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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
13 Chile: Economic Indicators, 1988, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Notes On Unemployment, Inflation, Value Of Currency Barbara Khol
25 Delegations From Tin-producing Nations To Meet In Bolivia Barbara Khol
25 Latin America & Caribbean Rank First World-wide In Income Distribution Inequity Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Militant Trade Union Federation Votes To Participate In Social Pact Talks Barbara Khol
27 Spain Commits $54 Million In Aid To Honduras Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Notes On Economic Recession Barbara Khol
27 Dominican Republic: Government Rations Gasoline Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: On Recent Attempts To Establish "social Pact" Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Private Bank Employees Prepared For Indefinite Strike Barbara Khol
25 Chile: Payments On $4.87 Billion In Debt To Foreign Commercial Banks Postponed To 1995 Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Notes On Upcoming Privatizations Barbara Khol
27 Mexico & Venezuela Announce New Guidelines For San Jose Pact Beneficiaries Barbara Khol
11 Mexico To Auction $1.5 Billion In Debt-equity Swap Bonds Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: World Bank Projections On Losses Caused By Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador & Bolivia Demand Greater Efforts By I.m.f. & World Bank On Debt Problem Barbara Khol
20 Argentine Government Studies Plan To Introduce U.S. Dollar As Legal Tender Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Notes On Effects Of Economic Austerity Program Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: July Foreign Ready Reserves Barbara Khol
25 Brazilian Government Threatens To Remove Import Tariffs On Basic Consumer Goods Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela: Debt-equity Swap Auctions Called Off Until Debt Reduction Agreement Finalized Barbara Khol
25 Volkswagen To Boost Investment In Mexico Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: September Inflation, 12.76% Barbara Khol
25 Dominican Republic: Bus Drivers Strike To Protest Higher Fuel Prices Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Payment Of Interest Arrears To Paris Club & Commercial Banks May Begin This Year Barbara Khol
25 Brazilian Economy Minister On Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
20 Chile: 15 Most Profitable Companies, First Quarter 1990 Barbara Khol
04 Notes: Prices On Mexican Crude Exports Barbara Khol
25 Bids Closed On Controlling Share In Telefonos De Mexico: Notes On Government's Modernization Program Barbara Khol
20 Chile: More On Fruit Exporters' Plans To Sue U.S. Government Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Utility Rate Hikes, Public Sector Layoffs Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Optimism In Midst Of Economic Crisis Barbara Khol
25 Uruguay: On President Lacalle's Privatization Bill Barbara Khol
25 Canada Donates 5,000 Tons Of Wheat To Haiti Barbara Khol
27 Mexico: On Private Sector Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Strikes & Threatened Strikes Affect Private & Public Sector Banks Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Notes On Oil Output, Exports, Exploration, Refining, Foreign Participation Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Tax Evasion Prevention Program Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Telephone Company Employees On Strike; President Menem Prepares Decree To Outlaw Public Sector Strikes Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: On Off-shore Oil Exploration In Santos Basin Barbara Khol
27 Peru To Resume Debt Service Payments To Inter-american Development Bank & World Bank Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: Labor Court Postpones Decision On Legality Of Bank Employee Strike Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Direct Foreign Investment, 1973-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 On Japanese Investment In Latin America Barbara Khol
27 Paraguay: Economic Recovery Not Possible In Near Future Barbara Khol
18 Argentina: Congress Debates Bill To Authorize Military Intervention In Cases Of Threats Against National Security Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela To Receive $3 Billion Credit Package In Arrangement With Spanish Government Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Trade Liberalization For Pharmaceuticals Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Sale Of State-owned Airline Held Up Barbara Khol
27 U.S. To Provide 250,000 Tons Of Food To Peru In Fy1991 Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Austerity Measures Include Closing Of Embassies & Consulates Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: 10% Of National Territory To Be Converted Into Reservations For Indigenous Tribes Barbara Khol
13 Paraguay: Beef Exports To Be Suspended Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Former Japanese Foreign Minister Says Economic Climate Not Yet Appropriate For Investment Barbara Khol
20 Colombian Government Begins Economic Liberalization Process Barbara Khol
13 U.S. Computer Salvage Company To Set Up Maquiladora Plant In Ecuador Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Computer Industry Import Restrictions Lifted Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Inflation, First Two Weeks Of September Barbara Khol
13 Notes On Quality Of Life For Latin American Women Barbara Khol
27 Chile To Import 90 Million Tons Of Sugar Barbara Khol
18 Argentine President: A Million Strikes Will Not Change Economic Policy Program Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
