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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
02 Peru: More Austerity Measures John Neagle
14 Brazilian Labor Confederations Announce General Strike John Neagle
14 Jamaica: Manley Wins With 57% Of Vote John Neagle
02 Mexico: Public School Teachers On Strike John Neagle
23 Imf Approves $48 Million In Emergency Aid For Jamaica John Neagle
02 Biographical Brief On Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez John Neagle
28 Chile: Government Announces Possible Referendum On Constitutional Amendments John Neagle
02 Note On Mexico-australia Trade John Neagle
28 Colombia: U.N. Donates $22.5 Million Toward Substitution Of Narcotics Crops For Foodstuffs John Neagle
07 Secretary General: Discussion Of Debt Problem Appropriate For Organization Of American States John Neagle
14 Argentina: Assailants Armed With Machine Guns Rob Clinic John Neagle
02 Argentina: Gunmen Attack Police Station Near Buenos Aires John Neagle
23 Brazil Negotiates With Poland On Foreign Debt John Neagle
21 Chile: Gen. Pinochet Will Not Run In Election John Neagle
14 Brazilian President On Foreign Debt John Neagle
28 Peru: Note On Minimum Wage, 1988 Inflation John Neagle
16 Inter-american Society Requests That Chilean Government Terminate Persecution Of Journalists John Neagle
02 Mexico: Business Leaders Join Labor In Criticizing Government Economic Program John Neagle
28 Argentina: Government Drafting New Anti-terrorism Legislation John Neagle
21 Venezuela Implements Economic Austerity Measures To Secure Imf Support John Neagle
07 Haiti: Opposition Leader Detained John Neagle
02 Jamaica: Riot Breaks Out Over Death Of Jlp Supporter John Neagle
28 Peru: Cabinet Reshuffling Focused On Struggle Against Rebel Movements John Neagle
07 U.S. Makes Another Payment Of Late U.N. Dues John Neagle
23 Several Non-opec Member Nations Agree To Freeze Crude Oil Exports John Neagle
09 Jamaica: Polls Predict Victory For Manley In Feb. 9 Elections John Neagle
21 International Coffee Organization Cuts Coffee Export Quotas John Neagle
21 Brazil Sells Military Trainer Planes To Iran John Neagle
02 Peru: Report On Recent Rebel Violence John Neagle
28 Usaid Report: Overhaul Of Agency's Missions May Be Necessary John Neagle
09 Chile: Christian Democrats Choose Aylwin As Presidential Candidate John Neagle
02 Chile: Notes On Evidence, 1978 Letelier Assassination John Neagle
21 Colombia: M-19 Pledges To Bring Other Guerrilla Groups Into Peace Process John Neagle
16 Brazil Negotiating To Purchase Foreign-made Missiles John Neagle
23 U.S. Accepts Gatt Dispute Panel Requested By Brazil John Neagle
23 Mexico: Public School Teachers On Strike John Neagle
21 Colombia: Attorney General To Investigate Possible Military Involvement In Recent Civilian Massacres John Neagle
23 Notes On Paraguayan Economy John Neagle
23 Brazil: Indian Summit, Ecology Tribunal Debate Future Of Amazon Rain Forest John Neagle
28 U.N. Report On Cuban Human Rights Situation: No Evidence To Support U.S. Charges On Number Of Political Prisoners John Neagle
21 President Sarney: Brazil Cannot Pay Foreign Debt Service Due In March John Neagle
28 Mexico: Several Labor Leaders Face Challenges To Long-term Rule John Neagle
14 Colombia: 3,413 Political Murders In 10 Months John Neagle
23 Mexico: Notes On Auto Sales John Neagle
14 Colombia: Notes On Recent Clashes Between Rebels & Military John Neagle
14 Commentary: How Brazil's Middle Class Lives With A 900% Annual Inflation Rate John Neagle
21 On Japan's Official Development Aid John Neagle
21 Comment: Mexico Needs More Than "appetizers" From Foreign Creditors John Neagle
02 Colombia: 12 Dead In Clash With Rebels John Neagle
28 Brazil: January Trade Surplus John Neagle
09 International Labor Organization Expresses Concern Over Assassination Of Colombian Workers John Neagle
16 Peru: Mineworkers Union Leader Assassinated John Neagle
07 Paraguayan Dictator Ousted: Summary Of Events, Statements, Feb. 2-feb. 6 John Neagle
09 Chile: Telephone Workers Union Objects To Australian Company's Layoffs John Neagle
02 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Argentina Cannot Be Sued For Attacking Neutral Oil Tanker In 1982 John Neagle
28 Venezuela To Suspend Interest Payments; Secret Accord With Imf Signed On Feb. 28 John Neagle
21 Chile: Government & Church Face Off In Apparent Disagreement Over Medical Ethics John Neagle
23 Cuba Accuses U.S. Of Attempt To Ruin Sugar Crop John Neagle
09 Peru Makes $3.5 Million Payment To Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
14 Witnesses Testifying At Senate Subcommittee Hearing Call For Reduction Of Third World Nations' Foreign Debt John Neagle
16 Ecuador To Receive $14.5 Million In Loans From Idb For Conservation Project John Neagle
07 Peru: Police Capture Rebel Leader John Neagle
09 Colombia: Cabinet Reshuffle John Neagle
