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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
10 Mexico: 1988 Inflation, 51.7% John Neagle
19 Mexican Oil Policy: Coordination With Opec John Neagle
05 On Killing Of Environmental Activist: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
05 Colombia: 1988 Inflation Of 28.12% Establishes Record John Neagle
10 Chile: Government Will Not Tolerate Pressure For Constitutional Reform John Neagle
31 Argentina: Aftermath Of Attack On Military Barracks, Summary Of Statements & Events John Neagle
17 Tin Producers Reduce Stocks John Neagle
19 On Referendum For Uruguayan Military Officers Accused Of Human Rights Abuses In 1973-1985: A Summary John Neagle
24 Mexico: Foreign Debt Per Capita John Neagle
31 Peru: 4 Million Farmers On Strike John Neagle
19 Colombia: 13 Members Of Court Commission Killed In Ambush John Neagle
19 Mexico: Notes On 1988 British Investment, Bilateral Trade John Neagle
31 Venezuelan President-elect Proposes International Conference On Foreign Debt John Neagle
05 Brazil To Request Waiver From Imf John Neagle
05 Brazil: Foreign Debt Reduced 5.2% In 1988 John Neagle
10 Peru: Guerrillas Assassinate 12 Peasants, 14 Police, A Judge & Prosecuting Attorney John Neagle
24 Major Oil Discovery In Peru John Neagle
24 Grenada: Prime Minister No Longer Party Chairperson John Neagle
26 Peru: President Garcia Balks At Imf Solution To Economic Crisis John Neagle
10 Argentina Engulfed In Power Blackouts John Neagle
10 I.d.b. Approves $250 Million Loan For Argentine- Paraguayan Construction Of Yacyreta Hydroelectric Plant John Neagle
26 Peru: Note Guerrilla Attack John Neagle
24 Ecuadoran Government Assumes Control Of Electricity Distribution In Guayaquil Run By U.S. Company For 25 Years John Neagle
24 Argentina: Confused Accounts Of Takeover Of Infantry Barracks Near Buenos Aires John Neagle
24 On Declining Food Consumption In Mexico, Latin America John Neagle
12 Brazil: No Plans To Open Trade Office In Taiwan Province John Neagle
19 Law Professor Says Brazil Has Legal Grounds For Delaying Interest Payments John Neagle
31 Peru: Public Transit Workers Launch 24-hour Strike To Protest Police Brutality John Neagle
10 Colombia: Presidential Advisor Meets With Guerrilla Leader John Neagle
19 Chile: Australian Company Examines Mineral-bearing Sand For Potential Investment John Neagle
05 U.N. Secretary General Urges Peru To "reintegrate Into International Community" John Neagle
24 Cuba Closes Embassy In Sierra Leon John Neagle
31 Peru: President Garcia On Inevitability Of Latin American Revolt Against Creditors John Neagle
05 Chilean President Announces Pay Hikes John Neagle
31 Chile: Report On Divisions Within Political Opposition John Neagle
05 Colombia: 90-day Debt Payment Suspension John Neagle
31 Notes On Venezuelan President's Inauguration John Neagle
12 Mexico: Position On Oil Exports Vis-a-vis Opec Agreement John Neagle
10 Leaders Of Latin America's Major Debtor Nations Schedule Feb. 2 Meeting In Venezuela John Neagle
31 Dominican Government Denounced For Treatment Of Haitian Workers John Neagle
10 Mexico: 1988 Per Capita Gdp Decline John Neagle
26 Mexico: Inflation, First Half Of January John Neagle
31 Brazil: On Economic Crisis & Inequality John Neagle
12 Chile: Government Requests Judicial Investigation Of German Immigrant Enclave John Neagle
17 Jamaica: Presidential Elections Scheduled For Feb. 9 John Neagle
10 Brazil: Report On 1988 Coffee Exports John Neagle
10 Venezuela: Note On 1988 Exports, Debt Service John Neagle
19 Inter-american Dialogue Warns Latin American Debt Crisis May Result In Military Coups John Neagle
31 Argentine President Cancels Plans To Attend Inauguration Ceremonies In Caracas John Neagle
31 Conflict Between U.S. & Inter-american Development Bank May Soon Be Resolved John Neagle
17 Sen. Bradley Addresses Mexican Senate On Debt Topics John Neagle
10 Venezuela: Oil Prices Up John Neagle
05 Argentina: 11 Political Party Offices Establish Justicialista Front John Neagle
12 Brazil: Employment Decline In Sao Paulo, 1988 John Neagle
12 Chilean Government Halts Prosecution Of 32 Journalists John Neagle
05 Ecuador: Violent Protests Break Out In Quito In Response To Government Austerity Policies John Neagle
05 Report On 1988 Inflation Among Major Latin American Debtor Nations John Neagle
31 Peru: Report On Violence By Rebels, Death Squad John Neagle
12 Brazil Depends On U.S. Support In Debt Negotiations John Neagle
24 Mexico: Debt Negotiations To Begin John Neagle
17 Mexico: Pemex Reports On 1988 Output & Exports John Neagle
17 Argentina: World Bank Loan To Assist In Resolving Power Shortage John Neagle
10 Mexico: Notes On Crude, Petroleum Product Output & Revenues, 1988 John Neagle
