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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
28 Mexico: Note On Projected 1988 Public Deficit John Neagle
14 American Express Writes Off Loans To Latin American Corporations John Neagle
21 Haitian Elections: Summary Of Events & Statements, Jan. 9-jan. 19 John Neagle
07 Brazilian President Appoints New Finance Minister John Neagle
21 Argentina: Bidding Process To Swap $50 Million Of Foreign Debt Begins John Neagle
12 Peruvian Government Changes Tactics In Sanctioning Nestle Subsidiary John Neagle
26 Haiti: Election Results Announced; Summary Of Recent Developments John Neagle
14 8 Latam Nations Lead In Attempt To Prevent U.S. Control Of Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
21 Haiti: Socio-economic & Political Profile John Neagle
26 Argentina: First Phase Of Debt-equity Swap Program Completed John Neagle
12 Venezuela Receives $153.4 Million Idb Loan To Increase Potable Water Supply John Neagle
26 Argentine Government Seeks $2.3 Billion In Loans To Make 1988 Interest Payments John Neagle
12 Uruguay Receives $34 Million Idb Loan For Modernization Of Milk Production John Neagle
21 Chile: Opposition Contradicts Government's Glowing Portrayal Of Social Welfare Conditions John Neagle
28 Brazil Rejects U.S. Pressure To Maintain Arms Emargo Against Libya John Neagle
26 Brazil: Notes On Arms Sales To Middle East John Neagle
28 Suriname Installs Civilian President John Neagle
28 Comparisons Of Regional Foreign Debt With Exports, Gdp John Neagle
12 Uruguay: Nationwide Strike Planned To Protest Reorganization Of State Railway Company John Neagle
26 Brazil Revokes Previous Decision On Commercialization Of U.S. Software Product John Neagle
14 Brazilian Finance Minister Optimistic About Foreign Debt Negotiations, Growth Prospects John Neagle
21 World Bank Report Pessimistic About Short-term Future For Debtor Nations John Neagle
26 Argentina Denies Ineligibility Status By Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
28 Notes On Venezuelan State Oil Company Interests Abroad John Neagle
28 Colombian Government Imposes State Of Emergency Measures To Counter Recent Wave Of Violence John Neagle
26 Colombian Attorney General Murdered By Drug "mafia" Gunmen John Neagle
26 I.m.f. Managing Director Announces Greater Flexibility In Lending Policies John Neagle
07 Mexico: December Inflation John Neagle
12 Mexico: 1987 Gdp Growth, Inflation John Neagle
14 Mexico: New Movement Underway To Protest Government Austerity Policies John Neagle
21 Argentine Armed Forces Suppress Military Revolt: Summary Of Events & Statements John Neagle
26 Argentine-spanish Economic Agreements Agreements Totaling $3 Billion To Be Signed In Madrid John Neagle
12 Peru: Statements By Economy Minister John Neagle
14 Debt Relief Plan For Mexico Not Well Received Among Big U.S. Banks John Neagle
28 Cuba: Oil Refining Capacity To Expand In 1989 John Neagle
21 Brazil: 1987 Trade Surplus $11.1 Billion John Neagle
14 Brazil Makes Another Payment On Overdue Interest John Neagle
07 Uruguay: 1987 Inflation John Neagle
12 U.N. On World Economy John Neagle
14 Brazilian Majority Party Refuses To Endorse Return To Imf John Neagle
26 Mexican Economist Says Debt Crisis Beneficial John Neagle
21 Mexican Presidential Candidate On Debt, Economic Policy John Neagle
07 U.S. Treasury Collaborates With New Debt Reduction Plan For Mexico John Neagle
07 Paraguayan Government Refuses U.S. Company's Offer To Pay For Toxic Waste Storage John Neagle
21 Three Big U.S. Banks Declare Losses, Result Of Third World Loans John Neagle
12 Notes On Mexico-u.s. Trade Policies John Neagle
26 Argentina: Note On 1987 Inflation, Public Deficit John Neagle
12 Haiti: Summary Of Recent Developments—rigged Elections To Proceed, Further U.S. Sanctions Not Forthcoming John Neagle
28 Presidential, National Assembly & Municipal Elections Slated For Jan. 31 John Neagle
28 Argentina Negotiates With U.S. For Bilateral Trade Equilibrium John Neagle
14 Notes On Results Of Caribbean Basin Initiative To Date; Cbi Reform Legislation John Neagle
07 Argentina: 174.8% Inflation In 1987 John Neagle
26 Argentina: Notes On Tax Evasion John Neagle
12 Peruvian President On 1987 Economic Performance John Neagle
21 U.S. Eximbank Raises Interest Rates John Neagle