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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Mitterand Submits Proposal To Write Off Development Aid Debt Owed By 35 Poor Nations To French Government John Neagle
27 Mexico: 6% Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 1 John Neagle
13 Brazil: Results Of Recent Presidential Candidate Preference Poll John Neagle
29 Mexico: State-run Banamex To Open Branches In Europe & U.S. John Neagle
27 Uruguay: Labor Confederation Confirms June 27 General Strike John Neagle
08 U.S. Commercial Loans To Argentina Declared Value Impaired John Neagle
06 Colombia: Eln Rebels Release Brazilian Engineers John Neagle
20 Dominican Republic: 48-hour General Strike Underway John Neagle
15 Dominican Republic: Health Professionals On Strike John Neagle
13 Jamaica: International Monetary Fund Agrees To Six- Month Extension For $60 Million Loan Agreement John Neagle
06 Peru: Summary Report Of Recent Rebel Attacks, Government Response John Neagle
01 World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank Disburse Over $1 Billion In Loans To Brazil John Neagle
22 Chile: Rightist Party Candidate Chosen For Dec. 14 Elections John Neagle
06 World Bank's Operational Guidelines For Assisting Third World Debtor Nations John Neagle
06 Chilean President On Transfer Of Power, Plans To Continue As Army Commander In Chief John Neagle
29 Chilean Government Plans Electricity Rationing John Neagle
01 Brazil: Questions Raised About U.S. Ambassador-designate, Richard Melton John Neagle
13 Brazil: Concern Over Foreign Capital Movement John Neagle
20 Argentina: Notes On Recent Economic History John Neagle
20 Ecuador: Talks With Foreign Commercial Banks Suspended Until Citibank Returns Confiscated Money John Neagle
29 Netherlands Antilles Prime Minister Requests Venezuelan Assistance In Electricity & Potable Water Programs John Neagle
01 Uruguay: Vice President Loses Bid For Party Nomination John Neagle
01 Brazil Grants Former Paraguayan Dictator Permanent Political Asylum John Neagle
22 In Wake Of Stock Market Scandal, Brazilian Government Closes Five Brokerage Houses John Neagle
15 International Coffee Organization Talks Break Down John Neagle
29 Brazil: Soybean Producers Demand Higher Prices John Neagle
29 Mexico Seeks Permanent Observer Status In Pacific Basin Organization John Neagle
01 Argentine Fiscal Deficit Down John Neagle
01 Chile: Government & Opposition Reach Accord On Constitutional Reforms John Neagle
15 Argentina: Notes On President-elect's Economic Program John Neagle
20 Brazilian Central Bank President Resigns John Neagle
06 Brazil Says U.S. Contravened Commitments Under Uruguay Round John Neagle
13 Inter-american Development Bank President On Debt Crisis John Neagle
06 Brazil: "partial" Return To Price Liberalization John Neagle
15 Mexico: Threat Of Debt Service Moratorium? John Neagle
20 Cuba: Top Officials Accused Of Corruption, Drug Trafficking John Neagle
29 Brazil: Commercial Interest Rates Escalate To 5,000% Per Year John Neagle
01 Japanese & French Capital Participate With Venezuelan Banks Banks To Finance Construction Of Polypropylene Plant John Neagle
27 Peru: Plane Crashes In Jungle Area; Recent Crashes Attributed To Poor Maintenance John Neagle
01 Rioting & Looting In Argentina: Summary Of Events, May 29-may 31 John Neagle
01 World Bank & Imf Contribute $20 Billion To Debt-reduction Fund John Neagle
22 Dominican Republic: Summary Of Two-day General Strike John Neagle
22 S.e.l.a. Member-nations Call For Revision Of Joint Action Plan On Foreign Debt John Neagle
08 On Mexico's Domestic Debt John Neagle
20 Brazil Criticizes European Community's Plan To Force Changes In Carajas Mining Complex John Neagle
29 Opec Officials Optimistic About Long-term World Market Price Stability John Neagle
15 Venezuelan Medical Doctors Stage 12-hour Strike John Neagle
27 International Coffee Organization Sets New Export Quotas John Neagle
15 Chilean Junta Approves Constitutional Reforms John Neagle
20 Representatives From 127 Developing Nations Meet In Caracas John Neagle
27 Uruguay: State Power Company Announces New Electricity Cuts John Neagle
13 World Bank To Announce Endorsement Of Mexico's Economic Reforms With Approval Of $1.5 Billion In Loans John Neagle
08 Mexico Receives $50 Million Loan Disbursement From World Bank For Port Facility Modernization John Neagle
27 Cuba Arrests 11 Top-level Military Officers & Government Officials: Summary Of Events & Statements, June 22-25 John Neagle
29 Poverty & Marginalization In Mexico John Neagle
20 Chile: Retired Air Force Officer Assassinated John Neagle
15 Brazil: Stock Market Closes Down For 24 Hours Result Of Investor's Unpaid Debts John Neagle
15 First Quarter 1989 U.S. Commercial Bank Profits At Record High John Neagle
20 Argentine President-elect Carlos Menem To Take Over July 8; Summary Of Recent Events, Statements John Neagle
