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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
22 33 Economists From Major Industrialized & Debtor Nations Issue Statement On Measures To Prevent World Recession John Neagle
03 Mexico: Notes On Growth In Manufactures Exports John Neagle
08 Argentina & Italy To Conclude Series Of Agreements On Joint Ventures John Neagle
03 U.S. Experts Predict Substantial Decline In 1988 Sugar Imports John Neagle
08 Argentina: November Labor Demand John Neagle
15 Reactions To Acapulco Summit Document, Or The Search To Replace Failed Baker Plan John Neagle
10 Note On Costa Rican Agreement With I.m.f. John Neagle
10 Haiti: Summary Of Developments, Dec. 3-9 John Neagle
22 Argentina To Receive $500 Million From Creditor Banks John Neagle
22 Inter-american Development Bank Loans To 20 Latin American & Caribbean Nations, 1983-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
01 Brazil Begins Negotiations With Banks John Neagle
17 Bank Of Boston Writes Off $200 Million In Latin American Loans John Neagle
03 Nov. 25 Elections: Military Leader's Party Captures Only 2 Of 51 Seats In National Assembly John Neagle
22 U.S. Budget Deficit For First Two Months Of Fy 1988 Up Over Last Year John Neagle
01 Highlights Of Joint Document Issued By "group Of 8" Presidents Following Acapulco Summit John Neagle
15 Cuban President Shares Views Expressed At Acapulco Summit; Welcomes Call For Readmission Into Oas John Neagle
15 Argentina: Bidding On $50 Million In Debt-equity Swaps To Begin Jan. 11 John Neagle
22 Argentine Government Resumes Foreign Debt Negotiations John Neagle
08 Guyana: President Hoyte Says Economy Open To Foreign Investment John Neagle
03 Update On "social Pact" Between Peronists & Ruling Party, Nationwide General Strike Scheduled For Dec. 8-9 John Neagle
15 On Enthusiasm For Regional Economic Cooperation & Integration Efforts: Discussion John Neagle
15 Haiti: Summary Of Developments Surrounding Appointment Of New Electoral Board, Dec. 9-12 John Neagle
22 Brazilian Finance Minister Resigns John Neagle
08 Argentina Involved In Agro-export Give-away John Neagle
08 Caribbean Exporters Warned About U.S. Trade Legislation On Countervailing Duties John Neagle
17 Peruvian Government Announces Major Devaluation, Sweeping Policy Changes John Neagle
08 Argentina: Note On Average Industrial Salary, October John Neagle
01 Summary Of Statements By Latin American Leaders, Acapulco Summit John Neagle
08 Argentine Labor Confederation: Dec. 8-9 Nationwide Strike Not Motivated By "politics" John Neagle
17 Chile Receives $250 Million Loan From World Bank John Neagle
08 Argentina Receives $225 Million In Imf Stand-by Credits John Neagle
22 I.d.b. Head Ortiz Mena Resigns; Another Chapter In Dispute With U.S. To Restructure Bank Lending Procedures John Neagle
15 U.S. October Trade Deficit Another Record John Neagle
17 Mexico Announces 38% Wage Hike, More Austerity Measures To Come; Government Criticized From All Sides John Neagle
03 U.S. Announces Partial Payment Of $212 Million Assessment For United Nations John Neagle
03 Mexico: After Massive Devaluation In Mid-november, Peso Value Up In Free Market, Stock Exchange Unstable John Neagle
15 12 Opec Members Approve Agreement To Maintain $18/barrel Price & Production Quotas For First Half Of 1988 John Neagle
22 Guyana: Plans To Generate Electricity Via Combustion Of Industrial Waste Inspires Environmentalist Campaign John Neagle
03 Summary Of Events Surrounding Haitian Elections, Nov. 2-dec. 2 John Neagle
22 Cuba: Note On Economic Growth Rates John Neagle
17 Mexico's Financial Crisis: Chronology Of Recent Events John Neagle
01 Group Of 8 Calls For Readmission Of Cuba Into Organization Of American States, "strengthening" Of O.a.s. John Neagle
10 Argentina: Note On Economic Importance Of Agro-industrial Complex John Neagle
22 Bolivia: Catholic Church & Labor Confederation Issue Warnings Of More Social Conflict John Neagle
22 Chile: Note On Poverty & Malnutrition John Neagle
10 Mexico: Foreign Debt Service & Public Sector Foreign Debt In 1980's (s/s) John Neagle
15 Mexican Government Announces 22% Peso Devaluation (controlled Exchange Rate) John Neagle
08 U.N. Resolution Calls On Chile To Reestablish Pluralist Democracy John Neagle
03 Venezuela: Estimate On 1987 Balance Of Payments Deficit John Neagle
08 Changes In Tax Laws Could Reduce Capital Flight John Neagle
22 Effects Of U.S. Sugar Import Quota Reduction For Guyana & Trinidad And Tobago John Neagle
17 U.S. Announces Sugar Import Quotas For 1988 John Neagle
15 Brazil: Note On Trade With Poland & Hungary John Neagle