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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
08 Colombia: Judge Ordering Arrests Of Persons Charged With Massacre Of Peasants Receives Death Threats, Leaves Country John Neagle
27 Haiti: Summary Of Developments, Sept. 21-26 John Neagle
13 Venezuelan Finance Minister Denies Commercial Bank Creditors Insist On Conditions Linked To New Monies John Neagle
20 World Bank Report: Progress In Debt Crisis Requires Resumption Of Per-capita Growth John Neagle
01 Mexico: Projections On Per Capita Gdp, 1988 John Neagle
20 Colombian Guerrillas Release 22 Hostages John Neagle
15 Chile: Stimpson Paper Announces Proposed Debt-equity Swap John Neagle
08 More On Brazil's New Constitution John Neagle
08 Uruguay: Private School Teachers Strike John Neagle
27 Summary: Selected Preliminaries To Annual I.m.f.-world Bank Meetings John Neagle
06 Colombian President Announces "pacification Process" Centered On Constitutional Reform John Neagle
08 Argentina: Buenos Aires Governor Comments On State Of National Industry John Neagle
06 Peru: Economy & Finance Minister Resigns John Neagle
27 Argentina: Teachers & Railway Workers On Strike John Neagle
22 I.m.f. Optimistic Regarding Developed Nations' Economic Health; As Of Yet, Positive Impact On Third World Slight John Neagle
20 Argentina: September Double-digit Inflation Predicted, Followed By Lower Rates Until Year-end John Neagle
22 Chile: Notes On Opposition's Television Program Banned By National Tv Council John Neagle
15 Inter-american Human Rights Commission Denounces Haitian Military John Neagle
08 Former Asst. Secretary Of State Calls For Treaty Between U.S. & Mexico John Neagle
20 Annual Average Per Capita Gdp Growth For Developing Nation Regions, 1980-85, 1986, 1987 (s/s) John Neagle
20 Peru: Negotiations With Shell On Contract For Exploitation Of Camisea Gas Deposits Cancelled John Neagle
20 Brazil: Survey Shows Tv Personality A Favorite For President John Neagle
20 Argentina: Labor Demand Down In August John Neagle
15 Chile Marks 15th Anniversary Of Military Coup: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
15 Chile: Religious Lead Opposition Demonstration At Mass Attended By Pinochet & Government Officials John Neagle
27 Congressional Conference Committee Reaches Agreement On U.S. Contribution To World Bank General Capital Increase John Neagle
08 Latin American Economic System (sela) Report On Regional Economy John Neagle
22 Bolivian President Rearranges Cabinet; Austerity Program To Continue "without Modifications" John Neagle
08 Venezuela: Notes On Inflation, Foreign Debt Issues John Neagle
15 Argentina: Police & Demonstrators Clash In Buenos Aires, Worst Violence Of President Alfonsin's Term John Neagle
01 Bankers Say Argentina A Long Way From Agreements With Creditors John Neagle
22 Argentina: September Inflation Estimated At 10% John Neagle
20 Notes On Plans For Foreign Observers Of Chile's October 5 Presidential Plebiscite John Neagle
15 Institute For International Finance: Baker Plan Not Adequate To Resolve Foreign Debt Problems John Neagle
01 Mexico: 1983-1986, Health Sector Spending Down 47.1% John Neagle
20 U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary: Developing Nations Should No Longer Receive Exemptions From Trade Rules Under Gatt John Neagle
01 Chile: Pinochet Chosen Presidential Candidate; Reaction By Opposition John Neagle
06 Chile: Anti-pinochet Rally John Neagle
08 Cuba: Notes On Basic Consumer Goods Subsidies John Neagle
06 Chilean Government Terminates Exile Of Allende Associates & Family John Neagle
15 U.S. Authorizes Release Of $188 Million In Dues Arrears To United Nations John Neagle
15 Narcotics Traffickers Receive $300 Billion In Annual Profits John Neagle
01 Critique Of Argentine General Strikes From Venezuela & West German Foundation John Neagle
27 Brazil Formally Ends Debt Payment Moratorium; Signs Agreement On Refinancing & Receipt Of New Loans John Neagle
27 Chile: Opposition Organizes Huge Demonstration, "peace Chain," Marches Throughout Country John Neagle
15 Argentine Delegation Arrives In U.S. To Negotiate Billions Needed To Cover Balance Of Payments Gap John Neagle
27 Notes On Return Of Chile's Political Exiles: Salvador Allende's Widow, Communist Party Leader John Neagle
08 Argentina: Note On Food Price Inflation John Neagle
01 Mexico: Notes On Trade With Orient, 1982-87 John Neagle
06 Ecuadoran Workers Organize Street Demonstrations & General Strike John Neagle
13 Argentina: Notes On Sept. 9 General Strike, Repression, & Reaction John Neagle
08 Peruvian Government Announces New Austerity Measures John Neagle
27 Two House Subcommittees Recommend Transfer Of $150 Million From Armed Forces To U.N. Peacekeeping Operations John Neagle
06 Chile: Note On Violence After Announcement Of Pinochet As Plebiscite Candidate John Neagle
01 Mexico: Per Capita Consumption Of Basic Grains Down 17% Since 1983 John Neagle
13 Peruvian Government Prepares New Tax Package John Neagle
01 Note: Wage Decline In Mexico & Brazil, 1982-87 John Neagle
20 Brazil: City Of Rio De Janeiro Declares Bankruptcy John Neagle
06 Bolivia: Voter Registration Begins For General Elections John Neagle
27 Argentina: U.S. Trade Representative Launches Investigation Of Alleged Unfair Trade Practices John Neagle
15 Chilean Government Censors Opposition Television Program John Neagle
13 U.S. Companies Appeal To Washington To Limit Or Reduce Trade Sanctions Against Brazil John Neagle
22 Ecuador: Shortages Develop Of Basic Goods Placed Under Rigid Price Controls John Neagle
29 Joint Annual I.m.f.-world Bank Meetings: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
06 Brazil: New Constitution Approved John Neagle
08 Uruguay: 1988 Inflation Projection, 65% John Neagle
20 Argentine Labor Confederation Criticizes Agreements With World Bank John Neagle
08 U.S. Anthropologist, Indian Leaders Arrested For Speaking Out Against Hydroelectric Projects In Amazon John Neagle
22 Haiti: Summary Of Events, Sept. 19-20 John Neagle
22 Argentine Foreign Minister Elected President Of U.N. General Assembly John Neagle
13 Argentina: Public Company Spending Down John Neagle
01 Cartagena Consensus Representatives Meet In Montevideo John Neagle
15 Brazil: Note On Debt-equity Swaps John Neagle
06 Unctad Annual Report: Debt Write-0ffs By Commercial Banks Only Means For Major Debtors To Achieve Economic Growth John Neagle
22 S.e.l.a. Approves Conference On Foreign Debt In 1989; Reiterates Call On U.S. To End Sanctions Against Panama John Neagle
27 Brazilian Dailies Report On Secret Continental Military Plans Against "international Communist Movement" John Neagle
06 Mexican President's Final State-of-the-union Address Met With Chants & Jeers By Congresspersons John Neagle
15 Colombia: Mastermind Of Peasant Massacre Arrested John Neagle
13 Haiti: Church Attacked; At Least Five Dead, 60 Wounded John Neagle
20 Military Coup In Haiti: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
15 Uruguay: Labor Group Denounces Government Before Ilo John Neagle