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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
31 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
10 U.S. Treasury Official On Consequences Of Banks' Failure To Work Out Debt Reduction-new Loan Agreement With Mexico John Neagle
19 U.S. Imports Of Mexican Oil For Strategic Reserve To End John Neagle
24 Regional Sugar Exporters Report On 1989/89 World Consumption & Output Projections, Stocks John Neagle
12 Suriname: Shell Oil Subsidiary Signs Letter Of Intent To Begin Off-shore Exploration John Neagle
31 Preparations For Chilean Elections John Neagle
10 Brazil: Gallup Poll Results On Presidential Candidates John Neagle
02 Peru: Cabinet Reshuffle John Neagle
31 U.N. Secretary General Urges U.S., Britain & Singapore To Rejoin Unesco John Neagle
26 Highlights Of Recent Study On Mexican Telecommunications System John Neagle
24 Jamaica: National Currency Devalued At Rapid Rate, Stock Market Unsteady John Neagle
24 Cuba: Costs Of Railway Accidents John Neagle
10 Chile: Number Of Generals Reduced By Five John Neagle
24 Chile: Autonomous Central Bank To Begin Operations In December John Neagle
24 Canadian Official Warns Third World Nations Cannot Continue Carrying Enormous Foreign Debt Burden John Neagle
05 Dominican Republic: Street Violence Provoked By Gasoline Price Hike John Neagle
19 Mexico: Chamber Of Deputies Approves Limited Electoral Reform Legislation John Neagle
05 Uruguay: Teachers On Strike John Neagle
02 Peru: Recent Reports On Death Squad & Rebel Violence John Neagle
31 Commercial Banks Reach Debt Reduction Agreement With Costa Rica John Neagle
05 Canal Relining Project In Southern California Causes Dispute Between U.S. & Mexico John Neagle
19 Coal Miners In Southern Chile On Strike John Neagle
02 On U.S.-mexican Relations & President Salinas' Visit John Neagle
24 Peru & Bolivia: Accords For Joint Shipping, Mining Enterprises; Bolivia Gains Access To Duty-free Ports John Neagle
17 Colombia: Note On Coffee Prices John Neagle
26 I.d.b. Approves $46.4 Million Loan For Primary Education In Guyana John Neagle
10 Guyana: Sugar & Bauxite Industries To Be Privatized John Neagle
02 Colombia: Update On "drug War" John Neagle
02 U.N. Food & Agricultural Organization Promotes Links Between Environmental & Food Production Planning John Neagle
24 Argentines Protest Presidential Pardons Of Military Personnel Accused Of Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
17 Mexico: Note On Malnutrition John Neagle
12 French President Mitterrand Visits Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela John Neagle
02 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $1.2 Billion In New Loans For Mexico John Neagle
24 Brazil: Results Of Recent Presidential Preference Poll John Neagle
02 Peru: Guerrillas Launch Offensive To Force Boycott Of Group Of 8 Summit John Neagle
31 Costa Rica's Celebration Of Democracy Centennial: Summary John Neagle
19 Colombia: Update On "drug War" John Neagle
10 Argentina & Bolivia Cancel Debts With Each Other John Neagle
12 U.S. Commodity Credit Corporation Approves $142 Million Loan For Colombia John Neagle
17 Peru: Report On Escalating Violence John Neagle
17 Note On Infant Mortality In Latin America John Neagle
17 Honduras: Banana Plantation Employees Return To Work After 12-day Strike John Neagle
05 Venezuelan President Perez Blasts I.m.f., Superficial Measures To Resolve Third World Debt Crisis John Neagle
24 Argentina & Britain Agree To Resume Consular Relations John Neagle
05 Lech Walesa To Visit Chile At Invitation Of Trade Union Leaders Serving Internal Exile Sentence John Neagle
02 Mexico: Record Manufactures Exports In June John Neagle
02 Argentine President On Pardons For Military Officers Accused Of Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
19 Cuba Elected To U.N. Security Council John Neagle
24 Ecuador Devalues Currency John Neagle
31 Brazil Reiterates Rejection Of Change In Coffee Export Quota John Neagle
19 U.S. Applies Pressure To Prevent Brazilian Acquisition Of Missile Technology John Neagle
17 Brazil: Note On Inflation John Neagle
17 Trinidad & Tobago Oil Industry Workers On Strike John Neagle
10 France Pledges Debt Relief For Venezuela John Neagle
24 Bahamas: Notes On Wealth Of Top Government Officials John Neagle
26 Peru: Violence Continues, State Of Emergency Extended To Lima, Callao, & Five Provinces John Neagle
