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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
31 Expert Suggests Foreign Debt More a Political than Economic Problem LADB Staff
17 U.S., Latin America Clash Over Control of IDB Loan Decisions LADB Staff
10 Argentina: Consumer Prices Rise 2.2% In First Week Of March John Neagle
05 Colombian Coffee Producers Blame U.S. For Wrecking International Coffee Organization John Neagle
12 Bolivia: U.S. Sends Aid For Victims Of March 5 Earthquake John Neagle
12 Argentine Labor Mobilizing For "national Plebiscite" On Foreign Debt Issue John Neagle
26 Ecuador: Nationwide Strike Organized To Protest Economic Policy John Neagle
12 Costa Rican Government Preparing Alternative Proposal For Foreign Bank Creditors John Neagle
05 Projected Cuban Economic Growth For 1987 John Neagle
10 Brazilian Finance Minister Discusses Foreign Debt with Creditor Nations LADB Staff
26 Latin American Countries Face Major Difficulties In Achieving Economic Recovery Due To Decades Of Import Substitution Policy John Neagle
31 Notes On Market Prices Of Latin American Debt Paper John Neagle
19 Guyana & Bolivia Establish Diplomatic Relations John Neagle
31 Brazil: Annual Inflation Predicted At 408% John Neagle
19 Foreign Debt & Interest Payments As Proportion Of Exports, Six Largest Latin American Debtors, 1983-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
12 Venezuelan Energy Minister Says Opec Firmly Behind $18 Per Barrel Minimum Price John Neagle
26 U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Approves "Tough" Trade Bill LADB Staff
17 Correction: U.S. Sends Aid To Ecuadoran Victims Of March 5 Earthquake John Neagle
26 Bolivia: Hunger Strikes, Demonstrations Underway In Protest Of Government Economic Policy John Neagle
19 Brazilian Foreign Minister Visits Cuba To Discuss Bilateral Cooperation Programs John Neagle
26 Mexico: Agreements Signed For $7.7 Billion In New Loans John Neagle
17 Argentina Sends Disaster Relief For Ecuadoran Earthquake Victims John Neagle
03 Latin America: Evolution Of Consumer Prices, 1984-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
12 Value Added In Agriculture As Proportion Of Gross Domestic Product: Latin America And The Caribbean, 1980-1985 (s/s) John Neagle
05 Costa Rican Government Wary Of International Monetary Fund Recommendations John Neagle
12 Bolivia in Crisis After House Censures Economic Team; Cabinet Resigns LADB Staff
19 Peruvian President's Initiative For Creation Of Single Defense Ministry Approved By House Of Deputies John Neagle
19 Peru: Notes On Labor Unrest John Neagle
10 Argentine Chamber Of Deputies Committee Debates Budget Bill John Neagle
12 Brazil: Military Continues Occupation Of Port & Refinery Areas John Neagle
17 Venezuela & Brazil Elaborate Joint Development Projects John Neagle
03 Argentina Exports Military Hardware To Iran & Zaire John Neagle
03 Latin America: Evolution Of Total Gross Domestic Product, 1981-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
03 Latin America: Evolution Of Per Capita Gross Domestic Product, 1981-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
10 Brazil: Military Intervenes To Break Stevedore Strike John Neagle
19 Synopsis of Debt Relief Initiative Proposed by U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley LADB Staff
17 Andean Parliament President Defends Region's Debt Payment Moratorium LADB Staff
17 Argentine Finance Minister: No Danger Of Radicalization In Negotiations With Foreign Banks John Neagle
03 Brazil: Sarney Government Popularity Decline Attributed To Failure Of Economic Adjustment Policy John Neagle
19 Rebel Attacks, Labor Actions Disrupt Colombian Oil, Banana Industries LADB Staff
05 Notes On Chinese Trade Relations With Mexico, Brazil, Latin America John Neagle
03 Big U.S. Banks' Exposure In Brazil (s/s) John Neagle
19 U.S. Treasury Offers Update on Debt Relief, Highlghts Debt-Equity Swaps LADB Staff
03 Latin America: Net Inflow Of Capital & Transfers Of Resources, 1980-1986 (s/s) John Neagle
31 Massive Capital Export, Foreign Debt Burden Incapacitates Latin American Economic Recovery John Neagle
03 Mexico-u.s. Trade In 1987 Expected To Increase By 20% John Neagle
10 U.S. Public Generally Supportive of Foreign Aid LADB Staff
17 Latin American Bishops Express Concern Over Effects Of Foreign Debt Burden John Neagle
12 Argentina Extends $200 Million Credit Line To Peru John Neagle
