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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Cuba Ranks As Ussr's Biggest Debtor John Neagle
06 Bolivia Plans Restructuring Talks With Paris Club John Neagle
08 Peruvian Government Shifts Bank Deposits From New York To Switzerland John Neagle
06 Evaluation Of Caribbean Basin Initiative John Neagle
22 Note On 1989 Economic Performance, Latin America John Neagle
15 Colombia: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
08 Chile: February Inflation John Neagle
22 Chile: President Aylwin On Social Welfare Spending, Political Prisoners, Military John Neagle
13 U.N. Commission Expresses Concern Over Human Rights Violations In Cuba John Neagle
15 On Colombian Elections John Neagle
20 Proportion Of World Population Living In Poverty Increased In 1980s John Neagle
13 Cuban Draftees Extend Military Service To Work In Fields John Neagle
01 Venezuela: Notes On Progress In Debt Restructuring Talks John Neagle
15 Argentina: Phone Service Charges Increased 433% John Neagle
22 Peru: Ban On Opinion Polls Prior To April 8 Elections Goes Into Effect John Neagle
22 Brazil: Drug Traffickers May Be Directing Looting In Rio De Janeiro John Neagle
22 Brazil: New President Threatens Businesses Planning Mass Layoffs John Neagle
29 Peru: Economic Notes John Neagle
22 Argentina: Notes On Debt Payment Arrears John Neagle
15 Venezuela Approaching Agreement With Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors John Neagle
13 Mexico: Inflation At 2.3% In February John Neagle
06 Colombia: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
06 Peru: February Inflation, 30.4% John Neagle
15 Colombia: Demonstration Against Political Violence John Neagle
13 Chile: On Upcoming Debt Payments & Profit Repatriation (s/s) John Neagle
29 Argentina: Economy Minister On Letter Of Intent For I.m.f. John Neagle
01 Argentina: Economic Notes John Neagle
22 Venezuela: $750 Million To Be Invested In Agriculture John Neagle
01 State Department Report On Drug Trade John Neagle
22 Brazil: Foreign Money Transactions Shut Down John Neagle
01 Colombia: Rebels Release Two U.S. Citizens John Neagle
13 Mexico To Privatize Steelworks John Neagle
20 U.S. Eximbank Supports $80.75 Million In Credit To Mexico John Neagle
08 Colombian Coffee Growers Delighted With Price Increase John Neagle
20 Brazil's New Cabinet John Neagle
27 U.N. Conference On Trade & Development: Ldcs Must Have More Aid & Reduced Foreign Debts John Neagle
06 Bank Advisory Committee Begins Legal Proceedings Against Peruvian Government John Neagle
27 45 Of 71 Journalists' Deaths In 92 Nations Last Year Occurred In Latin America John Neagle
29 Haiti: Wave Of Violence John Neagle
08 International Coffee Organization To Request Soviet Union Membership John Neagle
22 Mexico: 1989 Gdp Growth, Inflation John Neagle
27 Brazil: Reactions To Anti-inflation Program; President Announces First Modifications John Neagle
15 Argentina: List Of Basic Foodstuffs, Dollar Value Price Increase, July 1989-march 1990 (s/s) John Neagle
22 Argentine Naval Officer Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In Absentia John Neagle
22 Mexico: On Spending For Technological Development John Neagle
22 Venezuelan Government & Foreign Commercial Bank Creditors Reach Basic Terms Of Debt Reduction Agreement John Neagle
20 Summary: Recent Developments In Anti-drug Efforts John Neagle
06 Argentina: Update On Economic Crisis, More Austerity Measures John Neagle
13 World Bank President: Future Foreign Investment In Third World To Decline John Neagle
06 Colombia: Opposition Parties Call On Government To Guarantee Fair Elections On March 11 John Neagle
15 Haiti: Ertha Pascal-trouillot Inaugurated John Neagle
29 Mexico: Inflation, First Half Of March John Neagle
08 Chile To Receive Loans From Japan John Neagle
29 Cuba: First Salvos In "electronic Transmission War" With U.S. John Neagle
29 Argentina: More On Response To Government's Economic Policies John Neagle
08 Haiti: Political Parties, Students Demand President's Resignation John Neagle
01 Mexico: Notes On Authorized Vs. Applied Foreign Investment John Neagle
29 Peru: Effects Of "shock Treatment" In Argentina & Brazil May Have Negative Impact On Rightist Candidate's Prospects John Neagle
08 Brazil: New Government To Launch "war Against Illiteracy" John Neagle
22 Mexico: January Trade Surplus With U.S. John Neagle
29 Cuban President On Socialism, Related Topics John Neagle