17 Colombia: Banana Plantation Employee Unions Decide To Strike John Neagle
02 Venezuela: New Production Quota John Neagle
26 Note On Technology Employed In Mexican Industry John Neagle
05 Argentina: Foreign Reserves At $1.7 Billion John Neagle
02 Brazil: Collor De Mello Down 3 Points In Latest Opinion Poll John Neagle
17 Brazil: Federal Judge Orders Closing Of Only Functioning Nuclear Power Plant John Neagle
31 Correction: 10/26/89 Issue, "highlights Of Recent Study On Mexican Telecommunications System" John Neagle
17 Latin America & Caribbean Nations Design Joint Agricultural Plan For Next Decade John Neagle
17 Mexico To Double Steel Exports To U.S. John Neagle
17 International Monetary Fund Mission Due In Panama John Neagle
17 Reduced Budget For U.N. High Commissioner For Refugees John Neagle
02 Mexico: National Action Party Leader Dies In Accident John Neagle
02 Japanese Aid To Third World, 1988 John Neagle
12 Recently Disarmed Guerrilla Group Announces Formation Of Political Party & Plans To Run Presidential Candidate John Neagle
10 Mexican Government To Terminate Newsprint Monopoly John Neagle
10 Footnote On Annual I.m.f.-world Bank Meetings John Neagle
17 Notes On Demographic Growth: Global, Third World, Latin America (s/s) John Neagle
19 Colombia: Government Submits Amnesty Bill For Leftist Guerrillas For Approval By National Congress John Neagle
26 Colombia: Update On "drug War" John Neagle
26 Brazil: I.d.b. Announces $2 Million Loan For Vocational Training Program John Neagle
24 Brazil: Notes On Plans To Dismiss Public Employees John Neagle
17 Notes On Brazilian Presidential Race John Neagle
02 Emergency Air Pollution Reduction Plan Announced For Mexico City John Neagle
05 Mexican & U.S. Presidents Sign Trade & Investment, Environmental Clean-up Agreements John Neagle
31 Lech Walesa Postpones Visit To Chile John Neagle
24 Note On Brazilian Automotives Production John Neagle
19 Guyana: Employees Of State-run Sugar Company On Strike John Neagle
31 Argentina: Note On Un- & Underemployment John Neagle
02 Club Of Paris Delegation To Visit Cuba John Neagle
19 Brazil: Record Oil Production John Neagle
17 Brazil Not Interested In Talks To Establish New Coffee Export Quota System John Neagle
02 Ecuador: Update On Oil Workers' Strike John Neagle
17 Mexico: Dissident Teachers' Union Confederation Organizes Strike, Demonstrations John Neagle
26 Guatemala: I.d.b. Approves $500,000 Loan For Assisting Small-scale Entrepreneurs John Neagle
10 Latin American Finance Conference: 1990's Should Be Improvement Over 1980's John Neagle
05 Cuba To Become Non-permanent Member Of U.N. Security Council In January John Neagle
24 Venezuela Suggests Creation Of Oil Export Revenue Fund As Guarantee For Foreign Creditors John Neagle
10 Peru: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
17 Mexico: Notes On Macroeconomic Indicators John Neagle
31 Chilean Foreign Debt Reduced By $8.1 Billion Since Mid-1985 John Neagle
10 Workers At Three Trinidad & Tobago Oil Companies On Strike John Neagle
12 Colombia: Update On "drug War" Events, Statements John Neagle
02 15 U.S.-made Helicopters Delivered To Chilean Army John Neagle
10 Jamaica Privatizes Fourth Hotel John Neagle
24 Growth In Ecuadoran Oil Exports To Peru Expected John Neagle
10 Argentine President Announces Sweeping Pardon Decrees John Neagle
24 Peru: Three Arrested Accused Of Kidnapping Children For Sale To Foreign Parents John Neagle
05 Haiti: Government Slashes Salaries Of President, Cabinet, Top-level Public Employees John Neagle
17 Group Of 8 Summit: Wrap-up John Neagle
31 Cuban Foreign Debt Increases John Neagle
31 Brazil: Presidential Preference Poll John Neagle
26 Note On Secondary Market Price Quotes For Debt Paper: Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina John Neagle
10 August Inflation, 5 Latin American Countries John Neagle
02 Colombia: Five Ministers Resign John Neagle
19 Argentina: Government Announces Salary Hikes For Public Sector Employees John Neagle
24 Argentina: Tax Reform John Neagle
05 Brazil: No Short-term Solution To Coffee Market Crisis John Neagle
12 Mini-summit Of 3 Major Coca-producer Nations, Group Of 8 Summit In Ica, Peru: Summary John Neagle
05 Ecuador: Note On Child Malnutrition John Neagle
26 U.S. Pays $65 Million To U.N. Of $216 Million 1989 Dues John Neagle