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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 "drug War": Summary Of Events & Statements, April 24-28 John Neagle
03 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation, Note On Foreign Debt, Cash Reserves John Neagle
17 Peru: Teachers & Miners On Strike John Neagle
24 Brazil: Plans For Talks With I.m.f., Commercial Bankers John Neagle
15 Brazil: Two Generals Arrested For Criticizing Government Economic Policies John Neagle
15 Jamaica: 1989 Economic Performance, 1990 Gdp Projection John Neagle
15 Peru: Notes On Official Results Of April 8 Election, Campaigns Of Candidates Competing In Runoff John Neagle
22 Bolivia: 7,000 Miners On Strike, Protest Privatization Plans John Neagle
15 Brazil: On Federal Deficit John Neagle
29 Brazil: Labor Union Federation Organizes General Strike For June 6 John Neagle
01 Mexico & U.S. To Revise Procedures Of Anti-drug Cooperation Efforts John Neagle
31 Mexico: Consumer Price Inflation, First Half Of May John Neagle
31 On Andean Pact Nations' Foreign Reserves, April (s/s) John Neagle
01 Brazil: Note On Public Employee Dismissals, Privatization John Neagle
24 Belize: Cuba To Provide Medical Training John Neagle
29 Mexico: Electricity Rate Hike For Industrial Users John Neagle
31 Colombia: Notes On Abstention, Final Tallies In Presidential Election John Neagle
22 Bank Of International Settlements Reports Continued Cutback By Private Banks In Loans To Third World John Neagle
31 Peru: Notes On Pre-election Violence John Neagle
15 Argentina: On Austerity Policies, Civil Service Employment, Economic Recession John Neagle
24 Argentina: South Africans To Invest $700 Million In Gold Mine John Neagle
22 Chile: Farm Association Says Agriculture On Verge Of Crisis John Neagle
17 Brazil: Government Plans To Privatize Six Companies Valued At $7 Billion In 1990 John Neagle
31 Peru: Sendero Luminoso Faction Announces Temporary Suspension Of Armed Struggle John Neagle
03 Brazil: Automotives Manufacturer Plans To Resume Production At 60% Of Former Monthly Capacity In May John Neagle
10 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America Cautions Governments To Avoid Head-long Rush To Privatization John Neagle
31 I.m.f. Resumes Aid To Argentina, Negotiations With Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Scheduled John Neagle
31 Venezuela: Gasoline Subsidy To Be Gradually Eliminated John Neagle
03 Brazil: Price Freeze Extended Another Month On Selected Products John Neagle
29 Cesar Gaviria Elected President Of Colombia: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
15 Brazil: Financial Speculation Returns John Neagle
24 Peru: Update On Labor Conflicts John Neagle
10 40% Of Brazilians Live In Abject Poverty John Neagle
08 Brazil: Crime Escalates In Rio De Janeiro John Neagle
17 Peru: Note On Inflation, Gdp Growth John Neagle
17 Brazil: Protest Against Agrarian Reform Delays, Announced Dismissal Of 360,000 Civil Servants John Neagle
31 Peru: Currency Devaluation In May John Neagle
08 Haiti: Former Economy Minister On Capital Export John Neagle
29 Mexico: New Wage-price Control Pact; Gasoline Prices Increased, Rate Of Peso Devaluation Reduced John Neagle
17 Brazil: Foreign Companies No Longer Required To Deposit Money In Central Bank Before Repatriation John Neagle
10 Mexico: Pope Calls For Moral Approach To Foreign Debt Crisis, Criticizes Notion That Capitalism Has "won" John Neagle
03 Notes On Central American Economic Conditions John Neagle
08 Brazil: Notes On Unemployment In Wake Of Austerity Program Implemented March 16 John Neagle
10 U.S. Opposes Plan To Increase Aid To Third World Nations Toward Reducing Use Of Chlorofluorcarbons John Neagle
15 Brazil: President Calls For 30% Cut In Personnel At Federally-funded Universities John Neagle
08 Argentina: On Telephone Company Privatization Plans John Neagle
08 Finance Minister Says Brazilian Government Will Be Tough On Repayment Terms In Debt Negotiations John Neagle
15 Chilean Government Agrees To Pay Compensation For Letelier Killing John Neagle
17 Cuba: On Complaints About U.S. Military Exercises John Neagle
17 Brazil: Steelworkers Occupy Plant To Protest Privatization John Neagle
10 Brazil: Government Imposes Import Limits John Neagle
15 Argentina Expected To Resume Talks With I.m.f. This Month John Neagle
29 Summary Of "drug War" Developments: May 2-may 26 John Neagle
22 Colombia: Government Decides To Negotiate With Three Rebel Groups John Neagle
24 Brazil: Notes On Economic Recession John Neagle
08 Notes On World Population John Neagle
24 Mexico To Import 1 Million Tons Of Sugar In 1990 John Neagle
15 Bolivian Government Announces Decision To Drop Proposed Contract With Lithium Corporation Of America John Neagle
10 Chile: 1.8% Consumer Price Level Inflation In April John Neagle
22 Colombia: Foreign Investment Down In January-april 1990 John Neagle
17 Note On Brazil-japan Trade John Neagle
17 Argentina: I.m.f. To Resume Lending Before June 7 John Neagle
03 Chile: Estimated 1990 Budget Deficit Of $380 Million John Neagle
24 Mexico: Senate Approves Bank Reprivatization John Neagle
31 Chinese President Yang Shangkun Visits Chile John Neagle
24 Switzerland To Restructure $32 Million Of Mexico's Debt John Neagle
08 International Monetary Fund & World Bank Joint Annual Meetings: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