05 Brazilian Finance Minister: International Finance Structure To Blame For Debt Crisis John Neagle
26 Brazil Negotiates Expansion Of Iron Ore Exports To Gdr John Neagle
10 Japanese Government Offers To Invest $300 Million In Argentine Industrial & Agricultural Projects John Neagle
05 Colombian Conservative Party Calls For Debt Rescheduling; Organized Labor For Payment Limit To 10% Of Export Income John Neagle
10 Major Japanese Banks To Place Third World Loans In Offshore Company John Neagle
17 Mexican Economists Association: Foreign Debt Should Be Paid With Flight Capital John Neagle
03 U.S. Treasury Secretary Warns Against 'Quick Fixes' to Foreign Debt Crisis LADB Staff
19 Latin American, Caribbean Nations Draft Strategy on Trade, Development LADB Staff
31 Argentine Deputy Meets With I.d.b. President To Discuss River Development Project John Neagle
26 Cuba & Guyana Initiate Negotiations For Barter Trade System John Neagle
24 IADB Approves Over US$3 Billion in Loans in 1986 LADB Staff
26 Peruvian President On Foreign Debt Problem: Commercial Banks Can Wait For Repayment John Neagle
10 Argentine Peronist Leader Says Creditors Must Assist Debtor Nations To Create Wealth Toward Repaying Debts John Neagle
05 Bolivian Cabinet Resigns John Neagle
31 Political Risk Analysis Study Indicates Continuity Of Argentine Democracy Depends On Economic Growth John Neagle
19 Origins of the Brazilian Foreign Debt Burden (Part 2) Guest
31 Reagan Administration Outlines Opposition to House Omnibus Trade Bill LADB Staff
03 Brazil Seeks Negotiations With Creditor Nation Governments Before Dealing With Banks John Neagle
17 Ecuadoran President Announces Foreign Debt Payment Moratorium For Remainder Of 1987 John Neagle
03 Colombia: 30 Labor Disputes In Progress; United Workers Confederation Threatens Nationwide Strike John Neagle
24 IDB Governors Reject U.S. Move to Control Veto Power on Loans LADB Staff
05 Former Costa Rican President Carazo: Debtor Nations Should Follow Brazilian Example & Declare Debt Payment Moratorium John Neagle
26 Brazilian President: No Possibility Of I.m.f. Agreement John Neagle
17 Brazil's Largest Foreign Bank Creditor Considers Reclassification Of Loans As Non-performing John Neagle
19 Democrat Presidential Hopeful Senator Hart Says Banks Are Only Beneficiaries Of U.S. Debt Relief Program John Neagle
10 Argentina Receives $500 Million Bridge Loan John Neagle
05 Notes On Argentine Foreign Trade Balance, 1985 Vs. 1986 John Neagle
24 Origins of the Brazilian Foreign Debt Burden (Part 3) Guest
26 GATT Projects Only Slight Increase in Trade in 1987 LADB Staff
12 Asst. Treasury Secretary David Mulford On U.S. Policy: Multilateral Development Banks, Debt Restructuring John Neagle
05 Venezuela Concludes Renegotiation of Public Sector Foreign Debt LADB Staff
31 U.S. House Subcommittee Prepares Trade Legislation LADB Staff
31 OECD Agreement Negotiates Virtual Elimination of Export Credit Subsidies LADB Staff
26 Venezuela & Guyana Discuss Joint Economic Projects, Await Resolution Of Border Dispute John Neagle
03 Argentine Political Parties, Business Sector Criticize Anti-Inflation Program LADB Staff
03 Congressional Opposition To Increased U.S. Funding For Multilateral Development Banks Growing John Neagle
03 Bolivia: Debt Payment Moratorium Continues John Neagle
10 Peruvian President's Plan to Create Single Defense Ministry Widely Opposed LADB Staff
03 Argentina: General Labor Confederation, Peronist Party Factions Call For Radical Solutions To Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
12 Argentina May Follow Brazilian Example In Suspending Interest Payments If Creditors Refuse To Provide New Loans John Neagle
17 Cuban President Castro Defends Brazilian Decision on Debt Moratorium LADB Staff
10 Argentina: Notes On Changes In Labor Demand, Industrial Wages For January & February John Neagle
03 Colombia: Predicted 1987 Coffee Exports Down $750 Million From 1986 John Neagle
26 Mexican President De La Madrid On Foreign Debt & Trade Problems John Neagle
03 Conference On Foreign Debt Issues: University Of Pittsburgh, March 12-13 John Neagle
05 U.S. State Department Adviser Suggests Privatization Of Venezuelan Oil Industry John Neagle
05 International Coffee Organization Agreement Defunct; Coffee Prices Plunge John Neagle
10 Argentine Debt Negotiations with Private Banks Temporarily Stalled LADB Staff
17 Origins of the Brazilian Foreign Debt Burden (Part 1) Guest