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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
16 Former Economy Ministers Discuss Brazilian Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
14 Colombia: Oil Self-sufficiency To End In Six Years Unless Nearly $4 Billion Invested In New Exploration Barbara Khol
09 Argentina: July Inflation Barbara Khol
30 Notes On Impact Of Gulf Crisis On Latin America & Caribbean Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: 1990 Economic Projections By Independent Experts Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: $300 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Deregulation Of Freight & Telecommunications Barbara Khol
02 Colombia: On Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Notes On Labor Conflict Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: 9% Fuel Price Hike Barbara Khol
16 Venezuelan Railway Company Purchases 200 Boxcars From Mexican Manufacturer Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
28 Colombia: Fiscal Crisis In Antioquia Department Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: State-run Coal Company's Deficit, Debt Barbara Khol
07 Mexico: Pemex To Distribute Low Pollutant Fuels In Nuevo Leon Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Notes On Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: Cargo Of 265,000 Tons Of Iraqi Crude To Be Withdrawn Barbara Khol
30 Venezuela: Government Withdraws Offer To Provide Cheap Dollars For Private Sector Foreign Debt Payments Barbara Khol
09 Mexico To Increase Oil Exports To U.S. Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Public Sector Wage Hikes Scheduled For September Barbara Khol
28 Peru: 300,000 Workers Laid Off In Wake Of New Government's Austerity Program Barbara Khol
02 Peru: Report On Recent Violence Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: State-run Company Invites Private Investment In Steel Rolling Mill Barbara Khol
07 Uruguay Plans To Privatize Most Public Services Barbara Khol
23 Costa Rica: Projected Banana Exports, 1990 Barbara Khol
14 Brazil Suspends Trade & Financial Transactions With Iraq Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: On Return Of Flight Capital, Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Contradictory Claims On Participation In National Strike Barbara Khol
28 On 1989 Performance & Profile Of Mexico's 500 Biggest Companies Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Automotives Exports Down 32%, First Half Of 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
30 Peru: U.N. To Provide $2 Billion In Social Welfare Assistance Barbara Khol
02 Latin America: Steel Output For Jan.-june 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: State-run Oil Company Confirms Additional 100,000 Barrels Of Crude Exported To U.S. Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: Public Sector Deficit, First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
23 World Bank Report Shows Gross Inequities In Distribution Of Wealth In Brazil Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Foreign Reserves, June 1990 Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: On Privatization Of Telmex Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Former President Garcia Faces Charges Lodged By National Congresspersons Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Prime Minister On New Government's Emergency Assistance Program Barbara Khol
28 Guyana: British Firm Takes Over Management Of State-run Sugar Company Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Gaviria's Cabinet Appointments; Former Guerrilla Appointed Minister For First Time In Nation's History Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: Government's Domestic Debt As Of May 31 Barbara Khol
21 Cuba: Zeolite Used In Sugarcane Processing Barbara Khol
28 Colombia Boosts Oil Output Barbara Khol
28 Argentina: Notes On Fiscal Deficit, Privatization Actions Barbara Khol
16 Argentina Receives $150 Million Loan Installment From World Bank Barbara Khol
07 Trinidad & Tobago: Government Repudiates Agreement With Rebels Signed By Prime Minister Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: June Imports Barbara Khol
14 Cocoa Producer Nations Fail To Approve Measures To Control Supply Barbara Khol
14 Brazil Suspends Secondary Market Debt Buy-back Transactions Barbara Khol
23 Cuba: Raw Materials & Spare Parts Shortages Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: July Inflation Barbara Khol
09 Peru: President Fujimori Declares 30-day State Of Emergency In Lima & 10 Provinces Barbara Khol
09 Brazil Invites Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors To Discuss Restructuring Plans Prior To Formal Negotiations Barbara Khol
09 Energy & Mines Minister Says Ecuador To Maintain O.p.e.c.-dictated Quotas Barbara Khol
14 Dominican Republic: 48-hour Nationwide Strike In Protest Of Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
07 Peru: Notes On Death Toll Resulting From Political Violence In Last Decade Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Flight Capital Estimate, 1980-1988 Barbara Khol
