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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
26 Textile Producers Call For Maximum External Tariff By Andean Pact Member-nations Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Fuel Price Increase Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Banco Avellaneda Ordered Closed Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Communist Party Launches "open Opposition" To Aylwin Government Erika Harding
27 Chile: New Legislation On "terrorist Propaganda" Crime Erika Harding
12 Brazil: Gas Company Employees Strike In Rio De Janeiro Barbara Khol
21 Peru: On Inter-american Development Bank Loan Disbursement Barbara Khol
27 Cuban Human Rights Activist Forcibly Committed To Mental Hospital Erika Harding
13 Paraguay: Election Of Constituent Assembly Set For Dec. 1 Erika Harding
12 Chile: San Cristobal Gold Mine Commences Production Barbara Khol
12 Cuba-canada Trade Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Poll Results Show Business Sector Optimism Barbara Khol
19 Colombia: Report On Declining Oil Output & Reserves Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Winning Bid In Telephone Company Privatization Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Dollar Influx Leads To De Facto Currency Appreciation Barbara Khol
27 Summary Of Recent Debate On Ending U.S. Economic Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
07 Brazil: On Unemployment & Real Wages Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: 30% Consumer Price Inflation Predicted For November Barbara Khol
13 Chile: German Chancellor Offends Pinochet Supporters Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: Notes On Labor Conflicts Barbara Khol
27 Peru: On Child Victims Of Political Violence Erika Harding
05 Brazil: Nuclear Power Plant Construction Limited To One Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: Street Protest Focuses On Violence Against Women Erika Harding
27 Colombia: Human Rights Violations By Public Security Forces Erika Harding
19 Inter-american Development Bank Loans To Ecuador Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Railway Equipment Manufacturer Privatized Barbara Khol
26 Inter-american Development Bank Donation To National Parks & Protected Areas World Congress Barbara Khol
13 Guyana: On Voter List Controversy Erika Harding
26 Brazil: On Results Of 1990 Household Survey Barbara Khol
13 Update On Peru-ecuador Border Conflict Erika Harding
27 Chile: Student Indicted In Guzman Assassination Erika Harding
26 Argentina: U.S.-based Enron Plans US$300 Million Investment In Neuquen Province Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Constitutional Amendment For Plebiscite On Government Structure Erika Harding
26 Argentina: Performance Of Private Telephone Companies Barbara Khol
21 Brazil Launches Tourism Promotion Campaign Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: Implementation Of Value Added Tax Delayed Until 1994 Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Airline Pilots On Strike Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: On Negotiations To Obtain I.m.f. Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: 1991 Economic Growth Projections Barbara Khol
13 Inter-american Press Association (sip): Journalist Death Toll In Latin America For First 10 Months Of 1991 Erika Harding
27 Chile: Eight Arrested In Protest Against Impunity Of Human Rights Violators Erika Harding
21 Colombia: Pumping At Main Oil Pipeline Suspended Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: U.S. Donates US$2.5 Million For Upgrading Military Planes Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Inflation Statistics Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Army Chief Resigns In Dispute With President Over Reshuffling Of High Command Erika Harding
05 Chilean Government Opts For Bilateral Trade Agreements Barbara Khol
27 Peruvian Government Response To Criminal Activity By Members Of Public Security Forces Erika Harding
27 Cuba: Dissidents On Trial Erika Harding
05 Buenos Aires Electricity Company: Third Quarter US$300 Million Financial Deficit Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Net Revenue From Privatization Of Telephone Company Only US$500 Million Company Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Ship Repair Company Privatized Barbara Khol
26 Cuba: Fuel Consumption In 1992 To Be Reduced By Half Barbara Khol
26 Bolivian Government Plans Mining Industry Recovery Through U.S. Support & Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Report On Tourism Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Work Force Reduction At Sao Paulo Port Authority Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Constitutional Amendment To Permit Weapons Manufacture By Private Sector Erika Harding
27 Update On Ecuador-peru Border Dispute Erika Harding
26 Colombia: New Oil Reserves Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: New Decree Authorizes Privatization Of Numerous State-run Companies By Year-end 1992 Barbara Khol
21 Bentonite Processing Plant To Be Constructed In Chile Barbara Khol
27 On Brazil-venezuela Relations Erika Harding
13 Chile: Government Program For Young People Erika Harding
27 Brazil: 9.4 Million Ha. Set Aside For Yanomami Tribe Erika Harding
27 Argentina: Stiff Sentences For Mutinous Soldiers Erika Harding
05 European Community Aid For Colombia & Bolivia Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Additional 10% Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: 1990 Export Income Barbara Khol
21 Cuba's Search For Foreign Investors Accelerates Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Summary Of Recent Strikes Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Former President Lusinchi Accused Of Economic Mismanagement & Corruption Erika Harding
