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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
15 Peru: San Marcos University To Drop 8,000 Enrolled Students Barbara Khol
06 Nicaragua Refinances Oil Debt With Venezuela Barbara Khol
08 Southern Cone Common Market Agreement To Be Formalized In Late November Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Conservatives Lose In State Governor Run-offs Barbara Khol
08 U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corp. Official: Washington Believes Argentina Now Safe For Investment Barbara Khol
13 Bahamas To Receive $2 Million Donation For Cargo Terminal Feasibility Study Barbara Khol
27 Colombia: Attorney General Resigns Barbara Khol
01 Inter-american Development Bank & World Bank Approve $400 Million In Loans For Social Welfare Projects Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Sao Paulo Industrial Output Down, Bankruptcies Up Barbara Khol
06 French Company To Install 85,000 New Phone Lines In Ecuador Barbara Khol
22 Plans For Expanding Chilean-soviet Trade Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: Agreement In Principle On Four-year Financing Program By Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
08 Jamaica: Bauxite & Alumina Output, January-september 1990 Barbara Khol
13 Peru: $500 Million In 1991 Budget Earmarked For Payment Arrears To Multilateral Lenders Barbara Khol
08 Argentina To Boost Beef Exports To 50,000 Tons Per Year Barbara Khol
27 Peru: $1.36 Billion Required Over Five-year Period For Coca Crop Substitution Barbara Khol
13 Mexico: October Oil Export Prices Barbara Khol
13 Mexico: On 1990 Steel Output, Exports Barbara Khol
29 Commercial Bank Creditors & Brazilian Government Disagree On Amount Of Interest Arrears Paid Before April 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Brazilian Bishops Conference Denounces Poverty & Violence Barbara Khol
29 Uruguayan Foreign Debt Restructuring Proposal To Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
08 Brazilian Government Raises Port Service Fees Barbara Khol
27 Aerolineas Argentinas: Notes On Privatization Contract Barbara Khol
13 Estimates Of Financial Gains & Losses For Latin American Oil Exporters & Importers Due To Persian Gulf Crisis (s/s) Barbara Khol
20 Dominican Republic: Five-day National Strike Called To Protest Economic Policies, Demand President's Resignation Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Dock Workers End Strike Barbara Khol
27 Venezuelan Government Decides To Subsidize Part Of $3.6 Billion Private Sector Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
20 Inter-american Development Bank To Provide $110 Million Loan For Uruguayan Industrial Conversion Barbara Khol
01 Colombian Flower Growers Accuse Three Airlines Of Imposing Effective Blockade On Shipments To Europe Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Prime Minister On Government's Economic Plans For 1991 Barbara Khol
27 Andean Pact Nation Summit Barbara Khol
08 Mexico: October Inflation, 1.4% Barbara Khol
01 Venezuelan Army Arrests Over 300 Miners Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: Foreign Debt Breakdown As Of Year-end 1989 Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: Government To Dismiss 122,000 Employees In Three-year Period Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Industrial Output Down 7.2% Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Beef Exports Down Barbara Khol
13 Brazil's Priority Demands In Uruguay Round Barbara Khol
08 Preliminary Figures On Argentine Grain Production, 1990/91 Harvest Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: New Owners Take Control Of Phone Company Barbara Khol
06 Bolivia: October Inflation, 3.45% Barbara Khol
15 Peru: Notes On Violence & Related Developments, Oct. 2-nov. 9 Barbara Khol
29 Ecuador: 1991 Budget Plan Includes Average $16.52 Per Barrel On Oil Exports Barbara Khol
22 Uruguay: Exports, January-october 1990 Barbara Khol
29 More On Impact Of Gulf Crisis On Latin American Oil Importers & Exporters Barbara Khol
27 Brazil Receives Price Break On Iranian Oil Barbara Khol
22 Venezuelan Oil Minister Criticizes Advanced Industrialized Nations For Failing To Help Stabilize Oil Prices Barbara Khol
08 Argentina: Governor Of Jujuy Province Resigns Barbara Khol
13 Mexico: Per Capita Basic Food Grains Production In Decline Barbara Khol
06 Bolivia: 20% Of Coca Crop Destroyed In Past Year Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: October Inflation Barbara Khol
