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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
07 Four Caribbean Nations Seek To Diversify Exports With High-grade Cotton Venture John Neagle
21 U.S. Military Intervenes In Panama John Neagle
12 Colombian Government Disarmament Agreement With M-19 Rebels Blocked In National Congress John Neagle
19 Aylwin Wins Presidency In Chile: Summary Of Election & Related Developments John Neagle
12 Chile: Election Run-up John Neagle
12 Argentina: Currency Devalued Over 50%; Price Hikes For Public Goods & Services John Neagle
21 Brazil: Leftist Candidate Da Silva Concedes Defeat John Neagle
19 Paraguay: Economic Notes John Neagle
07 Argentina: $4.699 Billion Trade Surplus, January-october John Neagle
05 Brazil: Notes On Unemployment, Earnings John Neagle
14 Argentina: Free Market Dollar Exchange Rate Jumps Over 25% On First Business Day After 53% Devaluation Of Austral John Neagle
21 Argentina & Britain Hold Talks On Fishing Rights In South Atlantic John Neagle
19 Brazil: Preliminary Results Show Conservative Fernando Collor De Mello Elected President John Neagle
05 Brazil: On Endorsements Of Conservative & Leftist Candidates In Dec. 17 Presidential Run-off John Neagle
14 Paraguay: Soldiers & Police Attack Striking Workers At Itaipu Dam Project John Neagle
21 Grenada Appoints New Prime Minister John Neagle
21 Notes On Japanese Direct Foreign Investment (s/s) John Neagle
07 Brazil: Economic Notes John Neagle
05 Miami University Economist: Cuba Experiencing Worst Economic Crisis Of Its History John Neagle
07 Financial Crisis At United Nations Continues John Neagle
05 Mexico: 80% Of Total Commercial Bank Loans Covered By Debt Reduction Agreement Accounted For John Neagle
12 Guatemala: Economic Notes John Neagle
19 Chile: World Bank Approves $130 Million Loan For Financial Reform & Commercial Foreign Debt Reduction John Neagle
21 Haiti: Major Cabinet Reshuffle John Neagle
12 Peru To Resume Some Payments To I.m.f. John Neagle
14 Peru: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agents Point To Military Officers' Collaboration With Drug Traffickers John Neagle
19 Argentina: Economy Minister Resigns Amid Financial Market Instability John Neagle
12 Grenada: Public Employees Strike John Neagle
07 Mexico: Update On Commercial Foreign Debt Reduction Package John Neagle
05 Peru: Economic Notes John Neagle
21 European Community Development Funding: $12.96 Billion In Grants For Caribbean, African & Pacific Basin Nations John Neagle
19 Bolivia: Economic Notes John Neagle
07 Petroecuador Takes Control Of Anglo Refinery John Neagle
14 U.S. Steel Import Quotas Extended John Neagle
21 Petroperu Workers Strike To Demand Emergency Measures To Avoid Company's Financial Collapse John Neagle
05 Bolivia: On Municipal Elections John Neagle
07 Human Rights Watch Report: Rights Monitors Killed In Colombia, Brazil, Peru & Guatemala John Neagle
05 Update On Colombia's "drug War": Extradition To Be Included In National Referendum, Drug Mafia Declares Unilateral Truce John Neagle
05 Panama: Political Opposition Protests Additional U.S. Economic Sanctions John Neagle
19 Colombia: Coffee Sales Agreements With Japan John Neagle
19 Andean Group Macroeconomic Projections (s/s) John Neagle
19 Colombia: Update On "drug War" Developments; Government Amnesty Agreement With M-19 Rebels Postponed John Neagle
14 Brazil: Summary Of Recent Campaign Highlights Preceding Dec. 17 Presidential Runoff Election John Neagle
07 Peruvian President On Drug Policy John Neagle
05 Brazil: 1989 Coffee Export Revenue Losses Estimated At $400 Million John Neagle
07 Ecuador To Open Oil Exploration Bids For Area Covering 1.4 Million Ha. John Neagle
07 Japanese Finance Ministry To Appropriate $6.7 Billion For Development Aid In Fy1990 John Neagle
14 Peru: Recent Violence John Neagle
21 Guyana: Gold Mining Feasibility Studies Encouraging, Say Two Canadian Companies John Neagle
14 Andean Group Nations' Joint Data Transmission Effort To Become Operational In January 1990 John Neagle
19 Grenada: Prime Minister Herbert Blaize Dead John Neagle
05 Chile: Opposition Candidate Increases Lead In Presidential Preference Poll John Neagle
12 Peru: Price Hikes For Government-subsidized Goods & Services John Neagle
12 Colombia: Government In Upheaval Over Extradition Policy, Response To Drug Mafias' Bombing Campaign John Neagle
07 Opec Development Loans For Haiti, St. Lucia, Venezuela John Neagle
05 Venezuela: Low Turnout For State Governor & Municipal Elections John Neagle
07 Washington Rejects Panamanian Government Nominee To Take Over Top Canal Administrator Post In January 1990 John Neagle
19 Japan Wants Greater Influence In I.m.f. John Neagle
21 Mexico: Estimate Of 1989 Inflation John Neagle
07 Argentina & Britain Begin Talks To Avoid Future Military Conflicts John Neagle
12 Brazil: Rightist Candidate's Lead Narrows In Presidential Runoff Polls John Neagle
12 Colombia: On National Liberation Army (eln) Rebels' Kidnappings, Objectives John Neagle
07 Colombia: Drug War Violence Continues John Neagle
14 Mexico Considering Membership In Union Of Banana Exporting Countries (upeb) John Neagle
05 Venezuelan President Promises To Go Into Exile If 1990 Inflation Surpasses 40% John Neagle
14 Unicef: Developing Nations Could Save Millions Of Children's Lives Per Year By Small Cuts In Military & Debt Outlays John Neagle