13 Chile: Summary Of Mapuche Land Occupations Erika Harding
14 Andean Pact Nations: 139 Investment Projects Open For Foreign Capital Participation Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Industrial Output Down In September Barbara Khol
05 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Loan Approvals In 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
21 Bolivia: Report On Impact Of Coca Eradication Program Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Condors Making A Comeback Erika Harding
05 Argentine Subsidiary Of U.S. Firm Firestone Agrees To Pay US$100 Million In Tax Arrears Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Construction Industry Employment Statistics Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Airline To Cut Domestic Flight Service Barbara Khol
26 Update On Cholera Epidemic Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Plans To Privatize Oil Industry Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: On Impact Of Gold Miners' Use Of Mercury In Amazon Region Erika Harding
05 On Economic Sanctions Against Haiti Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Inter-american Development Bank Loan To Prevent Flooding In Belem Barbara Khol
21 Chilean-argentine Trade, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Guyana: 1991 Rice Exports; E.e.c. Sugar Quota Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Radical Party Claims Electoral Fraud In Recent Gubernatorial Election Erika Harding
27 Chile: On Reparations For Victims Of Political Repression Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: Plans To Produce 5% Of Global Methanol Supply Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Note On 1990 Foreign Trade Barbara Khol
12 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Report On Poverty Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Gasoline Imports Necessary Due To Accident At Esmeraldas Refinery Barbara Khol
05 Ecuador: October Inflation At 3.21% Barbara Khol
19 Colombia Receives Credit Line From Venezuela Barbara Khol
19 Uruguay: Foreign Reserves As Of Sept. 31 Barbara Khol
13 Trinidad & Tobago: Anti-drug Security Complex Erika Harding
13 Uruguay: Leftist Coalition Gaining Strength Erika Harding
13 Peru: European Community Offers Anti-drug Financial Aid Erika Harding
27 Ecuador: Red Cross To Monitor Observance Of Human Rights In Prisons & Participate In Training New Police Force Erika Harding
12 Argentina: Notes On Tariff Rates Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
07 Chilean-argentine Trans-border Natural Gas Pipeline Barbara Khol
19 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Conference: Suggestions For Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Recent Reports On Killings Of Street Children Erika Harding
27 Cuba: Negotiations On Withdrawal Of Soviet Troops Erika Harding
13 U.N. Development Programme To Install Worldwide Eco-system Monitoring Station In Chile Erika Harding
19 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$300 Million Loan For Argentina Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: Government Reduces Reference Price On Banana Exports Barbara Khol
27 On Repatriation Of Chilean Exiles Erika Harding
19 Latin American Energy Organization (olade) Leader Says Foreign Investment In Regional Industry Necessary Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Report On Aluminum Industry Barbara Khol
07 I.m.f. Approves US$23.9 Million Loan For Guyana Barbara Khol
13 U.S. To Host Second Continental Anti-drug Summit Erika Harding
07 Brazil: 20% Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela-chile Free Trade Agreement Protocol Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: On Emerald Exports Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: State-run Bank Closes 20 Branch Offices Barbara Khol
12 Barbados: Report On Trade Union Opposition To Government Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
14 Chile: October Inflation Barbara Khol
13 Proposal For New Andean Pact To Reduce Narcotics Production Erika Harding
05 Argentina: First Privately-owned Railway Operational Barbara Khol
27 Relatives Of Disappeared From 15 Nations Convene In Chile Erika Harding
13 Peru: International Journalists Federation Protests Violence Against Reporters Erika Harding
19 Chile: Increase In Capital Goods Imports Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: October Inflation Barbara Khol
05 Highlights Of 1990 Inter-american Development Bank Annual Report On Economic & Social Progress Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Notes On Oil & Natural Gas Production Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: October 27 Election Results Erika Harding
05 Colombia: 1.32% Inflation For October Barbara Khol
14 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$11.5 Million Financial Support For Mexican & Venezuelan Projects Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: Five New Turbines Added To Paute Hydroelectric Complex Barbara Khol
07 Cuban President Says Havana Open To Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
27 Chile: 22 Mapuches Arrested Erika Harding
27 Peru: Chilean Folk Music Group Arrested Erika Harding
05 Venezuela: Report On Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Paraguay: US$100 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan Barbara Khol
26 Paraguay: US$190 Million World Bank Loan Barbara Khol
13 Cuban President Invited To G-3 Summit Meeting Erika Harding
13 Argentina: France Denies Export Of Human Waste For Fertilizer Erika Harding
21 Argentina: Japan's Yamaichi International Bank To Broker Bonds For Petrochemical Plant Barbara Khol
