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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
05 U.S. Suspends Aid To Bolivia In Protest Of Anti-drug Squad Appointment Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: State Governments Owe $34 Billion To Foreign & Domestic Creditors Barbara Khol
26 U.N. Population Fund Allocates $400,000 For Construction Of Birth Control Pill Factory In Cuba Barbara Khol
05 Uruguay: European Assistance In Management Training For Small- & Medium-scale Enterprises Barbara Khol
28 Brazil To Pay 30% Of Interest Due On Public Sector Foreign Debt In Second Quarter 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Mexico: Government's $5 Billion In Special Funds Adequate To Maintain Policy Continuity In Event Of Oil Price Decline Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: On Investments By Foreign Automotives Companies Barbara Khol
26 Brazil Joins Government Creditors In Paris Club To Reduce Poland's Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Consumer Rights Legislation Takes Effect Barbara Khol
12 Japanese Export-import Bank Approves $600 Million Loan For Venezuela Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Macro-economic Indicators (s/s) Barbara Khol
05 World Bank President Says Loans To Chile Exemplary Of Institution's Anti-poverty Focus Barbara Khol
07 Mexico: Unemployment Rate At 23% Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Proven Oil Reserves & Export Revenue, 1980-1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Tourism Projections For 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Ecuador: Three Oil Companies Fined For Ecological Damage In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: World Bank Approves $33.5 Million Loan For Agro-export Promotions Program Barbara Khol
28 Presidents Of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay Formalize Common Market Treaty Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Unemployment Statistics Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Marginal Oilfields Brought Into Production Barbara Khol
07 Belize: $2.4 Million Trade Surplus With Caricom Member-nations In January-june 1990 Barbara Khol
12 Colombian Agriculture Minister Proposes Formation Of Banana-producer Bloc Toward Opening Up E.e.c. Market Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: No Immediate Plans To Reduce Oil Output Barbara Khol
14 Ecuadoran Congress Fires Energy & Mines Minister Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Texaco & Sun Oil Obtain Oil Exploration & Production Concession Barbara Khol
26 On Caribbean Tourist Resort Hotels Equipped With Casinos (s/s) Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Government Announces Plans To Close Embassies Barbara Khol
19 E.e.c. & Central American Foreign Ministers Convene In Managua: Summary Of Developments, Issues Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Trade Balance, 1985-1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
05 Peru To Make $511 Million In Payments To I.m.f., World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank In 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Peru: U.S. Ambassador Says Washington Interested In Coca Substitution, But Only Under Adequate Security Conditions Barbara Khol
12 Chile: $200 Million In Bond Offerings To 20 Foreign Banks Barbara Khol
05 Mexico: 1990 Oil Export Revenues Barbara Khol
19 Venezuela: Notes On Growing Poverty Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: Exports Down 30.5% In First Seven Weeks Of 1991 Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Railway Lines Shut Down Pending Privatization Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Foreign Reserves At $8.5 Billion Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Labor Confederations Discuss General Strike Scheduled For March 15 Barbara Khol
05 Uruguay: 3.5% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Update On Cholera Epidemic, Consequences Barbara Khol
28 Peruvian Government Fines Soviet Fishing Company, Demands Modification In Bilateral Agreement Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Over $60 Million In Losses To Oil Industry Since Jan. 1 Result Of Guerrilla Sabotage Barbara Khol
12 U.S. State Department Annual Report: Latin American Drug Crop Production Down For First Time In 10 Years Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: 5% Oil Production Cut Effective April 1 Barbara Khol
19 Haiti: $1 Million Start-up Capital For New Bank Created To Serve Needs Of Small-scale Merchants Barbara Khol
26 Foreign Automakers To Invest $3.6 Billion In Brazil Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: State-run Aviation Company Negotiating $1 Billion Sale Of Military Aircraft To Iran Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: French Company Obtains Oil Production Concession Barbara Khol
28 Argentine Congress Approves Currency Convertibility Legislation Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Striking Oil Workers Shut Down Refineries Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Notes On Strike Actions By Employees, Farmers, Merchants, Small- & Medium-size Business Owners Barbara Khol
07 Notes On World Bank Loans To Ecuador Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Unemployment & Strikes In 1990 Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Strike At Santos Port Continues; Government Reinstates 5,300 Employees Barbara Khol
