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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
30 Chile: Inter-american Development Bank Approves $500,000 Loan For Small-scale Businesses Run By Women Barbara Khol
16 Notes On Brazil's Declining Share Of World Coffee Market Barbara Khol
16 Dominican Republic: Teachers, Physicians, & Professional Organizations Protest Economic Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
30 Chile's Foreign Debt At Year-end 1990 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Industrial Output Down Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Top Debt Negotiator On Government Plans To Request Stand-by Funds From International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Metalworker Unions On Strike Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: $323 Million In Loans From World Bank Finalized Barbara Khol
16 Ecuador: Public School Teachers End Strike After 43 Days Barbara Khol
11 Inter-american Development Bank & Nordic Development Fund Finalize $85 Million Loan For Bolivia Barbara Khol
02 Guyanese Government Establishes 200-mile Economic Exclusion Zone Off Atlantic Coast Barbara Khol
02 Haiti: World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Approve Loans For Social Welfare Programs Barbara Khol
09 Jamaica To Import 650 Motor Vehicles From Mexico Under San Jose Pact Agreement Barbara Khol
16 Chilean Deputy Economy Minister On Trade Agreement Negotiations With Mexico & Venezuela Barbara Khol
30 Chile: On Economic Forecast For 1991 Barbara Khol
16 Latin American Economic System (sela) Chief Says Free Trade Zone Throughout Continent Not Possible In Short Term Barbara Khol
02 Brazil Loses $30 Million Per Week Due To Suspension Of New Coffee Export Contracts Barbara Khol
04 Brazil To Invest $12 Billion To Increase Oil Output Barbara Khol
11 International Monetary Fund Approves $119 Million Loan To Support Costa Rican Economic Adjustment Policies Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Police Clash With Striking Health Sector Employees Barbara Khol
25 Peru-u.s. Negotiations On Anti-drug Accord: Summary Of Recent Developments, April 7 - April 16 Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Suspension Of Coffee Orders Causes Loss Of $55 Million In Export Revenues Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Government Investigating Multi- Million Dollar Social Security System Fraud Barbara Khol
30 Update On Cholera Epidemic, April 10 - 25 Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: March Inflation Rate At 11% Barbara Khol
02 Chile: Forestry Product Exports Up In January-february Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Summary Of Rebel Activities & Related Developments, Feb. 7 - March 24 Barbara Khol
11 International Monetary Fund Forecasts On 1991 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: Oil Output Losses In January & February Caused By Rebel Sabotage Barbara Khol
16 Bolivia: U.S. Government Approves Use Of $6 Million In Economic Support Funds (esf) For Debt Buy-back Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Central Bank President On Payments To Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
18 Paraguay To Request Reduction On Debt Owed To Paris Club Creditors Barbara Khol
11 Brazil Reaches Accord On Interest Arrears With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: 1st Quarter 1991 Foreign Currency Reserves Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: New Oil Reserves Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Debt-equity Swap Foreign Investors Permitted To Repatriate Investment Within Three Years Barbara Khol
09 Fortune Magazine: Mexico Offers Most Favorable Investment Opportunities In Latin America Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Railways Resume Normal Services Barbara Khol
16 U.S. Airline Pan Am To Resume Flights To Guyana Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: On 1990 Mining Sector Output Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Agricultural Trade Deficit $979 Million In January-september 1990 Barbara Khol
09 Highlights Of Inter-american Development Bank Annual Report Barbara Khol
23 Cuba: Sugar Harvest Estimated At 6.6 Million Metric Tons Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Impact Of Metalworkers' Strike On Autolatina Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: $2.3 Billion In Foreign Investment, Loans & Financing, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Dominican Republic: Report On Labor Militancy Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: $100 Million Contract For Launching Telecommunications Satellites Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: 1990 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Central Bank Raises Commercial Bank Reserve Requirement Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador To Continue Membership In O.p.e.c. Barbara Khol
02 Brazilian Oil Production Up 2.49% In February Barbara Khol
25 Barbados Obstructs Air Fare & Traffic Accord With Britain Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Trade Surplus In March Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Notes On Plans For Development Of Oil Production & Electricity Infrastructure Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Metalworkers' Strike In Sao Paulo Industrial Belt Continues Barbara Khol