13 Japanese Government Studies Loans For Brazil & Peru Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Economic Performance Notes Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: "extra" Oil Export Revenues Deposited In European Banks To Prevent Seizure By U.S. Banks Barbara Khol
15 On Washington's Attempts To Prohibit Foreign Subsidiaries Of U.S. Firms From Trading With Cuba (s/s) Barbara Khol
29 Peruvian Senate Annuls 1988 Bank Nationalization Law Barbara Khol
29 Guyana: World Bank Affiliate Approves $4.3 Million Loan To Support Structural Adjustments Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: Legislation Approved For Privatization Of State-run Alcohol Company Barbara Khol
29 U.S. Export-import Bank Agrees In Principle To $1.5 Billion Loan For Mexico's State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
06 Costa Rica Negotiates Six-month Contingency Credit With Mexico For Oil Supplies Barbara Khol
20 G.d.p. Of Organization Of Eastern Caribbean States Member-nations Down 4.7% In 1989 Barbara Khol
06 Salvadoran Airline Submits Unfair Competition Complaint Against Pan Am & Continental Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: On Deregulation Of Telecommunications Sector Barbara Khol
01 Venezuelan President Offers Contribution To O.a.s. Haitian Vote Monitoring Team Barbara Khol
08 Spain To Invest Over $160 Million In Argentina Under New Cooperation Agreement Barbara Khol
15 International Development Association Approves $4.3 Million Loan For Guyana Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia To Receive $900 Million In Loans Channeled By World Bank In 1991 Barbara Khol
15 Argentine Government Opposed To E.e.c. Subsidy Cut Proposal Barbara Khol
06 Colombian Government Announces Five-year Dismantlement Of National Port Authority Enterprise Barbara Khol
01 Colombia: 1990 Gdp Estimate Barbara Khol
06 Central American Economic Integration Bank Approves $20 Million Loan Package For Nicaragua Barbara Khol
29 Argentine-brazilian Trade Barbara Khol
20 O.e.c.d.'s Year-end 1989 Foreign Debt Totals For Latin American Countries (s/s) Barbara Khol
22 E.e.c. To Suspend Beef Imports From Brazil In January Barbara Khol
13 Trinidad & Tobago: State Of Emergency Extended One Month Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: 1990 Grain Harvest Down 21.22% Barbara Khol
13 Brazilian Government Asks Unesco To Establish Two "biosphere Reserves" In Mata Atlantica Barbara Khol
29 Ecuadoran Government Proposes Establishing Of Duty-free Zones Barbara Khol
27 Colombia Refuses Immediate Support For U.S.-led Request For U.N. Authorization To Use Force Against Iraq Barbara Khol
01 Inter-american Development Bank Loans $80 Million To Bolivia For Electrification Project Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors To Offer Debt Refinancing Counterproposal Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Plans To Double Oil Exports From Iran Barbara Khol
27 Venezuelan Planning Minister On Plans To Prevent Extra Oil Income From Exacerbating Inflationary Tendencies Barbara Khol
22 Dominican Republic: Update On National Strike Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: $350 To $400 Million Overpayment On Interest To Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
06 Trinidad & Tobago: Trade Surplus, January-may 1990 Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador: Trade Balance Surplus, January-september 1990 Barbara Khol
29 Haiti To Receive $11.55 Million Loan For Renovation & Expansion Of Artibonite Valley Irrigation System Barbara Khol
22 Mexico: Government Announces Seven Finalists In Bid Competition To Privatize State-run Phone Company Barbara Khol
27 Argentina Plans To Increase Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Only Three Supporters Of President's Policies Elected In Gubernatorial Run-off Elections Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Iberia-led Consortium To Assume Ownership Of State-run Airline Nov. 20 Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Matarazzo Holding Company Files Bankruptcy Proceedings Barbara Khol
06 Peru: October Inflation Barbara Khol
22 Andean Region Agriculture Ministers Say Financial Resources Inadequate For Drug Crop Substitution Efforts Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Import Restrictions On 250 Informatics Equipment & Components Products To Be Reduced Beginning Jan. 1 Barbara Khol
