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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
14 Venezuela: Transportation & Communications Minister Resigns John Neagle
09 Peru: On Gdp, Inflation John Neagle
14 Argentina: Government Implements "mandatory Arbitration" Of Public Transport Strike Demands John Neagle
16 Ecuador: Report On Oil Development & Exploration Activities John Neagle
16 Colombia: Judges & Court Workers End Strike John Neagle
30 Brazil: World Bank Approves $300 Million Loan For Roadway Projects John Neagle
28 Brazil-bolivia Energy Agreements John Neagle
09 Venezuela: Teachers On Strike John Neagle
16 Jamaica Offers Nigeria Area For Tank Farm Facilities John Neagle
16 Trinidad & Tobago State Oil Firms Sign Exploration Agreement With Foreign Companies John Neagle
14 Brazil: Presidential Election Countdown John Neagle
16 Mexico's Debt Reduction Agreement With Foreign Commercial Banks: Update On Developments John Neagle
23 Brazil: Official Election Results; Preparation For Runoff Campaign Underway John Neagle
07 Colombia: Report On Recent Rebel Activity John Neagle
14 Peruvian Senator May Be Tried In Criminal Court For Defending Rebel Leader John Neagle
30 Amnesty International: Peruvian Government Uses "terror To Fight Terror" John Neagle
30 Brazil: 1989 Loan Payments To World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Surpass New Loan Disbursements John Neagle
28 Brazil: Notes On Inflation, Authorized Price Hikes John Neagle
21 Guyana Not Likely To Meet New U.S. Sugar Quota John Neagle
21 Venezuela: Largest State-owned Company Bankrupt John Neagle
28 Brazil: U.S. Market Steel Quota Increased John Neagle
28 Brazil: Government's Internal Debt Service Totals $8.5 Billion, January-november John Neagle
28 Uruguay: National Party Candidate Wins Presidential Election John Neagle
02 Argentina: Finance Minister Resigns John Neagle
09 Colombia: Banana Workers Begin Second Week Of General Strike; Solidarity Strikes Shut Down Northern Towns John Neagle
28 Brazil Signs Cooperation Protocol With Soviet Union On Nuclear Reactor Safety John Neagle
07 Chile: October Inflation 2.9% John Neagle
16 Chile: Report On Private Mining Sector Output & Earnings John Neagle
02 Brazil: Unemployment Down In Greater Sao Paulo John Neagle
30 Peru: Report On Rebel Activities; Death Of U.S. Reporter John Neagle
07 Colombia: Oil Exports Down Due To Rebel Sabotage John Neagle
23 Brazil: 2.2% Gdp Growth Predicted For 1989 John Neagle
02 Venezuela's State-run Oil Company Acquires 50% Stake In U.S. Oil Company, Unocal John Neagle
30 Peruvian Police Report Distribution Of $5 Million Of Counterfeit U.S. Currency John Neagle
23 Body Of U.S. Journalist Found In Peru John Neagle
21 Chile May Request $200 Million In From U.S. Government To Compensate For Losses In Poisoned Grape Scare John Neagle
02 Mexican President Salinas De Gortari: Notes On First State Of Nation Address John Neagle
09 Mexico: Progress Report On Foreign Commercial Banks' Choice Of Debt Reduction Agreement Options John Neagle
21 Peru: Note On Coca Cultivation John Neagle
23 Peru: State Of Siege Extended In Lima & Callao John Neagle
09 Argentina: On Labor Unrest, Protests Against Government Economic Policies John Neagle
30 Opec Member Nations Conclude Oil Production Pact John Neagle
28 Bolivia: 118 People Arrested During State Of Siege Released John Neagle
21 Coffee Producers Meet In Costa Rica John Neagle
16 Colombia: Banana Workers' Strike Continues John Neagle
07 Peru: Police Arrest Employees Of Leftist Newspaper, Notes On Violence John Neagle
14 U.S. Arrears To U.N. Total $430 Million John Neagle
09 Peru: Lima Police Raid Medical School Campus, Arrest Over 500 John Neagle
02 Venezuela: Notes On 5-year Petroleum Industry Investment Program John Neagle
21 Uruguay: Notes On Principal Candidates, Nov. 26 Presidential Election John Neagle
14 Jamaica: Currency Devaluation, Price Hikes For Basic Foodstuffs John Neagle
