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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
24 Brazil: Supreme Labor Tribunal Rules Oil Worker Strike "abusive" Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Government Facilitates Access To Foreign Loans For Export Crop Producers Barbara Khol
19 Ecuador: On Negotiations With The I.m.f. Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: President's Proposed Constitutional Amendments Less Than Popular Barbara Khol
05 Latin American Economic System (sela) Meetings: Summary Of Developments, Aug. 26 - Sept. 5 Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Oil Workers Stage Warning Strike Barbara Khol
10 Colombian Government Expects $650 Million In I.d.b. Loans By Year-end 1991 Barbara Khol
03 Brazilian Congress Approves 247% Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
17 Bolivia: On Government's Coca Eradication Program Barbara Khol
24 Venezuela: On Privatization Of State-run Telephone Company Barbara Khol
19 Note On "street Children" In Latin America Barbara Khol
03 Colombia Takes Initiative In Organizing 10% Voluntary Retention Of Coffee Output By Latin American Producers Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Report On Technological Lag Barbara Khol
17 Notes On Privatization/structural Adjustment In Central America Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Paris Club Government Creditors Agree To $1.5 Billion Debt Rescheduling Barbara Khol
17 Brazilian President Requests Cooperation By Political Opposition To Prevent Economic Chaos Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Unemployment Rate In Montevideo Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Outline Of Government's New Economic Package Barbara Khol
26 Mexican Government Postpones Request For G.a.t.t. Ruling On U.S. Tuna Embargo Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Update On Political Violence & Peace Negotiations, September 12 - 25 Barbara Khol
17 Argentina Imports Poultry From Brazil Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia: 40-year Lithium Mining Contract Finalized With U.S.-based F.m.c. Lithco Barbara Khol
24 Uruguay: Partial Work Stoppages Affect Gasoline Supply Barbara Khol
05 Jamaica: Continuity Of Soviet Bauxite Deal Uncertain Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: 20% Foreign Debt Reduction Via Privatization Revenues Barbara Khol
10 Chile: 1991 Gdp & Inflation Projections Barbara Khol
24 Venezuela: Estimated 1991 Direct Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
24 U.S. Embargo Against Cuba Included On U.N. General Assembly Agenda Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Note On 1992 Budget Submitted To Congress Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: Notes On 1992 Budget Proposal Barbara Khol
19 Mexico: Cumulative Inflation Rate At 10.8% For January-august 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Cholera Update Barbara Khol
10 Mexico: 10.8% Inflation In First Eight Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Summary Of Political Violence, Aug. 26 - Sept. 6 Barbara Khol
24 Panama: Planning Minister On Successful Negotiations With Multilateral Financial Institutions Barbara Khol
17 Colombia: Workers At Renault Assembly Plant On Strike Barbara Khol
10 Latin American Economic System (sela) Meetings: Conclusion Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Teachers Stage 24-hour Work Stoppage Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Summary Of Proposed Constitutional Amendments Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Selected Macro-economic Indicators Barbara Khol
03 Peru: August Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
17 Peru: I.m.f. Approves Accumulation Of Drawing Rights Equivalent To Arrears Barbara Khol
03 Costa Rica: Outline Of Third Economic Adjustment Program Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Update On Rebel Violence, September 8 - 18 Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: August Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: 1991 Grain Harvest Projection Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: Government Suspends Tariffs On All Bolivian Imports, Cuts Exceptions List For Andean Pact Nations Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Government Reduces Work Week For Public Employees Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: 1990/1991 Agricultural Output Down 1.7% Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Oil Workers Strike Continues Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: $500 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Clean-up Of Guanabara Bay Barbara Khol
24 Colombia To Boost Oil Output Barbara Khol