07 Bolivia: Malaria Epidemic Barbara Khol
05 Andean Pact Nations To Expand Oil Trade Barbara Khol
26 Chile: 1991 Salmon Production Volume & Sales Barbara Khol
21 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Budget, 1992/93 Barbara Khol
13 Peru: U.S. Military Aid Dedicated Exclusively To Anti-drug Trafficking Activities Erika Harding
05 Ecuador: Oil Output To Increase By 7,000 Bpd In 1992 Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Imports, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: Treasury Surplus Barbara Khol
13 Andean Region, Southern Cone & Caribbean: Incidence Of A.i.d.s. By Sex (cases Per Million), 1987-1990 Erika Harding
21 Estimated One-third Of Argentine Workers Earn Undeclared Income Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: Tariff Rate Reductions Effective April 1992 Barbara Khol
05 More On U.S. Anti-dumping Ruling Against Venezuelan Cement Producers Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Usiminas Preferred Stock Sells For US$278 Million Barbara Khol
12 Andean Development Corporation (caf) Loans, 1987-1991 Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Magazine Director Arrested For Defamation Of Gen. Pinochet Erika Harding
13 Venezuela: Protests Against Transportation Price Hikes & Privatization Of Education Erika Harding
13 Brazil: G-7 Nations Blamed For Failing To Prevent Fires Destroying Amazon Rain Forest Erika Harding
07 Paraguay: Public Transport Workers' Strike Successful Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Summary Of October 27 Election Results Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Peru: 800,000 Public Employees Plan 48-hour Strike Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Reactions To Government Freeze On Foreign Exchange Earned By Exporters Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Police In Mendoza Province Strike Erika Harding
27 Peru: Chronology Of Recent Political Violence, November 2 - 25 Erika Harding
19 Brazil: "emergency" Tax Bill Revenue Projection Revised Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: October Inflation, Gdp Growth Rate Projection Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela Calls For Change In U.N. Security Council Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Highlights Of Political Violence, October 2 - November 7 Erika Harding
19 Ecuador: Private Economic Research Organizations Criticize Government Exchange Rate Policy Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Political Prisoners' Hunger Strike & Related Events Erika Harding
19 Quito, Ecuador: Note On Labor Conflict Barbara Khol
27 Trinidad & Tobago: General Elections Set For December Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Foreign Exchange Reserves, 3rd Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$45 Million In Loans To Support Small Business In Argentina Barbara Khol
13 Peru: On Spread Of A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
07 Latin American Economic System (sela) Estimate Of Regional Coffee Export Revenue Losses Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: US$3.5 Billion Investment In State-run Oil Company For 1992 Barbara Khol
14 Peru-malaysia Trade Barbara Khol
26 Budget/gdp Ratios: 15 Latin American Nations Vs. Sampling Of Advanced Industrial & Other 3rd World Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Haitian Political Crisis: Chronology Of Events & Statements, October 21 - November 7 Erika Harding
05 Argentina: Report On Capital Goods Acquisition, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Privatization Of State-run Company Celma Proceeds Barbara Khol
13 Colombian President Awarded U.N. Peace Medal Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Coffee Exports, January-october 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Tokyo Asked To Purchase US$2 Billion In Foreign Debt Paper Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: Military Reorganization Erika Harding
19 Chase Manhattan Bank Plans Sale Of Retail Business In Argentina Barbara Khol
27 Peru: 50,000 Members Of Ashaninka Tribe Join Military Forces In Battle Against Rebels Erika Harding
14 Chile: La Chagres Smelter Expansion Approved By Environmental Commission Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: On "modernization" Of Armed Forces Erika Harding
21 Chile: Debate On Suggestion To Privatize State-run Copper Corporation Barbara Khol
27 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: 24 Dead & 20 Wounded In Prison Riot Erika Harding
27 Haiti: Summary Of Events: November 8-24 Erika Harding
14 Argentina: Telephone Service Charges Linked To U.S. Consumer Price Index Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador: Cofanes Tribe Members Abduct Oil Company Employees Erika Harding
21 Uruguay: Unemployment Rate, 3rd Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company's Expansion Plans For 1991-1996 Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Bill Requiring 30% Women Candidates For Political Office Erika Harding
27 Peru: Summary Of Recent Labor Conflict Erika Harding
12 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Participation In German Pck De Schwedt Refinery Barbara Khol
12 Inter-american Development Bank Affiliate Approves US$8.5 Million Loan For Export Industry Promotion Barbara Khol
07 "eco-tourism" In Guyana Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Campaign To Fight Violence Against Women Erika Harding
05 Andean Pact To Attempt Standardization Of Labor Codes Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: President Acknowledges Existence Of "insignificant" Subversive Activities Erika Harding
13 Chile: Mapuches File Suit Against Interior Minister Erika Harding