13 Chilean Exporters Association Accuses U.S. Food & Drug Administration Of Contaminating Grapes With Cyanide Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Consumer Price Inflation 1.6% In August Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela Behind In Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
11 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Report On Poverty In 1980s (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 Argentine Politician Admits Sending Beef To Iraq Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: 1990 Grain Harvest Down 20% Barbara Khol
18 Chile Begins Negotiations To Restructure $4.8 Billion Of Commercial Foreign Bank Debt Barbara Khol
27 Nicaragua: 5.5% Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
11 Chile: August Inflation, 2% Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Government Implements More Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
25 Paraguayan Government Raises Utility Rates, Fuel Prices & Wages Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Oil Workers, Bank Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
20 Chile: Capital Market Performance, 1980-1988 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Honduran Government To Crack Down On Black Market Currency Exchange Barbara Khol
20 Chilean Trade With South Korea Up 65.3% In 1989 Barbara Khol
06 Mexico: Oil & Non-oil Exports Totals & Proportion Of Total Exports, 1980-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 I.m.f. Aware Brazil Cannot Meet Debt Service Payments In 1990, 1991, & Perhaps 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Brazil Sends Letter Of Intent To I.m.f. Barbara Khol
11 Argentina: Politicians Warn Of Social Upheaval Barbara Khol
20 Notes On Brazil's Expected Debt Reduction Via U.S. Government Write-off Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Foreign Debt Total, Debt Service, First Quarter 1990 Barbara Khol
27 Nicaragua: On Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Japan Offers Trucks For Delivering Foodstuffs In Regions Affected By Drought Barbara Khol
18 Venezuelan Officials Seek To Avoid Multilateral Institution Loan Cutbacks Justified By Recent Oil Price Hikes Barbara Khol
04 Chile: President Aylwin Says Foreign Investment At 20-year High Barbara Khol
25 Venezuela: Notes On Top 20 Firms, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela Refuses To Supply Additional Cheap Oil To Central American Nations Barbara Khol
27 Argentine Government Threatens To Cancel Airline Sale Barbara Khol
13 Note On Mexico-brazil Trade Barbara Khol
20 Mexico: Government Financial Subsidies By Economic Sector, 1982-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
25 Brazilian Export Firm Donates 30 Tons Of Coconut To Soviet Union Barbara Khol
20 On Latin American Nations' Interest Arrears (s/s) Barbara Khol
27 Central American Economic Integration Bank To Loan $1.08 Billion In 1989-1994 Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Notes On Gold Mining Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Note On Illiteracy Barbara Khol
27 Mexico: Nearly Half Of Rural Population Malnourished Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Unions Threaten Strikes, Result Of Violence Against Members, Government Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: Oil Workers Threaten Strike Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Filling Stations Close At Night Due To High Utilities Costs Barbara Khol
20 Chile: Most Profitable Companies, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Paraguay: Business Leaders Opposed To New Taxes & Fees, Call For Privatization Barbara Khol
18 World Bank Annual Report: Highlights On Latin America Barbara Khol
18 Colombia, Mexico & Venezuelan Collaborate On Gas Pipeline Construction Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Direct Foreign Investment By Country Of Origin, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 Brazil: August Automotives Production Up Barbara Khol
11 Japanese Commercial Banks About To Resume Lending To Mexico Barbara Khol
27 Brazil: Debt In Bonds & Bills Declines Barbara Khol
11 Colombia: Economic Austerity Program Barbara Khol
27 Cuba: New Rationing Guidelines Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: I.m.f. Letter Of Intent Not Yet Complete Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Negotiations With World Bank & I.m.f. Underway Barbara Khol
11 Ecuador: Control Of All Oil Fields Returned To Government Barbara Khol
06 Mexico-u.s. Trade, 1982-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
11 Latin America Prepared To Create Its Own Security System Barbara Khol
20 Venezuelan Government Settles Interest Arrears Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Teachers, Bank Employees Protest Economic Austerity Barbara Khol
18 World Bank To Disburse $1.1 Billion To Argentina Barbara Khol
25 Cuba: Granma Becomes Nation's Only Daily Barbara Khol
06 Mexico: Foreign Trade/gdp Ratios, 1980-1988 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Uruguay: Summary Of President Lacalle's First Six Months Barbara Khol
18 Mexico: On Trade Performance, First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
13 Commentary On President Bush's Proposal To Create Free Trade Zone Throughout Americas Barbara Khol
18 Institute For International Finance Recommends I.m.f. Halt Lending To Debtor Nations Behind In Interest Payments Barbara Khol
18 Inter-american Development Bank Proposes Participation In Foreign Debt Reduction Barbara Khol
18 Colombia: Four Labor Federations Approve National Strike Barbara Khol
20 Uruguay: Wage Adjustment Increased Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: August Inflation, 1.58% Barbara Khol
27 Mexico: January-may Trade Deficit, $1.44 Billion Barbara Khol
