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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
13 Bolivian Government Dismisses Rumors Of Coup, State Of Siege & Postponement Of Presidential Elections John Neagle
13 Mexico: Secretariat Of Energy, Mines & Parastatal Industry (semip) To Be Eliminated John Neagle
15 Mexico: Report On Petroleum Product Output, Exports John Neagle
06 U.S. General Accounting Office (gao) Recommends Global Regulation Of Financial Markets John Neagle
20 Brazil: Earthquakes Recorded At Site Of Nuclear Power Plant John Neagle
20 Colombia: Notes On Recent Violence John Neagle
01 Peru: Tourists Bring In $410 Million John Neagle
13 Mexican Finance Expert: Controlling Inflation In First Quarter 1989 Worth Price Of Zero Growth John Neagle
15 U.S. Banks Obtain Record Profits John Neagle
08 Argentine Military Rebellion: Chronology Of Events, Dec. 2-6 John Neagle
13 Argentina: Soybean Production Estimate John Neagle
20 Chilean Interior Minister: Plebiscite To Change Constitution "out Of The Question" John Neagle
06 Brazilian Company To Send Wood Pulp Through Baltimore Port John Neagle
20 Chile: Christian Democrat Patricio Aylwin Offers To Withdraw Presidential Candidacy John Neagle
01 Latin American Nations: Gdp, Foreign Debt, Inflation, Urban Unemployment, 1987 (s/s) John Neagle
15 Peru: After 57 Days, Miners End Strike; Strike Actions By Other Public Employee Groups Continue John Neagle
01 Peru: Notes On Political Crisis; Economy Minister Resigns John Neagle
13 U.S. Banks Reserve "severe Treatment" For "irresponsible" Debtor Nations John Neagle
15 Chile To Receive 28 Billion Yen Loan From Japanese Export-import Bank John Neagle
20 Brazil: Women Workers Requested To Provide Proof Of Sterilization John Neagle
13 Mexico: Investment Level, 1988 John Neagle
20 Cuba May Close Up To 15 Diplomatic Missions John Neagle
01 Mexican President De La Madrid On His Administration, Deprecatory Attitude Of Foreign Correspondents John Neagle
20 Brazil: Leftist Presidential Candidates Address Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
01 Mexico: Serfin Bank's Foreign Operations Profits Up John Neagle
01 Miners Strike Costs Peruvian Government Nearly $400 Million John Neagle
15 Brazil: Record Trade Surplus, January-november 1988 John Neagle
01 Mexico Receives Loans For Reconstruction Of Tourist Resorts John Neagle
06 Argentine President Addresses U.N. General Assembly; Meets Briefly With George Bush John Neagle
13 Mexico: On Profitability Of Domestic Investments John Neagle
01 Peru: Notes On Guerrilla Activity John Neagle
13 Latin American Finance Ministers Meet In Brazil To Discuss Reduction Of Debt Burden John Neagle
15 Venezuela: Troops Clash With Colombian Guerrillas John Neagle
15 Finance Ministers Meet In Brazil: Note On Proposals To Reduce Region's Foreign Debt Burden John Neagle
06 Brazil: Guarana Now Bottled In U.S. John Neagle
01 On O.p.e.c. Ministers' Meeting & Mexican Oil Policy John Neagle
08 On Soviet Leader Gorbachev's Suggestions Regarding Third World Debt Service John Neagle
06 Argentine President Dismisses Importance Of Military Rebellion John Neagle
20 Mexican President Promises Redoubled Efforts Against Drug Trafficking John Neagle
15 Mexico: Anti-inflation Pact Extended For Six Months John Neagle
15 Chile: Bomb Explosions On Eve Of Urban Transport Strike John Neagle
20 Chilean Government Acts To Prosecute Communist Party Leaders For Inciting Violence John Neagle
06 Gatt Meeting In Montreal: Trade Ministers Reach Accord On Tropical Products; U.S. Withholds Support John Neagle
13 Chile Receives $45.5 Million Loan From Idb John Neagle
13 Mexico: Natural Gas Reserves In Decline John Neagle
01 Venezuela: Survivors Of Oct. 29 Massacre Seek Refuge At Mexican Embassy John Neagle
15 Ecuador Opens Talks With Foreign Bank Creditors John Neagle
06 Inauguration Of Mexican President Salinas: Notes On Events; Foreign Debt To Be Renegotiated As Soon As Possible John Neagle
06 Peru: Political Violence Causes Average 13 Deaths Per Day In November John Neagle
20 World Bank Report On Third World Debt John Neagle
13 Peru: Rightist Commando Group Claims Responsibility For Killing Linked To Death Of Naval Attache In Bolivia John Neagle
15 Latin American Parliament Demands End Of U.S. Aggression Against Panama John Neagle
01 Mexico: Pri Recommendations To Salinas De Gortari John Neagle
13 Paraguay: Police Break Up Demonstrations Commemorating U.N. Declaration Of Human Rights John Neagle
08 On Economic Challenges Facing New Venezuelan President John Neagle
15 Colombia & Canada Sign Oil Trade Cooperation Agreement John Neagle
20 Bush Says Third World Foreign Debt Represents Security Problem John Neagle
13 Venezuela: Foreign Reserves Drop $1.5 Billion In 1988 John Neagle
01 Chile: Summary Of Political Developments, Nov. 17-27 John Neagle
15 Brazil: Strike Paralyzes Port Operations John Neagle
20 Despite Denials, Argentine Government Established Agreement With Rebellious Troops; 20% Military Pay Hike Announced John Neagle
15 Mexico: National Action Party Leaders Initiate Hunger Strike John Neagle
20 Mexican President Requests Congressional Approval For Seeking $6 Billion In Foreign Credit In 1989 John Neagle
20 Bolivia & Dominican Republic Receive Loans From Japan John Neagle
01 Venezuela: On Voter Disinterest In Presidential Elections John Neagle
15 Peru: Notes On Recent Casualties In Guerrilla Attacks John Neagle
13 G.a.t.t. Interim Meeting Ends; Agreements On Agriculture & Services Stalled John Neagle
15 Brazilian Congressional Commission Calls For Ouster Of President & Four Cabinet Members On Corruption Charges John Neagle
13 Mexico: November Inflation John Neagle
08 Colombian President On Anti-terrorist Commitments John Neagle