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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
18 Bolivian Request For Access To Pacific Rebuffed By Chile John Neagle
09 Mexican Industrial Production Down In First Quarter John Neagle
09 Organization Of American States Invites Major Bank Creditors To Ministerial Meeting On Effects Of Foreign Debt John Neagle
30 Peruvian President Delays Replacement Of Economic Team; Opposition Proclaims Economic Policy Failure John Neagle
30 World Bank Loans At Record Level; Fiscal Year Ends With New Credits To Mexico, Brazil & Bolivia John Neagle
25 Notes On Uruguayan Economic Targets, 1987-89 John Neagle
02 French Ambassador Asserts Eec Is Not The "bad Guy" In Argentina's Struggles To Expand Exports John Neagle
09 U.S. Treasury Official: Big Banks' Creation Of Reserves Against Latam Loan Losses A Positive Development For All Parties John Neagle
18 Senate Committee Approves Reorganization Of U.S. Trade Representative Office & Commerce Department John Neagle
23 E.e.c. Supports Diversification Of Latin American Exports John Neagle
18 Reagan Promises To Veto Trade Bill John Neagle
23 Cuba & Mexico Ratify Continuity Of Bilateral Cooperation John Neagle
16 Sen. Lugar Calls For Debtor-creditor Conference; I.d.b. President Says Debt Threatens Latin American Democracies John Neagle
25 Notes On Venezuelan Unemployment, Labor Market Conditions John Neagle
30 Reagan To Meet With Mexican President De La Madrid Before Year-end John Neagle
02 Brazil & Venezuela Discuss Foreign Debt Problems John Neagle
16 Notes: Attempts In U.S. Congress To Impose Sanctions On Chilean Government John Neagle
18 Colombia: Large-scale Protests, Demonstrations Underway In Northeastern Departments John Neagle
11 Bankamerica Acts To Increase Reserve By $1.1 Billion John Neagle
30 Summary: Latin American Industrial Recovery Conference John Neagle
09 Brazil: New Agrarian Reform Minister Takes Charge John Neagle
04 Paraguay: Idb Loan Supports National Agricultural Education Project John Neagle
30 Uruguayan President: European Position On Debt Crisis Changing John Neagle
25 Peru & Ghana To Exchange Ambassadors John Neagle
02 Seven English-speaking Caribbean Nations Decide To Form Federation Under Single Central Government John Neagle
02 Chase Manhattan's Admission Of Third World Loan Status: Summary Of Reactions By Latin American Diplomats & U.S. Officials John Neagle
04 Uruguay: Domestic Air Services Closed Due To Inadequate Financial Resources John Neagle
02 Impact Of Spiralling Inflation On Brazilian Business John Neagle
02 Presidents Of Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay Request Seven Major Industrial Nations To Seek Ways For Lowering Interest Rates John Neagle
30 O.a.s.-sponsored Group Of Experts: Foreign Debt Crisis Contributing To "ingovernability" Of World Economy John Neagle
30 World Bank To Adopt Active Role In Resolving Debt Crisis John Neagle
09 Peruvian President Announces New Stage In "popular Revolution" John Neagle
04 Bolivian Peasants Protest Coca Eradication Program; 300 Arrested, Two Killed John Neagle
30 Argentina: State Railway Company Losing $3 Million Per Day John Neagle
23 Cuba & Guyana Finalize Three-year Trade Agreement John Neagle
25 Institute For International Economics Report: Strategies In Bank Lending To Debtor Nations John Neagle
30 Peru: Primary & Secondary Teachers Announce Work Stoppage John Neagle
04 U.S. Bankers Concerned About Latin American Governments' Lack Of Adequate Enthusiasm For Debt Swap Transactions John Neagle
11 U.S. Treasury Secretary On Debt Relief, Recommendations To Brazil John Neagle