26 Peugeot Automobiles Available To Brazilians In 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Andean Region, Southern Cone & Caribbean: A.i.d.s. Cases Per Million Inhabitants, 1987-1990 Erika Harding
07 Brazil: On Fiscal Reform Package Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Defense Ministry Sells Real Estate Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Report On Government Plan To Hire Prostitutes For U.S. Sailors Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Update On Peace Talks, October 1 - November 7 Erika Harding
13 Uruguay: Government Proposes Compensation For Unemployed Journalists Erika Harding
27 Guyana: Elections To Proceed Despite Flawed Voter Registration List Erika Harding
13 Cuban Foreign Ministry Submits Formal Protest Against U.S. Airspace Violations Erika Harding
13 Brazil: On Increasing Drug Use & Trade Erika Harding
19 Argentina: World Bank's International Finance Corporation Approves US$68 Million Investment In Astra Oil Company Barbara Khol
13 Narcotrafico: Highlights Of Recent Seizures & Arrests Erika Harding
26 Brazil: Preferential Stock In Usiminas To Be Sold On Foreign Exchanges Barbara Khol
27 Cuba Refuses To Return Chilean Government Funds Deposited During Allende Regime Erika Harding
27 Chile: Christian Democrat & Socialist Party Congresses Erika Harding
27 Chile: Recent Terrorist Incidents Erika Harding
26 Venezuelan Imports From U.S., January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia: Report On Coca Crop Eradication Erika Harding
14 I.m.f. Approves US$24 Million In Balance Of Payments Support Funds For Guyana Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: On 122-article "deregulation Decree" Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Impact Of Public Spending Cutbacks On Construction Industry Employment Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: 1991 Tin Output Barbara Khol
13 Anti-narcotics Police Say Chile May Become Drug Trafficker Haven Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Senator Under Guard Following Death Threat Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Government Proposes Rehabilitation Of Medellin Erika Harding
07 Bolivia & Chile Request Observer Status In Mercosur For 1992 Barbara Khol
26 Peru: State-run Oil Company Launches Campaign To Attract Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
27 Chilean Congress Approves Constitutional Amendment For Direct Election Of Municipal Officials Erika Harding
19 Argentina: Notes On Workers' Incomes In Buenos Aires Industrial Belt Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Summary Of Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
12 Andean Nation Ministers Fail To Reach Agreement On Common Tariff For Non-pact Nation Imports Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: Economic Compensation For Officers Forced Into Retirement During Military Regime Erika Harding
13 Colombia & Cuba Resume Trade & Diplomatic Ties Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Deputy Expelled For Links To Drug Trafficking Erika Harding
05 Argentine Trade With Mercosur Partners, 1st Half 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Party Dialogue On Divorce Erika Harding
27 Brazil: On Illegal Abortions Erika Harding
13 Cuba: Summary Of Communist Party Congress, October 10 - 14 Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: Huge Investment Capital Required For Expanding Orimulsion Production Capacity Barbara Khol
19 Guyana: International Phone Charges To Increase By 168.8% Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
07 Jamaica: Central Government Budget Supplement Necessary Due To Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: Industrial Output Growth Rates Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Drug Trade Equivalent To One-third Of Gdp Erika Harding
12 Jamaican Economic Targets Under I.m.f. Stand-by Agreement To Be Redefined Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Child Labor In Alagoas State Erika Harding
13 Bolivia: U.S. Donates Six Helicopters For Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding
27 Argentina Proposes Multilateral Immigrant Amnesty Erika Harding
21 Argentina: I.m.f. Loans Expected By First Quarter 1992 Barbara Khol
14 World Bank Third World Foreign Debt Forecast; F.a.o. Estimates Of Per Capita Food Consumption Decline In Latin America Barbara Khol
05 Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Projects 3% Production Decline For 1991-92 Cycle Barbara Khol
14 Uruguayan Government Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: U.S. Export-import Bank Restores Eligibility Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Privatization Of All Steelworks By 1993 Barbara Khol
05 Peru: 4% Inflation For October Barbara Khol
26 Brazilian Computer Industry Prepared For Foreign Competition Barbara Khol
05 Notes On Caribbean Community Ministerial Meeting Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Economy Minister On Plans For Resumption Of Partial Price Controls & Indexation Barbara Khol
12 Bolivian Government To Receive US$800 Million Worth Of Concessionary Loans & Donations In 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Summary Of Recent Debate On Ending U.S. Economic Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
21 Ecuador: Crude Oil Prices Declining Barbara Khol
26 Chile: More Privatization Unnecessary Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Services In Sao Paulo State Prisons To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
13 Andean Region, Southern Cone & Caribbean: A.i.d.s. Cases & Death Toll, 1986-1991 Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Pope Denounces Failure To Implement Agrarian Reform Erika Harding