02 Citibank President Says Foreign Banks Will Not Offer Loans, Nor Invest In Privatization Unless Brazil Pays Interest Barbara Khol
07 World Bank Approves $75 Million Loan For Colombian Rural Development Program Barbara Khol
23 Venezuela: On Debt Reduction Agreement With Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Automotives Output & Exports Down, Jan.-july 1990 Barbara Khol
28 Strike Paralyzes Fishing Activities In Southern Argentina Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Banco Comercial Sold To Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
16 Chile: January-july Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
30 West German Business Newspaper On Privatization Lans In Latin America Barbara Khol
07 Mexico: Oil Export Prices Up In July, August Barbara Khol
07 Peru: On July Inflation Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: On Coffee Export Revenue Losses Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela: Mitsubishi To Provide Technical Assistance In Joint Venture To Produce Passenger Cars Barbara Khol
14 Ecuador: Notes On Government Gaining Control Over Oil Infrastructure Under Contracts With Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
09 Jamaica: Garment Export Industry Expansion In 1980s Barbara Khol
16 Mexico's Crackdown On The Left Raises Image Problems Barbara Khol
21 On Additional Mexican Oil Exports To U.S., U.S. Crude Imports, Mexican Gasoline Imports From U.S. Barbara Khol
30 Chile May Sign Trade Agreement With U.S. Before Mexico Barbara Khol
07 Bolivia: State-run Oil Company & U.S. Santa Fe Energy Finalize Exploration & Exploitation Agreements Barbara Khol
16 Argentina Writes Off $1 Billion In Loans To Cuba, Nicaragua & Poland Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: Three Rebel Groups Announce Plans To Disarm, Join Political Party Alliance Barbara Khol
28 Bolivia: Unionized Rural Workers Block Passage On Roads, Railways Barbara Khol
21 Colombia: On Police Death Toll Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: National Steel Company Fires 54 Employees Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Note On Foreign Debt, Commercial Bank Creditors Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: Note On Real Wages Barbara Khol
30 Chile: Fuel Price Hikes Barbara Khol
14 International Labor Organization Report On 1989 Inflation Barbara Khol
30 Aug. 24 Average Price Per Barrel Of Mexican Crude Barbara Khol
02 Brazil: July Inflation Barbara Khol
23 Brazil: July Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
21 Chile: Report On Top Corporations' Profits, First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
21 Brazil: Power Blackout In Capital; Striking Electricity Company Employees Suspected Of Sabotage Barbara Khol
02 Commentary On Prospects For Change In Cuba Barbara Khol
21 Bolivia: Notes On President's "state Of The Union" Address Barbara Khol
23 Colombia: Government Invites Private & Municipality Investment In State-run Telephone Company Barbara Khol
28 Paraguay Accepts Invitation To Join Southern Cone Common Market Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: Foreign Reserves In June Barbara Khol
07 Paraguay: Military Personnel Reduction Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: Vice President Fears New Wave Of Food Riots Barbara Khol
02 Haiti: Government Prohibits Return By Deposed President Manigat Barbara Khol
09 Ecuador: July Inflation Barbara Khol
07 Inter-american Development Bank Approves Three-year $2 Billion Loan For Chile Barbara Khol
23 Peru: 24-hour National Strike Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Independent Estimate Of Consumer Price Inflation Barbara Khol
28 Petroperu Employees Announce Plans For Two-day Strike Barbara Khol
28 Mexico: On Pemex Production Of Unleaded Gasoline Barbara Khol
30 Peruvian Congresspersons Blast New Government's Economic Program Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Citicorp President Says Debt Restructuring Likely Within Four Months Barbara Khol
07 Argentina: Industrial Output, First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
23 U.S. Treasury Undersecretary Mulford "satisfied" With Brazilian Economic Program Barbara Khol
28 Sales Up, Profits Down For Mexican Firms Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: On July Inflation Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Gdp Drops 6.04% In Second Quarter 1990 Barbara Khol
16 Uruguay: Notes On Impact Of Gulf Crisis Barbara Khol
28 Mexico: On Tourist Numbers Barbara Khol
14 On Ecuadoran Oil Prices Barbara Khol
09 Chile: State-run Railway Company May Receive $207 Million World Bank Loan Barbara Khol
30 Brazil: On I.m.f. Letter Of Intent Barbara Khol
16 Argentina: Automotives Production & Sales Decline Barbara Khol
23 President Salinas: Half Of All Mexicans Live In Poverty Barbara Khol
09 Bolivian Oil Workers Declare Strike To Protest Government Agreements With Foreign Oil Companies Barbara Khol