27 Mexico Requests Treaty With U.S. On Mexican Workers' Rights; Plans To Reduce Foreign Access To Leases In Baja California John Neagle
22 Uruguay: Major Union Calls General Strike For June 27 John Neagle
29 Dim Prospects For Extension Of International Coffee Agreement John Neagle
13 European Import Restrictions On Tropical Hardwoods Make No Practical Impact On Amazon Conservation John Neagle
29 Grenada: U.S. Embassy Official Shot To Death John Neagle
06 Mexican Labor Confederation Leader Warns Continuity Of Existing Price & Wage Pact Not Acceptable John Neagle
13 Maquiladoras In Guatemala John Neagle
27 Notes On U.S. "drug War" In Latin America John Neagle
13 Brazil: April Trade Surplus With U.S. John Neagle
15 G.a.t.t. Talks On Services Trade: Note John Neagle
01 Mexico Reaches Debt Restructuring Agreement With Paris Club John Neagle
13 Brazil: Notes On Negotiations With I.m.f. John Neagle
22 Peru: Writer Vargas Llosa Backs Out Of Presidential Race John Neagle
08 Mexico's Negotiations With Commercial Bank Creditors: Results Of Meeting In Madrid John Neagle
22 Argentina: Organized Labor Chief Refuses President-elect's Offer Of Foreign Post John Neagle
06 Colombia: Army Reports Capture Of 14 E.p.l. Rebel Leaders John Neagle
13 Study By World Institute For Development Economics Research: Third World Debt Should Be Reduced By At Least $125 Billion John Neagle
22 Argentina: Note On Real Wage Deterioration John Neagle
06 Peru: Writer Vargas Llosa Presented As Democratic Front Official Presidential Candidate John Neagle
01 I.m.f. Chief Calls On Banks To Support Third World Debt Reduction Strategies John Neagle
29 Cuba: Military Tribunal Delivers Recommendations On Treatment Of Division Gen. Ochoa John Neagle
22 Developing Nation Representatives Meet In Caracas, Venezuela John Neagle
06 Argentine Government Responds To Looting, Social Unrest: Summary Of Developments, May 31-june 5 John Neagle
08 Chile: Army Commander Zincke Requests Pinochet To Stay On As Commander-in-chief After Elections John Neagle
20 Brazil Terminates Anti-inflation Plan John Neagle
08 Argentina: Nearly 1.2 Million Workers Affected By Crisis John Neagle
08 Former Mexican President Warns Banks That Failure To Reduce Latin America's Debt Burden Will Lead To Loan Default John Neagle
27 Mexico: Workers At Altos Hornos Steel Complex On Strike; Notes On Government Plans For Steelworks John Neagle
22 Mexico: Austerity Pact Extended For Eight Months John Neagle
13 Argentina: Alfonsin Wants To Step Down On June 30; President-elect Says He Will Take Power In August John Neagle
08 Bush Administration Called On To Adopt More Concrete Action Toward Resolving Mexico's Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
20 S.e.l.a. Member Nations Discuss Joint Actions Toward Foreign Debt Reduction, Cutting Capital Resource Outflow John Neagle
01 Brazil: Notes On Paulo Freire's Plans As Education Secretary For Sao Paulo State John Neagle
13 Brazil: Recent Reports On Consumer Price Inflation John Neagle
29 Mexico: Economic Notes John Neagle
13 Mexico Introduces New Requirements On Minimum Dollar Income Foreign Pensioners Must Prove For Residency John Neagle
22 U.N. Issues Report On World Population Projections John Neagle
20 Brazil: Notes On Public Employee Strikes John Neagle
22 U.S. Congressional Committee Agrees On Permanent Tariff Exemptions For Caribbean; Cbi To Include Textiles John Neagle
22 Guyanese President Visits U.S. On Investment Promotion Tour John Neagle
13 Venezuela: Army Intervenes In Caracas Police Walk-out; Police Refuse To Drop Demands John Neagle
15 Mexican President: Debt-equity Swaps Not An Option John Neagle
27 I.m.f. Approves $4.6 Billion Structural Adjustment Loan For Venezuela John Neagle
08 Surinam Airway Jetliner Crashes, Killing 174 John Neagle
15 Dominican Republic: General Strike Scheduled For June 19-20 John Neagle
27 Argentina: Leader Of December Military Uprising Makes New Demands John Neagle
06 Mexico & Commercial Bank Creditors: Stalemate Continues John Neagle
29 Mexico: Demographic Projections John Neagle
06 Ecuadoran President Orders Bus & Taxi Drivers Back To Work John Neagle
27 Trinidadian Company Reports On Possible Major Oil Find John Neagle
22 Argentina: Crop Losses Resulting From Drought John Neagle
27 Brazilian President Disposed To Step Down Early John Neagle
29 Mexico City Mayor Announces Dismantlement Of Police Division's Intelligence Directorate John Neagle
06 U.N. Population Fund Report: Improving Women's Welfare Key For Humanity's Future John Neagle
06 Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Ecuador; Comments On Massacre In Beijing John Neagle
27 Argentina: 130% Minimum Wage Hike Effective July 1 John Neagle
01 Guyana: Government & Reynolds International Finalize Agreement On Joint Bauxite Mining Venture John Neagle