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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Uruguay: Wholesale Price Index Up 4.7% In June Barbara Khol
22 Inter-american Development Bank 1991-1992 Loan Program For Venezuela Totals Over $1 Billion Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Highlights Of Political Violence & Government- Rebel Peace Talk Initiative, July 3 - August 17 Barbara Khol
06 Uruguayan Government Approves $208 Million Worth Of Debt-investment Swaps Barbara Khol
27 Cuba To Request Approval Of U.N. General Assembly For End To U.S. Trade Embargo Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: $805 Million In Loans With World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Finalized Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Beef Exports To U.S. Resume Barbara Khol
22 $20 Million Credit Line For Mexico-central America Trade Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Agro-export Performance, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Uruguay: 4.36% Inflation In July Barbara Khol
22 Canada-chile Research & Development Agreement On Mining & Minerals Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Concessionary Loans For Spanish & Italian Capital Goods Imports Barbara Khol
08 Argentine Central Bank Investigates Over 300 Bank Accounts Worth $45 Million Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: I.m.f. To Resume Loan Disbursement Barbara Khol
22 I.d.b. Approves $150 Million Foreign Debt Reduction & Structural Adjustment Loan For Uruguay Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Commentary On Use Of Exchange Rate Policy To Control Inflation Barbara Khol
22 U.S. Pardons $30.3 Million Of Bolivian Debt Barbara Khol
15 World Market Sugar Surplus Predicted For 1990/91 Season Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Gdp Growth, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Air Fare & Postal Service Price Hikes Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Official & Independent Sources Report On July Inflation Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Unemployment At 10.3%, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Decree Ends Government Monopoly Of Oil Industry Barbara Khol
22 On Petroecuador's Joint Venture With Conoco-headed Consortium For Heavy Crude Production In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Summary Of Political Violence & Related Events, August 13-25 Barbara Khol
22 Unilateral Free Trade Accord Terms Proposed By Venezuelan President To Caribbean Community Effective In Mid-1992 Barbara Khol
01 Latin American Steel Output, First Half 1990 & 1991, By Country (s/s) Barbara Khol
27 Notes On Poverty & Underemployment In Latin America Barbara Khol
13 10 Latin American Nations Develop Programs To Avoid Undermining Of Economic Policies By Increasing Poverty Barbara Khol
20 Uruguayan Exports Down In First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Government Accelerates Trade Opening Process Barbara Khol
08 Diplomat Responds To Criticisms By Ecuadoran Banana Producers Regarding French Protectionism Barbara Khol
01 Multi-fiber Agreement Extended For 17 Months Barbara Khol
15 On Brazil-hungary Trade Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Foreign Debt Total As Of Mid-1991 Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Establishes New Record Barbara Khol
27 Jamaica: Two-year Science & Technology Development Project Focused On Increasing Economic Growth Barbara Khol
20 Rio De Janeiro & Montevideo Stock Exchanges To Merge Operations In 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Army Officers Concerned Over Transfer Of Controlling Stock In Weapons Manufacturer To British Aerospace Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: 180,000 Public School Teachers Join 48-hour Walk-out Barbara Khol
27 Chile: On Sectoral Economic Performance, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
15 Commentary On Effectiveness Of Neo-liberal Economic Policy In Latin America Barbara Khol
08 Bolivian Trade Institute: Membership In Andean Pact Common Market More Advantageous Than Mercosur Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Union Federation Threatens Strike To Protest Handling Of Modifications To Labor Code Barbara Khol
27 Argentine Trade With Mercosur Partners, First Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Chile: First Week Of Strike At El Teniente Mine Causes $3 Million In Financial Losses Barbara Khol
29 Update On Spread Of Cholera In Latin America Barbara Khol
13 On Buy-out Of Engesa, Brazil's Largest Private Defense Contractor Barbara Khol
06 U.S. Agency For International Development Funds Study Of Potential Environmental Problems In 12 Developing Nations Barbara Khol
13 Latin American Economic System (sela) On Trade Liberalization & Common Market Initiatives (s/s) Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Automobile Production Up In July Barbara Khol
15 Venezuela: Transport Strike Ends Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Oil Workers Launch Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Stalemate On Restructuring Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Economy Ministry Reestablishes Price Controls On Selected Consumer Goods Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: $7 Billion Foreign Debt Reduction Expected By Late 1992 Via Privatizations Barbara Khol
15 Peru: U.S. Suspends Disbursement Of $95 Million In Military & Economic Aid Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Decline In Tourism Industry Barbara Khol
15 Ecuador: Oil Discovery At Laguna-1 Well In Amazon Barbara Khol
29 Latin American Banana Producer Nations To Request Suspension Of E.e.c. Import Quotas Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Government Sells Wheat Imports To Private Distributors Barbara Khol
20 Note On U.S. Embargo Against Venezuelan Tuna Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Inter-american Development Bank Approves $6.5 Million For Cardiology Research & Instruction Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Economic Indicators, Sao Paulo State Barbara Khol
29 I.m.f. Approves $113 Million In Loans For Dominican Republic Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Mansa Copper Mine To Begin Operations Within Three Years Barbara Khol
