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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Peru: Tax Hikes Rejected By Congress To Be Implemented By Executive Decree Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: State-run Oil Company To Eliminate Leaded Gasoline Within Next Three Years Barbara Khol
09 Chile: On Non-govermental Organizations' Role In Alleviating Rural Poverty Barbara Khol
18 Honduras: On Economic Performance In 1990 Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Export Revenues Up In First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Chile: Tariff Reduction & Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Gdp Growth, First Five Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Haitian Government To Obtain German Aid For Electricity Infrastructure Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Debt Repayment To Multilateral Financial Institutions Reduced Until Establishment Of "support Group" Barbara Khol
18 Costa Rica Will Not Join U.S. In Tuna Boycott Against Mexico & Venezuela Barbara Khol
30 Dominican Republic: Low Turn-out For First Day Of 72-hour Nationwide Strike Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: Agricultural Technicians Seek To Increase Consumption Of High-protein Vegetable "chocho" Barbara Khol
02 Chile: Strike Causes Shut-down Of World's Largest Copper Mine Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Employees At El Teniente Copper Mine Vote To Strike Barbara Khol
30 Pessimistic Outlook For 1990s After "lost Development Decade" Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: New Three-year $300 Million Structural Adjustment Loan Barbara Khol
11 Potential Venezuela-romania Cooperation In Oil Refining, Steel Production Barbara Khol
16 World Bank Mission To Present Poverty Reduction Schemes To Central American Governments Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: International Agricultural Development Fund Approves $6.7 Million Loan Barbara Khol
04 Argentine Government's Debt Repayment Policies May Hinder Relationship With Foreign Creditors Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Partial Deregulation Of Currency Exchange Market Barbara Khol
16 Andean Development Corporation To Offer Oil Trade Financing Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation 121.39% In First Seven Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Paris Club Creditor Governments Approve Debt Restructuring For Jamaica Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Labor Confederation Organizes Nation-wide Strike Barbara Khol
30 Price Improvement On Ecuadoran Crude Since June Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: Physicians' Strike Ends Barbara Khol
16 Debut Of First Cessna-type Plane Manufactured In Colombia Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Cabinet Members To Resign At End Of July Barbara Khol
16 Guyana & Venezuela Request Loan From I.d.b. Barbara Khol
02 Dominican Republic: International Finance Corporation Approves $10 Million Loan For Construction Of Hotel Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: Central Bank President Says I.m.f. To Approve $1.04 Billion Stand-by Loan Barbara Khol
04 Chile: On Unemployment, Wage Rates Barbara Khol
25 Peru: Government Orders Teachers Back To Work, Suspends Public School Administrators Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Steel Output Up In First Half 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
02 Venezuelan President Eliminates Tariffs On Caribbean Imports Barbara Khol
11 Paraguay: 0.2% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
25 Peruvian Government Approves Contract For Texas Crude Petroleum Exploration In Amazon Barbara Khol
25 Haitian Maquiladora Sector: 8,120 Jobs Lost In Nine-month Period Barbara Khol
25 Venezuela: Interest Rate Hike Barbara Khol
30 I.m.f. Approves $1.04 Billion Stand-by Loan For Argentina Barbara Khol
23 Trinidad & Tobago: $260 Million Loan From Inter-american Development Bank For Oil Industry Barbara Khol
04 German Aid To Peru Barbara Khol
16 Japanese Aid To Costa Rica & Honduras Barbara Khol
02 Consortium Of U.S. Banks May Invest Up To $5 Million In Peru Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: 2.3% Gdp Growth In 1990 Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: June Inflation At 2.5% Barbara Khol
18 Peru: State-run Telecommunications & Airline Companies To Be Partially Privatized Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Private Company Imports Argentine Wheat Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: Banana Export Volume & Revenue, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: On Stock Exchange Earnings Barbara Khol
11 Nicaragua: -7.03% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
04 I.m.f. Approves $60 Million Loan For Bolivian Government's Economic Restructuring Program Barbara Khol
25 Ecuador: Export Producers & Distributors Protest New Measures To Reduce Money Supply Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: 1.58% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Italian Government Pledges $30 Million To "support Group" Barbara Khol
18 El Salvador: $11 Million World Bank Loan For Electricity Grid Upgrade Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Army To Cut Number Of Generals Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Air Pollution Crisis Leads To Plant Shut-downs In Sao Paulo Industrial Belt Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Foreign Oil Companies Discover Large Deposit Of Oil & Natural Gas Barbara Khol
09 Chile: 1.8% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: Government Approves Joint Exploitation Proposal By U.S. Firm Conoco Of Heavy Crude In Amazon Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Plans For Privatizing Three State-run Mining Companies Barbara Khol
