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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Peru: 5.9% Inflation For November Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Industrial Modernization Loans From Inter-american Development Bank, World Bank, & Andean Development Corp. Barbara Khol
20 World Bank Approves $35 Million Loan For Bolivia Barbara Khol
18 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $50 Million Loan For Jamaican Agricultural Program Barbara Khol
04 U.S. Treasury Announces Venezuelan Purchase Of $7.5 Billion In Zero-coupon Bonds For $611 Million Barbara Khol
20 World Bank Announces $300 Million Loan For Argentina Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Coffee Export Revenues Down $486 Million Barbara Khol
06 Chile: November Inflation At 0.9% Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Foreign Debt Total, Mid-year 1990 Barbara Khol
13 Britain & Argentina Sign Investment Promotion & Protection Agreement Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: I.m.f. Releases $247 Million Loan Installment Barbara Khol
20 On Venezuelan Oil Exports Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Port Workers Promise Indefinite Strike If Congress Approves Privatization Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Three Radio Stations Privatized Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Government Announces Partial Lifting Of Freeze On Bank Accounts Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: 6.2% Inflation For November Barbara Khol
06 International Monetary Fund Rejects Peruvian Government's Request To Cut Debt Service Payments In Early 1991 Barbara Khol
18 Chile: New Hydroelectric Plant Begins Operations Barbara Khol
11 Uruguay Round Conclusion Delayed Barbara Khol
18 Inter-american Development Bank & World Bank Approved Total Of $394 Million In Loans For Colombia Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Government Renews State Of Emergency Decree For Lima & Callao Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Public Employee Wage Hike Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Rapid Devaluation Of National Currency Barbara Khol
04 New Uprising By Army Officers In Argentina: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
20 Latin American & Caribbean Nations' Foreign Debt Interest Arrears Increase In 1990 Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Plans For 30% Coffee Production Hike By 1995 Barbara Khol
11 Mexican Government Announces Winning Bid In Privatization Of Telmex Barbara Khol
06 Uruguay: 5.28% Inflation For November Barbara Khol
11 Ecuador: Net Foreign Reserves At $105.8 Million Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela Receives $100 Million World Bank Loan To Cushion Impact Of Austerity Policies On Poor Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Economy Minister Announces Moratorium On Debt Service Payment To Foreign Banks To End In January Barbara Khol
18 Peruvian Government To Propose Two-year Debt Payment Moratorium To Paris Club Barbara Khol
04 U.S. President Okays Lifting Suspension Of Weapons Sales To Chile Barbara Khol
06 International Monetary Fund Report On Latin American & Caribbean Nations' Foreign Reserves (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Contraction Of Gdp In 1990 Expected To Surpass 1981 Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: State-run Airline To Be Privatized In 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: Non-petroleum Exports Projected At $3.4 Billion For 1990 Barbara Khol
04 Mexico: Representatives Of 80 Japanese Companies Examine Trade & Investment Prospects Barbara Khol
04 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $300 Million Loan To Finance Privatization Program Barbara Khol
06 Bolivia: Despite Foreign Debt Reduction, Service Payments Continue To Limit Economic Growth Barbara Khol
04 Mexico: Trade Surplus $590 Million, Jan.-sept. 1990 Barbara Khol
20 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $28 Million Loan For Uruguay Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Students Demonstrate Against U.S. President's Visit Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: Debt Reduction Agreement To Be Finalized In January Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela Second Largest Oil Supplier To U.S. In August Barbara Khol
20 Uruguayan Beef & Mutton Exports Up In 1990 Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Sao Paulo Industrial Output In January-october Down 10.3% Compared To 1989 Barbara Khol
06 Phillips Petroleum & Paraguayan Government Sign Contract For Exploration In Chaco Region Barbara Khol
13 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves Loan & Stock Purchase In Argentine Satellite Communications Company Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: 1990-91 Grain Harvest Estimates Barbara Khol
11 Venezuelan Government Creates Special Fund For Extra Oil Export Earnings Barbara Khol
11 Joint Brazilian-japanese Enterprise To Produce Paper & Pulp Products Established In Maranhao Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: $406 Million November Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Debt Refinancing Proposal Includes $1.775 Billion In New Loans Barbara Khol
11 Spain's Iberia To Purchase Dominican Republic's State-run Airline Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Senate Approves New Currency Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Summary Of Constituent Assembly Elections (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Rebels Dynamite Mobile Oil Exploration Site Barbara Khol
04 Chile: World Bank's International Finance Corporation Approves $80 Million For Expansion Of Telephone Company Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: $11 Million Treasury Surplus In November Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: Foreign Debt Restructuring Accord Finalized Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Notes On Economic Recession Barbara Khol
20 International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Right (sdr) Support For Venezuela Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: Consumer Price Index Up 4.6% In November Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: State-run Oil Company Reports Lower Prices On Crude Exports In November Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Public School Teachers Launch Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
20 Latin American & Caribbean Foreign Debt Up In 1990 Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Congress Raises Inflation Projection For 1991 Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Inflation Estimate For December Barbara Khol
20 On Chico Mendes Murder Trial: Focus On Destruction Of Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest & Struggles Over Land Barbara Khol
18 International Monetary Fund Approves $1.4 Billion In Credit For Venezuela Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: La Guaira Port Shut Down By Strike Barbara Khol
18 Haitian Presidential Elections: Summary Of Developments, Nov. 25-dec. 17 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Debt-equity Swaps Added To Debt Refinancing Proposal Barbara Khol
18 Peru: 1991 Budget Includes $647 Million For Foreign Debt Service Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: U.S. Will Not Intervene In Talks With Commercial Banks; President Bush To Permit Sale Of Supercomputer Barbara Khol
04 Peruvian Government Requests International Monetary Fund Debt Service Reduction To "symbolic" Levels In Early 1991 Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Value Added Tax Extended To Selected Services Barbara Khol
04 World Bank Announces Approval Of $450 Million In Loans For Brazil Barbara Khol
11 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $82 Million Loan For Jamaica Barbara Khol
20 U.N. Commission Statistics On 1990 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Report On 1991 Economic Projections Barbara Khol
04 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $250 Million Loan For Brazil Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: January-november Inflation Rate At 29.1% Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Stalemate In Talks With Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
20 Inter-american Development Bank Report On Economic Prospects For Latin American Nations In 1990s Barbara Khol
18 Colombia: 1990 Gdp Growth Estimated At 3.7% Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: Dock Workers At Three Major Ports Prepare To Begin Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Agreement To Refinance Debt With U.S. Agency For International Development & U.S. Export Import Bank Barbara Khol
13 Caribbean Banana Growers Concerned About European Economic Community's End To Trade Barriers In 1992 Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: U.S. Eximbank Considers Providing Guarantees To Pemex Toward Obtaining Commercial Bank Loans Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: World Bank Approves Loan To Support Interest Payments Under Restructuring Accord With Foreign Banks Barbara Khol