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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 U.S. Announces Trade Sanctions Against Brazil John Neagle
03 U.S. Fiscal 1987 Budget Deficit $148 Billion John Neagle
12 Argentina: Report On Industrial Wages & Employment In September John Neagle
05 Brazil & Bank Creditors Close To Agreement On Interest John Neagle
24 Notes On Argentina's New Policies On Private Oil Drilling & Production Operations John Neagle
03 Argentina To Receive $250 Million Loan From Italy John Neagle
19 Mexico: 1988 Oil Export Revenue Projection John Neagle
19 Mexican Government Stops Supporting Peso In Open Market, Peso Plunges John Neagle
19 Notes On Per Capita Foreign Debt, Central America & Panama John Neagle
19 Atlantic Council Panel Calls For Legally Binding Trade Pact Among Major Industrial Nations John Neagle
24 Presidents Of Region's 3 Major Debtor Nations Expected To Issue "joint Position" On Debt At Acapulco Summit John Neagle
24 Chile: 200,000 Demonstrate In Santiago John Neagle
24 Bolivian Inflation At Low Point John Neagle
03 Some Possible Effects Of Stock Market Plunge On Debtor Nations John Neagle
19 Brazil Establishes $1.5 Billion Trade Agreement With Iraq John Neagle
24 Caribbean Nations Expect Further Cutbacks In U.S. Sugar Market Quota John Neagle
12 Argentina Receives $500 Million Bridge Credit; I.m.f. Grants Waiver John Neagle
12 Mexico: Reactions To Recent Turmoil In World Financial Markets Provoked By Stock Exchange Declines John Neagle
19 Chile: Note On Recent Copper Price Gains In World Market John Neagle
10 Argentina: Waiver With I.m.f. Likely John Neagle
19 Uruguayan President Rejects Viability Of Collective Bargaining By Debtor Nations John Neagle
19 Mexico: Economic Notes, 1987 John Neagle
03 Argentina: Industrial Capacity Utilization Rate 72% In September John Neagle
12 U.S. Ambassador To Argentina: Foreign Debt Moratorium Not In Sight John Neagle
24 Venezuela's Oil Reserves John Neagle
12 Bolivia To Repay U.S.s.r. Loans In Kind John Neagle
24 Brazil's Uranium Reserves John Neagle
17 Brazil: Automotive Subsidiaries Refuse To Follow Government Price Guidelines John Neagle
19 Discussion Of Sen. Bradley's Debt Relief Plan: Criticisms Overstated John Neagle
19 Note On U.S. Exports To Latin America John Neagle
05 Spanish Prime Minister Offers To Coordinate Contacts On Debt Between Latin America & Europe John Neagle
12 Argentine Trade Balance, January-august 1987 John Neagle
24 Cuba: Active Black Market In Dollars John Neagle
19 Limit On President Sarney's Term May Further Erode Business Confidence John Neagle
24 Latin American Industrialists Issue Statement On Debt John Neagle
03 Argentina: Notes On Preparation Of "social Pact" Among Government, Opposition Parties & Labor John Neagle
24 Peru: Record Low Foreign Reserves John Neagle
12 Ecuador: Note On Debt Service As Proportion Of Export Revenues, 1983-1985 John Neagle
05 Colombia: Report On Recent Violence, Government Actions John Neagle
19 Note On U.S. Commercial Bank Lending Abroad, January-june 1987 John Neagle
05 Colombia: Wave Of Violence Continues, Citizens Confused About Who Is Responsible, What To Do About It John Neagle
17 Argentina: Alfonsin Admits Government Threatened Unilateral Debt Payment Moratorium John Neagle
19 Responsible Unilateral Action By Debtor Nations Unavoidable & Ultimately Welcome John Neagle
24 Brazil: Note On Foreign Investment, Profit Repatriation John Neagle
24 Brazil: Interest Payment Moratorium Continues John Neagle
17 I.m.f. Mission Arrives In Brazil; Antagonists To Outside Intervention On Debt Quiet John Neagle
10 Mexico-u.s. Trade Pact Concluded Nov. 6; Mexican Officials Nervous Over Effects John Neagle
03 E.e.c. Commissioner Presents Latin American Demands At North-south Conference In Brussels John Neagle
24 Mexico: Note On Public Deficit John Neagle
24 Report On Latin America's Projected Interest Payments On Foreign Debt For 1988 John Neagle
12 Brazilian Business Leaders Oppose "nationalist" & "anti-business" Nature Of New Constitution Draft John Neagle
24 Brazil: Notes On Economic Progress John Neagle
10 Recent Debt Pact Under Fire By International Bankers & Brazilian Politicians John Neagle
05 Argentina: C.g.t. Launches 12-hour National Strike; Social Pact Discussions Postponed John Neagle
17 Peru: Notes On Legislation Introduced To Establish New Guidelines For Oil Exploration By Foreign Companies John Neagle
03 U.S. Proposes For Uruguay Round Rules On Patents, Copyrights John Neagle
05 Peruvian Bank Nationalization Tied Up In Court System; Confusion Prevails John Neagle
17 Brazilian President's Wishes Defeated Again: Constitution Drafting Committee Approves Four-year Presidential Term John Neagle
24 Nobel Prize-winner Economist Solow: No Reason For Latin American Nations To Be Crucified With Debt Burden John Neagle
03 Noted U.S. Economists Call For Lower Interest Rates, Further Dollar Devaluation, Budget Deficit Reduction John Neagle
03 Venezuelan Average Daily Oil Output John Neagle
03 Brazil: January-september Inflation Rate Over 260% John Neagle
05 U.S. Government Report On Trade Barriers: Summary Of Statements On Six Latin American Countries John Neagle
17 Argentine President: Changes In Foreign Debt Scenario Mandatory John Neagle
17 O.e.c.d. High-level Economy Officials Meet To Discuss Effects Of Stock Market Plunge & Dollar Devaluation John Neagle
03 Creation Of Argentine-brazilian Free Trade Zone Not Likely Before 2000 John Neagle
19 Venezuela: Economic Performance Notes, 1987 Vs. 1986 John Neagle
12 Third World Debt: Overseas Development Council Vice President On Achieving "more Balanced Adjustment" John Neagle
03 Spanish President Gonzalez Tours Argentina, Uruguay & Mexico John Neagle
05 Chile: Summary Of Political Situation John Neagle
03 Uruguay: Police On Strike John Neagle
24 Effects On Mexican Economy Result Of Expected U.S. Economic Downturn & Protectionism In Wake Of Stock Market Crash John Neagle
03 Former U.S. Asst. Secretary Of State Enders Proposes Solution To Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
24 Brazil's Projected Trade Surplus John Neagle