02 Erratum—selected Latin American Nations: Investment-gdp Ratios, 1985 & 1989 Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: President Acts To Privatize Gas & Electricity Distribution Companies Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Government Plans To Confiscate Property Of Persons Guilty Of Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
30 International Monetary Fund & World Bank Forecasts On Capital Flow To Latin America & Related Topics Barbara Khol
09 Comet Rice Inc.'s Operations In Jamaica Barbara Khol
25 Latin American Nations' Interest Arrears To Foreign Commercial Banks, 1985-march 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Guyana: Report On Oil Exploration By Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
02 U.S. Boycott On Tuna Exports Extended To Venezuela Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: New Oil Find Raises Reserves By 4 Million Barrels Barbara Khol
09 Peruvian President Expects $500 Million Loan To Pay Foreign Debt Interest Arrears By Year-end Barbara Khol
18 Dominican Republic May Lose Benefits Under Generalized System Of Preferences (gsp) Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Steel Output Down In First Quarter 1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 Colombia: Automotive Assembly Firm Sofasa-renault Lost $190 Million In 1990 Barbara Khol
16 Colombian & Venezuelan Governments Conclude Five Accords On Border Projects Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: Government & Newly Privatized Telephone Company Disagree On Phone Service Charges Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Expected Financing For Payment Of Interest Arrears To Multilateral Lending Institutions Barbara Khol
25 Latin American Economic System (sela) Conference On U.S. Free Trade Zone Proposal: Summary Of Events & Statements Barbara Khol
23 Peruvian President Announces Wage Hikes For Public Employees In Attempt To Reduce Labor Militancy Barbara Khol
18 Inter-american Development Approves $200 Million In Loans For Paraguay Barbara Khol
09 Inter-american Development Bank Annual Meetings In Nagoya, Japan: Summary Of Events & Statements Barbara Khol
11 Brazilian Government Lifts Suspension Of Coffee Export Sales Contracts Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Report On Economic Indicators, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
02 Bolivia: Construction Of 557-km. Gas Pipeline Delayed Barbara Khol
11 Peruvian Cholera Epidemic Spreads: Summary Of Events & Statements, March 23 - April 10 Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation 7.7% In March Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Stock Market Performance Barbara Khol
04 Argentine-brazilian Consortium Sells Nuclear Fuel To Germany Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: New Regulations Facilitating Profit Remittance To Be Implemented By End Of April Barbara Khol
23 Occidental Petroleum Company Considering Shutting Down Operations In Peru Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Impact Of Autoworker Strike Barbara Khol
04 Brazilian President Says New Proposals Would Prevent Unemployment Of 20 Million By Year 2000 Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: Foreign Investment As Of First Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
30 Coffee Prices On Downward Slide Barbara Khol
23 Barbados-venezuela Oil Pact Barbara Khol
16 Venezuelan President Says Government To Restore All "constitutional Economic Guarantees Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation 11.79% Between February 15 & March 15 Barbara Khol
02 Inter-american Development Bank & World Bank Approve $200 Million In Loans For Water Treatment In Argentina Barbara Khol
18 Brazilian Bishops Conference Says Government Must Not Pay Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
23 Peru: 260,000 Teachers Plan Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Import Duties Suspended For One Year On 69 "high-tech" Products Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: Banana Exports, 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Brazilian Economy Minister: Inflation Reduction Targets Elusive Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Foreign Investment Totals $1.5245 Billion In 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Notes On Public Education In Latin America Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Workers Party (pt) Leader Calls For Immediate Suspension Of Foreign Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
25 Latin American Energy Organization (olade): Regional Oil Self-sufficiency Desirable, But Not Viable Barbara Khol
16 Argentine Government To Pay $1.3 Billion In Debt Service To Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors By Year-end 1991 Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Privatization Of Italo-venezolano Bank Barbara Khol
23 Uruguayan Perspectives On Four-nation Common Market (mercosur) Barbara Khol
09 Foreign Direct Investment In Key Industries, U.S. & Mexico, 1988 (s/s) Barbara Khol
09 Colombia To Increase Import Of Gasoline Result Of Oil Worker Strike & Sabotage Barbara Khol
02 Mexico-chile Free Trade Accord Almost Complete Barbara Khol