15 Note On U.S. Development Aid To Venezuela Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Government Releases Bank Savings Accounts Frozen In March 1990 Barbara Khol
15 Peruvian Government Denies Plans For Active Involvement Of U.S. Military Advisers In Anti-narcotics Program Barbara Khol
15 U.S. State Department: Report On U.S. As Major Weapons Supplier To Third World Misleading Barbara Khol
15 Peru: $488.3 Million Trade Surplus, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
01 Chile: Medicine Exports, First Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: On Volkswagen Output & Investment Plans Barbara Khol
08 U.S. Vice President & Secretary Of Commerce Discuss Protectionism With Venezuelan President Barbara Khol
27 Chile: El Teniente Copper Mine Employees Return To Work Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Orimulsion Exports Projected At 41 Million Metric Tons By 1996 Barbara Khol
29 Severe Drought Affects Central American Grain Crops Barbara Khol
06 Mexico & Venezuela Renew San Jose Pact; Oil Supply To Beneficiary Nations Increased Barbara Khol
22 Honduras & Guatemala To Establish Free Trade Zone Barbara Khol
01 On Argentine Wine Production & Consumption Barbara Khol
22 Venezuelan Financing For Honduran Housing Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Reduced Soybean Harvest Barbara Khol
15 Argentine Government Breaks Contract With French Company To Replace Identity Cards Barbara Khol
22 Panama: Foreign Governments To Provide Financing Toward Payment Of Debt Arrears Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Oil Exports To Increase By 50,000 Barrels Per Day In 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Latin American Economic System (sela) Plans Regional Conference On Industrialization Policy Barbara Khol
22 Chile: 3,000 Of 8,500 Striking Employees At El Teniente Copper Mine Return To Work Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Net Foreign Reserves, July 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Overview Of Fruit Exports Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Coffee Sector Private Companies Propose Voluntary 10% Reduction Barbara Khol
06 Chile: El Teniente Copper Mine Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
06 Chile: 1.8% Consumer Price Inflation In July Barbara Khol
08 Peru: $403 Million Loan From Latin American Reserve Fund Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Negotiations Begin On Restructuring Medium- & Long-term Commercial Bank Debt Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Reforestation Underway Barbara Khol
01 World Bank Approves $325 Million Structural Adjustment Loan For Argentina Barbara Khol
29 Gt Global Financial Services Creates $100 Million Fund For Investment In Mexican & South American Securities Barbara Khol
01 Chile: Public Health Sector Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: 2.6% Consumer Price Inflation In July Barbara Khol
20 Guyana: Government & Two Canadian Firms Finalize Agreement On Development Of Gold Mining Complex Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Tin Production, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
29 Venezuela: Work Stoppage In Caracas To Protest Gasoline Price Hikes Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Note On Economic Relations With Poland Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Supermarket Sales Up 14% In 1991 Barbara Khol
29 Costa Rica: $79 Million In Debt-for-nature Swaps Since 1987 Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Negotiations Underway For $478 Million Loan From Japan Barbara Khol
27 Latin American Economic System (sela) On Competition With Eastern Europe For Scarce Financial Resources Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Political Violence Death Toll, First Year Of Fujimori Administration Barbara Khol
20 Venezuelan Rum To Be Distributed By British Firm United Distillers Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: Import Spending, June 1991 Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Update On Lifting Savings Account Freeze, Anti-inflation Measures Barbara Khol
29 Paraguayan Government Requests New Terms In Itaipu Accord With Brazil Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Foreign Reserves At $9.2 Billion, June 1991 Barbara Khol
29 Ecuadoran Labor Federation Opposed To Anti-drug Pact With U.S. Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Resumption Of Iraqi Oil Shipments To Be Discussed Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: Report On Material Damage Caused By Rebel Sabotage, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
15 U.N.'s "earth Summit" Conference Organizer: 3rd World Foreign Debt Major Obstacle To Environmentally Safe Development Barbara Khol
01 Peru: On G.d.p. Performance In June, First Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Government Report Indicates Reduction Of Poverty First Step In Amazon Conservation Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Over 1,000 Public School Teachers Commence Hunger Strike Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Public School Teachers End Strike Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Proven Oil Reserves At 1.7 Billion Barrels Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Transportation Strike Protests Planned Fuel Price Hikes Barbara Khol
22 Peru: $5 Million Donation By I.d.b. For Revamping Tax Collection Agency Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: Consumer Price Index Up 1.81% In July Barbara Khol
01 Dominican Republic: Debt Restructuring Negotiations With Paris Club Set For September Barbara Khol
29 Honduras: $300,000 Anti-drug Trafficking Aid From U.S. Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Manufacturing Sector Growth Rate, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
20 Mexico: Note On Domestic Debt & Inflation, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Iberia-headed Consortium Submits Winning Bid For Purchase Of Controlling Stock In State-run Airline Barbara Khol
01 Los Libertadores Project: Linkage Among Four Railways In Seven Latin American Nations Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Automobile Industry Performance, July 1991 Barbara Khol
