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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
23 Bush Administration's Difficulties On Confirmation Of Latin America Diplomatic Posts John Neagle
07 Disturbances In Venezuela Cause Concern Over Effects Of Austerity Policies In Mexico John Neagle
28 Cuba: Tourism In 1988 John Neagle
16 Chile: Government Commences Dialogue With Political Parties On Constitutional Reforms John Neagle
28 Ecuador: Government To Resume Interest Payments On Foreign Debt John Neagle
30 Paraguay: Judge Orders Arrest Of Stroessner's Son John Neagle
23 Colombia: Oil Workers Union Protests President's Refusal To Nationalize Industry John Neagle
02 Peru: Inflation Rises To 2,933% Per Year John Neagle
09 Interest Payment Arrears Will Continue To Accumulate Until Buenos Aires Receives New Credit John Neagle
21 More On Mexico's Reaction To "brady Plan" John Neagle
09 Eight South American Nations Reject International Protection For Amazon Region John Neagle
14 17 Most Indebted Third World Nations: Total Debt, Per Capita Gdp, Debt Service/export Revenue (s/s) John Neagle
28 Mexico Will Defer Debt Repayment Unless Creditors Quickly Respond To Requests John Neagle
16 Argentina: Inflation, First Half Of March John Neagle
16 Brazil: Drought Causes Major Crop Losses In Rio Grande Do Sul State John Neagle
23 Brazil: Cargo Plane Crashes In Sao Paulo Slum John Neagle
02 Brazilian President Complains About Foreign Meddling In Management Of Amazon Resources John Neagle
28 International Finance Institute Calls On Paris Club To Increase Funding To Debtor Nations John Neagle
30 Mexico: Domestic Production Of Beef & Pork Inadequate John Neagle
14 Southeast Banking Corp. Report: Secondary Market For Third World Debt Paper Booming John Neagle
16 Notes On Results Of Mexico's Trade Liberalization John Neagle
07 Mexico's Phone System To Be Restructured John Neagle
21 U.S. Lifts Ban On Chilean Fruit; Canada & Japan Follow Suit John Neagle
28 Bolivia: Projected Oil Output, 1988 John Neagle
21 How Cocaine Has Turned Jamaica Into Caribbean's Most Violent Country; Role In Political Patronage System John Neagle
07 Colombia: Assault By Hired Gunmen At International Airport Results In Death Of Leftist Leader, Eight Wounded John Neagle
07 Argentina: Report On Oil Output John Neagle
30 Dissent Among Mexican Leftist Parties Leads To Dissolution Of National Democratic Front Led By Cardenas John Neagle
23 Summit Of Five Latin American Presidents Canceled John Neagle
02 Colombia: Farc Declares Unilateral Ceasefire John Neagle
23 President Lashes Out Against Greenspan For Raising Argentina's Interest Bill John Neagle
14 U.S. Treasury Secretary Announces General Outlines Of New Debt Initiative; Reactions John Neagle
23 Mexico To Boost Scientific Research & Development John Neagle
07 Chilean President Pinochet Blames Leftists For Military Regime's Record Of Human Rights Violations John Neagle
30 Uruguay: 1988 Wool Exports John Neagle
16 Brazil's General Strike Meets With Limited Success John Neagle
28 Paraguay: Abc Color Resumes Publication John Neagle
14 Brazil: Bus Fare Hike Triggers Riots John Neagle
07 World Bank Suspends Disbursement Of $500 Million Loan To Brazil For Electricity Program John Neagle
21 U.S. Treasury: Proposed Special One-time Allocation Of Sdr's For Poor Nations Counterproductive John Neagle
02 Peru: Government Implements Another Round Of Austerity Policies; Note On Inflation John Neagle
07 Brazilian Bishops Conference Supports General Strike Scheduled For March 14-15 John Neagle
21 Progress On Inter-american Development Bank's $26.5 Billion Capital Increase John Neagle
14 Venezuelan Government Restores Some Civil Liberties John Neagle
30 Brazil: Bomb Incident At U.S. Consulate In Sao Paulo John Neagle
21 New U.S. Strategy Estimated To Reduce 39 Third World Nations' Debt By 20% Over Next Three Years John Neagle
30 Mexico: Note On Debt Service, Government Objectives John Neagle
