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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
24 Colombian & Venezuelan Steel Industry Representatives Meet To Negotiate Bilateral Import Quotas Barbara Khol
03 Bush Administration & Congress Reach Agreement On Anti-drug Aid For Peru Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: New Car Demand Outpaces Domestic Supply Barbara Khol
08 Cuba: Investors Bet On Demise Of Castro Government Barbara Khol
15 Colombian African Palm Exports To Venezuela & Ecuador Barbara Khol
29 Trinidad & Tobago: US$280 Million In Loans From Inter-american Development Bank & Japan's Eximbank Barbara Khol
29 Economic Policy Coordination By Mercosur Member-nations "impossible" Barbara Khol
03 Oil Spills Caused By Rebel Sabotage Pollute Rivers & Jungle Eco-systems In Colombia & Venezuela Barbara Khol
01 Andean Pact Council Recommends Common Tariffs For Third Country Imports Barbara Khol
24 Jamaican Officials Seek Revision Of Agreement With International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: US$230 Million Credit Line From Japanese Export-import Bank Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Usiminas Stock Auction Set For October 24 Barbara Khol
01 Customs Facilities At Uruguayan-brazilian Border To Be Merged, Effective Jan. 1 Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Federal Government Employees To Be Reduced By Over 500,000 By Year-end 1993 Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Note On 1992 Budget; Comparisons Of Social Welfare & Military Spending, 1959-1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
08 Uruguayan Government Approves $10 Million Trade Credit Line For Algeria Barbara Khol
10 Japanese Direct Investment In Latin America & Other World Regions: 1989, & Cumulative 1951-june 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: 16% Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
10 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $57.87 Million Loan For Sanitation System Upgrade In Costa Rica Barbara Khol
29 Colombia: US$6 Billion Three-year Anti-poverty Program Barbara Khol
15 On Welfare Conditions Of Brazilian Children Barbara Khol
24 I.d.b. President Requests Aid From E.e.c. For Immigration Of Eastern European & Soviet Professionals To Latin America Barbara Khol
10 Scandinavian Airline Company Considers Divestment Of Stake In Lan Chile Barbara Khol
15 On Foreign Investor Interest In Latin America Barbara Khol
15 Venezuela: Labor Unions Request Compensation For Fuel Price Hikes Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: Private Individuals' Claim To Profits From Nation's Largest Oil Field Confirmed Barbara Khol
29 Chilean Investors Obtain Exclusive Purchase Option On Las Palmas Gold Mine Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: More On Declining Banana Exports Barbara Khol
22 Jamaica: Agricultural Loans Down, Result Of High Interest Rates Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Federal Government Assumes 60% Of Orinoco Steel Plant's Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Government Receives $490 Million In Loans From Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Report On Copiapo Gold & Silver Mine Barbara Khol
31 Venezuela: US$3.6 Billion In Returned Flight Capital Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: Update On Somisa Steelworks Restructuring Barbara Khol
08 Haiti: Chronology Of Events, September 30 - October 7 Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: New Eurobond Offering Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Usiminas Stock Auction Postponed Once Again Barbara Khol
29 Chile: On Escondida Copper Mine Output Barbara Khol
17 Ecuador: Tripetrol To Begin Production On Santa Elena Peninsula Barbara Khol
01 Multilateral Institutions To Develop Capital Markets Barbara Khol
22 Argentina Ships 14 Metric Tons Of Foodstuffs To Soviet Union Barbara Khol
08 Colombian Government Seeks $78 Million In Foreign Loans To Finance National Hospital Program Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Freezing Temperatures Cause Crop & Livestock Losses Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Top Business Executive Salaries Rank Among World's Highest Barbara Khol
03 Paraguay: On Foreign Debt Contracted By State-run Companies Barbara Khol
31 Ecuador: Import Tariffs On 2,800 Goods Reduced By Presidential Decree Barbara Khol
24 Chilean Investment In Argentina Barbara Khol
17 Cuban President Says Foreign Investment Necessary Barbara Khol
17 European Firm Finalizes Contracts For Supply Of Telecommunications Equipment In Peru & Uruguay Barbara Khol
01 Military Coup In Haiti: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
31 Taiwanese-latin American Trade Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Notes On Private Investment Incentives Barbara Khol
01 U.S. Sugar Import Quotas, Fiscal Year 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
15 Peru: Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
08 Costa Rica: Vice President Promotes Coffee Exports To Japan Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Trout & Salmon Exports Barbara Khol
24 Inter-american Development Approves US$205 Million Loan For Colombian Government Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Projected Eucalyptus Timber Output By 2000 Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Report On Stagflation Barbara Khol
