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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
06 Chileans Vote Against Pinochet In Plebiscite John Neagle
27 Private Sector Representatives Meet To Discuss Foreign Debt John Neagle
11 Argentina To Request $3 Billion From Foreign Creditor Banks To Cover 1988-1989 Fiscal Deficit John Neagle
25 Paraguayan Ambassador Rejects Report By Organization Of American States Human Rights Commission John Neagle
18 Bolivia: Public Schools Shut Down, Teachers On Strike John Neagle
18 Haiti: Coup Attempt Smashed By Loyal Soldiers John Neagle
18 U.S. Banks' Reduce Loan Levels To Third World Nations; Bank Lending To 15 Major Debtors As Of June 30 (s/s) John Neagle
27 Peru: State-run Airline To Be Reorganized After Oct. 25 Plane Crash John Neagle
04 Notes On U.S. Disaster Relief To Jamaica In Wake Of Hurricane Gilbert John Neagle
04 Chile: Plebiscite Campaign Winds Down With Massive Opposition Rallies, Threats By Military Government John Neagle
18 Argentina: $500 Million Bridge Credit Agreement Signed John Neagle
25 Brazilian President Authorizes Repressive Measures Against Public Employees John Neagle
18 Brazil Launches Program To Halt Devastation Of Amazon Rain Forest John Neagle
27 Brazil: $20 Billion Trade Surplus In 1988 John Neagle
25 Chile: Socialist Leader Almeyda Released From Prison John Neagle
25 Peru: Notes On Economic & Political Situation John Neagle
25 More On Brazilian President's Trip To Soviet Union John Neagle
04 Venezuela: Despite Timely Debt Service Payments & Declining Foreign Reserves, No New Credits Forthcoming John Neagle
06 Brazil Promulgates New Constitution John Neagle
27 Note On Japanese Investments In Mexico John Neagle
25 U.S. Extends $3.5 Billion Bridge Loan To Mexico John Neagle
11 Brazilian Tv Network & Unicef Sponsors Save The Children Campaign John Neagle
18 Chilean Opposition Demands Negotiations With Military Regime On Constitutional Reforms: Summary Of Debate John Neagle
25 Mexico: Notes On Political Opposition John Neagle
27 Colombia: Death Toll Of 40 In One Day Of Fighting Between Army & Rebels John Neagle
06 Summary Of Fy1989 U.S. Foreign Aid Bill John Neagle
27 Venezuela: Plans To Increase Oil Output In 1989 John Neagle
06 Brazil: Summary Of Land Ownership Concentration, 1985 (s/s) John Neagle
18 U.S. Imposes Embargo On Tuna Imports From Ecuador, Panama, & Venezuela John Neagle
25 Chilean Gen. Pinochet: Constitution Will Not Be Changed John Neagle
27 President Garcia On Relations With U.S., Peruvian Economic Situation, Group Of 8 Summit John Neagle
27 Haiti: Officers Arrested For Planning Military Coup John Neagle
25 U.S. Announces Trade Reprisals Against Brazil John Neagle
18 Argentina: Peronists Form Front With Christian Democrats John Neagle
11 Chilean Police Attack Journalists, Several Injured John Neagle
18 Brazilian President Travels To Moscow John Neagle
04 Ecuador: Former Defense Minister Called To Testify Before Congress John Neagle
06 Cuba: Note On Housing Shortage John Neagle
04 Haiti: Summary Of Recent Events; Gen. Jean-claude Paul Dismissed John Neagle
25 Bolivia: Opposition Parties Reject Suggestion To Postpone Deadline On Candidate Selection For General Elections John Neagle
25 Fy 1989 Tentative Food For Peace Allocations For Latin American & Caribbean Nations John Neagle
04 Chile: Note On Inflation John Neagle
04 Presence Of Ousted Haitian General An Embarrassment To Dominican Government John Neagle
18 Uruguayan Labor Confederation Protests Debt Service Payments John Neagle
27 Note On Peruvian Economy John Neagle
06 Colombian Army Announces Foreign Engineer Freed From Rebel Captivity John Neagle
06 Cuba: Greater Revenue Potential In Tourism At Varadero Than Petroleum Extraction John Neagle
18 U.S. Trade Deficit Up In August John Neagle
18 U.S. Takes Up Claims Against Chile On Behalf Of Relatives Of Orlando Letelier John Neagle
18 Haitians Protest Vatican Transfer Of Fr. Jean-bertrand Aristide To Canada John Neagle
06 Argentina: Beef Prices Up John Neagle
04 Bolivia's Debt Service Burden Alarms Even Bankers John Neagle
18 Peru: Summary Of Recent Strike Actions, Rebel Attack John Neagle