01 Colombia: Fresh Flower Exporters Say Changes In Foreign Exchange Policy Reduce Competitiveness Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Consumer Price Index Rose 10.83% In July According To Official Statistics Agency Barbara Khol
29 Taiwanese Vice President Promises To Stimulate Investment In Honduras Barbara Khol
27 30% Of Beef Consumed In Brazil Contains Anabolic Hormone Dangerous To Human Health Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: August Inflation Rate Among Lowest Monthly Figures Of Past 25 Years Barbara Khol
01 Dominican Republic: Labor Confederation Calls Off Strike Barbara Khol
06 Rising Number Of Peruvians Opt For U.S. Dollar Savings Over National Currency Barbara Khol
15 Chile: State-run Company Profits, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Report On Bond Offerings Abroad By State-run Companies Barbara Khol
06 Chile: U.S. & Japanese Companies Plan $1.5 Billion Investment In La Candelaria Copper Mine Barbara Khol
22 Chile: On F.a.o.-supported Forest Development & Conservation Program Barbara Khol
22 Brazilian Government Appoints Special Minister For Economic Integration Affairs Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: On Usiminas Steelworks Profits Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Public Employee Trade Union Confederation Plans 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
22 G.a.t.t. Arbitration Commission Rules Against U.S. Embargo Against Mexican Tuna Barbara Khol
13 Cholera Update, July 18 - Aug. 10 Barbara Khol
13 Report On Soviet Aid To Cuba Barbara Khol
01 Dominican Republic: Physicians' Strike Ends Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: Debate On Investment Cutbacks In State-run Oil Industry Barbara Khol
15 Latin American Contribution To Global Manufactures Output Likely To Decline Still Further Barbara Khol
29 Peru: 42% Inflation Target For 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Occidental Petroleum Reports Positive Results On Fifth Well Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: $777 Million Trade Surplus In July Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador: Report On Recently Completed Petroleum Product Processing & Distribution Facilities Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Government To Conclude Accord On Financial Information Exchange In Drug Money Laundering Investigations Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Striking Public School Teachers Reject Salary Hike Offer Barbara Khol
20 Bolivia: Note On Social Welfare Indicators Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Privatization Of One Company Per Month To Year-end Barbara Khol
01 Chile: Profits Of Two Largest Private Companies Down In First Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
29 British Investors Choose Venezuela As Launch Point For Investments In Latin America Barbara Khol
20 Brazilian Foreign Investments, January-july 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Joint Investment Projects With Belgian & French Companies Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Foreign Investment & Loans Up In First Seven Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Investment Plans Barbara Khol
22 Panama: $132 Million Paid To Multilateral Financial Institutions In Past Four Months Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Note On I.m.f. Agreement Terms Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: $565.3 Million Surplus, Errors & Omissions Category Of Balance Of Payments, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
20 Chile: Projected Copper Output For 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Peruvian Human Rights Commission Report On Detention/disappearances In Past 12 Months Barbara Khol
15 Latin American Nations Plan New Uses For Copper Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Political Violence & Government Response To Accusations Of Human Rights Abuses, July 2 - August 12 Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: On Partial Privatization Of State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Government Loans To Agricultural Producers Set At $2.8 Billion For 1991-92 Crop Year Barbara Khol
22 Argentina: On Private Consortium Bids For Acquiring Cargo Transport Concession To Three Railways Barbara Khol
15 Colombian Coffee Producers Committed To Resumption Of Global Quota System Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Fuel Price Hikes Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Private Investment Up In Past 10 Months Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: Privatization Of State-run Airline To Proceed As Scheduled Barbara Khol
29 Mexico, Chile & Peru Renew Requests For Membership In Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation (apec) Forum Barbara Khol
27 27 Rebel Organizations Active In Latin America Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Debt Restructuring Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors To Begin Aug. 21 Barbara Khol
01 Venezuelan Government Approves Aluminum Smelter Construction Proposed By South Korean Investors Barbara Khol
27 Peru: $625 Million In Inter-american Development Bank Loans To Be Finalized In Next Few Months Barbara Khol
27 Jamaica: Extra Security Measures To Protect Tourists Barbara Khol
01 Colombia: Airline Executive Critical Of Open Skies Agreement With Venezuela Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: Imports Of 40 Products From Selected Countries Deregulated Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: President Proposes Debt-nature Bond Swap Program Barbara Khol
29 Chilean Government & Fruit Producers & Exporters Demand $466 Million In Damages From U.S. Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: On Stock Exchange Recovery Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: On Oil Output, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: Crime Rate Nearly Triples In 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Farm Workers Block Pan-american Highway To Protest Government Neglect Barbara Khol
08 Uruguay: Electricity Rates To Be Reduced Beginning In 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Teachers' Strike Declared Illegal; Strikers Pledge Stepped-up Protest Actions Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Bank Employees To Launch Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Trade Surplus As Of Mid-july Barbara Khol