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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
18 Argentina: Future Owners Of State-run Airline Call On Government To Speed Up Transfer Process Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador: Official Statistics Agency Reports 3.47% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
09 Mexican President Says Revenues From Privatization To Be Used For Solving "social Problems" Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: September Inflation Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: Notes On Automotives Industry Barbara Khol
02 Three-day Strike In Dominican Republic: Notes On Violence, Arrests & Related Events Barbara Khol
02 U.S.d.a. Officially Declares Chile Free Of Diseases Obstructing Livestock & Meat Imports Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Date Set For Private Takeover Of State-run Telephone Company Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: World Bank Mission Arrives To Begin Negotiations On $500 Million Loan To Support Trade Policy Reform Barbara Khol
30 Brazilian Government Proposes $500 To $600 Million Payment To Paris Club In 1991 Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: President Of State-run Oil Company Resigns Barbara Khol
25 Peru: State-run Airline To Be Partially Privatized Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Port Workers Plan Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
25 Paraguay: On Inflation Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence, Sept. 7-oct. 1 Barbara Khol
16 Mexico To Become First Non-regional Member Of Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Barbara Khol
02 Chile Joins Rio Group Barbara Khol
04 On Chilean Strategies To Cope With Gulf Crisis-induced Oil Price Hikes Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Major Unions Threaten Strikes Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Nations: Changes In Per Capita G.d.p., 1960-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
16 Peru: Adviser To Coca Growers Federation Says Economic Aid, Not Weapons, Key To Reducing Narcotics Production Barbara Khol
16 Brazilian Agriculture Minister: Agricultural Protectionism Contributes To Destruction Of Amazon Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Santos Port Workers Commence Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Note On Inflation Barbara Khol
18 Dominican Republic: Scarcity Of Dollars To Purchase Oil Causing Serious Economic Problems Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela Receives $680 Million In Loans From World Bank Barbara Khol
04 Ecuador Receives $15 Million From West German Government For Environmental Clean-up Programs Barbara Khol
09 Chile: On September Inflation Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Second Debt-equity Swap Auction In 1990 To Reduce Foreign Debt By $1.8 Billion Barbara Khol
04 On Projected Third World Foreign Debt, 1990-1991 Barbara Khol
09 General Accounting Office (gao) Study Supports Findings By F.d.a. In Chilean Grape Poisoning Case Barbara Khol
11 Rio Group Summit In Caracas Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Miners End 41-day Strike Barbara Khol
23 U.N. Development Programme (undp) Offers Quality Of Life Index To Replace G.n.p. Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: September Inflation, 2.37% Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Fiscal Deficit Down Barbara Khol
09 U.N. Population Fund On Demographic Growth & Poverty Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Instant Coffee Exports, September Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: Foreign Investment Restrictions Lifted Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Bank Employee Strike Ends Barbara Khol
23 Uruguay: Unemployment At 9.6% Barbara Khol
25 Mexico: 0.9% Inflation, First Half Of October Barbara Khol
11 Chile & Mexico Formalize Free Trade Agreement Protocol Barbara Khol
16 Peruvian Congress Fails To Authorize President's Trip To Caracas To Attend Rio Group Summit Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: $190 Million Treasury Surplus In September Barbara Khol
16 Rio Group Summit: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
30 September Inflation, Andean Pact Nations Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: On Pemex Plans For Reducing Air Pollution Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: Trade Statistics, First Seven Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: President Menem Says Privatization Program To Reduce Foreign Debt By $20 Billion Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: 13 Major State-run Companies Register $261 Million In First Seven Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
02 Brazil & China Refuse To Join Association Of Tin Producing Countries Barbara Khol
25 Chile: 45% Of Population Impoverished Barbara Khol
11 Brazilian Central Bank President On Economic Prospects In Near Future Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: More On Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: On Official Voting Returns For Oct. 3 Elections Barbara Khol
02 Peru: President To Lift Foreign Investment Restrictions Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Notes On State-run Oil Company's Annual Report Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay: Economic Performance Notes Barbara Khol
18 Costa Rica: Tariffs On Fertilizer Imports To Be Reduced Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Teachers & Students Stop Traffic In Buenos Aires Barbara Khol
23 Bolivia: New Oil Field Begins Production Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: General Labor Confederation Announces National Day Of Protest For Nov. 15 Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Tourism Sector Performance Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Jan.-sept. Trade Results, 1990 Projections Barbara Khol
09 Surviving Cuban Newspapers To Double In Price Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Notes On Living Conditions Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Weapons Manufacturer On Projected Sale Of Heavy Tanks To Saudi Arabia Barbara Khol
09 Notes On Latin American & Caribbean Sugar Industry Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: 24-hour Warning Strike At Northeastern Ports Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: Exploitation Underway Of New Oilfields Containing Low-sulphur Light & Medium Crude Barbara Khol
