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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
28 Uruguay: Fiscal Revenues Up In Jan.-april 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: Fuel Contraband At "extreme" Level Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: On Exploration Of Cusiana Oil Deposit Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Nation-wide Strike Fails Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Inter-american Investment Corporation (iic) Approves $2.5 Million Loan For Poultry Producer Barbara Khol
09 Belize: Planning Underway For $175 Million Hydroelectric Generation Project Barbara Khol
21 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $20 Million Loan For Venezuela To Upgrade Tax Collection System Barbara Khol
09 Colombian Rebel Activities & Related Developments: Summary, April 1 - May 7 Barbara Khol
02 Jamaica & Netherlands Conclude 15-year Bilateral Agreement On Investment Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Salary Hike For Armed Forces Personnel & Public Administration Employees Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: Tax Revenues Up In April Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Negotiations With I.m.f. To Resume In June Barbara Khol
09 Peru: More On Cancellation Of Soviet Company's Fishing Contract Barbara Khol
02 Mexican Manufactures Foreign Trade, January-september 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: Bread Rationing In Havana Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Highlights Of Political Violence, March 25 - May 6 Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Petrobras Net Profit, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Hoechst Cuts Five-year Investment Projection From $50 To $15 Million Barbara Khol
07 Argentine Government Plans To Privatize Military Aircraft Manufacturing Plant Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Decree Abolishes Guaranteed Employment Stability In Civil Service Barbara Khol
21 Andean Pact Nation Presidents Formalize Plan For Common Market Arrangement Barbara Khol
14 Argentine Officials Incensed By U.S. Offer Of Subsidized Wheat Sale To Brazil Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Pipeline Linking Amazon Oilfields & Balao Port Temporarily Shut Down Barbara Khol
07 Chilean Companies Reduce Capital Stock In Joint Venture With Chinese Firm Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Debate On Impact Of Drug Trade Reduction Barbara Khol
28 Andean Pact Nation Exports (s/s) Barbara Khol
23 Update On Cholera Epidemic, April 26 - May 19 Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Three Major Labor Confederations Organize 48-hour General Strike Barbara Khol
23 Dominican Republic: On Expected Increase Of Banana Exports To Europe Barbara Khol
28 Costa Rica: On Impact Of Economic Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
14 Talks Between Oil Producer & Consumer Nations Scheduled For July In Paris Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: New Legislation On Participation By Private Companies In Mining Activities Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Notes On Foreign Investment Flow, 1990 Barbara Khol
28 Argentina One Of Three Top Bidders In U.S. Purchase Of Military Training Aircraft Barbara Khol
02 Mexican Foreign Debt Service & Related Statistics, 1990 Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: On Crime In Sao Paulo Barbara Khol
30 1.2 Billion People World-wide Lack Access To Water Treatment Services Barbara Khol
02 Venezuelan Government Considers Joint Ventures With Foreign Companies To Exploit Crude & Construct Heavy Crude Refineries Barbara Khol
14 U.N. Report On Latin American Region's Demographic Growth In Next Three Decades Barbara Khol
21 Update On Reactions To U.S. 700,000 Mt Wheat Offer To Brazil Barbara Khol
07 On U.S. Export-import Bank Lending To Latin American Nations Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Beef Export Volume & Revenue Up Barbara Khol
02 Mexican Stock Exchange Performance, 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
28 Japanese Government Approves $500 Million Contribution To U.S.-proposed Multilateral Investment Fund Barbara Khol
28 Spain To Provide $14 Billion To Finance Development Projects In Latin America Over Next Four Years Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: National Assembly Approves Ban On Extradition As First Step In Constitutional Amendment Process Barbara Khol
28 Dominican Republic: Street Vendors Pass Off Dog & Cat Meat As Beef & Rabbit, Respectively Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: April 1991 Trade Surplus At $1.413 Billion Barbara Khol
16 More On U.S. Wheat Sale Offer To Brazil & Argentine Response Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Note On Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Major Business Leader Says Government Anti-inflation Program Disastrous Barbara Khol
14 Trinidad & Tobago: High Death Toll From Exposure To Pesticides Barbara Khol
07 Guyana: Notes On Foreign Loans Barbara Khol
21 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $33.9 Million Loan To Improve Basic Health Services In Bolivia Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Talks With Britain Begin On Fishing Rights Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: Tax Rebates For Manufactures Exporters Barbara Khol
02 Mexican Foreign Trade By Sector, January-september 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 Venezuelan Chocolate Described As High-quality & Low-cost Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Note On Investment Barbara Khol
21 U.S.-peru Bilateral Council To Foster Trade & Investment Barbara Khol
28 Argentina-brazil Trade, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
21 Ecuadoran President On Suspension Of Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
28 Colombian Government Introduces Violence Reduction Plan Barbara Khol
14 St. Lucia: Government Signs Agreement With Taiwan's Export-import Bank Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador: Crude Exports & Prices Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: April Consumer Price Level Inflation At 5.5% Barbara Khol
