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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
31 Venezuela: Third Cabinet Reshuffle Pending Barbara Khol
17 World Bank President Says Third World Poor Can Be Reduced To 800 Million By Adopting Correct Policies Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Government Commission Reports Yanomami Tribe In "last Phase" Of Extinction Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: April Industrial Output Down 25.8% Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Oil Imports In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
05 Argentina: On Bidding For Stakes In Aerolineas Argentinas Barbara Khol
03 Peruvian President-elect Promises Austerity Measures, Re-entry Into International Financial System Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: World Bank's International Finance Corporation To Invest $3 Billion In Debt-equity Swap Transactions Barbara Khol
10 Mexico: Public Deficit Reduced Via Cutbacks In Productive Investment & Social Welfare Spending Barbara Khol
26 Bolivia: Congresspersons Protest U.S. Military Instructors' Presence Barbara Khol
03 Bolivia To Open Joint Ventures With Foreign Oil Companies In Areas Reserved For State-run Company Barbara Khol
24 Peru: "nationalist" Gasoline Pricing System Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Note On Leftist Party Gains In Presidential Election Barbara Khol
31 Argentina: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: Second Quarter Unemployment (s/s) Barbara Khol
19 Continental Meeting Of Indigenous People In Ecuador Barbara Khol
05 Amnesty International Says Human Rights Abuses By Police Common In Brazil Barbara Khol
26 Colombia: Notes On Peace Negotiations With Two Rebel Organizations Barbara Khol
31 Chile: Fractious Debate On Economic Policy Barbara Khol
05 Honduras Receives $40 Million In Loans From U.S.a.i.d. Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Autoworkers Smash Vehicles & Equipment At Ford Plant Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Declining Support For Government's Economic Policies Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation For Month Of June Barbara Khol
05 Chile: On Projected Output At Escondida Copper Mine Barbara Khol
17 Mexico: Note On Government's Internal Debt Barbara Khol
05 Cuba: Economic Cooperation Agreements, Madagascar & Guyana Barbara Khol
19 On World Bank Financial Report For Fy 1990 Barbara Khol
26 Chilean President Promotes Formation Of South American Common Market Barbara Khol
12 U.S. Bank Regulators Instruct Banks To Set Aside 20% Of Reserves Against Outstanding Loans To Brazil Barbara Khol
31 Uruguay: Beef & Mutton Exports, First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
19 Brazil Presents Economic Program To I.m.f. Barbara Khol
24 West Indies Shipping Corporation To Be Restructured, Privatized In 1993 Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Talks With Commercial Bank Creditors Should Be Separate From Negotiations With I.m.f. Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Plans For "copernican Revolution" In Foreign Debt Talks Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: President Menem Approves Bid By Private Consortium For 85% Stake In Aerolineas Argentinas Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Note On Gdp Calculations Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: President Vetoes Wage Indexation Bill Barbara Khol
31 Argentina: Government Plans $40 Million Monthly Limit On Debt Service Payments To Foreign Commercial Banks Barbara Khol
24 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Economy Minister Says Budget Surplus Expected For 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Steelworkers Occupy Volta Redonda Plant; Public Transport Shut Down In Rio De Janeiro Barbara Khol
19 Andean Nation Foreign Reserves, May 1990 (s/s) Barbara Khol
26 Panama Receives $107.9 Million Disbursement From $420 Million Emergency Aid Package Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: $6.1 Billion Trade Surplus In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Violence Escalates In Medellin; Meanwhile, Rebel Groups & Government Engage In Peace Talks, Part 1 Barbara Khol
17 Peru Suspends Trade Pact With Cuba Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Government Accused Of Complicity In Escape Of Rebel Prisoners Barbara Khol
31 Brazil: Notes On Labor Conflicts Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Banco Rio Branch Bombed In Protest Of Telephone Company Privatization Barbara Khol
