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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 Brazil Announces Two-month Wage Freeze For Public Employees John Neagle
14 End To Debt Crisis Not In Sight; Notes On Economic Indicators John Neagle
21 Amnesty International Charges Colombian Government With "massive" Human Rights Violations John Neagle
26 Reagan Administration Releases Fy 1989 Western Hemisphere Foreign Aid Request John Neagle
14 Notes On Spring 1988 World Bank-imf Meetings; Creditor & Debtor Nations' Differences John Neagle
05 Argentina: Grain Exchanges Issue Dollar Quotations John Neagle
26 Argentina: Buenos Aires Province—basic Consumer Goods & Services Prices Up 13.7% In First Half Of April John Neagle
26 Latin America: Total Interest Payments / & Exports Of Goods & Services, 1975, 1978, 1980-85 (s/s) John Neagle
26 Statistics From Inter-american Development Bank Annual Report For 1987 John Neagle
21 Latin America: Net Transfer Of Financial Resources, 1980-85 (s/s) John Neagle
28 Sample Of Mexican Response To Senate "decertification" Vote John Neagle
05 Mexican Government Protests Statements By U.S. Customs Director John Neagle
14 Brazil: 2 Million Public Employees Strike John Neagle
21 General Labor Confederation Calls On Government To Halt Privatization Efforts John Neagle
26 Argentina: Total Outstanding Loans From I.m.f. John Neagle
26 Latin America: Total Disbursed External Debt/ Exports Of Goods & Services, 1975, 1978, 1980-85 (s/s) John Neagle
19 On Venezuelan Capital Flight John Neagle
14 Meese Calls For More Weapons To Bolivia John Neagle
12 Reagan Administration Considers Creation Of Multilateral Police Force To Combat Drugs John Neagle
14 Argentina: Cgt Executes 24-hour General Strike; Teachers Strike Continues John Neagle
28 Colombia: Students Occupy United Nations Offices John Neagle
05 Third World Debt, Year-end 1987 John Neagle
26 Human Rights Organizations Testify Before House Subcommittees On Chilean Abuses John Neagle
26 Argentine Oil Production Up In March John Neagle
28 Mexico & Colombia Offer To Reduce Oil Exports By 5% In Gesture Of Support For O.p.e.c. John Neagle
07 U.S. Trade Bill Goes To House & Senate Floors After Recess; Summary Of Selected Provisions As Of March 31 John Neagle
19 U.S. Trade Deficit Up In February John Neagle
19 U.S. Senate Votes To Decertify Mexico For Failure To Cooperate Fully With Washington In Halting Drug Trafficking John Neagle
21 Note On Cuban Request For Foreign Debt Scheduling John Neagle
21 E.c.l.a. Executive Secretary On Latin American Economic Prospects John Neagle
19 Study Of Unionization, Work Slowdowns & Strikes In 1986 & 1987, 18 Latin American Countries: Summary (s/s) John Neagle
07 Argentina: Nearly $450 Million In Damages, Result Of Flooding In Rural Buenos Aires Province John Neagle
05 World Bank Announces Approval Of $400 Million Loan For Argentina John Neagle
26 Notes On Impact Of Immigration Reform Legislation John Neagle
21 Peruvian Housing Program John Neagle
28 Caribbean Council Of Churches Expresses Concern About Poverty In Grenada John Neagle
05 Notes On Reagan Administration Request For Multilateral Development Bank Funding John Neagle
26 On Colombian Armed Forces Responsibility For Human Rights Abuses John Neagle
12 Argentina: Notes On Price Controls John Neagle
05 Peruvian Government Faces Economic Crisis, Stepped Up Rebel Attacks John Neagle
07 U.S. Foreign Subsidiaries To Increase Spending In 1988 John Neagle
26 Reagan Reiterates Veto Threat Against Trade Bill John Neagle
12 Venezuela To Receive $108 Million Loan From Japanese Eximbank John Neagle
14 Senate Foreign Relations Committee Votes On Resolution To Decertify Mexico For Inadequate Cooperation In Drug War John Neagle
19 Argentine Teachers Return To Work After Five-week Strike John Neagle
21 Notes On Spring 1988 World Bank-i.m.f. Meetings John Neagle
28 Argentine Government's Economic Policy Under Concerted Attack: Summary Of Events & Statements, April 22-27 John Neagle
05 Brazil: Notes On Social Welfare, Wages John Neagle
21 Bolivia: Notes On Government Anti-drug Programs John Neagle
12 Dominican Republic: Notes On Economic Conditions John Neagle
05 Debt Relief Plan Introduced By U.S. Rep. Don Pease John Neagle
19 Argentina: March Automotive Industry Production Up, Sales Down John Neagle
12 World Bank & International Monetary Fund Plans To Enhance Debtor Nations' Financial Options John Neagle
19 Mexican Inflation, 1980-1987 John Neagle
05 Uruguay: Discussions For Expanded Trade With China Underway John Neagle
21 Notes On Upcoming Elections For Jamaican Prime Minister John Neagle
07 Dominican Republic: On Eve Of 48-hour General Strike, Street Confrontations, Bomb Explosions John Neagle
28 Study Claims Argentine Public Spending Has Not Declined In Recent Years John Neagle
14 Aeromexico Employees On Strike John Neagle
19 Argentina: Notes On Economic Difficulties John Neagle
12 Peruvian President Signs Decree Restructuring Banking Operations John Neagle
28 Ecuador, Mexico & Venezuela Supply Panama With Oil John Neagle
07 Argentina: Government Announces Price Liberalization John Neagle
07 Argentina: Trade Surplus, 1987 John Neagle
28 Peruvian Guerrillas Kill Another Mayor; Third From Ruling Party This Month John Neagle
12 Argentine State-owned Oil Company Enters Into Joint Ventures With Private Firms John Neagle