08 Bolivia: On Agricultural Sector Performance Barbara Khol
24 Colombian Government's Financial Commitment To Environmental Protection Barbara Khol
24 On Breakdown Of Cuba-soviet Trade Barbara Khol
22 Notes On U.S. Company Sales To Cuba Barbara Khol
01 Guyana: U.S. Pardons $107 Million Worth Of Government Debt Barbara Khol
29 Latin American Energy Organization (olade) Conference Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: State-owned Petroleum Company Issues Bonds On European Market Barbara Khol
24 Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$176 Million Loan For Brazil Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: State-run Electr0-mechanical Company To Be Privatized November 1 Barbara Khol
24 Uruguay: Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
08 European Community Offers Central America Economic Compensation In Place Of Tariff Reduction Barbara Khol
15 Ecuadoran Exporters Report On Impact Of Price Decline Barbara Khol
03 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $32.8 Million Loan For Guatemala Barbara Khol
22 Brazilian Government To Reestablish Price Controls Barbara Khol
01 Argentine Government Selects French Bank As Financial Agent In Privatization Of Water Distribution Company Barbara Khol
03 Dominican Republic Oil Debt Owed Venezuela Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Sale Of Usiminas Stocks To Begin Oct. 15 Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Currency Devaluation Price Adjustments Barbara Khol
29 Chilean-dutch Joint Flower Export Venture Barbara Khol
22 Haitian Military Coup: Summary Of Events & Statements, October 8 - October 21 Barbara Khol
08 Bolivia: 0.42% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Inter-american Development Bank Evaluates US$50 Million Loan For Private Power Company Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Ericsson To Introduce Ctr Cordless Phone Technology Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Usiminas Privatized Barbara Khol
29 Minister Schiaretti Says Argentina In Full Recovery Phase Barbara Khol
31 Brazil-iran Trade Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: Cellular Phone Concession Awarded To Abiatar Barbara Khol
08 Latin America: Industrial Output As Proportion Of G.d.p. (s/s) Barbara Khol
31 Brazil To Purchase Bolivian Natural Gas Barbara Khol
03 Development Of Southern Cone Common Market (mercosur): Summary Of Recent Events & Statements Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Report On Aluminum Output Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: Note On Income Tax Burden Compared To Southern Cone Common Market (mercosur) Partners Barbara Khol
17 On Brazilian-german Trade Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: Sales Receipts & Principal Activities Of 10 Largest Companies, 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
08 Multilateral Financial Institutions Threaten To Suspend Negotiations With Panamanian Government Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Workers Party Leader Calls For Suspension Of Foreign Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
01 Uruguay: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Privatization Of State-run Enterprises Barbara Khol
17 Jamaica: Social Welfare Budget Supplement Barbara Khol
15 International Finance Corporation Approves US$17 Million Joint Risk Venture In Association With Argentine Oil Company Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Automobile Output, January-september 1991 Barbara Khol
31 Provisional Ruling By U.S. Department Of Commerce Sets 50% Tariff On Venezuelan Cement Imports Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Government To Impose 25% Tariff On Wheat Imports Barbara Khol
29 Uruguayan Government Hopes To Obtain New I.m.f. Agreement Barbara Khol
31 Note On Telecommunications Business In Latin America Barbara Khol
24 Colombia: Public Employees Organize 24-hour Work Stoppage Barbara Khol
22 Caribbean Community Member-nations Postpone Common Tariff Implementation Barbara Khol
24 Peruvian Officials Prohibit Entry Of Colombian & Brazilian Cotton Shipments Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: Trade Surplus, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Colombian Government To Create Foreign Trade Ministry Barbara Khol
22 European Economic Community Expected To Approve US$135 Million Aid Package For Peruvian Government Barbara Khol
29 Chilean Defense Ministry Company To Launch Sales Campaign For New Missile Barbara Khol
01 Chile: French Banks Loan $17 Million For Purchase Of Medical Equipment & Services Barbara Khol
24 Paraguay: 1992 Economic Projections Barbara Khol
15 Chile-venezuela Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
08 Argentine Economy Minister Pledges To Continue Privatizations Despite Protests By Organized Labor Barbara Khol
24 Chile-germany Financial Cooperation Accord Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Strike Paralyzes Santos Port Barbara Khol
24 Chile: New Gold & Silver Processing Facility In Copiapo Barbara Khol
29 Ecuadoran Finance Minister: No Plans To Increase Interest Payments To Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
