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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Report On 1991 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Government Inaugurates Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility Erika Harding
03 Life Expectancy, Infant Mortality, Illiteracy: South American Nations & Mexico, Selected Years (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 A.i.d.s. In Colombia Erika Harding
17 Uruguayan Vice President Requests Dismissal Of Key Economic Policy Team Members Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Indefinite Strike By Viasa Pilots Continues Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: International Finance Corporation (ifc) To Arrange Financing For Methanol Plant Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Foreign Debt, Debt-equity Swap Totals Barbara Khol
19 Mercedes Benz Plans Assembly Operation In Colombia Barbara Khol
03 Latin America: US$3 Billion In Investment Necessary To Close Gap Between Electricity Demand & Supply Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Military Officer Arrested On Charges Of Involvement In Forced Disappearances Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Automotive Industry Output, January-november 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Sao Paulo State Government Debt Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Yanomami Census Erika Harding
12 Argentina: Spanish Oil Company To Increase Stake In Vizacacheras Field Barbara Khol
17 Bolivia: Pumping Begins At Two New Wells In Cochabamba Department Barbara Khol
19 Selected Highlights From U.N. Eclac Annual Report For 1991 Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: Congress Approves Labor Code Reforms Barbara Khol
11 Trinidad & Tobago: Elections Set For December 16 Erika Harding
10 Ecuador: International Telephone Rates Reduced Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Physicians, Soldiers & Police Officers Identified As Most Frequent Abusers Of Women Erika Harding
05 Highlights Of Recent Report By U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Barbara Khol
05 Latin American & Caribbean Reserves By Country, Third Quarter 1990 & 1991 Compared (s/s) Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Private Consortium Drops Contract For Acquisition Of Urquiza Railway Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: More On I.m.f. Letter Of Intent Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: November Inflation, Sao Paulo Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Highlights Of Political Violence, November 8 - December 9 Erika Harding
10 Brazil: On Debate Surrounding I.m.f. Letter Of Intent Barbara Khol
10 Cuba: Report On Impact Of Fuel Shortage Barbara Khol
11 Uruguay: Retired Military Officers Establish Political Movement Erika Harding
11 Brazilian Government Opposed To Military Involvement In Anti-drug Campaigns Erika Harding
03 Argentina: Extra 1992 Revenue Via Preventing Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Police Destroy 19 Cocaine Processing Labs Erika Harding
05 Venezuela & Colombia Implement Cross-border Electricity Transmission Project Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Defense Ministry Opens Bid Process For Acquisition Of 90% Stake In Altos Hornos Zapla Steelworks Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay-argentina Trade, January-october 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Oil Export Revenue, 1991 Barbara Khol
03 Brazil-bolivia Natural Gas Deal Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Begins Crude Production Operations In Santos Basin Barbara Khol
17 Peruvian Government Finalizes Contract With Occidental Petroleum Barbara Khol
12 Paraguayan Congress Approves 25-year Oil & Exploitation Concession For Phillips Petroleum Barbara Khol
11 A.i.d.s. In Peru Erika Harding
10 Venezuela: 1991 Lpg Exports Barbara Khol
12 Colombia: Trade Totals, January-august 1991 Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: Rebel Bombing Of Pipeline Causes Major Oil Spill Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Gross Fixed Investment, January-october 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Japanese Government Approves US$400 Million Loan Barbara Khol
10 Venezuelan Government Receives US$1.885 Billion From Buyer Of Controlling Stake In State-run Phone Company Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: Viasa Pilot Strike Continues Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Trade Surplus, October 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Guyana: Unicef Program For Street Children Erika Harding
19 Ecuador: Main Oil Refinery Back On Line Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: U.S. & Austrian Companies Withdraw Investment In Aluminum Processing Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Beef Commodity Exchange To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: On Defense Ministry's Divestment Of Real Estate, & Privatization Of 27 Firms Barbara Khol
12 Colombia: Renault, Mitsui & Toyota Joint Venture To Begin Manufacturing Jeeps & Trucks In March Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Industrial Product Growth Rate Projection For 1992 Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: I.m.f. Approval Of Extended Facility Agreement Expected By End Of 1st Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Peru-ecuador Border Conflict Update Erika Harding
11 Paraguay: Constituent Assembly Elections Erika Harding
17 Brazil: November Price Inflation Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries Output Estimates, 1991 Barbara Khol
11 On Drug Trafficking In Brazil Erika Harding
05 Cuban Firm Establishes Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Joint Venture With Lithuanian Company Barbara Khol