04 At&t To Invest Over $50 Million In Mexico Within Next 16 Months Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Walkouts Continue Despite Anti-strike Decree Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Direct Foreign Investment By Economic Sector, 1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Mexico: Governing Party Pledges New Reforms Barbara Khol
04 Brazil Purchases Two Satellites From U.S. Company Barbara Khol
13 I.m.f. Approves $2 Billion Stand-by Loan For Brazil Barbara Khol
06 Mexico: Public & Private Sector Exports, & Proportion Of Total Exports, 1980-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
11 Venezuela Joins G.a.t.t. Barbara Khol
25 Mexico: Inflation, First Half Of September; Projected Rate For 1991 Barbara Khol
13 Colombian Government Renews Requests For Consumer Nations To Share Cost Of Drug War Barbara Khol
11 Note On Beneficiaries Of Gulf Oil Crisis Barbara Khol
04 Cuban Government Announces Strict Rationing Of Basic Goods Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Retirees Launch Protest, Postal Workers Strike Barbara Khol
25 Profits Down For Brazilian Subsidiary Of Saint-gobain Consortium Barbara Khol
11 Ecuador To Continue Making Timely Debt Payments To Government & Multilateral Creditors Barbara Khol
04 Peru: New Currency To Be Introduced In 1991 Barbara Khol
06 Recent Inflation Statistics, Latin American Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Notes On Fresh Fruit Exports Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Provincial Government Pays Employees With Gold & Silver Pieces To Confront Cash Shortage Barbara Khol
20 Note On 1989-90, 1990-91 Global Sugar Harvest Projections Barbara Khol
06 Consumer Price Inflation: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Vs. Five Advanced Capitalist Nations, 1980-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Chile: On Expansion Of Finnish Company's Mining Activities Barbara Khol
27 Nicaragua: Disbursement Of U.S. Aid Contingent On Privatization Barbara Khol
27 Trinidad: Economic Note Barbara Khol
11 O.e.c.d. Study Of Commercial Bank Debt Of Top 10 Third World Nation Debtors Barbara Khol
11 Haitian Cabinet Ministers Resign, Elections Postponed: Summary Of Recent Developments Barbara Khol
11 Chile To Receive $20 Million Voluntary Loan For Social Welfare Investment Barbara Khol
11 Mexico: Inflation, 1982-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
06 Dominican Republic: Foreign Debt Unpayable Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Profitable State-run Aeronautics Company To Be Privatized Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Bank Employees Plan Nationwide Strike For Sept. 12; Oil Worker Mobilization In Disarray Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: $355 Million Treasury Surplus In August Barbara Khol
20 Costa Rica: Labor Unions Protest Government-imposed Price Hikes Barbara Khol
04 Brazil Prepared To Provide Free Emergency Food Aid To Iraq Barbara Khol
06 Mexico: Non-oil Exports By Economic Sector, 1980-1989 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Trinidad & Tobago: Inter-american Investment Corporation Supports Tile Manufacturer Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Protests Against Government's Commitment Of Troops To Persian Gulf Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Christian Democrats Drop Out Of Ruling Alliance Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Trade Balance For First Eight Months Of 1990 Barbara Khol
11 Cuba Requires Multilateral Institution Lending To Attain 2% Gdp Growth Rate In 1990 Barbara Khol
13 Plans To Integrate Latin America's Five Largest Stock Exchanges Barbara Khol
27 Dominican Republic: 60% Wage Hike Authorized For Private Sector Workers & Para-state Enterprises Barbara Khol
20 Bolivia: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Legislation Permitting Foreign Capital Participation In Mining Ventures Near Border Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Tariff Reductions Enter Into Effect Barbara Khol
18 On Chinese Foreign Aid To Bolivia Barbara Khol
04 Latin American Economic System (sela) Reports On Foreign Debt, Trade With E.e.c. Barbara Khol
18 Mexico Joins Pacific Basin Barbara Khol
04 Colombian President Calls On U.S. To Take Lead In Tangible International Cooperation In Anti-drug Efforts Barbara Khol
25 Argentine Economy Minister Suggests Advanced Capitalist Nation Governments Undertake Economic Reforms Barbara Khol
04 Venezuela: Oil Sales Projected At $15 Billion In 1993 Barbara Khol
13 Mexico: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
13 Notes On Latin America's "lost Decade" Barbara Khol
06 Report By Union Of Banana Exporter Nations On World Market Shares & Related Topics Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: August Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
04 Brazil: August Inflation, 12.03% Barbara Khol
25 U.S. Bell Atlantic-led Consortium Experiences Problems In Raising Cash For Purchase Of Argentine Phone Company Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Oil Workers, Bank Employees, Teachers Strike Barbara Khol
27 European Community Approves $40 Million Loan Disbursement To Honduras & Nicaragua Barbara Khol
11 Mexico-czechoslovakia Bilateral Trade May Expand Barbara Khol
04 Peru: August Inflation At 397% Barbara Khol
13 Chile: On 1989 Economic Performance Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: August Inflation, 3.2% Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Large-scale Electrification Program For 1990-1993 Barbara Khol
20 Bolivia & Venezuela Join G.a.t.t. Barbara Khol
18 Argentina Seeks Three-year Extended Fund Facility Agreement With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Note On Auto Parts Industry Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Government Expects $1 Billion In Revenues Within Four Months Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: Homicide Victim Numbers Down In August Barbara Khol