16 Argentina Cuts Import Tariffs On Thousands Of Products Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Pehuenche Hydroelectric Plant To Begin Operations Months Ahead Of Schedule Barbara Khol
16 Venezuela: On Plans To Boost Oil Output Result Of Gulf Conflict Barbara Khol
30 Mexico: Slowdown Of Manufactures Exports Growth Barbara Khol
16 Dominican Republic: 11 Dead, 50 Wounded In Riots Barbara Khol
14 Peru: On New Government's Austerity Program & Reactions Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Labor Minister On Wage Adjustments Barbara Khol
30 President Bush Authorizes Continuity Of T.v. Marti Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Steelworkers At Volta Redonda Plant Return To Work After 30-day Strike Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: On Inflation Barbara Khol
14 Mexico: Pemex Raises Gasoline Prices Near U.S. Border Barbara Khol
09 Venezuela Offers To Sell Up To 500,000 Bpd To U.S. To Compensate For Losses Due To Embargo On Iraqi Imports Barbara Khol
28 Peru: Government Decree Suspends Automatic Wage Adjustments For Employees Of State-run Companies Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Inter-american Development Bank Committed To Joint Sponsorship For $2 To $3 Billion In Loans Barbara Khol
02 Trinidad & Tobago: Rebels Surrender, Release Hostages Barbara Khol
07 Chile: June Inflation At 1.7%; First Half Of 1990, 13% Barbara Khol
23 Editorial: Calling On Two Worlds (first & Third) To Save The Biosphere Barbara Khol
09 Brazil: On Foreign Reserves Barbara Khol
23 Mexico: Additional 100,000 Bpd Of Crude To U.S. Limited To 60 Days Barbara Khol
09 Peru: Americas Watch Reports Increase In Human Rights Abuses By Security Forces & Rebels Barbara Khol
02 Cuba: Urban Workers & Students Mobilized For Agricultural Labor Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: U.S. To Invest $290.3 Million In Modernization Of Border Crossing Stations Barbara Khol
14 Bolivia: Oil Workers' Strike Ends Barbara Khol
30 Argentina: More Austerity Measures Barbara Khol
07 Chilean Government Opts To "wait & See" On Decision To Join Southern Cone Common Market Barbara Khol
07 Venezuela: July Inflation Barbara Khol
09 Uruguay: Notes On Debt Restructuring Plans, Impact Of Austerity Measures On Real Wages Barbara Khol
02 Venezuela Cancels $60 Million Contract With Brazilian Military Hardware Company Barbara Khol
30 Uruguay: Summary Of Recent Labor Conflicts Barbara Khol
16 Cuba: On Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
09 Unicef Report: Progress In Resolving Debt Crisis Mandatory To Improve Living Conditions For Children Barbara Khol
28 Brazil: Coffee Harvest Losses Barbara Khol
30 Mexican Aviation Corporation Purchases Two Small Airlines Barbara Khol
28 Mexico: On Decline In Proven Oil Reserves Barbara Khol
16 Brazil: Trade Surplus, Jan.-july 1990 Barbara Khol
21 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence Barbara Khol
28 Editorial: Calling On Two Worlds (first & Third) To Save The Biosphere, Part 2 Barbara Khol
16 Banana Producer Nations Request Free Market Access To European Community Nations In 1992 Barbara Khol
28 On Mexico-u.s. Free Trade Agreement Preparations: Summary Of Selected Events & Statements, Aug. 8-22 Barbara Khol
28 Notes On Mexican Trade With U.S., Latin America (s/s) Barbara Khol
16 Chile: Canada Ranks First In New Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
30 Impact Of U.S. Trade Sanctions On Mexican Cement Manufacturer Barbara Khol
16 Mexico: On Plans To Reprivatize Banks Barbara Khol
09 Colombia: Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Sworn In As President Barbara Khol
14 Uruguay: Report On Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
07 Ecuador: Oil Price Hikes Will Not Affect Plans To Reduce Public Spending Barbara Khol
09 Peru: Prime Minister Announces Economic Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
21 Uruguay: Balance Of Payments, June Barbara Khol
21 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization On Soil Erosion, Destruction In Developing Nations Barbara Khol
30 Ecuador To Boost Oil Production In 1991 Barbara Khol
07 Uruguay: July Inflation Barbara Khol
09 Dominican Republic: Public Protests Against Austerity Measures; General Strike Scheduled For Aug. 15-16 Barbara Khol
02 Peru: President Says Foreign Aid Essential For Coca Substitution Efforts Barbara Khol
07 Brazil: Coffee Exports In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
02 Argentina To Receive $150 Million Disbursement From World Bank Barbara Khol
07 Chile: On Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
30 O.p.e.c. Ministers Tentatively Approve Plan Permitting Venezuela To Exceed Production Quota Barbara Khol
28 Ecuador: Foreign Currency Reserves, July Barbara Khol
21 Venezuela: Debate On Usefulness Of O.p.e.c. Membership Barbara Khol
09 Chile: Police Evict Squatters From Vacant Lots In Santiago Barbara Khol
14 Brazil: Hydroelectric Company Employees' Strike Causes Blackout In Northeastern State Barbara Khol
07 Notes: World Bank's Annual Report On Poverty Barbara Khol