11 Haiti: Chronology Of Events, November 25 - December 9 Erika Harding
11 Colombia: Composition Of New Congress Erika Harding
10 Seven European Banks Approve US$35 Million Loan For Andean Development Corporation (caf) Barbara Khol
11 Rio Group Summit In Cartagena: Summary Of Statements On Cuba Erika Harding
03 Japanese Business Leaders Discuss Investment Potential With Brazilian Counterparts Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: Update On Municipal Elections Erika Harding
11 Brazil: Workers Party (pt) Moves Toward Social Democracy Erika Harding
11 Rio Group Summit, December 2 - 3 Erika Harding
10 Caribbean Leaders Concerned Over G.a.t.t. Uruguay Round Impact On Textile Trade Barbara Khol
03 Colombian Purchase Of Ecuadoran Electricity No Longer Necessary Barbara Khol
12 Dominican Republic: Agreement With Spanish Power Company Finalized Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Update On Gubernatorial & Congressional Elections Erika Harding
11 Bolivia: Former Dictator To Run As Ruling Party's Presidential Candidate In 1993 Erika Harding
17 Chile: On Fish Product Exports, 1991 Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: I.m.f. Expected To Approve US$120 Million Stand-by Loan In Early December Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: State-run Shipyard Privatized Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Murder Of Homeless Persons Erika Harding
17 Brazil: November Layoffs In Sao Paulo Industry Barbara Khol
11 Belize & Peru Establish Diplomatic Relations Erika Harding
11 Argentina: Preliminary Census Results Erika Harding
12 Venezuelan Government Continues To Deliver 60,000 Barrels Of Crude Per Day To Cuba Under Accord With Soviet Union Barbara Khol
11 A.i.d.s. In Chile Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Infrastructure Minister Recommends Sale Of Nuclear Reactor Equpment To Iran Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Car Manufacturers Raise Prices Barbara Khol
05 International Coffee Organization (ico) Producer Nation Exports, October 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Uruguay: Interior Ministry Announces Special Anti-drug Effort For Tourist Season Erika Harding
17 Argentina: 30% Of Stocks In Telefonica Sold On Domestic Market Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Consumer Prices In November Up 2.6% Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Supreme Court Rejects Petition For Legal Status By Homosexual Community Erika Harding
19 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation, Unemployment Rate Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: A.i.d.s. Statistics Erika Harding
05 Ecuador: Crude Production Up 2,500 Barrels Per Day Barbara Khol
03 Cuba: Report On Diversification Of Trade Relations Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Catholic Church Hierarchy Argues Communist Party & Church Membership Incompatible Erika Harding
12 U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission & Argentine Stock Exchange Finalize Investment Guarantee Accord Barbara Khol
12 Government Sells 30% Of Shares In Telefonica Argentina Barbara Khol
19 Cuba Agrees To Stop Production Of Tobacco For Davidoff Cigars Barbara Khol
17 Brazil & China Develop Joint Satellite Project Barbara Khol
11 Ecuador: Death Squad Targets Homosexuals Erika Harding
11 Peru: Amnesty International Report On Human Rights Abuses, & Government Response Erika Harding
17 Colombia: Government Rejects 30% Minimum Wage Increase Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Labor Unions & Business Leaders Join Forces To Oppose Government Economic Policies Barbara Khol
19 Uruguay: General Strike To Protest Government Economic Policies Barbara Khol
11 Chile: On Forestry Resource Policy Debate Erika Harding
11 Cuba: Four Dissidents Sentenced To Prison Erika Harding
10 Andean Pact Presidents Advance Start Date For Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
17 On Bolivian Natural Gas Sales To Brazil, Argentina & Chile Barbara Khol
11 Chile: French Company Invests US$25 Million In Forestry Resources Erika Harding
05 Argentina: Consumer Price Index Up 0.4% In November Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: On Negotiations For Soviet Troop Withdrawal Erika Harding
03 Brazil, Colombia & Central American Governments Agree On Plan To Withhold Portion Of Coffee Exports Barbara Khol
03 Dominican Republic: Paris Club Approves Debt Rescheduling Barbara Khol
17 Inter-american Development Bank Affiliate Approves US$6 Million Loan For Bolivian Companies Barbara Khol
12 Brazilian Congress Approves Pay Hike For Legislators & For Public Employees Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Highlights Of Federal Government's 1992 Budget Barbara Khol
10 Chile: On Impact Of Patent Protection Legislation Reform Barbara Khol
11 Terrorist Incidents In Chile Erika Harding
12 Brazil: Sao Paulo Homeless Population Up 20% In 1991 Barbara Khol
10 Report On Performance Of Citgo Petroleum Corporation Following Acquisition By Venezuelan State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
17 U.S. Court Orders Freeze On US$24 Million In Paraguayan Government Funds Deposited In New York Branch Bank Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador Seeks Membership In G.a.t.t. Barbara Khol
03 St. Lucia Prime Minister Says Democracy In Caribbean Dependent On Maintaining Banana Exports To E.e.c. Barbara Khol
03 Spanish Direct Investment In Latin America, January-august 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Update On Peace Negotiations, November 8 - December 9 Erika Harding
11 Ecuador: Students Protest Public Transport Fares Erika Harding