04 Argentine President Says U.S. Creditors Considering Debt Reduction Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Official Figures On September Inflation Barbara Khol
18 Senior Brazilian Officials Lobby U.S. Congress To Block Legislation Prohibiting Supercomputer Technology Export Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Textile & Clothing Industry Layoffs Barbara Khol
02 I.m.f.-world Bank Annual Meeting: Summary Of Selected Statements Barbara Khol
04 International Monetary Fund's Estimates On Growth, Inflation & World Trade, 1989-1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
30 Chilean National Airline Announces Layoffs, Fleet Reduction, & Termination Of Low-profit Flights Barbara Khol
16 Colombian Government Offers Incentives For Return Of Flight Capital Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: On Government Revenues Via Privatization Of Telephone Company Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: General Motors & Autolatina Boost Output Of Alcohol-fueled Vehicles Barbara Khol
30 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Carribean: 1990 No Better Than Past Decade Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Central Bank Employee Strike Ends Barbara Khol
11 Economic Indicators, Rio Group Nations Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Santos Port Facility Continues Paralyzed Barbara Khol
25 Banks Withdraw Lawsuit Against Peru Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Federal Government Tax Collection Agency Reports Coffee Export Fraud Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela Receives $650 Million Loan For Investment In Irrigation & Rural Roads Barbara Khol
04 Note On Third World Nation Debt Arrears Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Consumer Price Index Drops, 3rd Week In October Barbara Khol
25 Paraguay: Emergency Aid For 50,000 Agricultural Workers Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: 1991 Wheat Import Projections, Result Of Crop Losses Barbara Khol
02 Brazilian Firm Participates In Joint Venture With Swedish & Soviet Companies Barbara Khol
11 Peru To Receive $2.03 Billion Bridge Loan Barbara Khol
04 Dominican Republic: Labor Federations Threaten General Strike Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: Central Bank Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
09 International Monetary Fund Denies Suspension Of Loan Disbursement To Argentina Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Foreign Commercial Banks Demand Interest Arrears Payments Before Negotiations Commence Barbara Khol
16 Venezuela Develops Bitumen Reserves As Substitute For Oil In Electricity Generation Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Nearly Half Of Electorate Abstained, Cast Blank Or Null Ballots In Oct. 3 Elections Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: U.S. Immigration Service Reports Illegal Border Crossings Up For First Time Since 1986 Barbara Khol
11 Dominican Republic: On Shortages & Price Hikes Barbara Khol
16 Cuba & China Sign Agreement To Construct Bicycle & Electric Fan Factories Barbara Khol
02 Colombia, Mexico & Venezuela Formalize Agreement To Establish Combined Energy Distribution Network Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Central Bank Strike Continues Barbara Khol
18 F.a.o. Predicts 62 Million Latin Americans To Suffer Malnutrition By 2000 Barbara Khol
23 On European Economic Community's Aid Program For Andean Nations Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: 24-hour Transport Strike Barbara Khol
16 On Colombian Rebel Actions & Disarmament: Summary Of Events & Statements, Sept. 2-oct. 13, Part 1 Barbara Khol
18 Nicaragua: 6% Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela To Receive $750 Million Next Month From Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
09 British Finance Minister Proposes $18 Billion Debt Write-off To Benefit 19 Developing Nations Barbara Khol
25 Japan's Nissan Begins Export Of Luxury Automobiles To Mexico In November Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: 5-6% Gdp Growth Per Annum Necessary To Keep Pace With Expansion Of Labor Force Barbara Khol
09 Notes On Mexican Trade With Latin America Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Several Bombs Explode In Downtown Buenos Aires Barbara Khol
18 Honduras Seeks Reduction Of Trade Deficit With Venezuela Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Trade Surplus, 12 Months Ending Aug. 31 Barbara Khol
30 Peru: Airline Employee Strike Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: 15.7% Inflation In September Barbara Khol
30 Inter-american Development Bank Annual Report (s/s) Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Santos Dockworkers Launch 24-hour Strike Barbara Khol
04 Dominican Republic: Taiwan To Assist In Resolving Electricity Distribution Problems Barbara Khol
23 Volkswagen De Mexico Plans For 1991 Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: 43% Of Savings Deposits Held In U.S. Dollars Barbara Khol
09 Cuba: Communist Party Announces Reforms Barbara Khol
18 Bolivia: Policeman Killed Defending U.S. Marines Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Note On Demographic Growth Objective Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Conservatives Win In Legislative & Gubernatorial Elections Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: More On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
16 On Colombian Rebel Actions & Disarmament: Summary Of Events & Statements, Sept. 2-oct. 13, Part 2 Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Minimum Wage Raised 6.09% Barbara Khol
04 Uruguay: Fuel Prices Raised 13% Barbara Khol
25 Peru: Note On Mineral Exports Barbara Khol
02 Dominican Republic: Phone Company Monopoly Ends After 60 Years Barbara Khol
25 Bolivia: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Legislation Expanding Authorization For Foreign Participation In Oil & Natural Gas Barbara Khol
23 Venezuelan Government Studies Debt Restructuring Options For San Jose Pact Beneficiary Nations Barbara Khol
25 Brazilian Weapons Manufacturer Delivers 10,000 Rockets To Saudi Arabia Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: Debt Restructuring Agreement With Foreign Commercial Banks Complete Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Japan Donates $5 Million For Agricultural Development In Huaral Valley Barbara Khol