15 Brazil: Rate Of Child Malnutrition Declines Since Mid-1970s John Neagle
15 Venezuela: Dockworkers' Strike Halts Shipping At 8 Major Ports John Neagle
08 Cuba & Human Rights: Notes On U.S. Position At U.N. Commission Meeting John Neagle
13 World Bank Announces $25 Million Loan For Jamaica John Neagle
29 Brazil: State-run Companies To Be Liquidated Upon Approval By Congress John Neagle
01 Mexico: More Anti-pollution Measures For Capital City John Neagle
08 Argentina: Addendum To Economy Minister's March 4 Speech John Neagle
20 Cigar Maker Davidoff International Moves Operations From Cuba To Dominican Republic John Neagle
27 Colombia: Reports On Violence, Kidnappings John Neagle
01 Secondary Market Prices For Debt Paper: Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina John Neagle
01 Citibank's Rhodes: U.S. Debt Strategy May Undermine Economic Progress In Latin America John Neagle
22 Chile: Emergency Health Plan; Housing Program John Neagle
06 Notes From Recent I.m.f. Report On Colombian Economy John Neagle
29 Brazilian President Withdraws Measures Authorizing Imprisonment For Tax Suspension & Price Gouging John Neagle
15 Brazil: Bank Holiday; On Economic Reforms Expected From New Government John Neagle
22 Argentina: 100,000 Demonstrate Against Privatization Plans John Neagle
20 Brazil: New Administration's Austerity Program John Neagle
29 Japanese Banks To Lose 360 Billion Yen From Third World Loans John Neagle
13 Argentina: Notes On Looting, Strikes John Neagle
13 Argentina: Economic Notes John Neagle
13 U.S. Military To Expand Role In Drug War John Neagle
08 Coffee Export Volume Up, Earnings Down In 1989 (s/s) John Neagle
27 Peru: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Private & Public Sector Workers On Strike John Neagle
20 Cuba: Comments On Reports Of Food Shortages, Economic Crisis (s/s) John Neagle
15 Colombia: M-19 Demobilized John Neagle
22 Argentina: Notes On Privatization Plans For Telephone Company John Neagle
27 Peru: Military Takes Control Of Ports John Neagle
22 Critics Of Debt-equity Swaps John Neagle
20 Cuba: U.S.-financed Tv Marti Broadcasts To Begin Soon John Neagle
08 Chile: Protest Against Privatization Of Postal Service John Neagle
13 Jamaica: Prime Minister's Party Wins In Municipal Elections Despite Economic Austerity Policies John Neagle
01 Colombia: Notes On Recent Political Killings John Neagle
22 Venezuela: 50% Of Stock Of Official News Agency To Be Sold To Private Sector John Neagle
20 Brazil: Sampling Of Reactions To Economic Austerity, Reform Measures John Neagle
22 Argentina: Mass Layoffs In Automotives Industry John Neagle
08 Latin American Nations Censured By Inter-american Press Association John Neagle
13 Chilean Foreign Debt At $16.2 Billion John Neagle
13 Notes On Discussions Related To Cuba's Political & Economic Future John Neagle
13 Haitian President Avril Resigns: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
27 Ecuador: On Negotiations With Commercial Bank Creditors John Neagle
22 Peru: Notes On Recent Political Violence John Neagle
22 World Bank To Gradually Phase Out Structural Adjustment Loans John Neagle
15 Brazil: Major Labor Group Rejects Social Pact John Neagle
22 42 Mexican Products Added To U.S. List Of Preferred Imports John Neagle
01 Colombia: Notes On "drug War" John Neagle
06 Colombia: Judiciary Workers On Strike John Neagle
29 Brazil: New President's Economic Policies Expected To Cause Price Declines For Soybeans, Coffee John Neagle
06 Colombia: Rebels Declare Unilateral Truce For Elections John Neagle
06 Brazil: On Domestic Debt & Interest Rates John Neagle
01 U.S. Government Calls On I.m.f. To Sell Off Gold, & Use Proceeds To Assist 11 Poor Nations John Neagle
13 Chile: Aylwin Promises No Mass Trials Against Military For Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
13 Patricio Aylwin Sworn In As President Of Chile: Notes John Neagle
22 Peru: Economic Notes John Neagle
29 Brazil: Rio De Janeiro State Government Fears Social Upheaval, Result Of Mass Dismissals John Neagle
15 Brazil: President Collor De Mello Inaugurated John Neagle
27 Mexico: Notes On Investment John Neagle
15 Brazil: Customs Duties Removed On Imports For Research John Neagle
08 Peru: 540 Die In Political Violence In First Two Months Of 1990 John Neagle
27 Leftist Politician Assassinated: Summary & Aftermath John Neagle
06 Argentina: Armed Forces Authorized To Intervene In Cases Of "severe" Domestic Disturbance John Neagle
29 Peru: Report On Recent Violence John Neagle