23 Chile: Opposition Leader Warns Australian Investor Of Future Scrutiny By Government John Neagle
09 Group Of 8 Meeting Underway John Neagle
09 Peruvian President: Rebels Allied With Drug Traffickers John Neagle
16 Chilean Fruit Export Industry Paralyzed John Neagle
14 Idb Approves $140 Million Loan For Mexican Agriculture John Neagle
30 Japanese Company Loans Trinidad & Tobago $120 Million For Off-shore Natural Gas Exploration John Neagle
14 Chile: Pinochet Willing To Consider Selected Constitutional Reforms John Neagle
14 Cardenas Says Mexico Not Obligated To Make Repayments On Foreign Debt John Neagle
14 Note On Caribbean Common Market Trade John Neagle
14 Boat Headed For U.S. Capsizes; 23 Haitians Dead John Neagle
07 Colombia: M-19 Guerrilla & Government Representatives Meet In Mexico City John Neagle
09 Argentina: Industrial Output, 1988 John Neagle
16 Heritage Foundation Study On Future Of Free Market Trade Between U.S. & Mexico John Neagle
30 Brazil: On Debate Surrounding Exploitation Of Amazon John Neagle
09 Paraguay: Official Coup Death Toll John Neagle
28 Brazil: Steelworkers' Strike Ends John Neagle
09 Petrobras Backs Off From Oil Exploration In Libya John Neagle
23 Mexico: Inflation, First Half Of March John Neagle
28 U.S. Coast Guard Intercepts Boat Carrying Haitians; Refugees To Be Returned Home John Neagle
16 International Cocoa Organization Consumer Nations Propose Suspending Import Levy John Neagle
23 On Inter-american Development Bank Annual Meeting John Neagle
30 Notes On Extreme Land Ownership Inequality: Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Guatemala John Neagle
21 Guyana To Devalue Currency John Neagle
14 Trinidad & Tobago: Labor Unions Launch 24-hour Nationwide Strike John Neagle
14 U.S. Proposes Cuts In Funding For U.N. Programs John Neagle
21 Idb Signs Agreement On $140 Million Loan For Mexico John Neagle
09 Peru Suspends Interest Payments On Idb Debt John Neagle
07 U.N. General Assembly Economic Affairs Commission Approves Special Session On Development John Neagle
16 House Bill Would Make Caribbean Basin Initiative Permanent John Neagle
23 Chile: Fruit Entrepreneurs To File Suit In U.S. Courts John Neagle
23 Mexico May Begin Selling Cacao Reserves John Neagle
09 Peru: Notes On Recent Rebel Attacks John Neagle
14 Brazil: General Strike For March 14-15 Predicted To Paralyze Major Cities John Neagle
28 Brazil: Amazon Indians & Rubber Tappers Form Alliance To Defend Environment John Neagle
14 Chile: Labor Federation Announces General Strike John Neagle
14 Mexico: Note On Foreign Debt Total John Neagle
16 Bolivia: Former Military Dictator First In Polls For May Presidential Elections John Neagle
14 U.N. Commission On Human Rights Informed On Abysmal Treatment Of Children In Haiti John Neagle
09 Paraguay's Main Opposition Party Requests Legal Recognition John Neagle
16 More On Mexican Sugar Output Decline John Neagle
28 "spike" Herbicide Tested In Peru John Neagle
02 Background, Reactions To Eruption Of Violence In Venezuela John Neagle
16 Peru: Government Requests Greater Public Support For Fight Against Guerrillas John Neagle
14 Mexico To Import Sugar In 1989 John Neagle
23 Mexico: On Return Of Flight Capital John Neagle
30 Peru To Buy 12,000 Tons Of White Sugar John Neagle
07 Florida Exporters Concerned Over Violence In Venezuela John Neagle
09 Argentine Farmers Declare Market Boycott For March 13-15 John Neagle
07 Governments & Commercial Banks Arrange Bridge Loan For Venezuela John Neagle
14 Mexico: Telephone Company Denies Plans For Privatization John Neagle
07 Argentina: February Inflation John Neagle
23 Mexican Officials Say Real Solution To Debt Problem Needed Now; Talk Of Brady Plan & Debt-equity Swaps Inadequate John Neagle
14 Mexico Resumes Debt Restructuring Talks John Neagle
30 Argentina: Poll Shows Justicialista Presidential Candidate Lead Increasing John Neagle
14 Amnesty International Calls On Venezuelan Government To Investigate Accusations Of Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