04 Uruguay: On Real Wage Decline Since January Barbara Khol
30 Peru: President Announces Family Planning Program Barbara Khol
09 Haiti: Recent Developments On Plans For Elections In December Barbara Khol
02 Venezuelan President Proposes U.N.-sponsored Oil Conference Barbara Khol
30 Latin American Trade: Growth Rates, Selected Multi-year Averages, 1960-1988 (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Brazil To Request $8 Billion Bridge Loan Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Real Minimum Wage Down 9.3% In First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Foreign Reserves At $8.5 Billion In August Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Gdp Growth 0.4% In First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: Steel Output Down Barbara Khol
23 Colombian President Promises New Incentives For Foreign Investment In Oil Industry Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Varig Airline Places Orders For Several Boeing Jetliners Barbara Khol
25 Ecuador: Note On Exports Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Government & Phone Company Buyers Reach Agreement On Rates Barbara Khol
18 Notes On Average Hourly Wage In Industrialized Nations, Compared To Mexico's Minimum Wage Barbara Khol
09 Note On Third World & Eastern Europe Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
09 Bolivia: On Export Performance Barbara Khol
04 Preparations For U.S.-mexico Free Trade Accord: Summary Of Events & Statements, Sept. 6-27 (part 2) Barbara Khol
04 Preparations For U.S.-mexico Free Trade Accord: Summary Of Events & Statements, Sept. 6-27 (part 1) Barbara Khol
04 Chile Reincorporated Under U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (opic) Coverage Barbara Khol
16 Chilean Foreign Minister: U.S. Imposing Disguised Protectionism Barbara Khol
09 On Malnutrition In Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: September Inflation, 1.5% Barbara Khol
09 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America (ecla) Calls For Suspension Of Import Substitution Industrialization Barbara Khol
23 Ecuador: President Of Congress Rejects Vote Of No-confidence Barbara Khol
04 Peru: 1989 Drug Traffic Revenues Barbara Khol
04 Mexico: Government To Remove Subsidy On Tortillas Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: $1.9 Billion Trade Deficit, First Seven Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
30 Argentine Wheat Sale To Brazil Barbara Khol
16 U.S. Government Considers "decertification" Of Peru In Anti-drug Program Barbara Khol
18 Bolivia Receives $30 Million Loan Installment From I.m.f. Barbara Khol
23 Without Major Investments, Mexico May Be Net Oil Importer By 2000 Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Balance Of Trade Surplus, January-august 1990 Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: International Monetary Fund Suspends Disbursement Of $245 Million Loan Installment Barbara Khol
04 On Argentine-brazilian Trade In 1989, First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
25 Summary Of Developments & Debate On Future U.S.-mexico Free Trade Agreement, Sept. 28-oct. 20 Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela: Impact Of Oil Price Hikes Resulting From Persian Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
02 U.S. Provides $2.8 Million To Venezuela For Infrastructure Feasibility Studies Barbara Khol
04 Mexico: Note On Education Of Adult Population Barbara Khol
18 Barbados: Major Opposition Party Proposes Caribbean Joint Oil Venture Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Former Senator & Candidate For Governor Of Rondonia State Assassinated Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Note On Delay In Foreign Buyers Meeting Cash Requirements On Purchases Of State-run Companies Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: On September Inflation Barbara Khol
25 Peruvian Indigenous Leader: Latin American Governments Cannot Be Trusted To Protect Environment Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: Bell Atlantic Consortium Fails To Deliver Cash Payment For State-run Phone Company Barbara Khol
04 Association Of Tin Producer Nations Cuts Quotas By 6% Barbara Khol
09 Mexico: Domestic Consumption Of Petroleum Products Up Barbara Khol
18 Peru Resumes Debt Service To World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Barbara Khol
02 Mexico Receives $450 Million From World Bank For Investments In Electricity Grid Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Automotives Output Up Barbara Khol
02 Trade Surplus In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: On Preliminary Talks With Private Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
02 Peru: U.S. Southern Peru Copper Corporation Donates $100,000 To Emergency Assistance Programs For Poor Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: Money Supply Expansion In September Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: Protest Against Violence Barbara Khol
02 Peru: 3.7% Inflation For September Barbara Khol
02 International Coffee Organization Members Fail To Resurrect Quota System Barbara Khol
23 Chile-spain Cooperation Agreement Barbara Khol
23 Argentina: Illegal Immigrants To Be Granted Amnesty Barbara Khol
02 Argentina: Government To Raise Phone Service Rates By 42% Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Child Mortality Third Highest In Latin America Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Petrobras Interested In Prospecting British Oil Fields In North Sea Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: Industrial Output Up 3.9% In First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
09 Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay Begin Drafting Common Market Treaty Barbara Khol
09 Brazilian Government Invites Six European Banks To Participate In Foreign Bank Advisory Committee Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Automotives Production & Sales, September Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela Opens Contacts With Paris Club To Begin Debt Restructuring Talks Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: 1,113% Inflation For First Nine Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
23 Peru: Agriculture Minister & Deputy Minister Resign Barbara Khol