28 $10 Million Credit Line To Expand Andean Nation Imports From Britain Barbara Khol
02 Mexican Foreign Trade: January-september, 1989 & 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
28 Colombia Purchases 59,520 Mt Of Wheat From U.S. Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: Crude Oil Sales, January-may 1991 Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: World Bank Approves $65 Million Loan To Support Debt Service Reduction Agreement Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Inflation, April 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Jamaican Dollar Devaluation Barbara Khol
30 International Finance Corporation Annual Report On Stock Markets Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Notes On Delays In Privatization Program Barbara Khol
16 European Nations Refuse To Join U.S. Tuna Embargo Against Mexico Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Prices On About 100 Consumer Goods Raised By 17% Barbara Khol
21 Dominican Republic: Reports On 1990/91 Sugar Harvest Barbara Khol
14 Peru: Notes On Expected Financing From "support Group Nations" Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Top 10 Companies By Market Capitalization (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 Uruguay: Wave Of Strikes Paralyzes Fuel Distribution & Public Transport Barbara Khol
28 World Bank Report On Growth Prospects For Third World In 1990s Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: Summary Of Political Violence, Plans For Peace Talks, May 7 - May 19 Barbara Khol
28 Security Pacific Bank Sells Shares In Chilean Affiliate Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Gdp Declines 10% In First Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: I.m.f. Requires 1991 Fiscal Surplus & Privatization Revenues To Be Spent On Foreign Debt Service Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Foreign Investment Flows, 1990 & 1989 Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Sanitation Workers In Rio De Janeiro On Strike Barbara Khol
21 Trinidad & Tobago: Sugar Mill Closed Barbara Khol
07 Brazilian President Says I.m.f. Managing Director Intervening In Domestic Affairs Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Notes On Child Mortality Barbara Khol
16 Ecuador Suspends Negotiations With Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
30 Venezuelan President: O.p.e.c. Quota System May End In Two To Three Years Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Fishing Contract With Soviets Revoked Barbara Khol
30 President Gaviria Rejects Amnesty International's Claim Of Human Rights Abuses By Colombian Security Forces Barbara Khol
16 U.S. State Department Report: Chile Site Of Most Terrorist Attacks Against U.S. Throughout Latin America In 1990 Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: 9.5% Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
14 Jamaica: Prime Minister Approves License For National Lottery System Barbara Khol
16 Venezuelan Officials Provide Bid Information To Foreign Companies On Imminent Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Condor Missile Project Dismantled Barbara Khol
21 Jamaican Prime Minister: Foreign Debt Burden Continues To Limit Growth Potential Barbara Khol
21 Guyana: I.d.b. Approves $15.5 Million Loan For Repairs To Electricity Infrastructure Barbara Khol
07 On Privatization In Latin America Barbara Khol
14 Drought In Antigua Barbara Khol
07 Chile: Export Revenue Losses Due To E.e.c. Protectionism Barbara Khol
23 Haiti: Notes On Accomplishments Of New President Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Top 10 Companies By Market Capitalization (s/s) Barbara Khol
02 Brazil Resumes Beef Exports To U.S. Barbara Khol
16 Nicaragua: Creditors Pledge $365 Million To Cover Interest Arrears On Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
16 Brazil & China Blamed For Low Tin Prices Barbara Khol
28 Mexico & Chile Investment Funds Best Options In First Four Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
02 Cuban Government Arranges Debt Write-off Deal With Mexico Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela & France Organize Informal Meeting Of Oil Producer & Consumer Nations Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia, Chile & Jamaica Likely To Benefit From Debt Reduction Component Of U.S. Free Trade Initiative Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Government Announces Schedule For Privatization Of Usiminas Steelworks Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: Notes On Gold Mining In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Automotives Output, January-april 1991 Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Political Parties Criticize Anti-drug Agreement With U.S. Barbara Khol
07 Jamaican Trade Deficit With Trinidad & Tobago Barbara Khol
14 I.d.b. Finalizes $650,000 Technical Cooperation Agreement To Improve Tax Administration In 18 Latin American Nations Barbara Khol
09 Peru: U.S. Southern Copper Corp. Accused Of Bribing Officials To Cover Up Environmental Damage Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Selected Economic Indicators Barbara Khol
28 Jamaica: $3 Million Lost During Strike Of Foreign Exchange House Employees Barbara Khol
21 Bolivia: Notes On Foreign Debt, 1980-1990 Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Somisa Steelworks To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: World Bank Approves $200 Million For Industrial Restructuring & Development Barbara Khol
07 St. Lucia: Government Committed To Population Control Barbara Khol
30 Cuba: 1990 Tourism Revenues Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Financial Services Firm Linked To Drug Money Laundering Dissolved Barbara Khol
09 Chile: April Consumer Price Level Inflation Barbara Khol
30 On Exports Of Pesticides Banned In U.S. To Developing Nations Barbara Khol
16 Venezuela: Three Major Parties Debate Foreign Participation In Oil Industry Barbara Khol
28 U.N. To Monitor Anti-drug Program In Peru Barbara Khol
21 St. Vincent & Grenadines To Modernize Airports Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Average Manufacturing Sector Wage Up In April Compared To March Barbara Khol