16 Italian Government Loans $100 Million To Peru For Construction Of Electric Train System John Neagle
14 Paraguay: Summary Of Events & Statements Following Ouster Of Stroessner, Feb. 5-feb. 13 John Neagle
14 Argentina: January Inflation John Neagle
21 Mexico: 1988 Trade Surplus With U.S. Down $3.036 Billion John Neagle
23 Brazil: Congress Rejects Key Elements Of Anti-inflation Program; Brazilians Pessimistic About Plan's Impact John Neagle
16 On Investment Climate Deterioration: U.S. Agency For International Development John Neagle
21 Paraguay: President Of Ruling Party Says May 1 Elections Will Not Be Postponed John Neagle
21 Foreign Bank Creditors Release $600 Million Loan Installment To Brazil John Neagle
21 Venezuelan President: Mexico Will Lose Its Identity In Economic Integration Process With U.S. John Neagle
07 Notes On Venezuelan President Perez's Policies, Proposals For Latin America John Neagle
14 Analysis: Peru's Military Grows Restless But Divided John Neagle
21 Caribbean Nations To Request Duty-free Access For All Products To Canadian Market John Neagle
02 Brazilian President Visits Angola, Promises Closer Economic Ties John Neagle
21 U.S. Trade Partners Registering Largest 1988 Surpluses John Neagle
14 Gatt Schedules Special Meeting To Discuss U.S.-brazilian Trade Dispute John Neagle
28 Mexico: Government To Free Hundreds Of Political Prisoners; Capital City Intelligence Chief Forced To Resign John Neagle
02 Colombia To Purchase Blackhawk Copters For Drug War John Neagle
14 Argentina: Radical Party Pledges To Cut Public Deficit John Neagle
21 Peru: Rebels Organize Strike To Protest Government Economic Policies John Neagle
07 Argentina Devalues Currency, Declares 24-hour Bank Holiday John Neagle
02 World Bank Approves $51 Million Loan For Bolivia John Neagle
16 U.N. General Assembly President Calls For International Task Force On Latin American Debt John Neagle
02 Argentina Receives $100 Million Loan From Italy John Neagle
16 Guerrilla Chief Says Rebels Control A Quarter Of Colombian Territory John Neagle
16 Seven Latin American Nations Prepare Resolution On Ensuring Free & Competitive Elections In Paraguay John Neagle
14 Imf Interim Committee President On Capital Increase John Neagle
21 International Coffee Organization Talks In London: Consumers & Producers Clash On Need For Universal Quota System John Neagle
14 Dominican Leader On Foreign Debt John Neagle
14 Reynolds & Guyanese Government Sign Memo Of Understanding For Joint Bauxite Mining Venture John Neagle
21 Peruvian Miners Launch 24-strike To Protest Union Leader's Assassination John Neagle
23 Uruguay: Drought Forces Shutdown Of Hydroelectric Plants, Water Rationing John Neagle
02 Jamaica: Note On 1988 Bauxite Production John Neagle
02 U.S. Legislators Request End Of Human Rights Abuses In Paraguay John Neagle
07 Argentina: Leader Of Attack On La Tablada Believed To Be Hiding In Uruguay John Neagle
02 Nicaragua: Notes On Economic Austerity Program John Neagle
02 Peru: Notes On Drug Eradication Efforts, Related Guerrilla Activities John Neagle
23 Argentina: Partial End To 12-year U.S. Arms Embargo John Neagle
28 Deposed Paraguayan Dictator Seeks U.S. Asylum John Neagle
07 Ecuadoran President Borja On Debt Question John Neagle
14 Ecuador Buys White Sugar John Neagle
28 Andean Parliament President: Latin America Has Reached Consensus On Foreign Debt As Political Question John Neagle
09 Colombia: Political Violence Death Toll Up To 1,430 In 1989 John Neagle
21 Heavy Rains Cause Flooding & Mudslides In Northern & Southern Peru John Neagle
14 Analysis: Latin American Governments Move To Privatize Airlines, John Neagle
16 Mexican Government Launches Prosecution Campaign Against Brokers John Neagle
16 Argentina: Incidents, Statements Following La Tablada Attack John Neagle
21 Haiti: Cabinet Reshuffled John Neagle
16 Dominican Republic: Primary School Teachers On Strike John Neagle
21 Brazil: Warnings Of Anti-inflation Program Failure John Neagle
07 Mexico Turns Down $3.5 Billion Short-term Loan From U.S.; Debt Negotiations Begin John Neagle
07 50 Million Tons Of Anthracite Reserves Discovered In Colombia John Neagle
02 Brazil To Receive $63 Million Loan From World Bank For Land Management & Soil Conservation John Neagle
16 Paraguayan Interior Minister Says Election Postponement Unconstitutional John Neagle
28 Human Rights Groups Denounce Haiti For Failure To Honor Commitment To Democratic Change John Neagle
28 Brazil: Historic Indian Summit Ends With Pledge To Monitor Government Toward Preventing Further Amazon Destruction John Neagle
16 Mexican Administration Under Attack For Failing To Block President Bush's Choice For U.S. Ambassador John Neagle
28 World Bank Approves $94 Million Loan For Brazil John Neagle
14 Bolivia: Ruling Party Breaks Political Pact John Neagle
23 Mexico Need Not Fear Joining Debtor Nations To Declare Payment Moratorium John Neagle