30 Inter-american Development Bank Financing For Technology Transfer Among Latin American Exporters Barbara Khol
16 Peruvian Government To Impose Tax Evasion Sanctions Barbara Khol
18 Chile: New Zealand Firm Purchases To Purchase Majority Stake In Cape Horn Methanol Barbara Khol
30 Peru: Note On Peruvian President's First Year In Office Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Net Capital Transfer Abroad, 1985-1990 Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Presidential Decree Prohibits Fiscal Incentives For Amazon Land-clearing Ventures Barbara Khol
18 Inter-american Development Bank $3 Billion Loan Program For Central America Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Second State-run Company Enters Privatization Process Barbara Khol
30 Guyana: Labor Unions Protest Government Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
30 Peru: Union Confederation Reports Loss Of 250,000 Jobs In Past Year Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: Armed Forces Chief Announces Plans To Expel Selected D.e.a. Agents Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Industrial Output Down 5.7% In 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Purchase Agreement On Sale Of Aerolineas Argentinas Closed Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: New Nickel-titanium Alloy Barbara Khol
04 Dominican Republic: 48-hour General Strike Barbara Khol
09 Notes On Military Spending From World Bank Annual Report On Global Economic Development Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Cacao Trade Affected By Bahia State Dock Workers' Strike Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Military Objects To Congressional Decision On Salaries Barbara Khol
02 Peru: On Dismissal Of State-run Bank Employees Barbara Khol
16 Chile Receives $150 Million Loan Under U.S. President's Continental Free Trade Initiative Barbara Khol
09 Caribbean Community (caricom) Summit, July 1-4: Summary Of Developments LADB Staff
16 Argentina: 3.1% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
16 Restrictions Against Imports In Wake Of Cholera Outbreak Cost Peru $1 Billion In Lost Revenue Barbara Khol
30 Dominican Republic: U.S. Donates $755,000 For Cholera Prevention Program Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Commercial Banks Authorized For Export-import Financing In Third Countries Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: "market Reserve" Policy Affecting Computers & Computer Parts Eliminated Barbara Khol
16 World Bank Approves $340 Million Loan For Haiti; Decision Pending On $250 Million Financing For Guyana Barbara Khol
30 U.N. Development Programme (undp) Studies Use Of Foreign Aid Barbara Khol
18 Latin American & Caribbean Participation In Mexican Trade Compared To Major Trade Partners (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: Update On Privatization Of Water Treatment Company Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Catholic Bishops Report On Declining Social Welfare Conditions Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela: Foreign Reserves, 1st Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Chile: Update On Strike At Chuquicamata Mine Barbara Khol
30 Bolivia: Debt Owed To U.S. Government To Be Eliminated By 1993 Barbara Khol
18 Bolivia: 40-year Contract To Mine Lithium Barbara Khol
02 Chile & Malaysia Finalize Bilateral Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
23 Paraguay: Businesspersons Demand Rapid Privatization Barbara Khol
02 Brazilian Government Approves "debt For Nature Swaps" Barbara Khol
18 Haitian Currency Standard Change To Be Implemented In October Barbara Khol
25 More On Possible Colombia-brazil Collaboration On Raising Coffee Prices Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Trade Figures For First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: I.m.f. Approves $60 Million Expanded Structural Adjustment Facility (esaf) Loan Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Oil Concessions To Private Companies Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: Suspension Of I.m.f. Loan Disbursement Barbara Khol
11 Agro-exporter Nations Call On G-7 To Take Lead In Breaking G.a.t.t. Stalemate On Farm Subsidies Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: $1.333 Billion Trade Surplus In May Barbara Khol
02 Notes From U.N. Global Economic Study Barbara Khol
16 Andean Nations Plan Telecommunciations Integration Barbara Khol
11 On Cuban Debt Relief Proposals To Japanese Creditors Barbara Khol
23 Ibero-american Summit: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
16 Highlights Of Amnesty International Annual Report Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Update On Labor Conflicts Barbara Khol
18 Notes On Latin American Trade, 1990 Barbara Khol
25 Mexico: Japan's Eximbank Approves $460 Million Loan For Electricity Plant Expansion Barbara Khol
09 Costa Rica: Additional Fiscal Spending Cuts Expected In Second Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Dominican Republic: United Workers Confederation Calls General Strike Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: French-italian Consortium To Invest $300 Million By Year-end In Telephone System Barbara Khol
23 Panama & Ecuador To Ask E.e.c. To Refrain From Imposing Banana Import Taxes Barbara Khol
30 Chile: On Income-level Results Of Recent Household Survey Barbara Khol
25 Ecuador: Non-oil Exports Up, January-may 1991 Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Negotiations With I.m.f. Temporarily Suspended Result Of Statements By Mission Chief Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Excepting Oil, No Raw Materials Shipments From Soviet Union In January-may Period Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Dow Chemical & Bavaria Beer Investments Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Agriculture Minister Announces Restrictions Placed On Additional Land Area Dedicated To Banana Plantations Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Report On 24-hour Nation-wide Strike Barbara Khol