17 Brazil: Government Intervention In Establishing Private Sector Wages Ends John Neagle
24 Venezuela: 40% Transport Fare Hike; Gasoline Price Increase Postponed John Neagle
15 World Bank: Major Industrialized Countries Agree To Provide $467 Million In Financing To Six Caribbean Nations John Neagle
03 Notes On World Health Organization (who) Survey Report John Neagle
03 Latin America: 2.5% Growth Rate Predicted For 1989/95 Period John Neagle
29 Dominica: Prime Minister Charles Re-elected John Neagle
03 Brazil: President Committed To Ending Oligopoly In Automotives & Cement Markets John Neagle
01 Argentina: On President Menem's Popularity Rating John Neagle
24 Brazil: Foreign Reserves, April Foreign Trade Surplus John Neagle
29 Brazil: Railway Employees On Strike; Oil Company Employees To Strike June 6 John Neagle
17 Brazil: New Measures To Restrict Money Supply John Neagle
01 U.S. Senate Rejects Import Duty Reduction On Caribbean-made Sneakers John Neagle
03 Argentina: On May Day Demonstrators Protest Government Economic Policies John Neagle
17 Sample Of Comments At U.N. Economic Commission For Latin American Ministerial-level Conference John Neagle
17 Brazil: Federal Police To Quash Tin Smuggling John Neagle
24 Chinese President On Five-nation Tour John Neagle
31 Peru: Notes On Political Violence John Neagle
22 Haiti: Violence, Economic Problems Escalate John Neagle
17 Brazil: April Trade Surplus John Neagle
31 Brazil: Notes On Money Supply Growth, New Restrictions John Neagle
15 Mexico: On Demographic Growth Decline John Neagle
03 Brazil: Post Office Proposes Paying Bills By Mail John Neagle
15 Peru: April Inflation, 38.9% John Neagle
17 Brazil: Note On New Trade Policy John Neagle
24 Brazil: Health System In State Of Chaos John Neagle
17 Mexican Wheat Imports May Increase To 2.2 Million Tons Per Year By 2000 John Neagle
03 Brazil: January Foreign Reserves John Neagle
03 Special U.N. Session Calls On Developed Nations To Contribute 1.5% Of Gnp For Aid To Third World John Neagle
15 Mexico: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Bank Reprivatization John Neagle
01 Colombia: Notes On Recent Violence, Rebel Activities John Neagle
24 Brazil: Federal Government To Suspend Credit To State & Municipal Governments In Arrears On Foreign Debt Payments John Neagle
10 Brazil: Sao Paulo Retail Sales Down In April John Neagle
31 Kentucky Fried Chicken To Open Restaurants In Chile John Neagle
03 Brazil: Estimated Interest Bill Savings On Government's Domestic Debt John Neagle
22 Dominican Republic Presidential Election: Vote Recount John Neagle
15 Haiti: Elections To Take Place Before September John Neagle
01 Colombian Leftist Presidential Candidate Shot To Death Aboard Airliner, Attempt To Postpone Elections Fails John Neagle
17 Brazil: $300 Million World Bank Loan For Industrial Projects John Neagle
24 Jamaica: 1989 Trade Performance John Neagle
15 Argentina: April Inflation, 11.4% John Neagle
22 Argentina: Notes On Strikes, Work Stoppages John Neagle
15 Chile To Receive $100 Million From Italy John Neagle
15 Venezuela: Notes On Austerity Policies, Intent To Increase Fuel Prices John Neagle
31 Peru: Presidential Candidates On Economic Plans John Neagle
03 On Female Workers In Haiti John Neagle
15 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
17 Cuba Opens New Tourist Hotel John Neagle
31 Brazil: Workers At Three Ports Vote In Favor Of Strike John Neagle
08 Opec Development Fund Approves Loan For St. Lucia John Neagle
03 Dominican Republic: On Use Of Haitian Workers In Sugar Industry John Neagle
08 1989 Average Inflation, Latin America & Caribbean John Neagle
15 Chile: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Tax Reform Plan John Neagle
24 Two New Devaluations Of Nicaraguan Cordoba John Neagle
29 Mexicana De Aviacion Airlines To Purchase 50 Planes From European Consortium Airbus John Neagle
03 Chile: Minimum Wage Hike John Neagle
03 Jamaican Payments To I.m.f. & World Bank Surpass Loan Disbursements By $200 Million In 1989/90 John Neagle
24 Brazil: Bus Drivers & Cashiers On Strike In Nine Cities John Neagle
22 Colombia: Telecommunications Cable Inaugurated John Neagle
03 Chile: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Pardons For 4,410 Prisoners; Sentences Reduced For Thousands Of Inmates John Neagle
10 "drug War": Summary Of Events & Statements, April 25-may 8 John Neagle
17 Peru: Curfew Imposed In Pasco & Junin Departments John Neagle
15 Mexico: On Privatization Of Telephone Company John Neagle
03 Brazil: Workers Protest Plans To Privatize Steel Company John Neagle
01 Brazil: Notes On Employment, Wages, Organized Labor's Response To Austerity Policies John Neagle
17 Cuba: Update On Conflict With U.S. Over Tv Marti Transmissions John Neagle
15 Brazil: Government Reports On Two Consecutive Months Of Treasury Surplus John Neagle
24 Colombia: Currency Devaluation John Neagle
22 Colombia: Update On Political Violence John Neagle
15 Chile: Retired Colonel Acquitted In Human Rights Cases Shot To Death John Neagle
24 Panama: Hundreds Demonstrate Demanding U.S. Compensation For Destroyed Homes John Neagle
03 Brazil To Resume Talks With I.m.f. In June John Neagle
10 Brazilian President Announces 20 To 25% Cut In Government Employment John Neagle
31 Earthquake In Peru John Neagle
17 Brazil: On Privatization Plans John Neagle