05 Chile: Government & Fruit Producers Seek $458 Million In Compensation For 1989 U.S. Fruit Embargo Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Update On Cholera Epidemic & Economic Impact, Feb. 26 - March 4 Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Tourist Trade Increases Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: State-run Electricity Company To Cut Workforce By 15,896 In 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: Three New Oilfields Brought On Line In 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: 17 Investor Groups Bid For First Three Banks To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Escondida Copper Mine Formally Inaugurated Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Hughes Communications International To Construct Telecommunications Satellites For Mexican Government Barbara Khol
05 Mexico: $4.4 Billion In Foreign Investment Last Year Barbara Khol
05 Ecuador: Department & Municipal Governments Demand Increased Spending For Infrastructure & Social Welfare Barbara Khol
19 Guyana: Fuel Prices Deregulated Barbara Khol
07 $40 Billion Required For Latin America's Most Severe Environmental Problems Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Government Declares 60-day State Of Emergency At Sea & River Ports Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: New Railway Company Created "in Response" To Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
05 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Pledges $700 Million In Loans For Honduras Over 1991-93 Period Barbara Khol
19 Brazilian Amapa Mining Company To Produce 83 Kg. Of Gold Per Month At San Gregorio Mine In Uruguay Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela Negotiating $710 Million Loan Package With Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Update On Bank Privatization Barbara Khol
19 Colombian Government & Foreign Creditor Banks Reach Agreement On $1.775 Billion Refinancing Barbara Khol
05 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Pledges $3 Billion To Promote Central American Development In 1991-93 Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: 45% Increase In Proven Oil Reserves Possible Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Begins Dismissal Of Strikers Barbara Khol
14 Dominican Republic: Public Sector Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
21 Bolivian Unions Reject President's Decree To Increase Minimum Wage As "unilateral & Unjust" Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Automotives Industry Shuts Down Due To Tire Shortage Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: Foreign Investment Up 16% In 1990 Barbara Khol
21 World Bank Affiliate Approves $21 Million Concessionary Loan For Agricultural Technology Development Barbara Khol
12 Mexico: $2.996 Billion Trade Deficit In 1990 Barbara Khol
21 International Finance Corporation Report On Investment-gdp & Private Investment-gdp Ratios For 1985 & 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 Trinidad & Tobago: Trintomar's Fifth Well On Line Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Congress To Vote On Feasibility Study For Liquified Natural Gas Plant Barbara Khol
19 Ecuador: Portion Of Oil Export Revenue Surplus To Be Dedicated To Buy-back Of Discounted Foreign Debt Paper Barbara Khol
21 Mexico: Notes On Direct Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Government Introduces Program To Boost Competitiveness Of Domestic Industry Barbara Khol
12 Colombian Government Prohibits Strike By Employees Of State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
21 Mexican Tax System Compared With Counterpart Systems In U.S. & Canada Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Delivery Of $19 Million In Food Aid By U.S. In Fy 1992 Contingent On Progress In Anti-drug Efforts Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: 3.41% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Notes On Declining Living Standards Barbara Khol
07 Colombian Coffee Export Revenues Surpass Brazil's In 1990 Barbara Khol
12 U.N. Economic Commission On Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Proposal For Environmental Conservation & Rehabilitation Barbara Khol
05 Latin American Nations' 1990 Banana Exports Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: Notes On Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
07 Latin American Foreign Debt At Year-end 1990 Up 3.5% Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Drought Reduces Grain Harvest In Southern States Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Trade & Economic Assistance From U.S. More Useful Than Military Aid In Anti-drug Efforts Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Sale Of Over $1 Billion In Assets Channeled Toward Reducing Domestic Debt Barbara Khol
12 Chile: Net Foreign Reserves Up In First Two Months Of 1991 Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Railway Workers Continue On Strike; Government Threatens To Fire 5,000 Employees This Week Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Negotiations With International Monetary Fund Halted, Result Of Tax Revenue Decline Barbara Khol
21 Mexican Government's Domestic Debt Reduced By $1 Billion In January-february 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Dominican Republic: President Balaguer Justifies Occupation Of Privately-owned Land Barbara Khol
