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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
18 Colombia: Drug Ring Leaders Ask For Amnesty, Admit Defeat John Neagle
23 Brazil: Oil Workers On Strike John Neagle
30 Notes On U.N. Eclac Preliminary Annual Report John Neagle
11 Peru: Former Defense Minister Assassinated John Neagle
23 Argentina: Massive Layoffs John Neagle
25 Haiti: Government Censors News Reporting John Neagle
25 Mexico To Be Removed From List Of Nations Accused By U.S. Of Failure To Adequately Protect Intellectual Property Rights John Neagle
25 Latin America: Electricity Generation Growth Rates Down In 1980's John Neagle
09 Argentina: Summary Of Economic Developments, Dec. 26-jan 6 John Neagle
18 Chilean Army Evaluating Purchase Of More Artillery From Israel Or South Africa John Neagle
18 Paraguayan Foreign Minister: Rio Group To Gain New Members John Neagle
11 Brazil: 1980's Cumulative Gdp Growth Only 21.1% John Neagle
16 Crackdown On Street Crime In Caracas, Venezuela John Neagle
18 Chile's Governing Junta Works Overtime Before Civilians Take Over John Neagle
23 Unless Third World Nations' Demographic Growth Curbed, Drastic Consequences In Store For "industrialized" Nations John Neagle
16 Medellin, Colombia: Record Number Of Homicides In 1989 John Neagle
30 Colombia: Suspected Rebels Bomb Pipeline, Causing Oil Spill John Neagle
23 Haiti: Presidential Elections Scheduled For October; State Of Siege Declared, Opposition Leaders Deported John Neagle
11 Jamaica: On Bauxite & Aluminum Industry John Neagle
30 Ecuador Repays Oil Loans To Nigeria, Venezuela John Neagle
25 U.S. Sugar Import Quota Increased John Neagle
25 Mexico's "debt Reduction Plan": Principal Reduction, Annual Interest Payments Savings John Neagle
16 Mexico: 1989 Exports, Imports, Current Account Deficit John Neagle
23 Brazil: Tin Mines In Amazon Region Closed Down John Neagle
11 Britain Lifts Navigation Restrictions On Argentine Merchant Marine John Neagle
23 Brazil: Soybean Exports Earn $3.6 Billion In 1989 John Neagle
16 Brazil: Gdp & Industrial Growth Rates, Jan.-nov. 1989 John Neagle
25 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
23 Brazil: 1989 Gdp Growth John Neagle
11 Brazil To Stagger Debt Service Payments To Paris Club John Neagle
30 Haiti: Update On State Of Siege, Crackdown On Opposition John Neagle
16 On Cuba's Relationship With Soviet Union John Neagle
30 Ecuador: Note On Talks With Foreign Creditors John Neagle
18 On Bombings Of U.S.-chilean Cultural Institutes John Neagle
16 Argentina: Notes On Economic Situation John Neagle
18 Capital Increase For I.m.f. Closer To Reality John Neagle
11 Colombia: U.S. Plans For Naval Force In Caribbean: Summary & Reactions John Neagle
30 Brazil: Notes On President-elect Collor's Economic Program John Neagle
16 Carupano, Venezuela: Riots Break Out During Installation Of Ruling Party Mayor John Neagle
11 Peru: 1989 Inflation At 2,775% John Neagle
16 Cuba Appoints Alarcon To U.N. Security Council Seat John Neagle
25 Colombia: Summary Of Recent Rebel Activities, Related Events John Neagle
30 Chile: Fruit Shipments From Aconcagua Valley Banned Due To Discovery Of Mediterranean Fruit Flies John Neagle
23 Jamaica: Prime Minister Criticizes U.S. Decision To Divert $25 Million Of Promised Aid To Poland John Neagle
09 Argentina: Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Plummets 53% In Value; Record 4,923% Inflation For 1989 John Neagle
11 Argentina: Business Spokesperson Offers Qualified Support For Government's Recessionary Anti-inflation Program John Neagle
16 U.S. Banks Advised To Increase Reserves From 15% To 35% Of Argentine Loans John Neagle
23 Flights Between Argentina & Britain Resumed John Neagle
23 Executive Committee Of International Coffee Organization Tests Water On Resuming New Quota Agreement Talks John Neagle