23 Note On U.S. Budget Deficit John Neagle
09 U.S. Congress Prepares Trade Legislation Sure To Receive Presidential Veto John Neagle
23 Special O.a.s. Committee Agrees With Reagan Administration On Undesirable Features Of U.S. Trade Legislation John Neagle
11 Legislation To Move Argentine Capital Approved By President John Neagle
11 Mexico: Notes On Economic Importance Of Maquiladora Industry John Neagle
18 U.S. Treasury Secretary Defends Debt Relief Plan; Latam Economic Experts Skeptical About Access To Financial Resources John Neagle
25 Commerce Department Report: U.S. Foreign Debt Escalates To $263.6 Billion In 1986 John Neagle
25 Note On House Vote For 1988 Budget Package: Higher Taxes To Reduce Federal Deficit To About $134 Billion John Neagle
23 Finance Minister Says Brazil In No Hurry To Realize An Agreement With I.m.f. John Neagle
09 Notes On Mexican Economy: Capital Flight, Trade With U.S., Performance Of State Oil Company John Neagle
23 Cuba: Socialist Bloc Nations Complete Energy Industry Agreements John Neagle
04 Washington Expects To Revitalize Baker Plan At Big 7 Economic Summit John Neagle
25 Peruvian Finance Minister Resigns; National Economy Sputtering After Two-year Improvement John Neagle
02 Mexico: Former Finance Secretary Silva Herzog Presents Critique Of Debt-equity Swaps & Accumulation Of Further Debt John Neagle
02 Chase Manhattan Joins Citicorp, Admits Many Third World Loans Not Collectible John Neagle
30 Bolivian Workers Confederation Organizes 24-hour National Strike For June 30 John Neagle
04 Venezuelan Government Considers Debt Payment Moratorium John Neagle
30 Colombia: State Of Emergency Declared In Boyaca Province John Neagle
30 Brazilian About-face: Protectionist Policies Fall Away, Foreign Investment & Debt-equity Swaps Welcome John Neagle
11 Latin American Ministers Report On Causes Of Extreme Poverty John Neagle
30 I.m.f. Seeks 300% Increase In Resources For Poor Nations Implementing Structural Adjustment Programs John Neagle
23 O.p.e.c. Development Fund Finalizes Seventh Loan Cycle; Loans Approved For Honduras & Nicaragua John Neagle
09 Mexico: Note On First Quarter Trade Surplus Vs. Foreign Debt Service Payments John Neagle
11 Peruvian President Garcia On Foreign Debt Policy: Latin American Economic Growth Ensured By Cutting Off Capital Outflow John Neagle
23 Haiti: Labor Union Confederation Calls General Strike In Port Au Prince To Protest Plant Closings John Neagle
04 Argentina Hosts Debate On Potential For Joint Policies On Technological Development John Neagle
02 Argentina: Economy Minister Addresses Debt Problem & Domestic Economic Policy John Neagle
25 Cuba: Drought Affecting Sugarcane Crop John Neagle
16 Brazil Announces Austerity Package; Agreement With Imf Expected John Neagle
04 Colombia: Notes On Demands By Rural Residents For Withdrawal Of Security Forces, Increased Public Spending John Neagle
04 Brazilian President Calls On Cabinet To Practice Austerity John Neagle
04 Argentine State Oil Company Stocks Offered To Private Sector; Annual & Quarterly Accounts Published By Stock Exchange John Neagle
09 Venezuela: Debate On Possible Debt Moratorium Continues John Neagle
23 Argentine President Alfonsin Addresses Regional Economic Integration, U.S. Economic Assistance To Latin America John Neagle
02 Cartagena Consensus Economic Experts Meet In Mexico; Discuss Joint Strategies Toward Debt Crisis John Neagle
25 Institute Of International Finance Report: Suggested Techniques For Banks In Debt Crisis John Neagle
11 Bolivian Officials & Coca Growers Sign Agreement Guaranteeing Voluntary Participation In Coca Eradication Program John Neagle