26 Peru: Average 1.3% Inflation Rate Per Day In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Minimum Wage Increased 45.7% Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company's Desire To Leave O.p.e.c. Denied Barbara Khol
19 Cuba: Archbishop Of Havana Calls For Legislation Guaranteeing Religious Freedom Barbara Khol
10 I.m.f. Chief Asserts Total Confidence In Argentine Economic Program Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: Update On Privatization Of Aerolineas Argentinas Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: $2.2 Billion Per Year From Advanced Industrialized Countries Required To Halt Destruction Of Amazon Barbara Khol
17 Citibank President Says International Financial Community Has Recovered Confidence In Brazil Barbara Khol
03 Haiti: Update On Violence; Elections Tentatively Scheduled For November Barbara Khol
17 Mexican Ambassador To U.S.: Opposition To Free Trade Agreement Result Of Ignorance Or Incompetence Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: State-owned Steel Company Invites Domestic & Foreign Companies To Invest In Steel Rolling Company Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Estimate Of July Inflation Barbara Khol
26 Mexico: Consumer Prices Up 1.0% In First Half Of July Barbara Khol
10 World Bank Reports Lending Down In Fy1990 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Union Leader Says Wave Of Strikes Will Follow Presidential Veto Of New Wage Legislation Barbara Khol
05 Peru: Police In Lima Detain 24,000 People Barbara Khol
19 Mexico: Government Agency Report On Rural Poverty In Four States Barbara Khol
10 Colombia: 17.7% Inflation In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
31 Trinidad & Tobago: Notes On Economy Barbara Khol
03 Peru: President-elect On Country's Financial Needs Barbara Khol
05 Brazil Proposes Special Meeting Of International Coffee Organization Barbara Khol
10 Argentine & Brazilian Presidents Sign Accords On Creation Of Common Market By 1995 Barbara Khol
10 Venezuelan President Reiterates Loyalty To O.p.e.c. Barbara Khol
26 Chile: Export Surplus In First Half Of 1990 Barbara Khol
05 Nicaraguan Cordoba Devalued 578% Since April 25 Barbara Khol
03 Changes In Secondary Market Prices On Latin American Debt Paper Barbara Khol
12 Brazil: Notes On Tariff Removal Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Foreigners Who Purchase $70,000 In Government Bonds To Be Granted Passports Barbara Khol
26 Ecuador: Energy & Mines Ministry Targeted With Bombs Barbara Khol
17 Cuban Perspective On President Bush's Debt Reduction Initiative & Plans For Hemispheric Free Trade Zone Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: I.m.f. Mission Scheduled For Arrival Aug. 1 Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Human Rights Organization Calls On Government To Clarify Circumstances On 2,600 Disappeared Barbara Khol
26 Large Platinum Deposit Discovered In Colombia Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: Rightist Opposition Party Gains Control Of Legislature Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: June Inflation Estimated At 9.61% Barbara Khol
26 Note On Ecuadoran Foreign Debt Barbara Khol
10 Mexico: Consumer Prices Up 2.2% In June Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Public University Staff, Federal Administrative & State-run Company Employees To Strike In September Barbara Khol
31 Paraguayan President Announces Break With Orthodox Wing Of Colorado Party Barbara Khol
17 Haiti: Political Leaders Call For Provisional President's Ouster Unless Arrests Of Duvalier Cronies Proceed Barbara Khol
03 Mexico: Private Investor Group Offers $468 Million To Buy Cananea Copper Mine Barbara Khol
17 Notes: Recent Study On Volume Of Cocaine Trade, Profits Barbara Khol
12 Notes On Annual Economic Report By U.N. Barbara Khol
31 Peru: President Fujimori Installed; Decrees Bank Holiday Barbara Khol
10 Colombia: Coffee Export Revenue Losses Since July 1989 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: 6% Inflation Predicted For July Barbara Khol
19 Argentina: Trade Surplus, First Half 1990 Barbara Khol
10 European Economic Community To Increase Latin American Cooperation Budget By 82% Next Year Barbara Khol
05 Brazil & Argentina Narrow Time-line For Economic Integration Barbara Khol
03 International Monetary Fund Raises Interest Rates From 8.65% To 9.65% Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Supreme Court Suspends Presidential Decree Barbara Khol
19 Peru: Two Of President-elect's Top Economic Advisers Resign Barbara Khol
19 Dominican Republic: Protests Against Re-election Of President Balaguer Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Indigenous Population Numbers 200,000 Barbara Khol