11 Brazilian Weapons Manufacturers Reject Proposed U.S.-brazil Military Agreement Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Inter-american Development Bank Consideration Of $350 Million Loan Request Postponed At U.S. Lead Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: 11% Inflation In March Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: State-run Mining Company Vale Do Rio Doce To Invest $1.2 Billion In 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Argentine-german Investment Protection Accord Barbara Khol
23 Inter-american Development Bank Policy Statement On Debt & Debt Service Reduction Assistance Barbara Khol
25 Absence Of U.S. Financial Contribution To Unesco Not A Major Stumbling Block Barbara Khol
25 Jamaica: $4.25 Million In Debt Owed To Japanese Government Restructured Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Issue Of New Currency Expected Within Six Months Barbara Khol
23 European Economic Community To Increase Aid To Bolivia Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Shrimp Exports Up In January-february Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Note On Income Distribution Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Foreign Reserves Total $5.57 Billion Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Employees Of State-run Aeronautics Company Join Metalworkers' Strike Barbara Khol
02 Canadian Aid To Haiti Resumed Barbara Khol
09 Average Price Of 40 Major Stocks On Chilean Exchange Up 72% In First Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Conference On Devising Regional Negotiating Points To U.S. Free Trade Zone Proposal: Summary Of Events & Statements Barbara Khol
02 Recent Developments On Drug Trade Policy In Andean Nations Barbara Khol
16 Ecuador: Notes On Rice & Corn Export Contracts; Sugar Import Contract Barbara Khol
16 World Bank Pressures Panamanian Government To Dismiss Thousands Of Public Sector Employees Barbara Khol
23 From Rio Grande To Patagonia—latin American Women Filling Political Void Left By Men Barbara Khol
16 On Attempts To Establish Caribbean Community (caricom) Stock Exchange Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Privatization Deals May Generate Up To $10.7 Billion In Revenue For Federal Government Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Government Proposal To Extend Tax Breaks For Foreign Automotive Assembly Firms Sparks Opposition Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Fiscal Incentives Cost National Treasury $7.4 Billion In 1991 Barbara Khol
16 On Cooperation Between Cuba & Ghana Barbara Khol
02 Ecuador: Foreign Debt Statistics, Notes On Current Negotiations With Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: Notes On 1990 Foreign Debt Total, Service Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay Most Secure Nation For Foreign Investment In Latin America Barbara Khol
23 Trinidad & Tobago: Government Approves $50 Million Bond Issue For Port Of Spain Reconstruction Barbara Khol
16 On Decline Of Direct Foreign Investment In Latin America & Caribbean In 1980s Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Reynolds International & Mitsubishi To Invest $1 Billion In Aluminum Processing Plant Barbara Khol
23 Chile: Domestic Sales Up In 1st Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Trade Surplus, 1990 & January 1991 Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Non-traditional Exports Down In 1991 Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: 7.3% Consumer Price Inflation In March Barbara Khol
30 $350 Million In Inter-american Development Bank Loans For Brazil Barbara Khol
04 Cuba: Report On Imports, Household Spending For Foodstuffs Barbara Khol
25 Note On Australia-mexico Trade Barbara Khol
25 Mexico: Report On Privatization Of State-run Companies Barbara Khol
02 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $102 Million In Loans For Brazilian Scientific & Technological Development Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: 26 Of 50 Presidential Advisers Dismissed Barbara Khol
18 Peru Receives $400,000 From Japanese Government For Aid To Earthquake Victims Barbara Khol
25 Bolivia-u.s. Anti-drug Accord: Summary Of Developments, April 5 - 23 Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: Summary Of Rebel Activities & Demobilizations, Feb. 13 - March 17 Barbara Khol
18 Argentine Government Orders Telephone Companies To Reduce Rates By 11.17% Barbara Khol
16 Colombia: Government Implements Plan To Reduce Gasoline Consumption Barbara Khol
11 Chile Ranks Third After Colombia & Peru On Political Terrorism Scale Barbara Khol
23 Peru Receives $13.7 Million Loan For Irrigation Project From European Economic Community Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Notes On Public Sector Layoffs Barbara Khol
16 State-run Airline, Cubana De Aviacion, Not For Sale Barbara Khol
25 3,600 Employees Laid Off At Argentina's Major Steel Plant Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Contract With British Petroleum For Ethylene Sales In Europe Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: 1990 Trade Statistics (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 More On Inter-american Development Bank Annual Meetings, Nagoya, Japan Barbara Khol
16 Latin American Economic System (sela) Permanent Secretary Calls For Accelerated Economic Integration Barbara Khol