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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 Nicaraguan Government Begins Campaign To Attract Foreign Investment John Neagle
17 Mexico City Police Force Under Fire: On Extortion & Multiple Rapes John Neagle
15 U.S. Plans More Support For Anti-drug Efforts In Bolivia, Peru & Colombia John Neagle
01 Peru: Six National Unions On Strike John Neagle
01 U.S. Banks Lower Prime Rate John Neagle
08 Mexico: Notes On Capital Flows, Foreign Investment John Neagle
01 Brazil: 12-month Inflation At 1,004% John Neagle
10 Secondary Market Prices On Debt Paper For Latin America's Major Debtor Nations Increase In July (s/s) John Neagle
08 On U.S. Reactions To Cuban Anti-drug Commitment John Neagle
03 Haiti & U.S. Company To Create Free Zone John Neagle
08 Argentina: Year-end Foreign Debt Predicted At $64 Billion John Neagle
29 International Cocoa Organization Raises Estimate Of Global Surplus Production John Neagle
15 Argentina: Texaco Wins Nine New Exploration Contracts John Neagle
01 Brazil: Record Capital Flight In 1989 John Neagle
29 Interest Payment Arrears Of 15 Third World Debtor Nations Expected To Total Over $15 Billion By Year-end 1989 John Neagle
17 Bolivia Receives First Installment Of U.S. Aid To Ease Balance Of Payments Problems John Neagle
01 Total Commercial Debt Of 159 Countries At Year-end 1988 Down $3.944 Billion From Mid-year John Neagle
31 Argentina: Congress To Vote On Legislation Lifting Employers' Severance Pay Liability For Temporary Workers John Neagle
30 Panama: Six Latin American Governments Recall Ambassadors John Neagle
31 Brazil: Report On Fire Damage To Amazon Region John Neagle
01 Brazil Announces Suspension Of Interest Payments Due In September John Neagle
29 Peru: Teachers On Strike John Neagle
03 Argentina Eliminates Obstacles To Trade With Britain John Neagle
30 El Salvador To Receive $108.5 Million In U.S. Economic Aid John Neagle
03 Brazil Seeks Short-term Accord With Imf John Neagle
03 Chile: On Recent Violent Incidents John Neagle
17 Ecuador Continues Partial Interest Payments On Foreign Debt John Neagle
15 Chile: Four Presidential Candidates To Run In Dec. 14 Elections, Summary Of Related Events & Statements John Neagle
17 Suriname: Military Opposes Civilian Government Peace Pact With Guerrillas Signed Last Month John Neagle
31 Chile: Chase Manhattan Bank Plans For 12-year Debt-equity Swap Program John Neagle
10 Notes On 1988 Latin American Trade Totals, U.S. Imports From Region John Neagle
01 Brazil: Justice Minister Resigns To Protest Economic Policy John Neagle
22 Peru: Interior Ministry & Top Police Officials Accused Of Links To Rightist Paramilitary Group John Neagle
30 Panamanian Government Closes Opposition Party Newsletters John Neagle
10 Brazil: Notes On Causes Of Declining Fertility John Neagle
17 Brazil: January-july Trade Surplus John Neagle
24 Mexico: 25% Stock In Largest Airline Sold To Foreign-domestic Private Investor Group John Neagle
29 Venezuela: On Foreign Debt Reduction Plans, Background John Neagle
22 Argentine-brazilian Bilateral Accords John Neagle
01 Five Sisters Of World Grain Trade Provide Bridge Loan To Argentina John Neagle
29 Colombia's Crackdown On Drug Mafia: Summary Of Events & Statements, Aug. 22-28 John Neagle
17 Mexico: Sampling Of Economic Indicators John Neagle
31 Mexico: Capital City Teachers Launch 24-hour Strike John Neagle
17 Argentina To Request Over $500 Million Bridge Loan From U.S. John Neagle
22 Cuba: Currency Devaluation John Neagle
17 Bolivia Not Interested In Help From U.S. Troops To Fight Drug Traffickers John Neagle