29 Aerolineas Argentinas Flights To Amsterdam To Be Suspended Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Estimate Of October Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
17 Cuba: New Tourist Hotel & Airport In Santiago Barbara Khol
24 Colombia: On Gold Deposits In San Lucas Mountains Barbara Khol
03 Barbados: Note On World Bank Economic Policy Recommendations Barbara Khol
01 O.e.c.d. Report On Official Development Aid In 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: State-run Aluminum Processing Plants Running Deficits Due To Low World Market Prices Barbara Khol
10 European Commission Approves $7.916 Million In Financial & Technical Assistance Programs For Latin America Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Port Employees Plan 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Non-traditional Export Revenue, August 1991 Barbara Khol
01 Ecuador: Description Of Integrated Rural Development Program Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: High Interest Rates & Recession Likely To Cause Hundreds Of Bankruptcies By Year-end Barbara Khol
22 Uruguayan Exports Under Duty-free Agreements With Brazil & Argentina Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Fruit Crop Loss Estimates Barbara Khol
22 Uruguayan Meat Exports, January To Mid-october 1991 Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: US$3.8 Million Concessionary Loan From China Barbara Khol
08 Uruguayan Government To Open Bids On Four Domestic Flight Routes Barbara Khol
15 Brazil & I.m.f. Agree On "essential Elements" Of Economic Stabilization Program Barbara Khol
08 Inter-american Development Bank To Finance Environmental Conservation Programs In Honduras Barbara Khol
03 France Donates Wheat Flour To Peru Barbara Khol
29 Bolivian Government Proposes Buy-back On US$232 Million In Debt Owed Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
15 I.m.f.-world Bank Annual Meetings: Summary Of Developments, October 10-13 Barbara Khol
29 Chile: US$1.5 Billion Investment In La Candalaria Copper Mine Approved Barbara Khol
01 Jamaica: Deregulation Of Foreign Currency Exchange Barbara Khol
08 Barbados: Japanese Government Grants Six-month Extension On $32 Million Debt Service Payment Barbara Khol
22 Bolivia Seeks Increase In Tin Export Quota Barbara Khol
01 International Development Association Approves $110 Million Loan For Nicaragua Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: State-run Tv Network To Be Partially Privatized Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Report On Cellulose Industry Barbara Khol
22 Report On Plans To Establish Caribbean Region Stock Exchange Barbara Khol
10 World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Impose Conditions On Additional Loans For Yacireta Dam Project Barbara Khol
08 U.N. Eclac Report On Water Contamination Barbara Khol
22 Inter-american Development Bank Grants To Agricultural Research Institutions In Latin America Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Rising Incidence Of Bank Robberies Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: On Impact Of Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
01 Tokyo Approves $70 Million Loan For Nicaraguan Government's Economic Restructuring Program Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Foreign Capital Participation Expected For Heavy Crude Exploration In Orinoco Strip Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: 1.45% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
15 Argentine Government To Prohibit Used Clothing Imports Barbara Khol
15 Ecuador: Conoco Inc. Drops Plans To Develop Oil Field In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Sao Paulo Metal Industry Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
15 A.i.d.s. Described As New Obstacle To Development In Third World Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
10 Ecuador: Note On Trade With Germany In 1990 Barbara Khol
31 Ecuadoran Oil Sales To Cuba Barbara Khol
22 Military Spending-gdp Ratios: Latin America Compared To Selected Advanced Industrial & Third World Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
22 Dominican Republic: Report On 1991-92 Sugar Harvest Barbara Khol
15 Ecuador: Average Price On Oil Exports, January-july 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Manufacturers In Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados Demand Maintenance Of Protection From Foreign Competition Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: 1991 Sugar Exports Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: I.m.f. Disbursements For 1991 Lower Than Expected Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Foreign Trade Statistics For September Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
17 Chile: On Trade With Germany Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: October Inflation Barbara Khol
10 Chile: 14.3% Unemployment In Santiago, June 1991 Barbara Khol
31 Cuba & Venezuela Consider Joint Operation Of Cienfuegos Refinery Barbara Khol
08 World Bank Approves $187.2 Million In Loans For Chile Barbara Khol
01 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Expert Promotes Debt Swaps For Sustainable Agriculture Barbara Khol
01 Andean Pact Nation Foreign Reserves Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Recent Economic Performance Statistics Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: On Economic Recovery After "lost Decade" Barbara Khol
