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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
05 Federal Reserve Official Scolds Banks For Failure To Provide New Financing To Major Debtor Nations John Neagle
19 Latin American & Caribbean Sugar Producers Meet In Santo Domingo; Discuss Industry Diversification John Neagle
12 Argentina: Report On Inflation, January-april 1987 John Neagle
26 Sela & Comecon Representatives Discuss Plans To Expand Trade Relations; Summary Of Latin American Trade With Comecon John Neagle
05 U.N.c.t.a.d. Secretary General On Prospects For Improved Economic Conditions In Third World John Neagle
05 Economists Testifying Before Congress Say U.S. Must First Demonstrate Credibility Toward Strengthening World Economy John Neagle
19 Brazil: Note On Sugar Output, Fuel Alcohol Priority John Neagle
12 Reagan Administration Pressures Congress To Join World Bank Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (miga) John Neagle
05 Asst. Secretary Of State Abrams: Latin America Not Realizing Potential Due To Mercantilist State Policies, Feudalism John Neagle
28 Latin American Economic System (sela) & Comecon Finalize Cooperation Agreement John Neagle
26 Brazilian President Announces Decision To Accept Five-year Mandate John Neagle
26 Summary Of Latin American & Caribbean Labor Unions' Conference On Foreign Debt Crisis, Sao Paulo State, Brazil John Neagle
28 Bolivia: At Loggerheads With Argentina Over Natural Gas Contract, Looks To Brazil To Break Dependency On Argentina John Neagle
19 Peru: Police On Strike; Military Seizes Arms & Munitions John Neagle
05 Argentina: Delegation Headed Governor Of Santa Fe Province Visits U.S. To Explore Possibilities For Attracting Investment John Neagle
05 House Approves Trade Bill; Contains Series Of New Tools For Retaliation Against Unfair Trade Practices John Neagle
05 Mexico Receives $3.5 Billion Of Private Bank Credit Package John Neagle
28 Venezuela: Business, Labor & Political Leaders Call For Reduced Foreign Debt Payments As Only Viable Means To Achieve Growth John Neagle
26 Summary Of Reactions By Media & Economic Analysts: Citicorp's Decision To Create Reserve To Cover Foreign Loan Losses John Neagle
19 Venezuela To Request Another Debt Renegotiation With Foreign Bank Creditors John Neagle
26 Brazil: Notes On Economic Performance John Neagle
26 Citicorp Announces Decision To Create $3 Billion Reserve To Cover Losses On Foreign Loans John Neagle
28 Soviet & Latin American Sugar Exporting Nations Discuss Possibility Of Barter Trade Agreement John Neagle
26 Summary: Reactions By U.S. Government Officials To Citicorp Decision On Creating Foreign Loan Loss Reserve John Neagle
05 Major U.S. Banks Raise Prime Rate To 8.0% John Neagle
05 World Bank Undergoes Reorganization John Neagle
05 Argentine Secretariat Charges U.S. With Escalating Trade War In Agricultural Commodities, Instability In Grain Markets John Neagle
05 Brazilian Finance Minister Resigns; Selection Of Replacement Leads To President Sarney's Public Humiliation John Neagle
12 Argentine Delegation Tours Western Europe To Obtain Additional Bank Loans John Neagle
19 Andean Pact Nations Seek To Reactivate Regional Economic Integration John Neagle
12 Ecuador: Judicial System Employees On Strike John Neagle
05 Banco De Mexico Reports On 1986 Economic Performance John Neagle
12 Latin American Economic System (sela) Seminar In Caracas: Economists Discuss Major Issues In Development John Neagle
19 Experts Claim Debt Relief Plans Being Implemented By Banks & Debtor Nations John Neagle
12 Bolivia: Mining Workers' Hunger Strike Continues John Neagle
05 Commerce Department Report On Trade With Latin America In 1986 John Neagle
28 Cartagena Group Message Delivered To Heads Of State Of Seven Major Industrial Nations John Neagle
28 Brazil & Argentina Establish Joint Financing Agreement For Development & Manufacture Of New Turbo-prop Aircraft John Neagle
28 Haiti: Notes On Departure Of Foreign Business In Past Year John Neagle
05 U.S. Export-import Bank Eases Loan Terms In 53 Nations John Neagle
26 U.S. Eximbank Opposes Creation Of Reserve Against Bad Loans John Neagle
12 Argentine Customs Administration Collects $10 Million Per Day John Neagle
26 Report On Record Number Of U.S. Bank Failures; Loan Losses Concentrated In Agriculture & Energy, Third World John Neagle
12 World Bank President Barber Conable On Proposed Institutional Reorganization John Neagle
28 Argentina: Paris Club Reschedules $2.1 Billion In Foreign Debt John Neagle
28 Contending Claims About Chilean Regime's Success In Reducing Poverty & Improving Living Standards John Neagle
05 World Commission On Environment & Development: Economic Growth In Third World Necessary To Address Environmental Problems John Neagle
19 General Confederation Of Peruvian Workers Plans Nation-wide Strike For May 19 John Neagle
05 Senate Finance Committee Works On Trade Bill: Notes John Neagle
19 Major Industrial Nations Agree To Attempt Reduction Of Agricultural Support Programs John Neagle
12 Peru: State Oil Workers Strike Continues; Congressional Attempt At Mediation Fails John Neagle
26 Brazilian Finance Minister Denies Plans To Suspend Interest Payments On Loans From Foreign Government Institutions John Neagle
12 Costa Rican Per Capita Income To Decline In 1987; Planning Minister Reports On Annual Economic Forecast John Neagle
05 Peru: State Oil Workers Strike Continues John Neagle
12 Brazilian President Sarney Complains Of Harassment, Discussion Of Presidential Term Dominates Political Agenda John Neagle
12 Summary: Group Of 77 Resolutions To Be Presented At Unctad Vii Meeting In Geneva John Neagle
19 Argentine Trade Balance, January-april 1987 John Neagle