03 Chile: $100 Million In Losses Resulting From Poisoned Fruit Scare John Neagle
24 Jamaica "cut Off" From Outside World Due To Problems With New Phone System John Neagle
30 Honduras: Human Rights Abuses Escalate John Neagle
24 Mexico: Sample Of Recent Economic Indicators John Neagle
15 Brazil: Background Notes On Fernando Collor De Mello, Leading Presidential Candidate John Neagle
15 Argentina: On Nuclear Energy Policy John Neagle
10 Mexico: 50,000 Agricultural Workers Invited To U.S. John Neagle
01 Chileans Approve Constitutional Amendments John Neagle
24 Mexico: Free Trade Zone Bill To Be Introduced John Neagle
24 Dominican Republic: Cabinet Reshuffled, Medical Doctors Continue Strike John Neagle
03 Chile: Statistics On Inflation, Unemployment, Income John Neagle
03 Peru: July Inflation John Neagle
22 Argentina & Britain Agree To Formal Talks, Scheduled For October In Madrid John Neagle
03 Argentine Government To Cancel Legal Proceedings Against Participants In Military Rebellions This Week John Neagle
10 Latin American Steel Output Up 3.4% Over Last Year John Neagle
31 Mexico: Economic Projections By Private Consulting Firm John Neagle
24 Mexico: Note On Cacao Production John Neagle
08 Bolivian Congress Elects Jaime Paz Zamora President John Neagle
17 Caricom Delegation Travels To Haiti To Evaluate Democratic Reforms John Neagle
29 Mexico: Over Half Of Population Lives In Poverty John Neagle
03 Group Of 8 Foreign Ministers Meet: Summary John Neagle
17 Mexico: Update On Union Struggle At Maquiladora Plants John Neagle
31 Mexico: On Steel Exports To U.S. John Neagle
08 Brazil & Argentina Not Eligible For Brady Plan At Present John Neagle
22 Notes On Colombian Drug Traffickers, Profits, Activities John Neagle
29 Venezuela: Cabinet Reshuffle John Neagle
15 Colombian Guerrilla Coalition Responds To Government Peace Talk Initiative John Neagle
31 Haiti: Elections Planned For Next Year John Neagle
31 Secondary Market Prices On Seven Latin American Nations' Debt Paper, August John Neagle
30 Nicaragua & Cuba Sign Trade Agreement John Neagle
22 Peru: Update On Strikes By Miners, Medical Doctors, Bank Employees, Teachers, & Others John Neagle
15 Peru: State Of Emergency Extended To Another Province John Neagle
10 Uruguay: Montevideo Municipality Employees On Strike John Neagle
03 U.N. Food And Agriculture Organization: Environmental Preservation Mandatory To Prevent Food Output Decline John Neagle
31 Argentina Rejects Third Party Intervention In Talks With Britain On Malvinas Islands Fishing Rights John Neagle
03 Chile: On Presidential Candidates John Neagle
30 Update On Contra Demobilization, Observation Teams For Nicaraguan Elections John Neagle
10 Argentina: July Inflation, August Estimate John Neagle
03 Argentina: Government Takes Over Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Result Of Counterfeit Operations John Neagle
24 Peru: Update On Various Strikes John Neagle
01 Summary Of July 14-16 G-7 Economic Summit John Neagle
31 Argentina: Teachers Strike For 48 Hours John Neagle
03 Paraguay: Deposed Leaders Charged With Responsibility For Torture & Homicide John Neagle
03 Mexico: Imf Estimates Of Foreign Reserves, Capital Flight John Neagle
31 Mexico: Notes On 1988 Ranking Of Biggest 500 Companies By Sales John Neagle
17 Mexico: New Rules For Oil Investment John Neagle
29 Grenada: Parliament Suspended John Neagle
10 Colombia: Students Shut Down University In Bogota John Neagle
15 Chile: Roman Catholic Bishops Call On Voters To Elect President Committed To Investigating Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
24 Mexico: On Privatization Of State Companies, January-july 1989, & Future Plans John Neagle
