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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Note On U.N. Development Programme Annual Report Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Italian Government Opens $50 Million Credit Line For Small- & Medium-scale Businesses Barbara Khol
04 Peru: State Of Emergency Extended For Lima & Callao Port Barbara Khol
11 Brazil To Present Amazon Recovery Plan At G-7 Meeting In London Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Indigenous Organizations & Labor Unions Launch 48-hour Strike In Imabura Province Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: May Export Revenues Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Investment In Transport Infrastructure Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: May Inflation At 1% Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Fuel & Electricity Price Hikes Barbara Khol
11 Trinidad & Tobago To Import Liquified Petroleum Gas (lpg) From Venezuela Barbara Khol
11 Trinidad & Tobago: Economic Projections Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Japanese Company Acquires Copper Mine From Phelps Dodge Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Port Handling Costs Decline Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Non-traditional Exports Down In 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Industrial Output Up 13.4% In April Barbara Khol
11 Honduras: I.m.f. Agreement Concluded; U.S. Donates $62 Million Barbara Khol
06 Venezuelan Mineral Resources Used As Bank Loan Collateral Barbara Khol
04 Uruguay: Foreign Fishing Rights For Mollusks Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
04 Brief Mutiny Launched By Haitian Soldiers Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Foreign Reserves At $8.5 Billion Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: 4.25% Inflation In May Barbara Khol
04 Italian Credit Lines For Argentina Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: 2.8% Inflation In May Barbara Khol
04 Jamaica: Flood Damage Estimated At $247 Million Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Stock Exchanges Open To Foreign Capital Barbara Khol
11 Brazil Buys Canadian Wheat Barbara Khol
06 U.S. Congress Approves Two-year Extension Of Executive Fast-track Authority Barbara Khol
06 U.S. Food Donation To Mexico Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: President Agrees To Dissolve Congress, Hold Early Elections Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Predicted Trade Surplus For 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Chile: World Bank Approves $50 Million Loan Destined For Upgrading Water Treatment System In Valparaiso Area Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: Fisheries & Aquaculture Potential Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Executives Of Major Companies Estimate Inflation Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Strike Closes Airports Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Banana Exports, First Half 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Mercosur Member-nations To Create South American Passport Toward Boosting Regional Tourism Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Foreign Reserves As Of May 31 Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Privatization Process For State-run Airline Begins Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela: January-may Inflation, 11.4% Barbara Khol
04 Indigenous Ecuadorans Call For Land, Release Of Prisoners Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador & Bolivia Conclude Airline Agreement Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Death Toll Of 1,394 In Political Violence Since President Fujimori Took Office Barbara Khol
06 International Finance Corporation Approves $20 Million Credit Line For Venezuelan Small- & Medium-scale Manufacturers Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Vice President Opposes Privatization Of Usiminas Steelworks Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: May Inflation At 2.5% Barbara Khol
11 Expected Negative Impact Of Free Trade Agreements With U.S. On Belize Citrus Industry Barbara Khol
11 Ecuador: On Infant Mortality Rate Barbara Khol
04 Notes On Global Banana Exports Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Foreign Capital Inflow Up In January-april 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: 6.68% Consumer Price Level Inflation In May Barbara Khol
04 On Taxes Paid By Middle-income Brazilians Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Catholic Bishops Call On Government To Resolve Wage Demands Of Striking Teachers & Public Health Employees Barbara Khol
04 On Possible Construction Of Natural Gas Pipeline From Bolivian Border To Sao Paulo, Brazil Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Recession Predicted For Remainder Of 1991 Barbara Khol
13 After Debt Payment Arrears Settlement, Inter-american Development Bank Expected To Loan $1.1 Billion To Peru Barbara Khol
06 Venezuelan Oil & Energy Minister Appointed O.p.e.c. President Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: May Inflation At 2.2% Barbara Khol
13 Manufacturers Hanover Investment In Chile Totals $100 Million Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela: Private Consortium Delivers Payment For Cellular Telephone Band Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: 1991 Grain Imports Estimated At $1.6 Billion Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Public School Teachers & Health Sector Employee Demonstration Largest Since Fujimori Took Office Barbara Khol
06 Brazil To Import 100,000 Tonnes Of Beef From E.e.c. In 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Privatization Underway Barbara Khol
11 Peruvian Government Proposes "solidarity Tax" For Persons Earning Over US$250 Per Month Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Economy Ministry Decrees Resumption Of Automatic Inflation Adjustment For Selected Contracts Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Airport Operations Resumed Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Atomic Energy Commission Prepares Plans For Nuclear Waste Dump In Patagonia Barbara Khol
06 Chile: Copper Prices Up Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Mining Output Up 9.8% In March Barbara Khol
11 Organization Of American States Staff Personnel Request Salary Parity With United Nations Barbara Khol
11 Thailand-chile Trade Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: On Purchase Of Drilling Rights In Huemul & Vizcacheras Areas Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Five Foreign Banks Interested In Advisory Role In Privatization Of Electricity Company Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Physicians Announce Walk-out; Health Sector Employees & Teachers Continue Strike Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Trade Surplus Down In Jan.-april 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: World Bank Approves $60 Million Loan For Municipal Infrastructure Projects Barbara Khol
13 World Bank Affiliate International Development Association Approves $12.6 Million Loan For Haiti Barbara Khol
11 U.S. Ambassador Calls On Argentine Government To Recognize Pharmaceuticals Patents Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: State-run Airline Leases Two Airbus Planes With Purchase Option Barbara Khol
06 Bolivia: 0.79% Inflation In May Barbara Khol
13 Dominican Republic: Labor Confederation Plans 48-hour General Strike Barbara Khol
04 Brazilian Senior Military Officers Oppose Military Accord With U.S., Role In Anti-drug Activities Barbara Khol
06 Consumer Price Inflation In 1990 For Latin American Region Over 500% (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 More On U.S. Government Wheat Sale Offer To Brazil Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Report On Industrial Sector Performance Over Past Decade Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: On Projected Coal Exports Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Update On Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
13 Inter-american Development Contribution To U.N. Agency To Promote Debate On U.S. Free Trade Proposal Barbara Khol
11 Cuba: On Food Shortages Barbara Khol
04 Peru: 7.6% Inflation In June Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Plebiscite On Form Of Government Scheduled For Sept. 7, 1993 Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Congress Requests Ban On Asbestos Barbara Khol