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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
19 Brazil: Government Prepares For Military Occupation Of Port Facilities Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Public School Teachers Announce Plans To Strike Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Joint Venture With Spain's State-run Oil Company; Upgrade Of Puerto La Cruz Refinery Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Grain Harvest Estimates For 1991 Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Update On Cholera Epidemic, Impact On Trade Barbara Khol
12 Brazil To Continue Membership In International Cocoa Organization Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Havana Residents To Work On Farms Two Weeks Per Year Barbara Khol
19 World Bank Approves $75 Million Loan For El Salvador Barbara Khol
28 Latin American & Caribbean Nations Spend At Least $150 Million Per Year To Lobbyists In Washington Barbara Khol
12 Venezuela: 1990 Imports Down 5.3% Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: $5 Billion Reduction Of Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Railway Employee Strike Continues Despite Government Demands & Threats Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: Former President Alfonsin Escapes Assassination Attempt Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Suspends Gasoline Exports To North America Barbara Khol
28 Peru: State Of Emergency Imposed On Another 8 Provinces, Extended In 8 Departments Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: Government Implements Wage-price Freeze, Raises Fuel Prices Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Public School Teachers Announce Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Police Prepare To Strike Barbara Khol
14 World Bank Approves $323 Million In Loans For Argentina Barbara Khol
26 Update On Cholera Epidemic: Feb. 19 - 25 Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: Health Sector Employees Return To Work, With Exception Of Physicians Barbara Khol
14 Peru: Economy Minister Threatens To Resign Barbara Khol
19 Guatemala: President Announces Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
14 New Zealand Consortium Carter Holt To Liquidate Holdings In Chile Barbara Khol
12 Dockworkers At Brazil's Largest Port On Strike Barbara Khol
19 Haiti To Receive $82 Million In Economic Aid From U.S. Barbara Khol
12 U.S. Ambassador Says Washington Interested In Anti-drug Agreement Incorporating Peruvian Proposals Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Foreign Reserves At $11.8 Billion Barbara Khol
21 Venezuelan Government Prepares To Revise Plans For Oil Output Expansion Result Of Lower Price Expectations Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Car Manufacturer Holding Company Clashes With Government & Labor Unions Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: 1990 Export Revenues Barbara Khol
07 Cuba: Notes On Sugar Production Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Gradual Reduction Of Import Tariffs Barbara Khol
21 Chile: 12.38% Unemployment At Year-end 1990 Barbara Khol
28 Colombia To Receive $41 Million In Economic Aid From U.S. Barbara Khol
05 U.S. Agency For International Development Suspends Aid To Suriname Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: 1990 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
19 Ecuador: Electricity Rationing Imposed Due To Drought Barbara Khol
12 Cholera Epidemic In Peru: Summary Of Events & Statements, Feb. 4 - Feb. 12 Barbara Khol
14 Bolivia: Perspectives On Impact Of Gulf War On Non-traditional Exports Barbara Khol
28 Inter-american Development Bank President Says Latin America Will Continue To Attract Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Private Sector Leaders Call For Radical Changes In Economic Policy Barbara Khol
26 Uruguay: 11 Oil Companies Interested In Off-shore Exploration Barbara Khol
12 Peru: U.S. State Department Advises Return Of Non-essential Personnel & Family Members Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Impact Of Rebel Attacks On Oil Industry Barbara Khol
14 Update On Cholera Epidemic Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Santos Port Employees Continue Strike; Oil Workers Announce Work Stoppage Barbara Khol
21 Honduras To Resume Membership In Union Of Banana Exporting Countries (upeb) Barbara Khol
28 Swiss Government To Represent Cuba In Washington Barbara Khol
26 Multinational Companies Describe Brazil As Poor Investment Environment Barbara Khol
21 Ecuador Receives $208 Million In Loans From World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank For Urban Infrastructure Barbara Khol
21 Swedish Government Donates $11 Million To Costa Rica For Environmental Conservation Projects Barbara Khol
05 Peru: State Of Emergency In Lima & Callao Port Extended For 60 Days Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Economy Minister Announces New Policy Measures Barbara Khol
12 Cuban Government Attempts To Attract Foreign Investment Via Tax Exemptions On Imports & Flexible Profit Repatriation Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: 24-hour Nationwide Strike Barbara Khol
28 Brazilian Congress Approves Executive Decision To Terminate Inflation Indexation Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Privatization Of 22 State-run Companies To Begin In April Barbara Khol
05 Ecuador: Strike By Health Sector Employees Continues, Medical Schools Join Strike, Unions Schedule Nationwide Strike Barbara Khol
14 Latin American Steel Output Down 9.4% In 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
21 Ecuador: Public Health Sector Physicians Return To Work Barbara Khol
21 Brazilian Government Spending On Research In Antarctica Barbara Khol
26 Venezuela: Notes On Recent Census Results Barbara Khol
05 Brazil: 19.91% Inflation In January Barbara Khol
19 Costa Rica: Fuel Prices Reduced By 4.83% Barbara Khol
19 Honduras: Timing Of Oil Purchase Cost Extra Millions Of Dollars Barbara Khol
14 Argentine Central Bank Study: $105 Billion In Financial Losses Over 10-year Period Barbara Khol
26 Argentina: Railway Employee Strike Continues; Government Fires Workers, Shuts Down Repair & Maintenance Terminal Barbara Khol
19 $70 Million In U.S. Economic Aid To Guatemala Barbara Khol
28 Ecuadoran Energy Minister Predicts O.p.e.c. Output Reduction After Gulf War Ends Barbara Khol
19 Costa Rican President Announces $76 Million Agreement With International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
19 Chile: Attacks Against U.S. Targets Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Soviet Union Interested In Renewing Fishing Rights Contract Despite Cholera Epidemic Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: 8,110 Employees Dismissed By Autolatina Holding Company Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Catholic Church Announces Support For Mobilizations By Impoverished Workers Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Chronology Of Violence, Jan. 25-feb. 4 Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Government Offers Economic Assistance To Companies Targeted By Rebel Attacks Barbara Khol
12 Chile: 1990 Performance Of State-run Copper Company Barbara Khol
19 Brazilian Government Proposes Payment Of $1.5 Billion In Interest Arrears To Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Refinery Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Reactions To Second Phase Of Collor De Mello Administration's Anti-inflation Program Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Ancient Rain Forest On Fire Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Cabinet Reshuffle Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Railway Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
07 Colombian Coffee Exports Up 28.7% In 1990 Barbara Khol
14 Gulf War Negatively Impacts On Caribbean Tourism Barbara Khol
12 Largest Bank Heist In Brazilian History Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Indefinite Strike Affects Four Railways Barbara Khol
14 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company & German Vebal Oel Ag Examine Feasibility Of Extra-heavy Crude Refinery Barbara Khol
26 Dominican Republic: U.N. Study On Absolute Poverty, Child Abuse Barbara Khol
12 Uruguay: 7.23% Inflation In January Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: Employees Protest Privatization Of Sanitation Services In Guayaquil Barbara Khol
26 Inter-american Development Bank Loans To Argentina In 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Bolivia: Public Health Sector Workers Launch Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: 36 Rebel Bombings Of Petroleum Infrastructure Facilities Since Jan. 1 Barbara Khol
05 U.S. President Orders Reincorporation Of Chile & Paraguay In Generalized System Of Preferences (gsp) Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Medium- & Small-scale Mining Enterprises On Verge Of Collapse Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Armed Forces Involved In Amazon Eco-system Preservation Efforts Barbara Khol
28 Japan To Refinance $500 Million Of Argentine Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
12 Colombia: Economy Minister Predicts 0.5% Negative G.d.p. Growth Rate For 1991 Barbara Khol
21 Chile: Commercial Bank Profits Down In 1990 Barbara Khol
21 Ecuador: 1989 & 1990 Oil & Non-oil Export Revenues Barbara Khol
05 Peru: January Inflation, 17.8% Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Real Wage At 15-year Low Barbara Khol
07 Colombia: Public School Teachers On Strike Barbara Khol
14 Uruguay: Government's Fiscal Deficit Down From 6.1% To 2.5% Of G.d.p. Barbara Khol
21 Ecuadoran State-run Oil Company Finalizes Contract With South Korean Yukong Barbara Khol
21 Chile: Forestry Product Industry Exports, 1990 Barbara Khol
19 On Japanese Aid To Nicaragua Barbara Khol
12 Ecuador: $1.102 Billion Trade Surplus In 1990 Barbara Khol
26 Colombian Government Requests Postponement Of Andean Region Telecommunications Satellite Program Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Note On Upcoming Strikes Barbara Khol
14 Argentine-chilean Oil Pipeline Construction Delayed Barbara Khol
12 Colombian Government Decrees War Tax Barbara Khol
19 Colombia: Peace Agreements & Rebel Activities—a Summary, Jan. 24-feb. 13 Barbara Khol
19 Brazilian Government Temporarily Suspends Tariffs On Beef Imports Barbara Khol
14 Argentina: Economy Minister Announces Incentives For Business To Lower Prices Barbara Khol
21 Report On Socio-economic Conditions & Environment In Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Foreign Minister Suggests I.m.f. $230 Million Loan Disbursement To Be Included In Future Stand-by Agreement Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Chronology Of Violence & Government Response, Jan. 25 - Feb. 27 Barbara Khol
12 Argentina: Spanish State-owned Electricity Company Offers $150 Million Toward Joint Venture In Mining Enterprise Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: $1.3 Billion January Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: On Economic Aid Offered By Belgium, France & Switzerland Barbara Khol
19 Uruguay: Central Bank Sells 150,000 Oz. Of Gold Reserves To Purchase Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
19 Central America: Prices On Basic Foodstuffs Barbara Khol
12 Caribbean Community Member-nations Disagree Over Start-date Of Common Tariff System Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: Deutsche Bank Interested In Participating In Privatizations Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: State-run Airline To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Sao Paulo Supermarket Association Reports 70% Of Basic Subsistence Goods Disappeared From Store Shelves Barbara Khol