29 Caribbean Sugar Acreage, Production, Selected Years (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Figures On Inflation For October & November Barbara Khol
06 Honduras: 70% Of Labor Force Un- Or Underemployed Barbara Khol
01 World Bank Official Praises Venezuelan Macroeconomic Reforms Barbara Khol
08 Peru To Receive $5.3 Million Donation From Japan Barbara Khol
13 Brazilian Government Prepared To Make Token Interest Arrears Payment To Commercial Banks Before Year-end Barbara Khol
13 Haiti: Election Preparation Update Barbara Khol
20 Colombia & Venezuela Establish Agreement On Dividing Up Regional Steel Market Barbara Khol
27 Japan, U.S., Canada & Spain Offer $1.15 Billion In Aid After Dominican Government Reaches Agreement With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
01 Belgium Restructures $62.4 Million Of Mexican Debt Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Manufacturers' Profits Among Highest World-wide; Workers' Wages Lower Than In Bangladesh & Bolivia Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: International Finance Corporation Announces Investment Of $34.9 Million In Ethylene Processing Plant Barbara Khol
29 Report On Colombian Coal Exports, Production Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador & Brazil Conclude Agreements On Reciprocal Credit & Financing For Water Resources Project Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador: New Oil Find In Santa Elena Peninsula Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Government Left With Phone Company's $2.1 Billion Debt Barbara Khol
22 U.N. Development Programme Report On Dimensions Of Poverty In Latin America Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: On Wealth Distribution, Social Welfare Indicators Barbara Khol
13 U.N. Convention Against Illicit Traffic In Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Takes Effect Nov. 11 Barbara Khol
01 Bolivia: Foreign Companies Invited To Submit Bids On Exploitation Of Huanuni Tin Deposits Barbara Khol
20 Brazil Presents New Debt Rescheduling Proposal To U.S. Government, Result Of Applied Pressure Barbara Khol
06 Panama: Congresspersons Approve Legislation To Promote Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
29 Chile Opposes E.e.c. Decision To Reduce Tariffs On Agricultural Products From Coca-producing Nations Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Money Supply Growth 3.8% In October Barbara Khol
29 Chile Reinstalled As Beneficiary Of U.S. Generalized System Of Preferences Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Chamber Of Deputies Approves New Currency Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Economic Cooperation Accords With China Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Strike Called By Major Labor Confederations Fails, Result Of Government Threats Barbara Khol
08 Mexico: Foreign Investment, January-september 1990 Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Government Places State-run Oil Company On Emergency Status Barbara Khol
29 U.S. State Department Issues Travel Advisory On Chile Barbara Khol
06 Costa Rica Seeks $30 Million Loan From Spain To Improve Health Services Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: October Inflation, 1.92% Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: More Public Sector Layoffs Barbara Khol
22 Colombian Senate Commission Approves Free Export Of Emeralds Barbara Khol
29 Bolivia: World Bank Affiliate Approves $14.5 Million Loan For Financial Sector Restructuring Barbara Khol
15 Venezuela: Public Sector Debt Reduction Accord With Foreign Commercial Banks Delayed Barbara Khol
29 Latin American Steel Consumption & Output Down Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Preliminary Estimates For November Inflation Barbara Khol
01 Venezuelan Computer Company Sues At&t Barbara Khol
20 Report On Argentine Wheat Exports Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Government Suspends Legal Charter Of Three Telecommunications Unions Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Cocoa Industry In Crisis Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Domestic Beef Prices Down Barbara Khol
29 U.S. Sugar Imports From Caribbean, 1982-83 To 1990-91 (s/s) Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Army Qualifies As Largest Landowner Barbara Khol
08 Peru Renegotiates Fishing Agreement With Soviet Union Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Record Exports In First 10 Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