29 Jamaica: General Consumption Tax Implemented Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: 1992 Buenos Aires Municipal Budget Barbara Khol
10 Japanese & U.S. Banks In Latin America: Medium- & Long- Term Outstanding Loans, Dec. 1984 & Nov. 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Informal Sector Employment Barbara Khol
01 Jamaica: Non-governmental Organization Plans Debt-nature Swap Barbara Khol
22 Conclusion: International Monetary Fund- World Bank Annual Meetings Barbara Khol
29 Chilean State-run Copper Company: Fy1992 Program Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Metallurgy Industry Performance Barbara Khol
22 Brazilian Exports, Imports, Balance: Selected Years, 1976 To 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
10 Guatemala 103rd Member Of G.a.t.t. Barbara Khol
31 Implementation Of Caribbean Community Tariff System Delayed Barbara Khol
03 Trinidad & Tobago: Report On Foreign Debt Service Barbara Khol
01 Cuban Government Offers Facilities & Guarantees To Investors From Galicia Province, Spain Barbara Khol
01 Haiti: Socio-economic Brief Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: 1992 Grain Import Estimates Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: 1.8% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: Functional Illiteracy Rate At 32% Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Inter-american Development Bank Approves US$176 Million Loan Barbara Khol
29 Uruguay: Construction Starts Up In Montevideo Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: US$100 Million World Bank Loan For Resettlement Of Communities Displaced By Hydroelectric Dam Project Barbara Khol
08 Formal Negotiations For Chile-u.s. Trade Agreement To Begin November 28 Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: June Un- & Underemployment Figures Barbara Khol
24 Chile: 1.6% Expansion Of Public Sector Work Force Next Year Barbara Khol
31 Peru: Concessionary Loans From Spanish Government Barbara Khol
03 Peru: On Introduction Of New Currency Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: New Oil Exploration Opportunities Available To Private Companies Barbara Khol
31 Chile: Foreign Trade, January-july 1991 Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela To Help Barbados Avoid Loan Default Barbara Khol
08 Uruguay: Inflation Surpasses Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Selected Macro-economic Indicators Barbara Khol
10 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $132.5 Million Loan For Nicaragua Barbara Khol
08 Uruguay: 6.49% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Six New Oil Exploration Contracts With Private Firms Soon To Be Concluded Barbara Khol
03 Costa Rica: Vice President Promotes Coffee Exports To Japan Barbara Khol
03 Five Governments Plan Construction Of Waterway On Parana & Paraguay Rivers Barbara Khol
22 U.N. Special Council On Increasing Frequency & Severity Of Natural Disasters Barbara Khol
17 Notes On I.m.f.-world Bank Annual Meetings Barbara Khol
10 Mexico: September Consumer Price Inflation At 1% Barbara Khol
08 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $32.8 Million Loan For Guatemala Barbara Khol
08 Nicaragua: $22 Million In Public Investment Planned For 1992 Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Probable Dates For Privatization Of 27 State-run Companies (s/s) Barbara Khol
01 Chile: Report On Private Sector Investment In Mining Activities Barbara Khol
24 Venezuela: US$52 Billion In Flight Capital Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: US$62.5 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Forestry Development Projects Barbara Khol
24 Argentina-italy Financial Accord Barbara Khol
31 Peru: 1991 Mining Industry Losses Barbara Khol
24 Uruguay: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Banco De La Nacion To Close 15 Branch Offices Barbara Khol
10 Colombia: Privatization Of Banco De Los Trabajadores Complete Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Cultivated Crop Area Up 1.5% For 1991-92 Harvest Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Second Quarter Gdp Growth Barbara Khol
17 Japanese Government Assistance For Bolivia Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Privatization Of Celma Postponed Barbara Khol
29 Canadian-chilean Joint Venture In Refugio Gold Mine Barbara Khol
29 Chile: On US$170 Million World Bank Loan For Upgrading Primary School Education Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Trade Surplus, September 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Summary Of Political Violence, September 18 - October 13 Barbara Khol
08 Peru: State-run Banco Popular To Be Privatized In February Barbara Khol
08 U.S. Writes Off $113 Million In Guyanese Debt Barbara Khol
24 Peru: Note On Financial Agreements With Japan Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: Debt-equity Swap For Investment In Polypropylene Plant Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: Government Dismisses Over 3,000 Steel Plant Employees Barbara Khol
29 Note On Coffee Export Income Losses Barbara Khol
10 I.m.f. & U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) On Macro-economic Projections Barbara Khol
22 On Japanese Aid To Bolivia Barbara Khol