30 Note On Brazilian Coffee Sales Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: Labor Code Reform Necessary For Participation In Andean Pact Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: U.S. Senate Finance Committee Approves Two-year Extension Of Fast Track Authority Barbara Khol
30 Argentine Oil Sales To Paraguay Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Major Labor Confederation Announces Plans For 24-hour General Strike Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: No Plans To "dollarize" Economy Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Debt-equity Swaps Dismissed As Alternative To Debt Reduction Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: $3 Billion Joint Venture Natural Gas Exploitation Project Awaits Approval Barbara Khol
02 Peru: State-run Financial Institutions To Undergo Restructuring In Next 18 Months Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Record Crude Oil Output Barbara Khol
30 E.e.c. Suspends Restrictions On Brazilian Beef Imports Barbara Khol
02 Argentine Congress To Debate Lifting Bank Secrecy Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Soldiers & Police Threaten Strike Barbara Khol
28 Guyana: Nearly 1,000 Employees Of State-run Bauxite Company To Be Dismissed In June Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: French Military Resumes Negotiations With Embraer On Purchase Of Training Aircraft Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Disagreement Between Finance & Economic Development Ministers On Anti-inflation Policy Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Beef Prices Up Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Notes On Foreign Investment, 1990 Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Top 10 Companies By Market Capitalization (s/s) Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Guarantees On Reducing Inflation Not Possible In Current Economic Circumstances Barbara Khol
14 Bolivian Government Promotes Cotton Exports Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Fisheries Ministry Orders Confiscation Of Soviet Fleet Fish Catch Barbara Khol
14 Venezuelan President: No Plans To Resume Price Control Policy Barbara Khol
09 Brazil-paraguay: 18th & Final Turbine Of Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant Inaugurated Barbara Khol
07 Dominican Republic: Public School Teachers On Strike Barbara Khol
09 Argentine Government Promotes Increased Imports Of Food, Medical Supplies & Automobiles Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: Government Announces Public Spending Cutbacks Barbara Khol
07 Under San Jose Pact, Venezuela & Mexico Contribute Financing For Jamaican Housing Complex Barbara Khol
14 Peru: More On Cancellation Of Fishing Contract With Soviet State-run Company Barbara Khol
16 U.S.-peru Anti-drug Accord Finalized Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Most State-run Banks & Financial Institutions To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: April Inflation, 1% Barbara Khol
28 Paraguay: Insect Causes Severe Damage To Cotton Crop Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Update On Public Health & Education Employee Strikes Barbara Khol
30 General Motors Latin American Operations Offices To Be Moved From Brazil To Miami Barbara Khol
14 Trinidad & Tobago: State-run Airline Announces Toll-free Reservations Number For Caribbean Nations Barbara Khol
30 Colombia: Treasury Minister Announces Contraction Of Money Supply Barbara Khol
07 Grenada: Workers Protest New Taxes Barbara Khol
28 Chilean Central Bank: 18% Minimum Inflation Target For 1991 Still Viable Barbara Khol
21 Hydroelectric Turbines Causing Mercury Pollution Of Tocantins River In Northern Brazil Barbara Khol
30 Peru: New Policy On Fishing Rights Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Growers In Principal Coca Production Region Denounce Anti-drug Agreement With U.S. Barbara Khol
09 Brazil-portugal Cooperation Accords Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: More On Reshuffling Of Economic Team Barbara Khol
28 Bolivia: U.S. Firm Lithco Heads In Bidding Process On Exploitation Of Salar De Uyuni Lithium Deposit Barbara Khol
02 Mexico: Leading Export Industries, January-september 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
09 Bolivian Government Finalizes Accord To Facilitate U.S. Investment Barbara Khol
14 E.e.c. Representative Says Chilean Export Industry Not Suffering Due To Community Protectionism Barbara Khol
09 Construction Cost Of Gas Pipeline Between Argentina & Uruguay Estimated At $325 Million Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Contract Set With Texas Crude Oil Barbara Khol
21 Report On 1990 Activities, Latin American Export Bank (bladex) Barbara Khol
23 International Labor Organization: Elimination Of Child Labor Not Likely In Foreseeable Future Barbara Khol
16 Uruguayan Officials Say E.e.c. Gives Lip Service To Solidarity & Economic Integration Barbara Khol
07 Jamaica: Outstanding Debt To I.m.f. Down By Half In Four Years Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Agreement With Foreign Commercial Banks On Repayment Of $8 Billion In Interest Arrears Barbara Khol
28 Note On Chilean Trade With Japan, Taiwan & Singapore Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela To File Damages Claim Before G.a.t.t. In Response To U.S. Embargo On Tuna Imports Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Note On Shantytown & Homeless Population In Rio De Janeiro Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: April Inflation, 5.01% Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: Agricultural Workers Threaten Road & Railway Blockades Barbara Khol
09 Foreign Ministers To Discuss Inclusion Of Non-commonwealth Nations In Caribbean Community (caricom) Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Public Sector Foreign Debt, End Of 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Economy Minister Resigns, Triggering Reshuffling Of Economic Team Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Projected Coffee Exports For 1991 Barbara Khol
30 Venezuelan Congress Approves Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol