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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
22 Nicaraguan Debt Owed To Mexico Barbara Khol
29 11 Foreign Ministers Convene In Caracas To Discuss Strategies For Confronting Oil Market Fluctuations Barbara Khol
22 Ecuador: Banana Exports, 1990 Barbara Khol
31 Mexico: Banamex Receives $114.5 Million Loan To Finance Capital Goods Imports From U.S. Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Oil Company Employees & Teachers Plan Strikes Barbara Khol
15 Dominican Republic: Notes On 1990 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
08 Ford & Volkswagen Affiliate Shareholders In Brazil Approve Merger Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: International Monetary Fund & World Bank To Supervise Privatization Of State-run Companies Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Predictions On Economic Performance For 1991 Barbara Khol
15 Peru: Minimum Wage Raised By 50% Barbara Khol
10 Brazil Considers Withdrawal From International Cocoa Organization Barbara Khol
17 Mexican Government Establishes Contingency Fund In Response To Oil Market Instability Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Bank Nationalization Legislation Repealed Barbara Khol
15 Ecuador: Trade Surplus, January-october 1990 Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Government's Domestic Debt In Bonds & Bills As Of Dec. 31 Barbara Khol
22 Japan Donates Language Laboratory Equipment To Costa Rica Barbara Khol
08 Argentine Trade Surplus With Brazil, First Nine Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: 1990 Gdp Growth Rate, Estimate For 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Mexico & Central American Nations To Establish Free Trade Zone Before 1997 (s/s) Barbara Khol
24 Chilean Trade Surplus, 1990 Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: More Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Elecricity Consumption Down 8% In December Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: National Trade Union Confederation Threatens Nationwide Strike To Protest Government's Wage Hike Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: Debt Service Payment Savings Estimated At $40 Million Per Year Barbara Khol
08 Uruguay: On December Inflation, Total For 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Ecuador: Monetary Council Authorizes $11.9 Million In New Loans Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: On Economic Impact Of War In Middle East Barbara Khol
22 Bolivia: World Bank Study On Causes Of Poverty Barbara Khol
29 Peru: "informal Agreement" With International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
10 Mexico: 1990 Inflation At 29.9% Barbara Khol
24 Chilean Government Implements Gasoline Conservation Measures Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Population Estimated At 155.6 Million By Mid-1991 Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: Violent Protests Against Fuel & Transport Fare Hikes Barbara Khol
10 Mexican Banks To Receive $150 Million Loan From Spain Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Saudi Oil Shipments Postponed Barbara Khol
08 Chile: 27.3% Inflation For 1990 Barbara Khol
31 Peru: Recent Statements On Escalation Of Rebel Numbers & Activities Barbara Khol
17 Mexico, Venezuela & I.d.b. To Provide Joint Financing For Central American Oil Imports Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: 1,639% Inflation, -4% Gdp Growth In 1990 Barbara Khol
22 World Bank Affiliate Approves $11.3 Million Loan For Haiti Barbara Khol
29 Uruguay: Government To Sign Agreement Reducing Foreign Debt By 39% Barbara Khol
22 Central American Nations' Debt To Mexico Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: President Menem Replaces Four Cabinet Ministers Barbara Khol
31 Mass Protests Against Government's Economic Measures In Ecuador: Summary Of Events & Statements Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: 1990 Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela & Honduras To Sign Oil Exploration Agreement Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Foreign Debt Total, October 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Automotives Industry Output In 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Guyana: Report On Gold Mining In 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: On Aluminum Industry Output, Expansion Plans Barbara Khol
10 Haiti: Violence Continues In Wake Of Attempted Coup Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Bombings At Mormon Church & A Synagogue May Be Related To War In Persian Gulf Barbara Khol
24 Colombia: Rebel Sabotage Of Oil Pipeline Causes Major Spill, Shuts Down Pumping Operations Barbara Khol
22 Honduras: Austerity Measures Implemented In 1990 More Rigorous Than Required By International Lenders Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: Cabinet Members Resign Barbara Khol
08 Haiti: Summary Of Developments On Attempted Coup Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Consortium Offers $116 Million For Railway Line Barbara Khol
22 Nicaraguan Officials Consider Fuel Rationing Barbara Khol
17 Mexican Government Negotiating $300 Million Loan With World Bank, $175 Million Loan With Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
29 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $15.5 Million Loan For Guyana Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: Labor Unions Organize 48-hour Nationwide Strike To Protest Fuel Price Increase Barbara Khol
29 U.S. Trade Balance With Brazil, Mexico, & Venezuela, October & November 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Notes On Three Joint Ventures With Foreign Companies In Energy Sector Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: Fuel Price Hike & Higher Taxes Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: First Domestic-foreign Joint Venture In Computer Industry Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Economy Minister Requests "flexibility" From International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Foreign Banks To Purchase $320 Million In Government Bonds Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: Record Level Investments In 4th Quarter 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Inter-american Development Bank To Approve $500 Million Loan For Argentina Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: New Round Of Talks With Foreign Commercial Banks Expected By Feb. 15 Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: 855 Strikes & Sit-downs In 1990 Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Spain To Invest $106 Million In Construction Of Mint Barbara Khol
15 Bolivia: 20 Government Agencies To Be Abolished Barbara Khol
22 Guatemala-soviet Union Trade Balance Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: Striking Physicians Occupy Embassies, Pan-american Health Organization Office Barbara Khol
17 Mexico: Pemex Cannot Increase Oil Production In Event Of Gulf War Barbara Khol
24 Peruvian President Proposes New Anti-drug Agreement With U.S. Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Foreign Debt Interest Payments For January & February Barbara Khol
22 Italian & Mexican Banks To Provide Mexican Companies With $220 Million In Loans To Facilitate Trade Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Impact Of Protracted War In Persian Gulf Barbara Khol
08 Peru: 7,650% Inflation In 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Plans For Oil Industry Infrastructure Investment Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: Foreign Debt Restructuring Agreement Formalized Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Gdp Shrinks 4.3% In 1990 Barbara Khol
15 Haiti: Casualty Toll Update, Aftermath Of Attempted Coup Barbara Khol
08 Haiti: Brief Political Chronology, 1957 To Present Barbara Khol
10 Argentina Increases Interest Payments To Foreign Commercial Banks In Attempt To Obtain New Loans Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: U.S.-british Consortium Wins Cellular Phone Concession Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: Officials Hope To Obtain I.m.f. Loan Installment Despite Failure To Reach Economic Targets Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Six Zeroes Dropped From Financial Transactions In National Currency Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: Over 20,000 Public Employees Expected To Voluntarily Resign Barbara Khol
22 Dominican Republic: State Of Emergency & Electricity Rationing Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: 1990 Foreign Debt Reduction Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Fruit Exports To Three Gulf Nations Down Barbara Khol
29 Colombian Government Announces Anti-inflation Plan Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: 32.36% Inflation In 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Chile: $1.1 Billion In Direct Foreign Investment In 1990 Barbara Khol
08 Venezuela: Notes On 1990 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Central Bank Report On Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
15 Guyana & Belize Join Organization Of American States Barbara Khol
29 Mexican & Venezuelan State-run Oil Companies Occupy 4th & 5th Slots In Global Ranking Barbara Khol
10 Chile: Industrial Sector Stagnant In 1990 Barbara Khol
24 Inter-american Development Bank To Provide Funds To Assist Uruguay In Buyback Of Commercial Bank Debt Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Government Incentives For Voluntary Resignation Of 600,000 Public Sector Employees Barbara Khol
08 Bolivian Legal Coca Leaf Sales In 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Colombia: Foreign Reserves, Trade Surplus, 1990 Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Industrial Output Down 4% In 1990 Barbara Khol
24 E.c.l.a. Report On Ecuadoran Economic Performance In 1990 Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: Economy Minister Resigns; Central Bank Announces Two-day Bank Holiday Barbara Khol
08 On Cuban-soviet Trade Barbara Khol
29 Dominican Republic: Government Fails To Reach Agreement With International Monetary Fund Barbara Khol
15 Venezuela: State-run Telephone Company To Be Privatized In 1990 Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: 28 State-run Companies To Be Privatized In Next Two Years Barbara Khol
17 Aggregate G.d.p. For Latin America Down 0.5% In 1990 Barbara Khol
31 Argentina: Impact Of Run On Dollar On Consumer Prices Barbara Khol
22 Japan's Eximbank Allocates $600 Million To Assist Venezuela In Reduction Of $20 Billion Trade Debt Barbara Khol
24 Peruvian Minister Proposes Creation Of Regional Metals Market Barbara Khol
24 Peruvian Government Invites Venezuelan Cooperation In Oil Exploration Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Government Raises Minimum Wage By 50% Barbara Khol
24 Peru: Steelworkers Launch Strike Barbara Khol
22 Cuba: Egg Rationing Effective Jan. 21 Barbara Khol
17 Mexico: Ford Motor Company To Invest $700 Million In Modernization & Expansion Of Chihuahua Engine Plant Barbara Khol
08 Argentine Government Implements New Sanctions Against Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
15 Haiti: Final Official Returns On Dec. 16 General Elections Barbara Khol
29 Impact Of 1% Increase In Interest Rate On Latin American Foreign Debt Payments Barbara Khol
29 Peru: Over Half Million Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
15 Colombian Coffee Export Revenues Up In 1990 Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Contributions To G.d.p., Rankings By State Barbara Khol
08 Government Ousted In Suriname: Summary Of Events & Statements, Dec. 23-jan. 5 Barbara Khol
22 Honduras: Government Imposes Fuel Rationing, Increases Oil Reserves Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: State-run Oil Company Report On Losses Due To Guerrilla Sabotage Barbara Khol
29 $4 Billion In Flight Capital Returned To Venezuela In 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Congress Declares Null & Void Annual Budget Decree Issued By Executive Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: 5% Floor & 35% Ceiling On Import Tariffs Effective Jan. 28 Barbara Khol
17 Mexico: Debt Service Payments In January-september 1990 Total $15.1 Billion Barbara Khol
15 Venezuela: 1990 Automotives Sales Report Barbara Khol
22 Uruguay: 24-hour General Strike Takes Place Without Incident Barbara Khol
15 Peru: Three Cabinet Ministers Replaced Barbara Khol
22 Gulf War Enhances Prospects Of Failure For Uruguay Round Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Report On Foreign Debt Total & Arrears Barbara Khol
15 Uruguay: Crude Reserves Adequate For 110 Days Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Foreign Ready Reserves Down In November, Result Of Declining Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Economy Minister On December Price Index, Central Bank Reserves, Petroleum Industry Deregulation Barbara Khol
31 Mexico Contributes 12,650 Tons Of Subsistence Goods To Haiti Barbara Khol
08 Brazilian Government Authorizes Payment Of $51 Million To Creditors Of Shipping Company Barbara Khol
10 Peru: War In Middle East Will Indefinitely Delay Agreement With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
22 European Economic Community Provides Food Assistance To Peru Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Former Guerrilla Leader Navarro Wolf Scores High In National Opinion Poll Barbara Khol
17 Mexico: Foreign Investment Up 60% In 1990 Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Notes On Total Foreign Debt, Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol