.d.s. Cases Erika Harding
30 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Political Parties, Employer Organizations & Trade Unions Discuss Means To Cope With Recession Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Privatization Of Four Hotels Postponed Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Debt Reduction Talks Begin With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
08 Argentina, Cuba, & Chile: Relations With Former Soviet Republics Erika Harding
16 Colombia: British Petroleum (bp) Investment In Cusiana Field Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Poppy Production Replacing Coca In Amazon Region Erika Harding
23 Uruguay: 1991 Trade With Mercosur Nations Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: 9% Fuel Price Increase In Rio De Janeiro & Sao Paulo Result Of Sales Tax Hike Barbara Khol
08 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Tiete River Described As Open-air Sewer Erika Harding
16 Brazil: Report On Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (bovespa) Performance Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: New Trade Deregulation Measures Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Peace Talk Chronology, December 12 - January 16 Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Forced Vacation For Nearly 7,000 Workers At General Motors Subsidiary Plants Barbara Khol
08 Andean Christian Democrat Parties Establish Umbrella Organization Erika Harding
23 Venezuela: Petrochemical Company Plans US$1.483 Billion In Investment For 1992 Barbara Khol
09 Chile: 1991 Fish Product Exports Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: On Privatization Of Railways Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Controversy Surrounding A.i.d.s. Prevention Campaign Erika Harding
09 Brazil: At Least 22 State-run Companies To Be Privatized In 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
16 U.N. Eclac Preliminary Report On 1991 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
08 Chilean Miners Protest Mass Dismissals In Coal Fields Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Strike By Port Authority Employees Declared Illegal Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: On Grain Production Projections Barbara Khol
09 U.S. Plans US$1 Billion Economic Aid Program To Benefit Peru Over Next Four Years Barbara Khol
07 Bolivia: Labor Confederation Launches General Strike To Protest Privatization Program & Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Bid Winner For Oil Production Contract In Tierra Del Fuego Province Barbara Khol
22 Argentine President Fires Two Officials Accused Of Corruption Erika Harding
30 Uruguay: Currency Devaluation In January Barbara Khol
16 Venezuelan State-run Oil Company Plans To Invest US$456.7 Million In Operations Abroad Barbara Khol
22 Brazilian President Accused Of Plagiarism Erika Harding
28 Caribbean Community Concerned About Declining Tourism Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Physicians Required To Prescribe Generics; Domestic Market Open To Pharmaceutical Imports Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: On 1991 Price Inflation Barbara Khol
14 Barbados: European Community Approves US$4 Million For Livestock Project Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela Prepared To Supply Crude To Community Of Independent States Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Major Crop Losses Caused By Inclement Weather Barbara Khol
08 U.S. Ambassador To Ecuador Resigns Erika Harding
16 Price Hikes On Venezuelan Crude Barbara Khol
23 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Expert On Horticultural Production In Latin America Barbara Khol
28 Cuba Finalizes Cooperation Agreements With Former Soviet Republics Tadzhikistan & Kirghizia Barbara Khol
16 Yacyreta Project Set To Commence Power Generation In Mid-1994 Under Argentina-paraguay Agreement Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Salary Hike Proposed For Military Personnel Erika Harding
07 Mexican & Venezuelan Oil Reserves Compared Barbara Khol
07 Chilean Trade With Andean Nations Barbara Khol
08 Cuban Government Calls On Latin American Leaders To Pressure Washington Erika Harding
22 Ecuador: Taxi Drivers & Homosexuals Protest Violence Erika Harding
23 Peru: Business Leader Calls On Government For Immediate Policy Changes To Prevent Bankruptcies Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Special Economic Integration Minister Resigns Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Government Negotiates Privatization Program With Labor Unions Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: On Foreign Investment In 1991 Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Chronology Of Recent Political Violence, December 11 - January 19 Erika Harding
28 Chile: Peso Appreciation & Reactions Barbara Khol
28 Note On Economic Integration Barbara Khol
07 Creditor Nations To Pay Price For Squeezing Third World For Foreign Debt Payment Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Students Resume Protest Demonstrations Erika Harding
08 Brazil: Korubu Tribe Members Kill Two Outsiders Seeking Tropical Hardwoods Erika Harding
09 Colombia: Projected Increase In Prices For Public Services In 1992 Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: 1991 Steel Industry Performance Barbara Khol
14 Union Texas Petroleum Sells Argentine Subsidiary Unola Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Update On Foreign Debt Restructuring Negotiations Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: 1991 Trade Surplus Figures Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Nearly 1 Million Emigrate Since 1985 Erika Harding
22 On Repatriation Of Chilean Exiles Erika Harding
08 Colombia: Declining Fertility & Infant Mortality Rates Erika Harding
09 Colombia: Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$3 Million Loan For Corporacion Financiera Popular Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Congress To Debate Higher Social Security Contributions For Employees & Employers Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Update On Violence Against Street Children Erika Harding
21 Argentine Government Confirms Decision To Postpone Military Communications System Project Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela-colombia Tariff Agreement Barbara Khol
08 Summary Of Trinidad & Tobago Congressional Elections Erika Harding
21 Venezuela: More On Non-petroleum Export Performance Barbara Khol
22 Update On Peru-ecuador Border Conflict Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: French Petroleum Engineering Firm Finalizes Contract For Gas Processing Facilities Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: U.S.-based Drummond Corp. To Invest US$980 Million In Coal Mining Project Barbara Khol
21 Ecuador: Military Patrols Dispatched To Maintain Order In Guayaquil Barbara Khol
07 Paraguay: 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Update On Rescheduling Foreign Commercial Bank Debt Barbara Khol
28 Japanese Investment In Brazil Barbara Khol
08 Woman Elected President Of Ecuadoran United Workers Front Erika Harding
14 Argentina: Heavy Rains Cause US$250 Million In Crop Damage Barbara Khol
07 US$480 Million In European Community Aid To Latin America & Caribbean For 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Bolivia: State-run Mining Company Closes Two Mines, Dismisses 1,000 Employees Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: 1991 Gdp Growth Barbara Khol
09 Aerolineas Argentinas Pilots Announce 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: More On Foreign Investment In 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Argentine Senate Prohibits Toxic Waste Imports Erika Harding
28 Venezuela: 1992 Federal Budget Reduced By US$850 Million Barbara Khol
16 Ecuadoran Government Calls On Opec To Cut Daily Crude Output Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: 1991 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: 1991 Exports To A.l.a.d.i. Member-nations Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Government Prepares Request For International Monetary Fund Extended Facility Barbara Khol
08 Paraguay: Constitutional Convention Convened Erika Harding
07 Venezuela: 1992 Economic Performance Projections Barbara Khol