17 Peru: State-run Fisheries Company Ready To Declare Bankruptcy Barbara Khol
17 Peru: 25 Private Mining Companies Plan Simultaneous Temporary Shut-down Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Record Honey Export Income Barbara Khol
19 Mexico Turns Down Cuban Request For San Jose Pact Beneficiary Status Barbara Khol
26 Costa Rica: Exports To Europe Up 30% In 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: August Inflation Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Economy Minister Reports On Progress Of Organizing Funding To Repay Debt Arrears To Multilateral Institutions Barbara Khol
17 On Colombian Government's Plan To Raise World Market Coffee Prices Barbara Khol
24 Chile-mexico Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Restructuring Agreement On Nearly $8 Billion In Debt Owed Paris Club Member Governments Barbara Khol
10 Chile: Stock Market Performance Barbara Khol
03 Dominican Republic: Senate Approves Oil Exploration- Production Contracts With Two Private Companies Barbara Khol
24 Bolivia: Switzerland Donates $7 Million Toward Balance Of Payments Assistance Barbara Khol
10 Dominican Republic: 1990 Foreign Exchange From Tourism Barbara Khol
10 Merrill Lynch Introduces Latin America Fund Barbara Khol
26 Argentina Quits Non-aligned Movement Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: Projected Foreign Debt In 1993 One-third Of 1989 Total Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: On Expansion Of Electricity Grid, Propane Gas Imports From Venezuela Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Record Stock Market Performance Barbara Khol
17 Cuban Officials Promote Investment By Guyanese Businesspersons Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Foreign Debt Total, July 31, 1991 Barbara Khol
24 Venezuela: French Companies To Invest $42 Million In Construction Projects Next Year Barbara Khol
10 Venezuelan Oil Exports, 1st Half 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Latin American Foreign Debt & Debt Service, 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Nicaragua Settles $327 Million In Arrears Owed To World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Sale Of Usiminas Stock Postponed Barbara Khol
24 Mexico-belize Cooperation Agreements Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Ruling Party Takes Majority Of Gubernatorial & Legislative Seats Barbara Khol
26 U.N. Eclac Report: Selected Highlights (s/s) Barbara Khol
17 Japanese Government Lifts Freeze On $467 Million In Development Aid Loans To Brazil Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: Banana Exporters Not Interested In U.p.e.b. Membership Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Labor Confederations Plan General Strike To Begin Oct. 3 Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: $2.5 Billion In Loans From Inter-american Development Bank In 1991-1994 Barbara Khol
05 Paraguayan Participation In Mercosur Expected To Bring High Unemployment & Plant Shut-downs Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: World Bank Affiliate (ifc) Approves $13 Million Stock Acquisition In Petrochemical Plants Barbara Khol
19 Malaysian Palm Oil Industry Selects Venezuela As Production, Processing & Marketing Center Barbara Khol
10 Autolatina Installs Catalytic Converters In Vehicles Manufactured In Brazil Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Avibras Weapons Manufacturer To Continue Research & Development Barbara Khol
17 Chile: World Bank Affiliate (ifc) Approves $14 Million Loan For Hydroelectric Plant In Aconcagua Valley Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Fuel Price Hikes Barbara Khol
10 U.S.-based Vacation Home Time-sharing Company Opens Office In Brazil Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Projected Debt Service Savings Barbara Khol
24 Chile: 1991 Export Revenue Forecast Barbara Khol
24 Barbados: Politicians, Labor Unions & Business Leaders Opposed To I.m.f. Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
24 Venezuela: Restrictions On Automotive Imports Reduced Barbara Khol
03 Peru: Public Prosecutors On Strike Barbara Khol
17 Chile: $2 Billion Spanish Investment Fund Under Five-year Bilateral Treaty Barbara Khol
26 Haiti: Conflict Over Minimum Wage Barbara Khol
10 Brazilian Government Seeks $2 Billion I.m.f. Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: World Bank & Affiliate To Finance "conversion" Of Armed Forces Barbara Khol
17 Venezuelan Loans To Caribbean & Central American Nations, 1990 Barbara Khol
03 Tension Between Uruguayan & Brazilian Governments Over Montevideo Decision To Purchase Swiss Military Planes Barbara Khol
17 Latin America: 1990 Aggregate Foreign Debt, Debt Service For Selected Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