22 U.S. President Vetoes Controversial Trade Bill Barbara Khol
15 Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Loans To Honduras (s/s) Barbara Khol
20 Peru: 700,000 Workers On Strike; President Issues Decree Restricting Right To Strike Of Workers In Basic Services Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Import Tariffs & Sales Taxes Reduced Barbara Khol
15 Colombia: Low Coffee Prices & Reduced Oil Output Threaten Economic Recession In Mid-1990s Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Air Cargo Transport To Europe Increased By 5% Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: No Private Participation In State-run Oil Company's Five-year Expansion Program Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: New Trade Liberalization Policies Barbara Khol
22 Transfer Of Aerolineas Argentinas To New Owners Postponed Barbara Khol
29 Peru: Government's 1991 Budget Request Allocates $747 Million For Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
29 Brazil's Avibras Aerospatial Avoids Bankruptcy After Closing Sale Of 10,000 Rockets To Saudi Arabia Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Private Sector Spokesperson Says President Collor's Economic Program A "trap" Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Air & Bus Fare Hikes Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Update On Plans For Restructuring Debt Held By Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
29 Peruvian Government Authorizes Establishment Of Taiwan Economic & Cultural Affairs Office In Lima Barbara Khol
06 Costa Rica To Temporarily Withdraw Participation In Regional Clearing House Barbara Khol
20 Regular Flights Between Brazil & Soviet Union To Commence Within Three Months Barbara Khol
06 Costa Rica Joins G.a.t.t. Barbara Khol
27 Venezuelan Government Purchases 18 Planes From U.S. For Anti-drug & Border Control Efforts Barbara Khol
22 Social Security Institute Employees Denounce Abduction Of Union Leader, Refuse To Return To Work Barbara Khol
06 Honduras: President Submits 1991 Budget For Legislators' Approval Barbara Khol
22 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-october 1990 Barbara Khol
29 Argentine Company Shares Quoted In U.S. Dollars Barbara Khol
01 Chile: 25% Wage Hike For Public Sector Employees Barbara Khol
01 Ecuador: $50 Million Loan From Inter-american Development Bank For Health Services & Potable Water System Barbara Khol
27 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America Report: Estimates For 1990 Changes In Regional G.d.p., Per Capita G.d.p. Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Labor Confederations Prepare For National Strike Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: Report On Foreign Commercial Banks' Options In Debt Reduction-refinancing Agreement Barbara Khol
15 World Bank Affiliate Approves $14.5 Million Loan For Financial Sector Restructuring Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Direct Foreign Investment, January-october 1990 Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Severe Recession Preferable To Hyperinflation Barbara Khol
13 Argentine Livestock Producers Reject E.e.c.'s Agricultural Subsidy Reduction Proposal Barbara Khol
06 On U.S. Embargo Against Mexican Tuna Imports Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Fuel Price Controls To Be Eliminated In 1991 Barbara Khol
15 Cuba: On Sugar Exports To Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Fuel Price Increase Barbara Khol
01 Argentine Foreign Minister On British Plans To Expand Economic Zone Around Malvinas-falklands Islands Barbara Khol
06 Peruvian Government Launches Population Control Program Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: State-run Airline Turned Over To Private Owners Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Aeronautics Firm Seeks $150 Million Foreign Debt-equity Swap Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Prepares Accelerated Development Plan To Boost Production Capacity Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Industrial Output Down, Third Quarter 1990 Barbara Khol
29 French Government Says $3.9 Billion In Aid To Latin America & Asia For 1991-95 Period Too High Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: U.S. Treasury Official Says Payment Capacity Argument Complicates Talks With Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Layoffs & Pay Cuts At State-run Aeronautics Company Barbara Khol