19 Mexico: Government Officials Respond To U.S. Senate's Approval Of Textile Protectionist Legislation Barbara Khol
17 U.S. Approves $10 Million Loan For Haiti Barbara Khol
10 33 Latin American Nations Call On G-7 To Focus On Foreign Debt Relief, & Removing Trade Barriers Barbara Khol
31 Coup Attempt In Trinidad & Tobago: Summary Of Developments Barbara Khol
17 Venezuelan State-run Oil Company Affiliate To Purchase 24,000 B/d From Ecuador For Isla De Curacao Refinery Barbara Khol
24 Peru: President-elect Appoints Cabinet Members Barbara Khol
12 Peru: Transport Fare Hike In Lima & Port Of Callao Barbara Khol
10 Peru: President-elect Says Peru To Be Eligible For I.m.f. Credits By October Barbara Khol
19 Colombia: Japan Donates Equipment To Measure Environmental Pollution Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: May Trade Surplus Barbara Khol
05 Colombia: Violence Escalates In Medellin; Meanwhile, Rebel Groups & Government Engage In Peace Talks, Part 2 Barbara Khol
17 Brazil To Invest $1.2 Billion In 1991-1993 Toward Increasing Competitiveness Of Informatics Industry Barbara Khol
03 Honduras: Banana Workers On Strike; Thousands Of Workers In Other Industries Threaten Solidarity Actions Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: New Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
17 Colombian President-elect Visits U.S.: Notes On Statements Barbara Khol
26 Mexico: Note On 1989 Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
19 Results Of Mexico's First Debt-equity Swap Auction Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Central Bank Lifts Restrictions On Currency Exchange To Make Foreign Debt Payments Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Consortium Led By Iberia Air Lines Alone Meets Deadline For Bids To Gain Control Of Aerolineas Argentinas Barbara Khol
26 Brazil-venezuelan Bilateral Trade Barbara Khol
19 Uruguay: First Quarter Unemployment Barbara Khol
19 Argentina & Chile To Create Free Trade Zones, Expand Economic Integration Toward Common Market Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Secretary Of Administration Suggests Dismissal Of 45,000 Health Institute Employees Barbara Khol
05 I.m.f. Board Formally Approves 50% Capital Increase Barbara Khol
19 Citibank Quarterly Profit Decline Attributed To Argentine & Brazilian Arrears Barbara Khol
24 Peru: Rebel Group Announces Conditions For Peace Talks With New Government Barbara Khol
10 Colombian Government Seeks $1.35 Billion In New Credits In U.S. & Japan Barbara Khol
26 $150 Million In Mexican Telephone Company Stock Purchased By U.S. Institutional Investors Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Price Controls Lifted On Milk, Non-prescription Medicines Barbara Khol
12 Two Former Duvalier Officials Return To Haiti Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Agrarian Reform Plans Postponed Barbara Khol
26 Brazil: Update On Volta Redonda Steelworkers' Strike Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Notes On Fiscal Deficit, Privatizations Barbara Khol
03 On Soviet-cuban Economic Cooperation Barbara Khol
31 Opec Price Hike To Cost Brazil An Extra $450 Million In Oil Imports By Year-end 1990 Barbara Khol
24 Spain Cuts Aid To Cuba Barbara Khol
03 Argentine Government Privatizes Part Of National Highway System Barbara Khol
19 Peru: 500,000 Public Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
19 Brazil: Money Supply Expansion In June Barbara Khol
05 U.S. House Of Representatives Approves $20 Million For U.S.-mexican Scientific Research Endowment Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Economic Notes Barbara Khol
03 Cuba: U.S. Extends Tv Marti Broadcasts For 30 Days Barbara Khol
17 Brazil To Pay Minimum $4 Billion To Domestic & Foreign Creditors In 1990 Barbara Khol
12 Notes On G-7 Summit Pertaining To Third World Debt Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: 9.55% Official Inflation Rate For June Barbara Khol
17 Third World Foreign Debt In 1989 Barbara Khol
26 U.S. President Announces Program To Assist Andean Nations In Coca Crop Substitution Barbara Khol
03 Peru: State Of Emergency Declared In Seven Departments Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: $24 Million Stolen From Central Bank Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Notes On Trade Liberalization Measures Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Government Announces Winning Bids In Sale Of 60% Of Entel Shares Barbara Khol
26 Mexican Economists Question World Bank's Commitment To Reducing Poverty Barbara Khol