03 Colombia: Foreign Reserves, August 1991 Barbara Khol
24 Jamaica: Inter-american Development Bank Approves $75 Million Loan, Eligibility For Benefits Under Hemispheric Initiative Barbara Khol
05 Funding Cutbacks For Extension Services Negatively Impact On Agricultural Production Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Sales Receipts Of Largest Private & Public Sector Companies, 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: New Currency Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: Government Approves $1.8 Million In Financial Assistance For State-run Mining Company Barbara Khol
26 U.S. Government Pardons $300 Million Of Nicaraguan Debt Barbara Khol
24 Taiwanese Contribution To Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Privatization Program To Be Concluded By Year-end 1992 Barbara Khol
05 Uruguay: 6.28% Inflation In August Barbara Khol
19 Ecuador: Oil Exports, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Peru: 3% Monthly Inflation Predicted By Year-end Barbara Khol
03 Peru: Public School Teachers Plan 24-hour Work Stoppage Barbara Khol
10 Ecuador: Economic Performance Linked To Government's Refusal To Pay 100% Of Interest Payments To Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Import Tariffs Reduced Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: Notes On Coal Production Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Inter-american Development Bank Approves $70 Million Loan For Education System Upgrade Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Loans To Foreign Company Subsidiaries & Risk Capital, Projected 1991 Total Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: Non-oil Export Income, January-august 1991 Barbara Khol
10 Barbados: Government Proposes 10% Cut In Public Employee Wages Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: On Privatization Of State-owned Telephone Company Barbara Khol
10 Business Leader Says Foreign & Domestic Investors Not Interested In Paraguay Barbara Khol
17 Colombia: Teachers In Antioquia Department On Strike Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: 1991 Trade Surplus Estimate Scaled Down Barbara Khol
10 Venezuelan Government To Propose Elimination Of Exceptions In Andean Pact Trade Liberalization Scheme Barbara Khol
03 Notes On Latin American Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: On Privatization Plans For Usiminas Steelworks Barbara Khol
10 Brazilian Agriculture Minister On Non-competitiveness Under Mercosur Barbara Khol
19 Argentine: Public Employee Cutbacks Barbara Khol
24 Venezuelan Oil Company Plans For Joint Ventures With Foreign Companies, Investment In Japanese Refineries Barbara Khol
24 Paraguay: All State-run Companies Running A Deficit To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
19 Peru, Mexico & Chile: Request For Membership In Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation Forum Turned Down Barbara Khol
24 Costa Rica: Foreign Investment Incentives Barbara Khol
05 Venezuela: New Oil Field In Eastern Monagas Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Trade Surplus, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
26 Government Of Trinidad & Tobago Calls On Caricom To Support End Of U.S. Embargo Against Cuba Barbara Khol
24 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $425 Million Trade Sector Reform Loan For Peru Barbara Khol
19 Mexico: Report On Foreign Debt Service Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Impact Of Drought On Coffee, Bean & Corn Crops Barbara Khol
24 Highlights From World Bank Annual Report Barbara Khol
19 Peru: U.S. Southern Peru Copper Corporation Delays Implementation Of Pollution Controls Barbara Khol
05 Cuba: Canada's Most Important Trade Partner In Caribbean Barbara Khol
05 Chile: August Inflation Barbara Khol
17 Jamaica: Registered Nurses On Strike For Six Days Barbara Khol
19 Cuba & Venezuela Finalize Cooperation Agreements Barbara Khol
10 Government Authorizes Professional Employment For Chileans Who Earned Degrees Abroad During Military Regime Barbara Khol
24 Jamaica: Public Employees Demand Salary Hikes Barbara Khol
03 Inter-american Development Bank To Increase New Loans Approved For Brazil Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Government Approves Real Wage Increase For Low-income Workers Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Expansion Plans Subject To Change If World Market Prices Decline Barbara Khol
10 Colombia: Coffee Exports Down In 1990-91 Crop Year Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Government Failure To Meet I.m.f. Targets Last Quarter To Be "pardoned" Barbara Khol
24 Paraguay: U.S. Ambassador Suggests Government Provide More Incentives & Guarantees To Attract U.S. Investment Barbara Khol