14 Inter-american Development Bank Loans $800 Million To Andean Development Corporation (caf) Barbara Khol
21 World Bank Financing Disbursed To Latin America In Past Fiscal Year Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Estimates Of February Inflation, Un- & Underemployment Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Public School Teacher Union Approves Five-day Strike Barbara Khol
05 Uruguay: Private School Teachers Launch 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
21 Venezuelan Government Requests Voluntary Reduction In Mexican Oil Output Barbara Khol
14 Peru: More Economic Liberalization Measures Barbara Khol
19 Brazilian Government Makes $300 Million Interest Payment To Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Non-traditional Exports Up 13.4% In 1990 Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Infrastructure Minister Resigns Barbara Khol
14 Peru: Update On Cholera Epidemic, March 2 - 13 Barbara Khol
26 Brazil To Receive $90 Million Grant & Long-term Loan From Germany For Environmental Preservation Barbara Khol
19 10,000 Public School Teachers Demonstrate In Mexico City Barbara Khol
12 Mexico: 1.7% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Inter-american Development Bank Program Loans Total $1.2 Billion In 1991 Barbara Khol
28 Venezuela: Performance Of State-run Oil Industry In 1990 Barbara Khol
19 Bolivia: Interior Minister Replaced Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Labor Tribunal Orders 30% Of Striking Oil Company Employees Back To Work Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Inter-american Investment Corporation Concludes Convertible Loan Contract With Potassium Firm Barbara Khol
05 Mexico: $1.1 Billion Worth Of Bonds Sold In Foreign Stock Markets Since January 1990 Barbara Khol
28 Argentine Government Sanctions Companies Applying "unjustifiable" Price Hikes Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Mtb Plant Opened Barbara Khol
12 Dominican Republic: Public Sector Physicians On Strike Barbara Khol
07 Mexico: Maquiladora Industry Stagnant Barbara Khol
21 Argentina: Government Requests Legislature's Approval Of Free Convertibility Of Austral For U.S. Dollar At 10,000 To 1 Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: Exports Of Mutton Down 58.9% In January-february Barbara Khol
05 Ecuador: Teachers & Physicians Continue Strikes Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: 27% Inflation In February Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Import Tariff Reductions Effective April 1 Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Oil Refinery Employees Return To Work Barbara Khol
05 Bolivia: Minimum Wage Hike Rejected By Labor Confederation Barbara Khol
07 Brasilia Seeks Accord On Imports Of Mexican Crude Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Notes On Strikes By Miners & Public Employees Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Notes On Disillusion With President Collor De Mello's Administration Barbara Khol
12 Mexico: Bond Offerings, January 1990-february 1991 Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: Alcoa To Obtain 60% Stake In $1.241 Billion Aluminum Processing Complex Barbara Khol
12 Venezuelan Government To Spend $500 Million In 1991 On Restructuring Companies Slated For Privatization Barbara Khol
19 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization Report On 1990 Grain Production; Latin American Output Down Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: $1.006 Billion Trade Surplus In February Barbara Khol
14 Paraguay: President Of State-run Oil Company Resigns In Disagreement Over Purchase Of Argentine Crude Barbara Khol
07 Chile: 0.1% Inflation Rate For February Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Violent Incidents Over Land Use Escalate Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Labor Court Says Oil Workers' Strike "abusive"; Orders Investigation For Criminal Prosecution Of Union Leaders Barbara Khol
21 Aeromexico To Purchase 18 Boeing Aircraft Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: G.d.p. Down 4.6% In 1990 Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Inter-american Development Bank Conditional Loan Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Opening Of World's Deepest Offshore Drilling Rig Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Senate Requests Immediate Reopening Of Railway Service; President Offers Railway Employees 25% Wage Hike Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: World Bank, I.d.b. & German Government Provide $212 Million In Loans For Municipal Infrastructure Projects Barbara Khol
14 Iranian Defense Ministry Denies Military Aircraft Deal With Brazilian State-run Company Barbara Khol
26 Brazil Suspends Coffee Export Purchase Contracts Barbara Khol
12 Mexico & Honduras Receive Aid From Spain's Development Fund Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: Public School Teachers Demand 100% Wage Hike Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Government Offers To Reduce Taxes If Automotives Companies Reduce Prices Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: Mitsubishi To Invest $6 Million In Cacao Production Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Automotives Industry In Crisis Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Fuel Rationing Continues During Oil Workers' Strike Barbara Khol