17 Nicaragua: 3% Currency Devaluation; 8.5% July Inflation John Neagle
22 Colombia: Tally Of Kidnappings For Ransom, 1982-1988 John Neagle
08 Citibank President Says Brady Plan Agreement Possible Only After New Brazilian Administration Installed John Neagle
08 Unemployment In Mexico John Neagle
29 Brazil: Prospects For Obtaining New Loans, Debt Reduction John Neagle
10 Mexico: Note On 1989 Trade Surplus, Manufacturing Output, Inflation, Gdp Growth John Neagle
08 Haiti: U.S. Grants 45,000 Tons Of Wheat Under Food For Peace Program John Neagle
31 Cuba: Sugar Exports, Second Quarter 1989 John Neagle
31 Mexico Receives $1.225 Billion Loan From U.S. For Basic Foodstuff Imports John Neagle
15 Brazil: Government Announces Proposal To Sell 14 State-owned Firms, Real Estate John Neagle
15 World Bank Criticized For Inadequate Family Planning Spending John Neagle
17 Barbados: State-owned Oil Company Begins Expansion Program John Neagle
22 Brazil: Two Oil Spills On Southeast Atlantic Coast John Neagle
29 On Argentina's Plans To Secure Foreign Loans, Upcoming Debt Negotiations John Neagle
24 Ecuador: Transport Workers On Strike John Neagle
10 Mexican Debt Held By U.S. Banks John Neagle
01 Prospects For "brady Plan" Negotiations: Venezuela, Argentina, Peru John Neagle
22 U.S. Export Of Supercomputers To Brazil Bogged Down In Dispute Over Suspected Use John Neagle
24 Mexico: Government Declares Copper Mine Bankrupt In Midst Of Labor Conflict, Plans To Privatize John Neagle
17 Argentina & Britain To Discuss Restoration Of Diplomatic & Trade Relations John Neagle
22 Colombian Judge, Police Chief, Presidential Candidate Murdered: Summary Of Events, Responses John Neagle
01 Peru: Recent Reports On Guerrilla Activities, Government Response John Neagle
08 Cuba's Commitment To "hard-line" Socialism": Summary Of Recent Statements & Events John Neagle
31 Haiti: Former Cabinet Member's Home Bombed John Neagle
10 Michoacan, Mexico: Protests Over Alleged Election Fraud Continue John Neagle
17 Majority Of Chileans Oppose Continuity Of Gen. Pinochet As Army Chief Under Civilian Government John Neagle
15 Peru: Miners, Bank Employees, Medical Doctors On Strike John Neagle
01 Chile: Trade Surplus $1.033 Billion, First Half Of 1989 John Neagle
15 Argentina: Two Military Rebel Leaders Retired, Amnesty For Rebels Formalized John Neagle
31 Chile: On Opposition Presidential Candidate's Economic Program John Neagle
08 Cuba: Interior Ministry Official Suicides, Result Of Shame Over Recent Scandals John Neagle
03 Chile: Last Opposition Party Hold-out Announces Support For Christian Democrat Presidential Candidate John Neagle
22 Peruvian Farmers On Strike John Neagle
03 Ecuador To Begin Negotiations With Private Bank Creditors John Neagle
15 Mexico: Workers At Maquiladora Plants Strike John Neagle
30 Panama: Warnings Of U.S. Invasion, Arrival Of U.S.-backed Mercenary Force John Neagle
01 On Cuban Corruption Scandals: Partial Summary Of Events & Statements, U.S. Reaction, July 6-31 John Neagle
01 Argentina Introduces Six-month Food Stamp Program For One Million Poor Families John Neagle
01 Peruvian Independence Day: 8,300 Detained In Lima, President Announces Military Trials For Suspected Rebels John Neagle
30 El Salvador: Report On Rebel Activities John Neagle
22 Brazil: Saudi Arabia Plans To Purchase $2.2 Billion Worth Of Tanks John Neagle
29 Ecuador: Debt-swap Program To Be Re-introduced John Neagle
03 Mexico: Research & Development Spending John Neagle
24 Argentina: Government Announces New Taxes John Neagle
15 Argentine President Menem Pursues Resumption Of Relations With Britain John Neagle