14 Two Major British Banks Increase Reserves John Neagle
16 Latin American Steel Production Up 1.3% John Neagle
07 Colombia: M-19 Rebels Announce Date For Disarmament John Neagle
28 Honduras: National Party Candidate Claims Win In Presidential Election John Neagle
14 European Community Approves $8 Million Loan For Industrial Modernization In Andean Nations John Neagle
16 Canada's Nova Scotia Bank Adds To Reserves To Cover Possible Losses On Third World Loans John Neagle
07 Colombia: Update On Government's War With Drug Mafia John Neagle
14 Brazil: Notes On Socio-economic Conditions John Neagle
30 Notes On Region's Capital Outflow; Debt Ratios Relative To Gdp, Exports John Neagle
02 Mexico: Notes On Grain Imports John Neagle
02 Argentina: Notes On Debt Negotiations John Neagle
21 Cuba: Trade With Eec John Neagle
02 Costa Rica: Note On Inflation, Fiscal Deficit John Neagle
28 Brazil: Collor De Mello Leads In Poll John Neagle
07 Global Population At 5.2 Billion John Neagle
23 Entry Of Canada Into O.a.s. Considered Political & Economic Boost John Neagle
07 Brazil: Tv Personality Enters Presidential Race, Poll Results Immediately Change John Neagle
30 Ecuador: Opec Quota Raised To 273,000 Barrels Per Day John Neagle
16 Bolivian President Declares State Of Siege; 700 Public School Teachers Arrested John Neagle
02 Suriname: Oil Production Expansion Program John Neagle
23 Ecuador Receives $100 Million Loan From Japan's Eximbank John Neagle
23 Brazil: Currency Devaluation John Neagle
28 Brazil: Toxic Waste Clean-up Underway Near Sao Paulo John Neagle
21 Peru: Presidential Candidates For April 8, 1990 Election John Neagle
21 Argentina: Metal Industry Workers On Strike John Neagle
09 U.S. Congress Ends Weapons Embargo Against Argentina John Neagle
28 Chile: Notes On Sudden Escalation Of Violence John Neagle
23 Colombia: Government Rejects Rebel Demands For Gasoline Price Freeze John Neagle
21 Argentina: Citibank On Economic Policy; Purchase Of Paper Product Manufacturer John Neagle
21 Peru: Report On Recent Violence John Neagle
21 Latin American Economic System (sela) Report On Regional Industrial Investment John Neagle
30 Japan Reaches Agreement With Brazil To Release Loans Held Up Since 1987 John Neagle
23 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-october John Neagle
07 Venezuela Receives $400 Million Loan From World Bank John Neagle
30 U.N. Secretary General: U.S. Obligated To Pay Dues Regardless Of General Assembly Vote John Neagle
21 Mexico: Gurria Says Foreign Debt To Decline $16 Billion Next Year John Neagle
09 Colombia: Update On Extraditions, Violence John Neagle
09 Venezuela: Aluminum Output Expansion John Neagle
30 Fao Predicts World Grain Shortage John Neagle
14 Venezuela: 250,000 Teachers On Strike John Neagle
21 Inter-american Development Bank Concludes Agreements With Japan For Financing Of Latin American Development Projects John Neagle
23 Venezuela: University Teachers On Strike John Neagle
09 Venezuela: $150 Million In Debt-equity Swaps John Neagle
30 Colombia: Update On "drug War," Violent Incidents John Neagle
07 Brazil: October Inflation At 37.62%; Government Raises Electricity Rates By 61.08% John Neagle
02 Brazilian Company Exports 11,000 Tons Of Instant Coffee To U.S.s.r. In 1989 John Neagle
09 Venezuelan Oil Company Announces Preliminary Agreement To Acquire Citgo Petroleum Corp. John Neagle
09 Venezuela: Report On Oil Reserves John Neagle
30 Inter-american Development Bank Loans For Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay John Neagle
16 Colombia: Notes On Clashes Between Government Troops & Guerrillas John Neagle
30 Amazon Rain Forests May Disappear In 50 To 100 Years If Deforestation Continues At Present Rate John Neagle
02 Peru: Report On Recent Violence John Neagle
21 Brazil: On Nov. 15 Presidential Election Returns John Neagle
14 On Peru's Municipal Elections: Summary Of Events, Preliminary Results John Neagle
28 Argentina & Britain Resume Maritime Links John Neagle