19 Chile: Foreign Debt Reduction In January-october 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Report On New Cellulose Processing Plants Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: On Introduction Of New Currency Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Export Revenue, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Federal Railway Company (rffsa) Not Be Privatized Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Government Submits Debt Refinancing Proposal To Foreign Commercial Bank Committee Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Layoffs In Sao Paulo During First Week Of December Barbara Khol
05 Total Inter-american Development Bank Loans Approved In 1991 Barbara Khol
10 Cuba: U.N. Collaboration In Mineral Research & Development Barbara Khol
19 Andean Business Confederation Recommends Reduced Military Spending & Increase In Social Welfare Budgets Barbara Khol
17 Peruvian Government Rejects US$34 Million In U.S. Aid For Coca Crop Reduction Effort Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Foreign Reserves At US$1.155 Billion Barbara Khol
05 Conflict With New Owners Of Aerolineas Argentinas Continues Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Health Ministry Investigates Reports Of Forced Sterilization Erika Harding
05 1991 Trade Among Mercosur Member-nations Barbara Khol
03 Peru: November Inflation Rate At 4% Barbara Khol
19 Cuba To Survive On Only 5 Million Tons Of Oil In 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Former President Garcia Acquitted Of Corruption Charges Erika Harding
11 Brazil: Over 1,000 Persons Killed By Police In Sao Paulo State In 1991 Erika Harding
19 Chile: Developments In Wood Product Industry Barbara Khol
11 Argentina & Venezuela Refuse Toxic Waste Imports Under Any Guise Erika Harding
11 Chile: Summary Of Events In Investigation Of Letelier Assassination Erika Harding
11 Brazil: On Murder Of Street Children Erika Harding
17 World Bank Projections On Third World Foreign Debt, 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: U.S. Government Willing To Extend Deadline On Eradication Of Coca Plantations Erika Harding
11 Colombia: Catholic Church Opposes Government A.i.d.s. Prevention Campaign Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Chamber Of Deputies Approves "emergency" Fiscal Legislation To Increase Federal Revenue In 1992 Barbara Khol
05 Brazil & Colombia Reach Agreement On Proposal To Boost World Market Coffee Prices Barbara Khol
03 Chile: 1991 Textile Exports Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: I.m.f. Managing Director Meets With Labor Union Leaders Barbara Khol
17 Uruguay: Labor Conflicts Escalate; 36-hour General Strike Planned For December 17 Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Inflation Profile Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Estimated Average Price On Crude Oil Exports For 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Year-end Economic Performance Summary Barbara Khol
10 U.S. House Approves Trade Preferences For Andean Pact Nations Barbara Khol
05 Paraguay: Foreign Debt, Export Revenue, Foreign Reserves Barbara Khol
03 Uruguayan Government May Postpone I.m.f. Agreement Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Debt Refinancing Agreement With French Government Finalized Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Results Of Meeting To Raise Funds For First Phase Of Amazon Rain Forest Conservation Barbara Khol
10 Trinidad & Tobago: State-run Airline To Cover Former Pan Am Routes Barbara Khol
03 Peru: Customs Revenue Increase Barbara Khol
03 Spanish Pharmaceutical Firm Plans Expansion In Latin America Barbara Khol
10 Overall Results Of Green Revolution Technology In Third World Agriculture Positive Barbara Khol
17 Direct Foreign Investment In 20 Developing Nations, 1986-1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 Report On Status Of Children In Peru Erika Harding
03 Japanese Direct Investment In Latin America & Caribbean By Country, 1951-1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Limited Use Of Contraceptives Among Teenagers Erika Harding
03 On Latin America's Largest Companies (by Sales), 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Ecuador: Stand-by Agreement With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
11 Paraguay: President Denies Existence Of Political Prisoners Erika Harding
11 Argentina: On Civilian Court Prosecution Of Participants In 1990 Military Rebellion Erika Harding
05 World Bank Approves US$300 Million Loan For Venezuela Barbara Khol
12 Andean Development Corporation Approves Loans For Ecuador & Peru Barbara Khol
19 Highlights: U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Report On Grain Production In Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Four Companies Added To Privatization List Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Government Establishes Worker Vigilante Brigades Erika Harding
12 Colombia: Government Bond Offerings Barbara Khol
10 Year-end 1990 Foreign Debt Totals, 20 Latin American & Caribbean Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 Guyana: General Elections Postponed Erika Harding
05 Brazil: Government Submits Letter Of Intent Toward Obtaining US$2 Billion I.m.f. Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
17 Five South American Nations Step Up Plans To Expand Use Of Parana-paraguay River Waterway Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: 1991 Federal Revenue Below Projections Barbara Khol
12 Guyana: World Bank Loan For Bauxite Mining Company Barbara Khol
17 Ecuador: 1991 Banana Exports Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Viasa Pilot Strike Ends Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: On Children Living In Poverty Erika Harding
17 Peru: New Contract Finalized With Southern Peru Copper Corp. Barbara Khol