11 U.S. Cuts Financial Contribution To U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization John Neagle
18 Chile: 1989 Gdp Growth, Exports, Trade Balance John Neagle
18 Brazil: President-elect's Plans, Challenges John Neagle
30 Brazil: Physician Warns Ianomami Tribe Faces Extinction John Neagle
30 U.S. Aid To Jamaica & Honduras Cut To Pay For $1 Billion In Aid To Panama; On Quayle's Reception In Jamaica John Neagle
16 Cuba: Radio Prague Correspondent Expelled John Neagle
25 Peru: "anti-drug Base" Opened In Upper Huallaga Valley John Neagle
09 Peru: 3,000 Die In 1989 Result Of Political Violence John Neagle
18 Brazil & Venezuela Announce Joint Operations Against Illegal Gold Mining Along Mutual Border John Neagle
11 Trinidad & Tobago: 98,000 Mt Sugar Crop Expected John Neagle
09 Guyana: President Hoyte Says 1989 Good For Economic Recovery Despite Several Strikes John Neagle
11 Argentina: Job Openings Down In December John Neagle
16 Coca-producing Countries Tentatively Agree To Use Military Force In Drug War In Exchange For More U.S. Aid John Neagle
18 Chile: President-elect Aylwin Makes Cabinet Appointments; Socialist Party Factions Unite John Neagle
11 Mexico Reaches Debt Restructuring Agreement Affecting $48 Billion With Commercial Banks John Neagle
18 Brazil: Government & Gold Miners Reach Agreement To Keep Miners Off Indian Reservation John Neagle
09 Chile: 1989 Foreign Investment Up 14% John Neagle
18 Peru: Report On Recent Violence; Foreigners Moving Out, Adopting Extra Precautions John Neagle
25 Colombia's "drug War": Partial Summary Of Events, Statements, Jan. 4-24 John Neagle
16 Average Minimum Wage In 1989: Argentina, Chile Paraguay, Uruguay John Neagle
30 Brazil: U.S. Field Biologist Predicts Total Destruction Of Amazon Jungle John Neagle
11 Canada Officially Joins O.a.s. John Neagle
23 Argentina: New Central Bank President Appointed John Neagle
25 Brazil: President Sarney On Resolving Debt Crisis John Neagle
23 Brazil: Concluding Year-long Crackdown Against Smugglers, Troops Set Fire To Mountain Of Amazon Animal Skins John Neagle
30 Andean Pact Oil Ministers Meet In February John Neagle
09 Chile: 1989 Inflation, 21.9% John Neagle
30 Peru: Notes On Labor Conflict John Neagle
25 Venezuela: Protests Over Austerity John Neagle
16 Brazil: Late Foreign Debt Payments John Neagle
18 Argentine & British Airlines Resume Flights Between Buenos Aires & London John Neagle
16 Costa Rica: 1989 Inflation, 9.95% John Neagle
09 Peru: Police Arrest Over 2,000 People In Lima To Prevent Subversion During New Year Holiday John Neagle
23 Argentina: More Privatizations, Spending Cutbacks; World Bank Loan Announcements John Neagle
30 Ecuador To Receive $100 Million Loan From Canada John Neagle
30 Ecuador: Supreme Court Orders Arrest Of Former President Febres Cordero John Neagle
18 Brazil: French Air Force To Order 50 Of Embraer's Tucano Military Training Planes John Neagle
16 Notes On Mexico's Foreign Commercial Bank Debt (s/s) John Neagle
11 Peru: Capital City Faced With Severe Water Shortage John Neagle
09 Mexico: Economic Projections For 1989, 1990 (s/s) John Neagle
16 Inter-american Development Bank Approves Over $100 Million In New Loans For Jamaica John Neagle
11 Mexican Government Offended By Nbc Tv "drug Wars" Program John Neagle
23 Brazil: Note On Foreign Reserves John Neagle
30 Ecuador: Eight Foreign Oil Companies Bid On Seven Oil Concessions John Neagle
23 Cuba: Rationing & Price Hikes For Basic Products John Neagle
25 Bolivian Government Considers Military Control Of Border With Brazil & Peru John Neagle
11 1989 Inter-american Development Bank Loan Approvals & Disbursements John Neagle
25 Argentina: Defense Minister Resigns John Neagle
30 Argentina: Notes On Government Actions To Cope With Economic Crisis John Neagle
18 Brazil: 1989 Economic Notes John Neagle