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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
16 U.S. & Mexico Finalize Textile Agreement John Neagle
11 President De La Madrid On Mexican Economic Prospects, Need For Shifting Resources Out Of Arms Race World-wide John Neagle
23 Venezuela: Notes On Issue Of Public Debt Bonds John Neagle
16 O.e.c.d. Says Most Developing Countries Currently Experiencing Slow But Steady Growth John Neagle
16 Peru: Inflation Escalates As Government Imposes New Taxes On Over 120 Consumer Goods John Neagle
18 Mexico: Trade Balance Statistics, 1980-1986 (including Export & Import Categories) (s/s) John Neagle
02 Argentina Finalizes Bilateral Agreements With Spain John Neagle
23 Argentine Economy Minister On Foreign Debt, Inflation, Privatization John Neagle
09 Congressional Budget Office Forecasts Higher Budget Deficits Than Projected By Reagan Administration John Neagle
16 Argentina: Provincial Governors Demand Decision-making Participation In State Oil & Gas Company Activities John Neagle
23 Argentina: Notes On Recent Labor Conflicts John Neagle
11 Notes On Capital Outflow From Developing Nations To I.m.f. & World Bank John Neagle
11 Paraguay Prepares For Feb. 14 Presidential Vote; Opposition Supports Abstention, Casting Blank Ballots John Neagle
02 Brazil: Railway Workers On Strike John Neagle
02 I.m.f. Responds To Complaints; Will Attempt To Increase Flexibility John Neagle
23 Peru: Government Intervenes In 400 Companies To Collect Taxes, Impose Fines John Neagle
25 Notes On Reagan Administration Foreign Aid Budget Request For Fy1989 John Neagle
18 Note On Bond Auction Delay John Neagle
18 U.S. Treasury Secretary Baker On World Debt Reform Strategy John Neagle
23 Paraguay: Electoral Council Announces Official Final Results Of Presidential Elections John Neagle
23 Brazil Modifies Debt Swap Regulations John Neagle
11 Brazil: Congressional Debate On Constitution Bogs Down On Property Rights Language John Neagle
18 Pope John Paul Reminds Brazilians Of Continuing Racial Inequality John Neagle
09 Haiti: New President Sworn In John Neagle
25 Summary: Colombia Considers Alternative Anti-narcotics Strategies, U.S. Concerns About Security Threats John Neagle
16 Argentina: Opposition To Partial Privatization Of State Airline Company John Neagle
23 Brazil: Negotiations With Imf Expected To Begin In March; Notes On Fiscal Deficit, Trade Surplus John Neagle
09 Asst. Treasury Secretary Mulford On Washington's Opposition To Debt Forgiveness John Neagle
23 Venezuela: 1987 Inflation John Neagle
23 Mexico: Notes On Maquiladora Industry John Neagle
04 Paraguay: Gen. Stroessner Seeks 8th Term In Feb. 14 Elections; Summary Of Opposition Activities John Neagle
23 Mexico: Gdp Total & Growth Rate, 1980-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
16 Update On Formation Of South American Common Market Initiated By Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay John Neagle
02 U.S. Trade Representative Claims Large Decline In "real" Trade Deficit John Neagle
23 Argentina: Government Authorizes $373 Million In Matching Fund Loans For Oil Industry Development John Neagle
16 Paraguay: Notes On "relection" Of Gen. Stroessner For 8th Term John Neagle
04 U.N. International Fund For Agricultural Development To Request Contributions From Former Aid Recipients John Neagle
23 Bolivia: Delay In Argentine Payment For Natural Gas Purchases Stalls Economic Recovery Programs John Neagle
23 Brazil: January & 12-month Inflation Total John Neagle
02 Argentine Government Resumes Negotiations With I.m.f. To Obtain Waiver, New Monies For 1988 John Neagle
18 Peru: Justice Minister Resigns In Protest Over Government's Handling Of Bank Nationalization Program John Neagle
16 Colombia: Note On 1987 Foreign Debt John Neagle
09 Peru: Economic Notes John Neagle
16 On Brazil's "new Approach" To Foreign Creditors John Neagle
23 North Carolina Bank Sells $105 Million In Loans To Mexico John Neagle
16 Brazil: Creditor Banks Offer $5 Billion In New Loans John Neagle
18 Uruguayan Foreign Minister Likely To Head Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
16 U.S. December Trade Deficit Lowest In 11 Months; 1987 Deficit Sets New Record John Neagle
09 Bolivian Labor Confederation: Commitment To Foreign Debt Payment Forestalls Socio-economic Development Capacity John Neagle
11 Brazil & Colombia Complete 9 Bilateral Agreements John Neagle
16 Mexican Government Announces Majority Of Foreign Bank Creditors Approve Debt-bond Exchange Program John Neagle
23 Notes On Failure Of Brazilian Moratorium To Precipitate Changes In Debt Management Rules John Neagle
02 Election Results Show Repudiation Of Febres Cordero Administration, Economic Policies John Neagle
23 Andean Pact Nations' Foreign Reserves Decline $1.514 Billion In 1987 John Neagle
04 Brazil Delivers $370 Million Interest Payment; Agreement With Imf Sought John Neagle
23 Note On Mexican Capital Flight John Neagle
09 Colombia: More On Wave Of Violence John Neagle
02 Brazil Establishes Agreement With Private Bank Creditors; Makes $350 Million Payment On Interest From Reserves John Neagle
18 Argentina: I.m.f. Agreement Imminent John Neagle
09 Church Calls On Brazilian Government To Get Serious About Anti-corruption Efforts John Neagle
18 Relative Weight Of Mexican Foreign Debt Interest Payments: Comparison Of Macroeconomic Variables, 1981-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
09 Argentina: January Inflation John Neagle
04 U.S. Economic Support Fund (esf) Fy1987 Appropriations For Selected Latin American Nations John Neagle
18 Peru: Slum Residents Clash With Police, Resulting In One Death, Several Injured John Neagle
23 Brazil: Flooding, Mud Slides In Rio De Janeiro Leave Thousands Homeless John Neagle
09 1987 U.S.-mexican Trade John Neagle
25 Venezuela: Politicians Engaged In War Of Drug Trafficking Accusations John Neagle
09 Venezuela Announces Strategy For Reducing Public Foreign Debt John Neagle
02 Colombia: Notes On Conflicts Surrounding Crackdown On Drugs & Terrorism John Neagle
23 Colombia: Foreign Investment Down 66% In 1987 John Neagle
16 Uruguayan Labor Confederation Organizes Four-hour Nationwide Strike John Neagle
04 Bolivian Government Accused Of Laundering Drug Money By Coca Growers John Neagle
02 Argentina: Official Estimate Of Public Deficit For 1988 John Neagle
18 Member Nations Of World Bank Expected To Approve $75 Billion Capital Increase John Neagle
23 Mexico: 60,000 Attend Demonstration Protesting Government Anti-inflation Program John Neagle
11 Autolatina Announces Export Of 250 Autos To Cuba John Neagle