11 Uruguay: Note On Citrus Exports Barbara Khol
30 $300 Million In Euro-bond Offerings By Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Toyota Suspends Vehicle Manufacture; Nissan Discontinues Terminates Auto Parts Shipments Barbara Khol
11 Update On Cholera Outbreak; Pan-american Health Organization (paho) Proposes Long-term Prevention Program Barbara Khol
04 $12 Billion Investment Required For Amazon Environmental Conservation Programs Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: Finance Ministry Announces Bidding For Reprivatization Of Two More Banks Barbara Khol
11 Costa Rica Concludes Contract For Purchase Of 160,000 Barrels Of Ecuadoran Fuel Oil Barbara Khol
04 Chile: Notes On Macro-economic Performance Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Steel Production, 1st Half 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Government Delegation To Visit U.S. & Canada In Bid To Attract Interest In Railway Privatization Barbara Khol
30 Women Represent Over Half Of Third World Poor Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Senate Majority Approves Privatization Of State-run Telephone Company Barbara Khol
11 Gdp Growth Rates, 1988, 1989, 1990: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, & Mexico (s/s) Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay To Introduce New Currency Barbara Khol
02 Chile To Receive $100 Million In Disaster Relief From Japan Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Coffee Exports, January-may 1991 Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: State-run Oil Company Losses Due To Rebel Sabotage Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: New Constitution Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Health Sector Employees Suspend Strike For 30 Days Barbara Khol
16 On Italian Aid To Guyana Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Congressional Committee Requests Delay On Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Japanese Company Approves Loan For Financing Of Off-shore Oil Rig Barbara Khol
30 Central American Bank Clearinghouse Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Negotiations To Raise Iranian Oil Imports Barbara Khol
09 Chile: Strike At Chuquicamata Copper Mine Continues Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela Approves Import Financing For Colombian State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: 163 State-run Companies To Be Partially Privatized Barbara Khol
30 Uruguay: $35 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Social Welfare Program Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: Non-oil Exports, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
04 International Development Association Approves $11.3 Million Loan For Bolivia Barbara Khol
09 French Write-off Of $55 Million Of Haitian Debt Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: $886 Million Interest Arrears Payment To Foreign Banks Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Banco Cafetero To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: Sugar Industry Fuel Consumption Declines Barbara Khol
18 Costa Rica: Paris Club Approves Debt Restructuring Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Fuel Price Increase Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Obtains $272 Million From Japanese Trade Companies For Off-shore Production Platform Barbara Khol
30 Colombian & Venezuelan Metalworking Industry Executives To Establish Pact In Preparation For Andean Market Opening Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Expected Public Sector Layoffs Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: National Savings Up Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: Price Controls Eliminated Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela Joins Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Barbara Khol
11 Report On U.S. Trade With Latin America, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Notes On Coffee Market Two Years After Collapse Of Quota System Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: 11.1% Unemployment In June Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: On Future Monetary Reform Barbara Khol
25 Japanese Eximbank Offers "unlimited" Credit For Modernization Of Industrial Sector Barbara Khol
02 Peru Introduces New Currency Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Record Trade Surplus In First Half Of 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $150 Million For Chile Barbara Khol
02 Peru: 9.3% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Economy Minister Says Striking Public Sector Employees To Receive A Maximum $55 Per Month Wage Hike Barbara Khol
23 Brazilian & Colombian Presidents Begin Talks On Collaboration Toward Raising Coffee Prices Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Malnutrition Among School-age Children Barbara Khol
04 Cuba: Sugar Harvest Below Government Projections Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Managers Of State-run Aeronautics Company Resign Barbara Khol
02 Chile: $900 Million Contract For Iron Pellets With Malaysian State-run Steel Company Barbara Khol
23 Colombia-venezuela Private Oil Industry Organizations Convene Barbara Khol
11 Grenada: $6.3 Million British Development Aid For Water Treatment & Distribution Barbara Khol
02 Jamaica Resumes Bauxite Shipments To Soviet Union Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: Record Trade Deficit In January-april 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Strike At Chuquicamata Copper Mine Ends Barbara Khol