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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
06 Peru: Author Vargas Llosa Reverses Decision Not To Run In Presidential Elections John Neagle
27 Brazil Ineligible For Brady Plan Debt Relief; Partial Summary Of Economic Conditions, Debate On Debt Strategy John Neagle
04 Dominican Republic: President Fires Police Chief After Death Of Leftist Political Leader John Neagle
06 Canada Not Interested In Formation Of Common Market With Mexico & U.S. John Neagle
06 Mexico: $5 Billion In Interest On Domestic Debt, Second Quarter 1989 John Neagle
04 Haiti: Radio Station Shuts Down After Striking Employees Threatened By Gunmen John Neagle
06 Chile: Riot Police Disperse Demonstrators In Santiago With Clubs & Tear Gas John Neagle
04 Cuba: Update On Drug Trafficking Scandal, High-level Shakeup, June 29-july 1 John Neagle
25 Brazil Considers Debt Service Suspension Until Installment Of New Government John Neagle
25 Argentina: Summary Of Recent Events & Statements, July 8-24 John Neagle
27 Brazil: Payments In Arrears To Paris Club Renewed John Neagle
25 Brazil: Projected Gdp Decline, 1989 John Neagle
25 Argentina: The Next Six Years John Neagle
27 Colombia: Cabinet Reshuffle John Neagle
06 Caribbean Community Summit: Leaders Call For More Progress In Forming Common Market John Neagle
06 Peru: 33 Members Of Soviet Fishing Fleet Injured In Bombing Incident John Neagle
27 World Bank Profit, Fiscal Year 1989 John Neagle
27 Grenada: Parliament Prepares To Oust Prime Minister John Neagle
25 Brief Chronology Of Mexico's Debt Reduction Negotiations John Neagle
04 Brazil: 12% Devaluation; Return To Single Exchange Rate; New Treasury Bond Issued John Neagle
27 Argentina: On Talks With International Monetary Fund John Neagle
04 Mexico Rejects Banks' Counteroffer On Debt Reduction John Neagle
27 Finance Minister Says Brazil Can Meet Same Conditions As Mexico For Debt Relief John Neagle
25 Argentine President Predicts 15% Annual Inflation Next Year John Neagle
25 Mexico & Commercial Bank Creditors Reach Debt Reduction Agreement In Principle: Summary Of Developments John Neagle
04 Mexico: Fraud Charges In State Elections John Neagle
06 Bolivian Interior Minister Reports Arrest Of Suspects In Killings Of U.S. Missionaries John Neagle
25 Jamaica: Notes On Prime Minister Manley's First Six Months John Neagle
25 Argentina: E.e.c. Makes Contribution To Emergency Food Aid John Neagle
06 Haiti: Process Of Desertification May Be Complete Within 20 Years John Neagle
04 Argentina: June Consumer Price Inflation; May Industrial Output John Neagle
27 United Nations Report On Arrears By Member Nations John Neagle
04 Venezuelan President: Minimum Acceptable Debt Reduction 40% In Talks With Private Banks John Neagle
06 Notes On World Bank's 12th Annual World Development Report John Neagle
04 International Coffee Organization Export Quota System Collapses; Prices Plummet John Neagle
04 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation, January-june John Neagle
27 Mexico: Details & Critiques On Debt Reduction Agreement With Commercial Banks John Neagle
25 U.S. Eximbank Contributes To Financing Of Weapons Sales To Colombia John Neagle
04 Brazil Delays Interest Payments To Paris Club John Neagle
27 Argentina: Charges Against Military Rebels To Be Dropped John Neagle
06 Argentina: Economic Adviser To New Government, Harvard Economist Jeffrey Sachs, Calls For "taxation Revolution" John Neagle
27 Mexico: Summary Of Economic Conditions, Debt Crisis Years John Neagle
06 International Monetary Fund Declares Panama Ineligible For New Loans John Neagle
27 Jamaica: Alcoa Workers On Strike John Neagle