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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 World Bank Increases Reserves To Cover Loan Losses John Neagle
26 Latin American Steel Production Up In First Half 1988 John Neagle
21 Venezuela: Lusinchi Administration Not Interested In Moratorium Or Rescheduling John Neagle
19 Mexican Finance Minister Announces Plans To Reduce Foreign Debt John Neagle
21 Argentina: Privatized Enterprises Lucrative John Neagle
07 Notes On Chilean Political Situation, Upcoming Plebiscite John Neagle
12 Argentina: Justicialista (peronist) Party Elects Presidential Candidate John Neagle
14 Colombia's Drug Cartels At War John Neagle
19 Colombia: Agreement Toward Release Of Conservative Party Leader By M-19 Reached In Panama John Neagle
07 Bolivian Chamber Of Deputies Approves Dangerous Substance Control Law; Chemical Eradication Banned John Neagle
26 Brazil: Projections Of Extra $1 Billion To $1.5 Billion In Soybean Export Revenues Due To U.S. Drought John Neagle
21 Brazil: Bridge Loan Needed To Make June & July Interest Payments John Neagle
12 F.a.o.: Impact Of North American Drought On World Grain Stocks John Neagle
19 Uruguay: Note On Foreign Debt, Payments John Neagle
14 Colombia: 17 Soldiers Dead, 8 Injured, In Guerrilla Attack On Military Base John Neagle
07 Colombian Attorney General Calls On Ministers To Terminate Mass Murders Perpetrated Against Peasant Groups John Neagle
05 Colombian Wave Of Violence Continues: Two Mass Murders In 48-hour Period John Neagle
07 Argentine Deputy Rejects World Bank Annual Report Linking Fiscal Deficits To Foreign Debt John Neagle
28 Brazil Current On Interest Payments To Foreign Banks; $1 Billion Payment Made On July 25 John Neagle
19 Notes On Peronist & Radical Party Presidential Candidates John Neagle
26 State Department Comments On Peruvian Request For Additional U.S. Military Aid John Neagle
21 Note On Argentines' Disenchantment With Economic Conditions John Neagle
19 Official Vote Results Released; Opposition Reiterates Claims Of Fraud, Organizes Huge Rally In Mexico City John Neagle
26 U.S. Orders $200 Million In Trade Sanctions Against Brazil John Neagle
05 Colombian Government Rejects Guerrilla Proposal To Negotiate Gomez Hurtado's Release John Neagle
14 Brazil: Report On Death Toll Resulting From Land Conflicts John Neagle
12 Mexico: Trade Surplus, Jan.-may 1988 John Neagle
19 Peru: Notes On Rebels & Violence John Neagle
28 Mexico: On Unemployment & Idle Industrial Productive Capacity John Neagle
14 Mexico: Outlook Improved For Progress In Debt Negotiations John Neagle
07 Dispute Continues On Use Of Herbicide In U.S.-sponsored Drug Eradication Program In Peru John Neagle
05 Mexican Government Refuses To Extradite Puerto Rican Nationalist Wanted In U.S. John Neagle
14 Argentina: Economic Notes, June 21-july 12 John Neagle
14 Brazil: Note On Street Children In Major Cities John Neagle
05 Cuba: Report On 1987 Economic Performance John Neagle
21 Argentina: Report On May 1988 Industrial Employment, Wages, John Neagle
26 Peruvian President: Economic Problems Cost Of Previous Two Years' Accelerated Growth John Neagle
05 Peru: Public Transport Workers Strike John Neagle
21 Sugar Prices Up, Latin American Producers Hopeful Trend Will Continue John Neagle
19 Perez De Cuellar Warns U.N. Activities To Shut Down In Early November Unless U.S. Delivers Overdue Contributions John Neagle
05 Peru: Report On Recent Guerrilla Activity John Neagle
05 Argentine President's Favorite Selected As Presidential Candidate John Neagle
21 Argentina: Note On Debt Payment Arrears, Alfonsin's Call For Help John Neagle
26 Peru: Lima Tribunal Dismisses Terrorism Charges Against Guerrilla Leader John Neagle
28 Brazil Reaches Agreement With I.m.f. John Neagle
07 Colombia: M-19 Leader Sends Invitation To Political Parties To Discuss Peace John Neagle
28 Brazilian President Provokes Confrontation With Majority Party Over Constitution John Neagle
21 Chile: Debt-equity Swaps Reduce Foreign Debt By $4 Billion In Three Years John Neagle
14 Effect Of New Immigration Legislation Declines: Flow Of Mexican Workers To U.S. Continues Unabated John Neagle
14 Colombia: "dialogue" With M-19 Guerrillas Underway John Neagle
21 Brazil: Recent Debt Rescheduling Agreement Boosts Bank Stocks John Neagle
26 Bolivia: Major Cocaine Producer Sentenced To 15 Years; La Paz Refuses U.S. Request For Extradition John Neagle
07 Brazil: Orange Juice Exports Total $1.1 Billion In 1988 John Neagle
26 Brazil-u.s. Trade, 1987 John Neagle
21 Argentine Economic Team Negotiates With I.m.f. John Neagle
07 China & Brazil Finalize Cooperation Agreements, Including Launching Of Two Research Satellites John Neagle
12 World Bank Report: Third World Situation Deteriorating John Neagle
12 Mexico's Turbulent July 6 Elections: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
26 Colombian Government To Participate In "national Dialogue" With M-19 Guerrillas John Neagle
21 Colombia: M-19 Guerrillas Release Gomez Hurtado John Neagle
19 Peru: On Trade Agreements With China & East Germany John Neagle
07 Chileans Remember Allende John Neagle
19 Venezuela: Note On 1989 Oil Revenue Estimate John Neagle
12 Argentina Offers To Construct Gas Pipeline In Colombia John Neagle
26 Peru: Sendero Luminoso Guerrillas Gain Support, Change Tactics John Neagle
14 International Tropical Timber Organization Approves Experimental Project In Brazilian Amazon John Neagle
19 Peru: 48-hour National Strike Underway To Protest Price Hikes John Neagle
21 Peru: Report On Two-day National Strike John Neagle
05 Brazil: Trend Toward Caesarian Births Under Scrutiny John Neagle
26 U.S. Increases Sugar Quota By 40% John Neagle
26 On Proposed O.a.s. Budget Cuts John Neagle
14 Chile: Demonstrators Clash With Police In Downtown Santiago; Eight Wounded, Up To 200 Arrested John Neagle
05 Tension Mounts On Eve Of Mexican Elections John Neagle