02 Venezuelan Ministers Deliver Letter Of Intent To Imf; Cancel Meetings With U.S. Finance Authorities John Neagle
14 Canada Prohibits Chilean Fruit & Vegetable Imports John Neagle
28 Soviet-cuban Trade Protocol John Neagle
23 Uruguay: Strikers Shut Down Montevideo Port Operations John Neagle
14 Uruguay: Report On February Inflation John Neagle
21 Brazil: Opinion Poll On Austerity Program John Neagle
14 Mexico To Reduce Oil Exports John Neagle
28 Colombia: Peace Talks Postponed John Neagle
14 Group Of 8 Ministerial Meeting In Venezuela: Summary John Neagle
07 Mexico: 1989 Inflation Estimated At 32% John Neagle
30 Mexico: Decision On Abduction-murder Of U.S. Dea Agent Expected By Mid-year John Neagle
28 Cuba: On 1987 Census Report John Neagle
28 Peru: Miners Federation Calls Off Strike John Neagle
23 Venezuela Suspends Talks With Creditor Banks; Debt Service Arrears To Continue John Neagle
16 Bush Administration Opposes Creation Of International Agency To Write Off Debt John Neagle
23 Canada Not Likely To Participate In New Financing For Debtor Nations John Neagle
14 Mexico: Teachers Close Schools For Third Time In Less Than A Month John Neagle
02 Argentina: Business Organizations Announce Termination Of Compliance With Voluntary Wage & Price Controls John Neagle
30 U.S. Planes & Pilots On Loan For Spraying Paraguayan Marijuana Fields John Neagle
23 Soviet Leader To Visit Cuba John Neagle
09 Bush Administration's "new Debt Strategy" On Hold John Neagle
14 Ecuadoran Rebel Group Decides To Disarm John Neagle
28 Haiti: 1987 Constitution Partially Restored John Neagle
07 Notes On Latin American Economic Crisis John Neagle
28 Inflation In Latin America, 1960-1988; On Link Between Deficit Spending & Inflation (s/s) John Neagle
28 Japan To Donate $2.86 Million In Aid To Central American & African Refugees John Neagle
28 Peru: After Two Months, Postal Employees Return To Work John Neagle
07 Venezuelan President Perez Blames Creditors For Violence; Summary Of Events & Statements, March 2-6 John Neagle
02 Venezuela: Riots & Looting Break Out In Response To Imf-imposed Austerity Measures John Neagle
30 Economic Austerity Contributes To Environmental Deterioration In Latin America John Neagle
28 Haitians Attack U.S. Missionaries John Neagle
30 Brazil: In Rio, Transport Workers End One-day Strike John Neagle
07 Venezuela: "deferment" Or "suspension" Of Debt Service Payments John Neagle
07 Rio Group Ministers To Meet In Venezuela March 8-9 John Neagle
30 Haiti: Seven Missionaries Attacked On Easter Return To U.S. John Neagle
14 U.S. "certifies" Mexico's Anti-drug Efforts; Mexican Politicians Irritated By Certification Process John Neagle
07 Argentina: World Bank Announces Decision To Freeze Loan Installments Totaling $350 Million John Neagle
21 Colombia: M-19 Guerrilla Movement Signs Peace Pact With Government John Neagle
07 Venezuela: Economic Notes John Neagle
07 Colombia: Farc Rebels Reportedly Break Ceasefire John Neagle
28 Gatt Director-general Advises Against Total Abolition Of Agricultural Subsidies John Neagle
07 Chile: Telephone Union Activists Removed From Australian Embassy John Neagle
14 U.N. Commission To Continue Surveillance Of Cuban Human Rights Situation For Another Year John Neagle
28 Colombia: Killers Of Leftist Coalition Leader Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison John Neagle
28 Mexico: 1989 Growth Estimate John Neagle
21 Mexican Perspective—an Old Hypocrisy Over Drugs Haunts U.S.-mexico Relations John Neagle
02 Argentina: Supreme Court Rejects Claim By Two Generals On Executing Orders During Dirty War John Neagle
09 World Bank Report: Significant Economic Reforms Unlikely Until After General Elections John Neagle
09 Paraguay To Extradite Argentines Accused Of Taking Children From Parents Arrested During Dirty War John Neagle
30 Venezuelan President On U.S. Debt Relief Plan John Neagle
02 Japan Negotiating Debt Reduction Plan With Mexico & Costa Rica John Neagle