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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
22 Mexico: 1988 Trade Surplus Down 70.7% Compared To 1987 John Neagle
22 Mexico: On Privatization Of State Companies John Neagle
17 Cuba: Note On Citrus Exports John Neagle
08 Brazil: Arrears On Interest Payments To Foreign Banks Now Eliminated John Neagle
17 Mexico: New Fraud Charges In Gubernatorial Race, Tabasco State John Neagle
01 Summary: Group Of 8 Summit Communique John Neagle
17 Brazil: Notes On Political Situation John Neagle
08 Haiti: U.S. Not Interested In Resuming Aid, Despite Death Of Col. Jean-claude Paul John Neagle
29 Summary: Mexican President-elect Salinas De Gortari Meets With George Bush In Houston John Neagle
08 Chile: Army Hierarchy Reshuffled John Neagle
17 Bilateral Commission Calls On U.S. & Mexico To Develop Enhanced Economic & Trade Relationships John Neagle
08 Brazil Adopts Package To Curb Inflation John Neagle
17 Brazil: Left Scores Victory In Municipal Elections John Neagle
15 Uruguay: President Congratulates Bush; Expresses Hope New U.S. Leader Initiates Dialogue With Latin America John Neagle
22 Mexico: Capital Flow To Exterior, 1983-1988 John Neagle
22 Mexico: Oil Export Revenues Down By 19% John Neagle
22 Ecuadoran Officials Discuss Refinancing Terms With Foreign Bank Creditors In New York John Neagle
29 Seven Latin American Nations Prepare For Ministerial- Level Conference On Reducing Foreign Debt Burden John Neagle
29 Mexico: Private Sector Finance Expert Says Lifting Price Controls Will Not Result In New Inflationary Spiral John Neagle
29 Bolivia: Government Reaches Agreement On Renegotiation Of $241 Million In Debt To Paris Club Members John Neagle
22 Mexico: 15% Decline In Purchasing Power, January-october 1988 John Neagle
22 Mexico: Capital Flight, 1983-1988 John Neagle
29 Mexico: Notes On Foreign Trade John Neagle
15 Bolivian Farmers Request Expulsion Of D.e.a. Agents John Neagle
03 Chile: President's Daughter Says Catholic Church Used Influence To Defeat Pinochet In Plebiscite John Neagle
08 Venezuelan President Dismisses Rumors Of Military Coup As "absurd" John Neagle
08 Peru: Opposition Party Calls For Resignation Of President Garcia John Neagle
03 Cuba: Notes On Grapefruit Exports John Neagle
10 Brazil: Soldiers Clash With Striking Workers At Volta Redonda Steelworks; Three Dead, 100 Injured John Neagle
03 Americas Watch: Unsettling Tolerance For Human Rights Abuses In Peru John Neagle
15 Brazil: More On Clash At Volta Redonda Steelworks John Neagle
08 Venezuela: 14 Civilians Slain By Army Patrol Near Colombian Border, Protests Erupt In Major Cities John Neagle
10 Venezuela: University Students Injured In Demonstration Protesting Deaths Of Rural Workers John Neagle
08 Mexico: Labor Union Rivalry Leads To Violence John Neagle
03 World Bank Directors Approved Four Loans Totaling $1.252 Billion For Argentina John Neagle
29 On Trade Among Andean Nations John Neagle
08 Ecuadoran President On Economic Conditions John Neagle
10 O.a.s. Financial Crisis Continues; U.S. Dues Arrears Total $44 Million John Neagle
03 Colombia: Report On Political Violence, Oct. 27-31 John Neagle
03 S.e.l.a. Calls Meeting Of Member-nations In Geneva To Formulate Joint Strategy At Gatt Conference John Neagle
15 Argentina: Tax Revenues Down John Neagle
22 Brazil: Petrobras Employees Return To Work After 10-day Strike John Neagle
15 Argentine President: Creditor Nations Conspire Against Peace John Neagle
01 Colombia: Failure Of Nationwide Strike Provokes Resignation Of Labor Confederation President John Neagle
08 Peru Faces Food Crisis John Neagle
08 Peru: Summary Of Recent Strikes, Threats To Strike John Neagle
10 Mexico: University Staff Employees Announce 24-hour Strike In Solidarity With U.N.a.m. Counterparts John Neagle
08 Chile: Catholic Church Calls For Conciliatory Gestures From "both Sides" John Neagle
22 Guyana Designated Eligible For C.b.i. Benefits John Neagle
03 Political Opposition Members Say Chile To Become Member Of Group Of 8 When Democracy Reestablished John Neagle
08 Peru: 1,111% Inflation In Past 12 Months John Neagle
29 Colombian President Announces New State Of Emergency Measures, Expansion Of Armed Forces & Police John Neagle
22 Mexican Socialist Party Faces Liquidity Crisis John Neagle
17 O.a.s. Commission Approves Resolution Supporting Bolivia's Quest For Corridor To Pacific Ocean John Neagle
17 Bolivian Government Requests Additional $25 Million From U.S. To Assist In Drug War John Neagle
15 Argentine Economy Minister: Inflation Under Control, Government To Maintain Current Economic Policies John Neagle
08 Venezuela: Notes On Debt Service, Reserves, Trade John Neagle
15 Mexico: Former Head Of Pemex Accused Of $49 Million Fraud John Neagle