17 Argentina: Wage Hike For Public Employees John Neagle
10 Mexico: Real Wages Down 52.3% In 1982-1986 Period John Neagle
05 Venezuela Suspends Principal Payments On Foreign Debt John Neagle
05 Haiti: Charges Against Soldiers Involved In October Coup Attempt Dropped John Neagle
12 Chile: Supreme Court Agrees To Question Witnesses In Letelier Case John Neagle
10 Mexico: Note On Capital Flight John Neagle
05 Peru: Record 1,722% Inflation For 1988 John Neagle
24 Chilean Opposition Parties Reiterate Intention To Support Single Candidate In Presidential Elections John Neagle
19 Venezuelan President-elect On Tour To Drum Up Support For Opec Summit John Neagle
12 Brazil: Bomb Threat At U.S. Consulate In Rio John Neagle
31 Ecuadoran Rebels Announce Truce Offer John Neagle
31 Americas Watch Report On Cuba John Neagle
10 Ecuador: Crude Export Prices Up John Neagle
19 Group Of 7 & Latin American Presidents To Hold Separate Meetings In Early February On Debt Crisis John Neagle
05 Venezuela Imposes New Tariffs John Neagle
17 Bankers Say Debtor Nations Still Need Banks As Source Of Funds John Neagle
26 Argentina: Report On Tax Evasion, Dollar Holdings, Flight Capital John Neagle
05 World Bank Raises Interest Rate John Neagle
17 Ecuador: $729 Million Trade Surplus For 1988 John Neagle
10 Brazil Prepared To Suspend Payment On 50% Of Debt Service; Government Postpones Implemention Of Anti-inflation Program John Neagle
05 Notes On Argentine-peruvian Economic Cooperation John Neagle
26 Brazil Makes $530 Million Interest Payment John Neagle
19 Brazil's Major Labor Confederation To Launch National Strike John Neagle
12 Mexican Petroleum Union Leader Arrested; Faces Battery Of Criminal Charges John Neagle
05 Chile May Resume Trade Ties With Soviet Union Via Mexico John Neagle
10 On Mexico As Tropical Product Exporter, Gatt Talks John Neagle
24 Colombia: Rightwing Paramilitary Groups Blamed In Killing Of 12 Judicial Commission Members John Neagle
10 Mexico: Formal Debt Renegotiation To Begin Jan. 21 John Neagle
10 Brazil: Metallurgical Workers Terminate Strike After Violent Incident John Neagle
05 Ecuador Postpones Payments On Loans From Italy, Japan & Belgium John Neagle
19 Argentina & Uruguay Act To Ban Regular Ferry Service Between Malvinas & Montevideo John Neagle
12 Chile: Pinochet For President John Neagle
24 Independent Study Shows Payment Of 13% Of Mexico's Gdp On Domestic Debt In 1988 John Neagle
05 Peru To Enter Negotiations With Imf John Neagle
05 Ecuadoran President On Success Of Economic Policies John Neagle
26 Interpol On Latin American Drug Trade John Neagle
05 Bond Corp. International Obtains 50.2% Stake In Chilean Telephone Company John Neagle
31 Chile: New Political Party Announces Presidential Candidate John Neagle
26 On Mexico's Upcoming Debt Negotiations John Neagle
05 Peru: Public Employees Commence 48-hour Strike John Neagle
10 Mexico: Note On 1988 Year-end Foreign Reserves, Imports John Neagle
05 Brazil: Record Inflation For December & 12-month Period John Neagle
10 Reagan's Fy1990 Budget Calls For Nearly 70% Increase In Foreign Aid John Neagle
19 Brazil Delays Interest Payments For A Month John Neagle
05 Peru: Catholic Church Appeals For End To Violence; Violence Continues John Neagle
19 Mexican Government Plans To Legalize 300,000 Land Titles John Neagle
10 Venezuelan Officials Travel To U.S. To Begin Debt Rescheduling Negotiations John Neagle
31 Peru: Retirees Hold Hunger Strike John Neagle
10 U.S. Missionaries Kidnapped By Drug Traffickers John Neagle
05 West Germany & France Extend Loans To Haiti John Neagle
05 Ecuador To Open 30 New Oil Fields In 1989 John Neagle
31 Colombia: Guerrilla Coordinator Calls For Meeting Of Rebel Leaders To Reach Consensus Position For Dialogue John Neagle
26 Argentina: Update On Attack At La Tablada Base John Neagle
19 Mexico: No Plans For Privatization Of Pemex John Neagle
12 Eec Partially Bars Brazilian Meat Imports John Neagle
10 Regulators Say Debt Crisis For U.S. Banks Has Ended John Neagle
26 Mexico: Tax Exemption For Manufacturing Enterprises On Verge Of Bankruptcy John Neagle
10 Mexico: Note On Foreign Investment, 1988 John Neagle
05 Peruvian Currency Plunges In Black Market Amid Rumors Of Plans For 50% Devaluation John Neagle
10 Bank For International Settlements: First Half Of 1988 Continued Decline In Lending To Latin America John Neagle
26 Mexico: Trade Results, Jan.-nov. 1988 John Neagle
17 Brazilian Government Announces New Anti-inflation Plan John Neagle
17 Private Peruvian Fisheries Protest Government Agreement With Soviet Fishing Vessels John Neagle
19 Harvard Economist Says Latin American Nations Should Establish Common Front On Debt Problem John Neagle